Advantages of Using Gas Appliances

Since gas is very efficient, reliable, and clean to use, many people like to use it for cooking. Natural gas is among America’s top resources and it has some surprising impacts on the lives of people. When it comes to the creation of electric appliances, a lot of households made changes in the kinds of products that they bought for their home.

However, with the newest environmental regulations that are put in place, the gap between electric and gas products narrowed down a little.

You should contact commercial oven repair if you encounter any issues with your gas appliance. You do not want to be forced to do compromises, especially if you are running a business.

Here are the advantages of using gas appliances:

Gas Appliances are More Efficient

The water heater is among the most important appliances found in your home, so it is necessary to be efficient. While electric appliances are popular, it should be shown that natural gas appliances give you more efficiency. Aside from costing less, they also reduce their environmental footprint.

Choosing natural gas appliances also means:

  • Your food will heat faster compared to using an electric appliance
  • Your cooking time will be less, so you can finish earlier

Better Meals

There is a good reason why the majority of chefs like to cook with a gas stove. For any person who knows their way in the kitchen, this is the fuel they choose. It gives instant heat, it turns off right away when you twist the knob, and it provides enough temperature control while cooking to make sure you have better meals every time.

Helps You Save Money

Gas appliances are made to give users as much heat for money as possible. This is because of the federal regulations that mandate product efficiency for consumers to use. That is because of manufacturing regulations on gas appliances, so now you can feel more confident, regardless if it is because of energy efficiency, and saves a lot of money on the heat you use. If you notice that your gas bill increased, it can be a sign that you have a gas leak.

You Can Still Cook Despite Power Outages

Do you want to shower or cook dinner even in power outages? The idea is to change to natural gas appliances. Since they are buried underground, gas lines are a lot more stable and reliable compared to overhead power lines.

You should be aware that you might need to light gas appliances manually that come with a match since the electronic ignition is going to fail in case the power is out. That is better compared to getting no function from appliances at all.

They Make Everyday Tasks Simple

Gas appliances make your daily life easier. You can be sure that their appliances will always work during emergencies such as power outages, but the current models are created evenly while considering energy efficiency.

The appliances that can power natural gas are those that make up most of the monthly energy bill. You need to choose to save money and decrease your environmental footprint by keeping an all-natural home.

Easy to Use Them

A gas stove is among the stove types that can easily be used. Using the gas stove requires that you turn it on, and then adjust the heat level based on what you want to use.

In case it gets too hot, you can rotate it upwards. In addition, after you cook, you just have to turn it on upwards until it becomes full or until the flame goes out.

You can contact commercial gas oven repair Northern VA if you encounter any issues with your gas



How to Choose the Right Commercial Deep Fryer

You are ready to open a food business, and you are going to need a deep fryer. But do you know what size you will need in your commercial kitchen? A lot of restaurants and fast-food restaurants could not operate with a good deep fryer. Regardless if you want to serve French fries and hamburgers or mozzarella sticks as well, you will need a deep fryer.

Similar to other pieces of equipment, you should invest in a good restaurant fryer. It is crucial to ensure that you pick the right one that will meet your budget and needs. You would not want to contact a deep fryer repair service many times.

Here are tips on how to choose the right one:

Kinds of Deep Fryers

  • Benchtop or tabletop deep fryers are among the best deep fryers that you normally see in small establishments and food trucks. This one is easy and small to operate, which is perfect for you in case you do not have a lot to fry daily. The tabletop deep fryer’s main benefit is that you will be able to save space without sacrificing food quality and performance.
  • Floor deep fryers are great for big kitchens that cook several batches of fried specialties every day. There are different designs available in electric and gas models. This kind of deep fryer is recommended for medium to large businesses like hotels, fine dining restaurants, and fast-food chains.
  • Ventless deep fryer is similar to a tabletop deep fryer. The difference between this one is that they are enclosed and come with a venting system that is internal. This saves a lot of kitchen space and lets you cook food even if there is no ventilation hood. These are great for food trucks and small restaurants.
  • Specialty deep fryer is suitable for certain uses. If you are offering products like corn dogs or doughnuts, this might be what you need. There is a corn dog fryer, funnel cake fryer, and outdoor fryer.

Gas or Electric?

