Combi Oven Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Issues

Combi or combination ovens have both convection and steam cooking features. You can use these features separately and also together for better cooking. If your combi oven is not working properly, here is a combi oven troubleshooting guide for you. If any repairs are required, consult an authorized commercial kitchen appliance repair service.

Combination Oven Cooking Problems And Their Solutions

Uneven Cooking

This is probably the most common problem related to combi ovens and other types of commercial ovens. Although this entire guide can be considered a list of solutions for this problem, in this section, we will cover the major reasons for uneven cooking.

Oven door problems are a common cause of uneven cooking. The door may not shut properly due to various reasons like dirt on the door seals, worn door gasket, or loose hinges. This will allow heat or steam to escape from the oven. Apart from uneven cooking, this will make the oven take longer to cook food and reach the set temperature.

Furthermore, heating element issues can also lead to uneven cooking. After that, the next thing to check is the temperature settings, temperature sensors, and humidity levels.

Lastly, the issue could be a human error. The operator might have used the convection feature instead of steam for cooking a certain product that must have been cooked on steam.

No Power Or Intermittent Power

As the heading says, it’s usually a power-related issue if your commercial combi oven is not turning on. You should check the circuit breaker. A flipped circuit breaker once in a few weeks is not an issue, but regular tripping of the breaker means something is wrong either with the circuit breaker or the appliances that are getting power through that circuit breaker.

Apart from that, if the combination oven is not switching on, check the power cord and the outlet. Use a different power outlet and make sure the power cord fits snuggly in the outlet. If after checking these things, the oven doesn’t turn on or shuts down expectedly, contact an expert.

Moreover, if you notice a flickering light when the oven operates, it may be a bigger problem than expected. Turn off the appliance and get a professional to inspect the appliance.

Other than power issues, another reason for an oven not turning on is the opened door. Many ovens don’t turn on if the door is open. Therefore, close the door. In some cases, the door appears closed, but it’s not completely shut. Check the door or let an expert inspect it.

Steam And Moisture Issues

Steam problems include the combi oven not steaming, excessive moisture in the oven, etc. For this, you should first check the water reservoir of the oven. Make sure that it’s filled only with filtered water. If the water is not filtered, it can affect the food quality. Plus, the contaminants like dirt can clog the steam generator.

This leads us to the next thing to check, which is the steam generator. Even when you use filtered and clean water, it can get clogged over time so you have to clean it regularly, otherwise, the oven won’t produce enough steam even when the water reservoir is full.

After checking the thing that allows steam to spread, you should check the part that removes the moisture from the oven: the drainage system. Any blockages in the drainage system will cause more moisture in the oven than what’s suitable for the food you’re cooking.

Once you have done that, inspect the door seal of the oven. This is an important of the door that creates a seal and keeps the heat and steam inside the oven chamber. If it’s damaged or worn, have it replaced. However, sometimes, dirt on the seals can cause heat leakage. So, clean the seals and the oven’s outer part.

Then move on to check the humidity controls. Make sure to set the humidity controls correctly. Refer to the user manual for noting the right settings for the food you want to cook.

The Temperature Sensor Problem

The temperature sensors maintain the correct temperature inside the oven. If the temperature sensors are faulty, the oven won’t cook food evenly, won’t cook food at all, or take more time than normal to cook food. You would input the correct temperature settings, but the result would be uneven cooking.

So, use a food-grade thermometer to match the temperature inside the oven with the temperature shown on the display. Consult an oven technician if you notice any differences.

You must get the thermocouple and other components checked as well. Even when they are fine, they must be calibrated from time to time so they detect and signal the correct temperature reading.

Oven Fan issues

The oven fans regulate the air circulation and keep it best for cooking food. Problems with them will affect the food quality. You should first check whether the fans are working or not. Sometimes, the fans are working fine, but one of the heating elements is faulty leading to bad food quality.

However, if the fan is actually not working, there may three reasons for it. The easier one is that the fan is dirty and the dirt and debris are keeping it from rotating. You should clean the insides of the oven including the fan to fix this problem.

Other reasons for a combi oven fan not working are a bad fan motor or a faulty fan element. An expert is required to check and replace them.

