Advantages of a Steam Oven

People who like steam ovens say that they love how they can keep fresh flavors and make healthy dishes. The moist air inside the steam cavity means that food becomes juicy and succulent when it gets cooked, and, the food that you cook in a steam oven can retain more vitamins compared to cooking in a conventional oven. This type of oven is easier to maintain because food spillages are not baked into the oven.

You can also pay for a commercial oven repair for the maintenance of this kitchen appliance. Aside from easy maintenance, there are other advantages to having a steam oven. You can read this article until the end to find out more. Read on.

Better Texture and Flavor

Steam cooking will keep food colorful and vibrant, and that is especially noticeable when they cook vegetables. Most of the time, dry heat cooking and boiling the vegetables creates an entire plate that is full of dull-looking food that can cause it to become overcooked and mushy. Steam cooking can lock in flavor and retain food texture, but steaming needs water, and food is cooked rapidly using steam only without actual water contact.

Improved Cooking Results

Roasts are more usable because they are tender, moist, and flavorsome. BBQ chickens do not shrink so you will finish with a larger product that looks more appealing with no pink meat covering the bone. The cakes rise more when baked in a steam oven, and they will have more moisture.

The pastries are lighter, crispier, and fluffier. Steaming will produce all steamed vegetables without degrading the product, and no more overcooking food with nutrient loss or wastage.

When you poach, your food will cook perfectly or you can bake delicate desserts each time.

Speeds up Cooking Process

When you use a steam oven, you can accelerate the cooking process and weeknight meals are quick to prepare. It can cook 20 times faster, depending on the recipe you are following. This is a bonus for busy households.

You will also become more efficient. You can reheat baked pasta at the bottom shelf while steaming broccoli for your vegetables during the meal.

Healthy Cooking

You can steam your way to becoming healthier. When you are boiling vegetables in water, a lot of vitamins are left in the water that gets thrown away. Steam cooking can make sure that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are retained inside the food, which means you will make a healthier plate of food. You do not have to use oil to cook food, which is a bonus. If you really like to cook with butter, then you should not worry because you can always add some.

Some of Them Have Set Programs

Some models of steam ovens have pre-set programs that take in all the guesswork involved in cooking. It is as simple as the kind of food you put in the oven – anything that comes from frozen eggroll appetizers to fresh pizza or souffle. The climate sensor of the oven will detect the volume, consistency, shape, adjusts the temperature and oven humidity to make it guesswork-free.

You Can Cook Multiple Foods All at the Same Time

Steam ovens let you cook different kinds of food together without transferring flavors. It is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy meal for the entire family and great for cooking your Sunday roast. You can cook some dishes in a steam oven without stirring. You no longer have to stand beside the oven while it cooks.

If you need to have your steam oven fixed, you can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA.



Key Signs that You Need a New Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerator services will extend the life of the commercial refrigerator and ensure its working for longer. It’s however important to recognize when your commercial appliance no longer requires repair but replacement. The commercial refrigerator is essential to the success of the restaurant and it’s imperative that its functions as required. The commercial refrigerator repair expert will advise on when to get a new commercial refrigerator, but the below signs are guide to show you when you should replace the refrigerator

Signs that You Need a New Refrigerator

  • Fails to Maintain Cold Temperature Consistently

When the commercial refrigerator can’t maintain cold temperature throughout that means food takes longer to get cold or even gets spoilt and in spite of the commercial refrigerator repairs there is no improvement. Consider buying a new refrigerator to avoid loss of clientele, high power consumption and food getting spoilt

Water Puddles around the Commercial Refrigerator

Several reasons will cause water leaks and that includes a clogged drainage hose, a full evaporation pan, or the gasket and the seal is spoilt. When the seal is spoilt that could result in ice build-up and molds develop in the fridge creating a health problem. Even after the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert has replaced all the above units and the fridge still leaks then the whole unit could be faulty and in that case, consider replacing the whole unit.

Food Spoils Often

If every time you open the fridge it doesn’t cool properly, then that means that the cooling system is not working well. That means that will constantly have to throw food which translates into losses. When the fridge cannot maintain the cold temperature and there is no sound from the compressor then it’s time to get a new refrigerator. The fridge will also tend to consume more power in such an instance. The commercial appliance repair expert will help you know if should replace the refrigerator.

The Refrigerator is too loud and Hot

When the fridge is too hot or making louder humming sound then the condenser is not working. When the condenser is not working it causes the motor to overwork resulting in the loud sounds coming from the fridge. When the condenser fails that means the cooling system is not effective and thus any food in the fridge will keep spoiling.