Choosing gas or electric for your deep fryer mainly depends on the access and relative costs of every power supply available in your location. It seems like the cost of gas is trending downward, but the costs of electricity have been mounting steadily. Local utility companies can provide you with an update, and accurate pricing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial fryers, similar to other restaurant kitchen appliances, should be cleaned regularly to make sure that their efficiency and meet sanitation standards accordingly.

Fryers can be hard to clean due to their nature. They are holding large amounts of oil, which should be changed regularly. The oil makes the tank harder to clean, and even the machine itself. Frying is a messy and greasy business.

You should look for fryers that have designs that are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Since it is easy to maintain, you will have more time with your employees and save while you are cleaning.


You will be able to count on 1.5 – 2x the total weight of the fryer’s oil capacity hourly. That means, a 40 lbs. deep fryer will output about 60 to 80 lbs. of food per hour.

Smaller countertop fryers that have a capacity of 15 lbs. can produce 22 to 30 lbs. of fries every hour. If you are frying smaller items such as onion rings and French fries. You can assume 2x of the oil capacity. When you handle larger items like drumsticks, chicken breasts, and thighs, it would be better to use 1.5x when you do calculations.

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How to Choose a Commercial Dishwasher

There is no doubt that if you are planning to enter the food service industry, then you are also in the business of dishwashing. Silverware, dishes, glassware, and everything else that is important for preparing food should be sanitized and sparkling clean. Therefore, once you are in the market for a new dishwashing system, it is important to research the different kinds of available models.

Everyone who has gone to a restaurant, café, or bar is likely to have experienced disappointment and anger when their meal is served on a dirty plate. If you do not want to pay for commercial dishwasher repairs and would rather purchase a new one, here is a guide to help you choose the right one.

Consider the Costs

High-temperature dishwashers normally cost more at first and it can slightly impact utility bills because of the energy required to heat the water. Low-temperature models can come at a lower price, but the chemicals required for the sanitation process should be purchased continuously. Low-temperature machines also use more water compared to high-temperature versions, which can be part of the overall investment. Considerable pre-scrapping is needed with the low temp models if you do not want to re-wash.

Remember that since the high-temperature dishwashers require a vent hood to handle the steam, the machine’s location should be planned carefully. Even if the steam of high-temperature machines goes through the hood, it is a great idea to make sure that the dishwasher is placed far from the customer area.

Capacity and Size

Size and capacity should be allotted enough weight in your cost. It does not make sense to purchase a commercial dishwasher that you cannot fit into the space you have. Before you start browsing options, you need to measure your space.

Normally, commercial kitchens are busy, crowded places with a lot of people. Aside from the practical concern of whether you have enough space for the dishwasher, you must also consider if where you are placing it is in anyone’s way. Is it possible for people to continue with their jobs efficiently with the allotted spot for the dishwasher?

The size of the dishwasher normally dictates how many dishes can be inside at a time. In case it is unable to wash enough dishes all at once, your customers have to deal with wait times that are longer.

Hidden Benefits

Both high and low-temperature dishwashers come with advantages that you do not always see at first. The high-temperature one dries dishes really quickly after they are taken out of the washer, which means you can put back the items into service faster. This is helpful when the kitchen is busy. When it comes to the low-temperature washers, they are normally available in the form of standard electrical service. This is an advantage for operations where electrical service does not have enough to power up a high-temperature washer. Low temperature, chemical machines are best for applications where lighter soils are dominant.

Ease of Operation

The good thing is, that commercial dishwashers have efficient, one-button or two-step controls making them easy to use. Simple operation is an important consideration for busy kitchens where duties are normally shared and everyone pitches in to make sure it is running smoothly in the kitchen.

Even if it is simple to use, consideration must always be given to the kind of dishwasher you buy before washing. The loading and even wash cycles at the end of the day to make sure that your machine keeps performing excellently.

You can check out commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA if you need to have it fixed in the future.



Advantages of a Steam Oven

People who like steam ovens say that they love how they can keep fresh flavors and make healthy dishes. The moist air inside the steam cavity means that food becomes juicy and succulent when it gets cooked, and, the food that you cook in a steam oven can retain more vitamins compared to cooking in a conventional oven. This type of oven is easier to maintain because food spillages are not baked into the oven.

You can also pay for a commercial oven repair for the maintenance of this kitchen appliance. Aside from easy maintenance, there are other advantages to having a steam oven. You can read this article until the end to find out more. Read on.

Better Texture and Flavor

Steam cooking will keep food colorful and vibrant, and that is especially noticeable when they cook vegetables. Most of the time, dry heat cooking and boiling the vegetables creates an entire plate that is full of dull-looking food that can cause it to become overcooked and mushy. Steam cooking can lock in flavor and retain food texture, but steaming needs water, and food is cooked rapidly using steam only without actual water contact.

Improved Cooking Results

Roasts are more usable because they are tender, moist, and flavorsome. BBQ chickens do not shrink so you will finish with a larger product that looks more appealing with no pink meat covering the bone. The cakes rise more when baked in a steam oven, and they will have more moisture.

The pastries are lighter, crispier, and fluffier. Steaming will produce all steamed vegetables without degrading the product, and no more overcooking food with nutrient loss or wastage.

When you poach, your food will cook perfectly or you can bake delicate desserts each time.

Speeds up Cooking Process

When you use a steam oven, you can accelerate the cooking process and weeknight meals are quick to prepare. It can cook 20 times faster, depending on the recipe you are following. This is a bonus for busy households.

You will also become more efficient. You can reheat baked pasta at the bottom shelf while steaming broccoli for your vegetables during the meal.

Healthy Cooking

You can steam your way to becoming healthier. When you are boiling vegetables in water, a lot of vitamins are left in the water that gets thrown away. Steam cooking can make sure that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are retained inside the food, which means you will make a healthier plate of food. You do not have to use oil to cook food, which is a bonus. If you really like to cook with butter, then you should not worry because you can always add some.

Some of Them Have Set Programs

Some models of steam ovens have pre-set programs that take in all the guesswork involved in cooking. It is as simple as the kind of food you put in the oven – anything that comes from frozen eggroll appetizers to fresh pizza or souffle. The climate sensor of the oven will detect the volume, consistency, shape, adjusts the temperature and oven humidity to make it guesswork-free.

You Can Cook Multiple Foods All at the Same Time

Steam ovens let you cook different kinds of food together without transferring flavors. It is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy meal for the entire family and great for cooking your Sunday roast. You can cook some dishes in a steam oven without stirring. You no longer have to stand beside the oven while it cooks.

If you need to have your steam oven fixed, you can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA.



Do You Need Commercial Appliance Repair or Replacement?

Commercial kitchen appliances play important role making foodservice businesses successful. Business owners spend thousands of dollars on kitchen appliances (walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine, commercial ovens, commercial ranges, garbage disposal units, commercial deep fryers, commercial dishwasher etc.) to serve top quality of foods to their customer. When one the kitchen appliance stops working, chaos like situation arises in the kitchen. It is not easy to decide whether to opt for commercial appliance repair or replacement. In such situation, restaurant owners or managers should seek the most cost-effective solution.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Repair or Replacement

Commercial kitchen appliances are very expensive, and so the appliance repair. When you opt for the appliance repair, you have to be sure that you get the return of your investment. Otherwise, it is better to replace the appliance with new one. Ask yourself following questions when deciding between appliance repair or replacement:

How Old Is the Appliance?

There is no point of repairing the appliance that will breakdown after sometime. If appliance breakdown occur often, your kitchen activities will get disturbed again and again. When appliances become old, they not only demand repair time to time, but also lose their efficiencies. It is best to opt for appliance replacement when the appliance is breaking down frequently. On the other hand, if your appliance is new, and stopped working, you should hire a good appliance repair technician for quick and long-term solution.

What Is the Warranty?

In case your kitchen appliance is under warranty, you can get it fixed for free or at reduced price. It is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty before opting for appliance repair. On the other hand, appliance repair without a warranty could be very expensive. You will be able to save a lot of money, if your appliance is under warranty. Also, a qualified commercial appliance repair technician Alexandria will repair your appliance.

How Much New Appliance Cost?

When the expenses of appliance repair are more than half of the cost of new appliance, it is better buy a new appliance. A new appliance will come with warranty and work more efficiently in the kitchen. However, you should choose the brand, model and size of new appliance carefully to avoid the inconvenience later. It is good to consult with commercial kitchen appliance expert before purchasing the appliance.