The fridge is more than 15 Years

If your fridge is more than 15 years it means it has served its time and it’s probably an old model which doesn’t have the power saving mode. It could also be the needs of your business have changed and it no longer serves the purpose. Talk to the commercial appliance repair expert on what qualities to look out for as you get a new refrigerator.

Increased Cost of repair and reduced Efficiency

Every time you call the commercial kitchen appliances team to check on the fridge it cost you money but there is no improved performance, then it’s time to replace the appliance. When the key elements of the fridge start wearing out, then it’s time to replace the fridge. Talk to the commercial refrigerator service expert and they will assess the fridge and advise you on the best course of action.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your refrigerator

  • Follow the manufacturers manual on how to clean the fridge and products to use. If there is no manual consult the commercial refrigerator service expert on best cleaning practices
  • Train your employees on how to use the fridge and element that need checking and regular cleaning. That will ensure the fridge lasts longer
  • Don’t let food overstay in the fridge
  • Regularly check the fridge to ensure the horse is not clogged. Ensure the service schedule given by the commercial refrigerator service team is followed diligently


If you keep having trouble with your refrigerator consult the commercial appliance repair Virginia experts on whether it’s the right move to replace the appliance. The refrigerator is one of the core appliances that will ensure clients keep coming and it’s important to ensure that it’s in the best condition. It’s important that you recognize when the life of the refrigerator is nearing the end as that will save you money, time and keep your business running.



Simple Tips and Considerations to Make when Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Buying commercial kitchen appliances is a considerable investment, and it’s critical to ensure that you buy the best to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. It’s paramount to ensure that the appliances you purchase last long, and offer optimum performance. While buying the equipment make sure your commercial appliances repair expert is involved as they will advise on the part and accessories. Forge relationships with the experts as they will be able to carry out crucial checks on how the appliances are working and they will alert you on any malfunction. The commercial appliance repair expert will ensure that all the appliance parts are the correct fit and they are available.

Factors to consider while Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Warranty

It’s essential that the commercial kitchen appliances have extended warranty. Check and confirm that the warranty is provided and what each of the warranties mean. It’s critical that you know how the appliances will be covered and whether it’s limited to certified commercial appliances repair experts in case of any repairs and service. Confirm whether the warranty covers the repair parts and labor.

  • Brands

They are a pool of brands available for kitchen appliances. It’s vital that you seek the opinion of the commercial appliance service expert as they will know what lasts longer, easy to use and cost-efficient. Ensure you pick a brand that suits your needs.

  • Energy efficiency and durability

Every business is all about cost cutting to increase profits; it’s, therefore, important that the appliances you choose energy saving as that will save you a coin. To make the most out of your appliances ensure they save energy but have optimal performance. Also, ensure that the brand you pick is known for durability. Equipment that breaks down easily will be a significant setback to your business.

  • Your Needs

Ensure the appliances you buy will meet the demand.It’s paramount that you don’t overwork the appliances as this will lead to breakdowns. Buy appliances that can handle the amount of work that you need to be done.

Tips for buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Plan and have a budget
  • View the equipment in person and seek the help of commercial kitchen appliance service experts
  • Ensure that the equipment is compatible with the building without having to do significant renovations. Check all the regulations to ensure that your appliances don’t flout any rule and regulation.
  • Buy equipment that have multi-user capabilities
  • Make sure the appliances will fit in your premises and leave enough working space.


Once you have bought the equipment, it’s important that you do a commercial kitchen appliance service va. The service is vital as some appliance parts may need lubrication, assembling and checking to ensure they are working properly.



Considerations to Make when Buying Used Commercial Appliances

While buying commercial kitchen appliances, there is a lot of factors one should take into account. The investment you make should be worth, the amount of money you spend. One of the main decisions that one has to make is whether to buy used or new equipment. it’s imperative that you understand the operation of the equipment, any spare parts or accessory that the equipment should have before buying the used commercial appliances. Seek the help of an expert  who is able to do a commercial range repair Fairfax VA of most appliances if you are buying several appliances as they are more conversant with the working and any spare parts you may require

Advantages of buying used equipment

  • Save money

It’s cheaper to buy used equipment as compared to buying new ones. The cash outlay you will need to buy the new equipment is high as compared to used commercial appliances that have already been in use. You will find cheaper equipment especially in an auction, that are hardly used being sold for way less. It’s, therefore, an advantage if you get the used equipment as that will save you some cash that you can use to boost your investment.

  • Free Equipment

If you buy equipment from a distressed seller you are likely to get additional accessories for free for purchasing a lot of commercial kitchen appliances. Items like toaster and mixers may be given for free as their cash outlay is minimal.

  • Minimal Wear and tear

Used Commercial appliances on sale will come from failed start-ups such as hotels. You will find that the equipment has been in use for a short time and therefore minimal wear and tear. It’s consequently a bargain to find such equipment.

  • Price Bargains

While buying from the dealer, the price has been set, and chances of a discount are rare. Its, therefore, an advantage to buying the used commercial appliances for a negotiable fee. Most of the people selling such equipment are open to discussion as compared to dealers.

The disadvantage of Buying Used Commercial appliances

  • Warranties

Used equipment will not have any warranties. Therefore if any equipment is not working, you have to pay the cost of commercial appliances repair. While buying used equipment make sure  if there are no warranties, that all the pieces of equipment are working perfectly

  • Repairs

Used commercial appliances may require constant repairs making you spend more money than you would have if you bought new equipment.


After reading this, if you decide to buy used the commercial range of appliances, ensure you invite an expert to check the equipment especially if you don’t have a full understanding of the equipment. Ensure that the appliances are working entirely and all the accessory parts are available. In case you buy an equipment that has a slight defect, consult the commercial appliances repair expert on the total cost of repairs and check whether it’s still viable to buy that particular equipment. Be sure to look out for a good bargain.



Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are the most important assets of any restaurant. However, regular use and nonstop operation inevitably lead to appliance failures and unexpected replacements, immensely impacting the productivity and budget of kitchen. Scheduling regular maintenance visits of commercial kitchen appliance repair technician is the best way of reducing repairs needs. A maintenance program can help you in running your kitchen activities smoothly, maximizing appliances efficiency and avoiding the expensive repairs.

Maintaining commercial kitchen appliances

Maintenance of kitchen appliances is as important as paying bills. Regular maintenance actions, such as cleaning, descaling and calibrating cooking appliances, can significantly increase the life and efficiency of the appliances.

Commercial appliance failures are troublesome and pose several operational challenges. Regular maintenance prevents failures, breakdowns and keep appliances running at maximum efficiency. It is important that your expensive commercial appliances operate with full efficiency to cope up with the business requirements, and only well-maintained appliances can work like that.

A commercial kitchen is comprised of number of appliances, such as:

  • Microwave oven
  • Commercial convection oven
  • Commercial range
  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Commercial ice-machine
  • Commercial deep fryer
  • Commercial garbage disposal unit
  • Commercial steamer

All these appliances need to be in tip-top condition to carry on the kitchen activities without any sort of trouble. Each and every appliance installed in the commercial kitchen serves different purpose. Thus, every appliance needs to be in working condition to do their tasks.

If you are new to the commercial kitchen appliances, you should read the user manual provided by manufacturer of the appliances. By doing this, you will learn about the installation, maintenance and cleaning requirements of the appliance. The better you understand about your commercial appliances, the better you will be able to look after them.

You and your kitchen staff can handle the maintenance and cleaning task, but when it comes to repair, you need professional help. Commercial kitchen appliances are very complicated. If you think that you can repair them by yourself, then you are making a big mistake. Only a certified and professional technician can do this task properly. The best thing you can you is to find the best commercial steamer repair Arlington technician when your appliance break downs.  The professionals have sheer knowledge and understanding about the internal structure of appliances. They will provide you the long-term solution of the problem.



Avoid Costly Restaurant Equipment Repair with a Preventative Maintenance Program

Commercial kitchen appliances contribute a lot in restaurant’s day to day activities. Persistent use puts the appliances at risk of issues that could result in expensive repairs and decrease the life of appliances, while impacting your efficiency to provide food to your customers. This is the reason why preventive maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances is highly recommended to avoid restaurant appliance repair. By paying attention over your expensive commercial kitchen appliances, you can avoid the appliance failure and improve the efficiency of your appliance to a great extent.