Restaurant Appliance Broken? How To Find The Right Technician

Restaurant owners want their commercial appliance to work with full efficiency, so that they can smoothly run their business. A lot of kitchen activities rely on the commercial kitchen appliances. If one of the appliances stops working, business gets affected. In such situation, it is important to find the right commercial appliance repair technician as soon as possible. Only a qualified technician can solve the commercial appliance problems. Restaurant appliances are bigger and more complicated. It is not possible to fix these appliances without professional help. You may end up aggravating the appliance problem while attempting DIY repair.

Restaurant appliance repair problems

All commercial appliances are important in food service industry. Whether it is commercial freezer, commercial range, walk-in refrigerator, ice-cream machine, beverage air, garbage disposal unit, deep fryer or ice machine, each appliance has its own importance in the commercial kitchen. Breakdown of either appliance will create chaotic situation in the kitchen. Thus, it is mandatory to hire the commercial appliance repair service provider as soon as possible.

Hiring commercial appliance repair technician

While hiring the commercial appliance repair technician, you should look for following qualities:

  • The appliance repair technician should be certified, licensed or bonded. You may find many local technicians, but all technicians are not equally skilled and experienced. In order to evaluate the technician, you can ask for certification, license, insurance etc.
  • The appliance repair technician should be capable of handling various brands. All commercial appliances are not same. The appliances of different brands have different internal structures. When you hire the technician, ask about the appliance brands he has repaired in the past. This will give you an idea about the experience of the technician.
  • The appliance repair service provider should be capable of handling various types of commercial kitchen appliances, so that you need not have to hire different technicians for different appliances.
  • The restaurant appliance repair service provider should provide prompt service. This is important to keep your business running. You can directly ask about the waiting time on call. You can even negotiate the waiting time.
  • The appliance repair technician should provide the appliance replacement service, if required.
  • The appliance repair services should be cost-effective. You can compare the rate-card of various technicians, and then finalize the best option.


Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether your restaurant specializes in fried foods or you simply have a few fried items in your menu, maintaining commercial deep fryer is an important activity. The condition of commercial deep fryer directly impacts on the quality of food, efficiency of the kitchen, satisfaction of the customers and your profit margin. It is good to consider the services of commercial appliance repair technician to keep your deep fryer in tip-top condition.

Maintenance of deep fryers

The maintenance and care of commercial deep fryers are not favorite tasks of many restaurant employees because bad things appear to occur far too often. Deep fryer is an important yet expensive part of commercial kitchens. In order to make this appliance work effectively and efficiently, appliance maintenance is important. Regular cleaning and inspection is mandatory to maintain food taste and quality.

Keep your deep fryer in good working condition

Keep It Clean: The most important part deep fryer maintenance is keeping it clean. Clean the fryer, especially the areas below and under the fryer tank. Grease build-up will ultimately turn into a fire hazard if it accrues. Also, wipe out the exterior of the fryer at least once in a day.

Change the Oil: Old oil adds unpleasant taste to fried foods made in the deep fryers. Old oil makes foods to brown faster, so even they appear cooked but may not be. Read manufacturer instructions to learn about the oil changing frequency.

Change the Filter: Filters of commercial fryer should be changed on the regular basis. Changing the filter is generally mentioned by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Manage the Temperature: Every time you change the oil, you adjust the unit to ensure the thermostat setting to match the actual temperature.

Maintain a Safe Environment: Safety is the important part of commercial deep fryer maintenance program. One of the major dangers is grease on the kitchen floors, which results dangerous and costly slips and fall accidents. Remind staff to keep the floor around the fryer clean.

Hire a Commercial Appliance Repair Technician: Deep fryers needed to be inspected and cleaned professionally at least once in month. So, hire a commercial appliance repair technician who specializes in deep fryer problems to take care of your deep fryer. Professional inspection will help you in extending the efficiency and lifespan of your commercial deep fryer.



How to Fix Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the commercial kitchens. No manager would like to come across refrigerator or freezer troubles. It is an irritating delay that can even make stored food useless. Hiring restaurant refrigerator repair technician at the eleventh hour is not an option. In order to prevent any such havoc at your restaurant, you need to pay attention over maintenance of your commercial appliances.

Importance of commercial refrigerator maintenance

Maintenance issues generally lead problems in refrigeration equipment. Restaurant owners can keep their refrigeration units running with a regular maintenance schedule. They can also reduce the energy consumption by scheduling regular maintenance and following appliance maintenance guidelines provided by manufacturing company.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

#1: Clean the condenser coils: Not cleaning condenser coils results increase in electricity consumption. Without regular cleaning, this can cause problems and expensive repairs.