Preventative Maintenance Program for Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant kitchen is comprised of variety of appliances –microwave oven, walk in refrigerators, freezer, ice machine, dishwasher, deep fryer, beverage air and many more. The commercial appliances are different from home appliances in many manners such as functionality, size, efficiency and price. These appliances are required to be taken care differently than home appliances. Also, there won’t be any generalized way of maintaining all the commercial kitchen appliances. Each appliance has its own unique maintenance needs. In order to maintain every appliance in a proper manner, follow below mentioned tips:

  • Read user manuals properly to understand the installation, cleaning method and maintenance requirements of every appliance. Different brands have different instructions mentioned in their user manuals. So, you should follow the manufacturer’s instruction to get most out of your commercial kitchen appliances.
  • Install your appliance at proper location. For example: refrigeration appliances should not receive direct heat from the cooking appliances.
  • Make sure that every appliance gets proper ventilation, and it remains easily accessible to staff members.
  • Give a formal training to your staff on how to use every appliance. This should include explaining overall functionality of the each and every appliance present in the kitchen. At the end, it is the kitchen staff members that are going to use the appliances. So, each and every staff member should be aware of the functionality of the appliance.
  • There should be a formal cleaning schedule –daily, weekly and monthly. All spills should be cleaned right away from the appliances. The appliances should be cleaned with wet cloth at the end of the shift. Deep cleaning should be performed by staff members every week. And professional cleaning should be scheduled every month.
  • Make practice of hiring restaurant appliance repair technician as soon as any problem is noticed in the appliances.


How To Increase The Life Span Of Your Commercial Appliances?

The average lifespan of commercial kitchen appliances is 10 years. However, it can be extended with proper maintenance. It is very much important to hire commercial kitchen appliance repair services for regular maintenance, repair and inspection. Also, your staff should use and clean the kitchen appliances properly. The longevity and performance of all the commercial kitchen appliances depend on the maintenance and repair.

Increasing life span of the commercial kitchen appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are one of the biggest investments made by the kitchen owners. Every owner wants to make best out of their investments. The owners expect that the commercial kitchen appliances work efficiently for years. In order to keep appliances running in good condition, the owners need to take care of following things:

Cleaning: Commercial appliances should be cleaned on the regular basis. The spills on the refrigerators and oven needed to be cleaned promptly. The appliances should be wiped with wet cloth daily. And thorough cleaning should be done weekly. You should train your staff regarding cleaning, so that you can maintain a clean and hygienic aura in your commercial kitchen.

Maintenance: Commercial kitchen appliances require more maintenance than home appliances. You need to be very cautious while using these appliances. Although commercial kitchen appliances can perform all heavy duty tasks, you are required to be cautious while using them. Pay attention over small things such as voltage, temperature, ventilation etc.

Inspection: It is important to inspect the commercial kitchen appliances for damages and clogging. The sooner you detect the problem, the cheaper it will be to get it repaired. You should inspect the appliances from inside out to detect the problem.

Repair: It is really very unsafe to use damaged commercial appliances. If you know that your appliance need repair, you should call the commercial appliance repair technician right away. Using damaged appliance not only cause further damage, but it may also create hazardous situations.

Calling commercial appliance services

When it comes to maintenance, inspection and repair of the commercial kitchen appliances, it is very much important to call dedicated commercial refrigerator repair services Vienna and commercial oven repair services. The professionals know how to detect and resolve the hidden problems, and increase the lifespan of the appliances. Avoiding professional repair can further aggravate the problem, and you might only left with appliance replacement option.



Beverage Cooler Maintenance Tips

In sight, but out of mind! That is the perfect summation about most commercial beverage coolers. The beverage coolers are one of the important appliances in terms of customer satisfaction and customer perception. Taking Beverage Air repair seriously is pretty much essential to keep the beverages chilled. Luckily, issues with beverage coolers are not difficult to spot and troubleshoot. And if major replacement or repair is required, you should consider calling the commercial appliance repair services for quick and painless solutions.

Issues with beverage coolers

Mainly there are three issues that can occur with beverage coolers –lights of cooler stop working, cooler stops circulating cool air, and cooler does not work efficiently. These are some major issues that can impact your business. It is important to get them fixed as soon as you notice.

In food service industry, presentation plays an important role. Your presentation has to be attractive to fetch the customer’s attention. Poorly illuminated beverage coolers are not attractive at all, and won’t draw customers in, because the beverages inside the cooler are not being visible properly. This might not cause any performance issue, but impact your business.

Along with presentation, you need to provide quality services to your customers, in order to build customer-relationship. And to provide quality service, you need to keep your commercial kitchen appliances in tip-top condition, including but not limited to beverage coolers. If your beverage cooler stops circulating the cool air, you won’t be able to serve chilled beverages to your customers, and this will somehow ruin your reputation in the market.