#2: Clean or replace the gasket: The gasket is the rubber sealing that is wrapped around your refrigerator doors. It is one of the most overlooked parts that play an important role of keeping out warm air. Clean this rubber part with wet cloth on the regular basis. Also, it is common that gasket weakens, break or worn out over time. In such situation, get your gasket replaced as soon as possible.

#3: Defrost: Modern refrigerating unit comes with automatic defrost mechanism. Many a times, auto-defrost feature does not work. In such case, before calling the commercial appliance repair technician, you can perform manual defrost. When you see that frost build-up on the inner walls of the refrigerating device is more than one and a half inch in thickness, turn off the thermostat and let all of the frost to melt.

#4: Clean the interior: It is important to keep the interior of the commercial refrigerator clean and hygienic. You can easily clean your commercial refrigerator using wet cloth and water. So, clean your refrigerator in every 15 days. This will not only help you in keeping your unit in tip-top condition, but also promote healthy practices in your restaurant.



Commercial Kitchen Appliance Safety Tips

Commercial kitchen appliances are a huge investment and it’s important that they are well maintained. You need to ensure that your appliances are serviced and repaired by a professional commercial appliance repair Virginia technician. Failure to take care of the appliances will lead to high cost of repairs and they may be a danger to your employees. Make sure that you work with commercial kitchen appliances repair team with experience and expertise to manage and maintain your appliances. In this article, we tell your commercial appliances safety tips you should follow to keep your employees safe.

Commercial Appliances Safety Tips

  • Clean the appliances after Use

It’s important to ensure that you clean your appliances after use to keep your restaurant clean and also to keep your employees safe. Keep your commercial freezer, refrigerator, oven and all the appliances clean. Food particles may clog the appliances and resulting in breakdown and make them hazardous. Make sure that your employee understands and follow the care instructions given by the commercial appliances repair team.

  • Switch off Appliances When not in Use

When not in use turn off the electrical appliances. That will help you save on energy bills, save you money and protect your appliances in case of an electric surge. Make sure that all your employees understand how important it’s to switch off appliances that are not in use.

  • Read the Operating Manual

When you buy a new appliance it’s important to read the operating manual. Make sure that you that your employees read the manual and understand how to operate the appliances. Ensure that the employees understand how to operate the commercial dishwasher. If there is a procedure that you don’t understand invite the commercial dishwasher repair team to train the employees how to use the dishwasher

  • Place the Appliances in the Right place

It’s important to place your commercial appliances in the right place. Place your commercial oven in a place where it will not overheat. Place the appliance in a place where there is plenty of air flow. Invest in air conditioners to make sure that your appliances don’t overheat.

Place the appliances in a place where there is no water or mold . Ensure that you place the appliances above ground and make sure that there are no loose electrical connections.

Appliances such as freezers and fridges require enough air flow and it’s, therefore, important to ensure that before you place any appliance that you consider the position you place your appliances.

  • Train your Employees on How to Use the Commercial appliances

It’s important to ensure that your employees know how to operate each appliance. Train the employees on proper operation of the appliances. wrong use of appliances could lead to accidents and it’s therefore crucial to ensure that the employees understand how to use the appliances. When employees understand how to use the appliances they are able to spot any malfunction quickly before any major damage. The commercial kitchen appliances repair team will ensure that your employees understand how each appliance works. Knowing how to use appliances will reduce the cost of repairs and you can run your business smoothly.

  • Develop a Maintenance Schedule

Make sure that the commercial oven repair team develops a maintenance schedule for your commercial appliances. Ensure that there is a commercial appliance maintenance repair schedule for all the appliances. Routine repairs and maintenance will keep your appliances working well and ensure that there are sudden breakdowns that will affect your business.

Routine maintenance will save you repair cost and keep your appliances working optimally. Following the right maintenance schedule will ensure that your appliances last long and don’t require any expensive maintenance abruptly.

  • Choose the Right Repair and maintenance team

It’s important to ensure that your commercial appliances repair team have the necessary experience to repair and service your appliances. Make sure that the commercial dishwasher repair follows the set schedule. Choose to work with a repair team that has experienced experts.

When the commercial appliances are working optimally your business will run uninterrupted. Follow the maintenance schedule and that will keep your appliances working for long. Work with the right commercial kitchen appliances repair team and that will ensure that your appliances last long.



How to Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator

A functional commercial refrigerator is a key to a successful restaurant business. The commercial refrigerator is one of the most used kitchen equipment and may require more servicing and repair than other equipment. It’s, therefore, crucial to ensure that you have a commercial appliance repair Virginia schedule and work with the best commercial refrigerator repair team to keep your refrigerator running optimally. In this article, we guide on general refrigerator care and maintenance of the commercial refrigerator.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator not turning on

If you notice that your refrigerator is not turning on, check the below before you call the commercial kitchen repair team

  • Check whether the power is on and the fridge is plugged properly
  • Confirm that the power cord is well plugged
  • Is your extensions cable working well? It’s best to connect the refrigerator directly to power instead of using the extensions cable.

If the refrigerator is well plugged and still not working, then you need to contact the commercial appliance repair team.

When working optimally your refrigerator it’s should be cold enough to ensure that your food doesn’t get spoiled. Check the below before you call the commercial refrigerators repair team for repairs

Check the temperature gauge

Check to see whether the gauge is working properly. Consult the commercial kitchen appliance repair team on how you can check the temperature.

Was the refrigerator installed recently?

The refrigerator may fail to be cold enough if it’s tilted during delivery or installation. Let the refrigerator remain unused for 24 hours after installation

Is the fridge open too often and not well closed?

Opening the door too often or failing to close the door may result in the wrong temperature. Make sure the staff know how long the fridge door should remain open for it to work optimally

Is the fridge door closing properly?

If the fridge gasket is spoilt the door may not close properly and that could lead to the wrong temperature. If the gasket is spoilt let the commercial appliance repair technician repair, it immediately to prevent food from spoiling due to wrong temperatures.

Is there enough ventilation

Excess heat will cause the fridge to fail. It’s imperative to ensure that the fridge is placed in a place where there enough ventilation. If the kitchen is hot that will affect the functionality of the refrigerator. You can change the kitchen layout and place the fridge in an area where there less heat.

Fridge too full

Overstocking the fridge will limit air circulation in the fridge and that will mean that some of your food is not cooled adequately.

Shelves installed wrongly

Check to see whether all the refrigerator shelves are installed properly. Make sure there is space between the shelves and the back of the refrigerator to ensure proper air circulation.

Refrigerator position

Your commercial refrigerator needs ample space for air circulation and it’s important to ensure it’s not placed too close to the wall. Make sure that your fridge has space to let warm air out.

Check the refrigerator compressor

Make sure that there are no items placed on the refrigerator that is preventing proper air circulation. The compressor compresses the refrigerator before condenser cools it. Avoid placing any items on top of the fridge because that affects the functionality.

Are the coils clean

Ensure that the condenser coils are clean. Build-up of grease will prevent effective condensation. Make sure that you follow the commercial refrigerator service schedule.

  • The refrigerator is too cold

Your commercial refrigerator may too cold and that results in the ice build-up. Below are some of the things you should look out for;

Is the fridge door closing properly?

If the fridge door is not properly closed that will cause the fridge to overwork due to the fluctuating temperatures. Check that the gasket and hinges are well sealed and aligned to ensure proper temperatures

Check whether the evaporator is functional

If you hear noises coming from the fan, then you need to call the commercial appliance repair team because that could mean the evaporator is faulty.

Freezing coils

Freezing coils results from the wrong fridge pressure and its best to have the commercial refrigerator repair team check on it.

Check the Auto Defrost is Working Properly

If the defrost is not working well it could lead to ice buildup.

  • Refrigerator Leaking water

If your refrigerator has pools of water that could result in the below;

Your kitchen is too humid

If your kitchen is too moist then the fridge may not function properly. Too much moisture may cause the refrigerator doors issues and cause water to drip in the evaporators pan.

Uneven Floor

Placing the refrigerator will cause the evaporator pan to overflow leading to water pools. Make sure your refrigerator is placed in an even floor

Full Evaporator pan

If your evaporator pan is full then will cause water to leak to the floor. Let the commercial kitchen appliance repair team check on the pan to ensure its functioning properly.

It’s important to ensure that your commercial refrigerator is well maintained. It’s important to follow the commercial refrigerator repair schedule to ensure the fridge is working properly and ensure the staff understands how the refrigerator works so that are able to note any issues in good time.