If not maintained properly, beverage coolers will not work efficiently. They will consume a lot of electricity to operate. This will increase your overall electricity consumption. It is important to take this issue under consideration to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Maintaining beverage coolers

Just like any other commercial appliance, beverage coolers also work 24*7. These appliances also require timely maintenance to keep working properly. You need to schedule the cleaning of this appliance on the regular basis to maintain the proper hygiene inside.

If you notice a lot of condensation on the glass door or water on the floor at the unit’s base, it is a signal there is some major issue with the refrigeration unit, or the door is not sealed properly. In this condition you need to call the commercial freezer repairs Fairfax.



Commercial Glass Washer: How to maintain

Providing cleaner cutlery, crockery and glasses is essential in food service industry. Nothing can ruin the reputation of your business more than dirty crockery or glasses. Whether you own a pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel, you need clean and tidy glasses and dishes to serve your customers. Investing in the most expensive dishwasher and glass washer is not enough. You have to train your staff on using these appliances and schedule glass washer repair whenever it is required.

Understanding commercial glass washer

Choosing the right glass washer for your commercial kitchen is vital. You require the right machine to do the job. The most common types of glass washers are:

Under-counter glass washer: These are quite similar to residential dishwashers. They utilize heat to flash-heat the glasses and to provide deep cleaning.

In-sink glass washer: These are the best washers for quick cleaning of the glassware. They fit into sink and consist of a rotating brush that scrubs the dirty glasses. Although in-sink glass washer requires high maintenance, they provide quick cleaning.

Conveyor: These washers are recommended for the high volume applications. Conveyor can wash 300 to 400 glasses per hour. They are suitable for big pubs and high-traffic cafeterias.

Glass washer – keep it clean

In order to get cleaner glasses, you need to pay attention over your glass washing unit. It is important to pay time and attention over glass washer cleaning. Your glass washing unit should be regularly maintained and sanitized.

Cleaning a glass washer unit is easy and fast. Check your user manual for the proper instructions. If you do not have user manual then you can check online. Use a small brush to clean out all the accrued dirt. Don’t be too harsh on your appliance while cleaning. And use good quality detergent for this purpose.  Use hot water to rinse the machine a couple of time. This will clear out the clogging (if any). The cleaner you keep your glass washer, the better and longer it will serve you.

Commercial glass washer is an expensive and complicated appliance. Just like other commercial kitchen appliances, they also require professional maintenance. You need to hire the commercial appliance repair contractor fairfax for the servicing of your glass washer and dishwasher in every 3 months. The professional cleaning and maintenance will not only increase the lifespan of your appliances, but also improve their efficiencies.



How to Clean a Commercial Oven

It is important that you clean your commercial kitchen appliances including commercial oven time to time. Commercial ovens are one of the most overlooked appliances in the commercial kitchens. Restaurant and Cafe owners often ignore the commercial oven cleaning. According to commercial gas oven service providers, the old food particles present on the surface of the oven not only affect the taste of food, but dirty oven may also develop performance issues. The old particles of food can burn and result smoke, and don’t let your oven to get heated up properly. Regular cleaning can help you avoid most of the problems.

Commercial Oven Cleaning Tips

It is important to clean the spills immediately. If you keep-on using your oven with spills, the spills will get baked there and then they will become more difficult to clean. The spills can also have negative impact on the cooking temperature.

Cleaning the interior of the oven everyday is mandatory. Use mild detergent, soap and apt scrubber for cleaning the interior of your commercial oven. You can clean oven racks separately in a sink and wipe out the oven interior properly by keeping the racks out. Rinse and dry out the oven racks before reinstalling them in the oven.

Also, clean the exterior of oven on the weekly basis. Use soap water and soft bristle brush to clean the stainless steel surface of your commercial oven. Don’t scrub the surface harshly, as it will make scratches on the exterior body of your oven. However, it is important to get rid of food spills from exterior part of the oven.

Commercial Oven Maintenance Tips

  • Check if you are using your oven at the apt temperature.
  • Do not place heavy items on the doors of your oven.
  • Keep eye on door hinges, door knobs and handles, as they should be functional and attached securely.
  • Check the gasket of oven door to ensure proper sealing, as improper sealing results heat leakage.

Commercial oven is not a low-maintenance kitchen appliance. In order to increase the lifespan of the commercial oven, you need to pay proper attention over maintenance and cleaning of the oven. You have to train your staff for adequate commercial oven maintenance arlington. Also, hire appliance maintenance services for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of your commercial kitchen appliances.