Combi Oven Maintenance

You must maintain and care for the oven if you want it to function smoothly with no or fewer breakdowns. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Wipe the door and the body of the oven after cooking every batch of food. This will keep dirt from building up causing the heat to escape.
  • Always use filtered water. This should be taken care of during the installation so the water reservoir receives filtered water.
  • Don’t forget to change the filter. Sometimes, when it’s rush hour, the oven shows the error message to change the filter, the staff overrides it and later forgets to change it. Make sure that this doesn’t happen. Usually, a filter is cleaned every week.
  • The oven in general, and its control board specifically, should be in a safe proximity from nearby items because any heat source from a nearby appliance can affect the temperature reading of the control board.
  • Don’t use cold water when the oven is still warm. Lukewarm water is best to use for cleaning the oven.
  • Don’t use a power washer as it can damage some delicate components. Water from a power washer can also damage the control board which is waterproof but can’t protect itself when a power washer is used.
  • Clean the drain hoses regularly to prevent any blockages.
  • Clean both the interior and exterior of the unit daily. Moreover, clean the top of the oven weekly.


To ensure that the food cooked in a combi oven is delicious and perfect, you must keep it maintained and fix common problems as soon as possible. Always hire an experienced commercial oven repair Fairfax technician for repairs.



What Are The Causes Of Commercial Oven Temperature Issues?

Commercial ovens make baking and cooking easier in restaurants and cafes. Correct temperature settings are essential for cooking food in an oven and if the set temperature is not reaching or the temperature is too high, it will ruin the food. So, you should consider commercial oven repair if your oven is undercooking or overcooking food even when the temperature you set should not allow that.

If you want to check your oven, these are the common causes of temperature-related problems.

Commercial Oven Temperature Problems

Thermostat Problems

Most of the time, temperature problems in an oven are due to something wrong with the thermostat. The thermostat can be broken or out of calibration.

Testing A Commercial Oven Thermostat

You should first check if the oven’s thermostat needs calibration. This will also help you determine if the thermostat is broken.

To perform this test, you need another thermostat that you know is accurate and you can put it inside the oven. After keeping the thermostat in the oven, set the oven temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Open the kick plate of the oven so you can see the burner. If the thermostat is working correctly, the burner should go off at 250 degrees, but if it goes off before that, you should calibrate the thermostat.

Calibrating An Oven Thermostat

For calibrating the thermostat of your commercial oven, remove the knob to see the type of thermostat your oven has. There are two types of oven thermostats. One thermostat has a small hole in the front where it attaches to the knob. The other thermostat has a disc-like dial that you can rotate and has numbers on it.

Depending on the type of thermostat turn the screw or the disc one point at a time until the burner turns on. The burner turning on shows that the thermostat had a calibration problem. After you see that the burner is on, check the temperature of the oven. It should reach 5 to 10 degrees near the current temperature. If it does, the thermostat is calibrated. However, if it doesn’t you should try again.

If the thermostat’s calibration doesn’t work after multiple tries, the thermostat may be defective and you should replace it. This is because new thermostats come with proper calibration. They only require to be installed.

Going back to the first step, if you turn the screw or disc of the thermostat and the burner doesn’t turn on even though you turn the disc or screw more than a quarter turn in either direction, the thermostat is bad and must be replaced.

Keep in mind that if you successfully calibrate your thermostat, you should still perform the temperature check using another thermostat to determine that the thermostat is functioning fine. If the readings of the thermostat are off, you should calibrate it. An oven thermostat should be calibrated every three months or so.

In case you can’t calibrate your thermostat or the calibration fails to show that the thermostat is malfunctioning, consult a technician for the calibration or replacement of the oven thermostat.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

The temperature problems of your commercial oven can be a human error. If someone set incorrect temperature settings, the oven will either become too hot or not hot enough for cooking the food.

Check the thermostat settings and the food inside it. Make sure that the correct temperature is set for preparing the type of food you want to cook.

Capillary Tube Bulb Is Not Attached Correctly

Thermostats come with a capillary tube that has a bulb. It is the part that determines the temperature inside the oven. Many times, during thermostat replacement or inspection, the capillary tube is not correctly attached. Moreover, moving the oven or any other reason can displace the capillary tube from its location or disconnect it from the clips where it’s attached.

This leads to an oven cooking food unevenly, overcooking food, or undercooking food. In short, the oven runs wild because the component that allows it to follow the set temperature is not properly connected and can’t aid in determining the temperature inside the oven.

So, whether you replaced the thermostat, moved the oven, or the oven is showing temperature-related problems, check the capillary tube and its bulb. The bulb should be attached to clips inside the oven otherwise, it can’t determine the oven temperature. If it’s stuck in the oven cavity, attach it to the clips and check the oven again.

Crammed Oven

If you checked the thermostat and capillary tube bulb and they are fine, but your food is undercooked, overcooked, or unevenly cooked frequently, it could be due to too much food loaded inside the oven in one cycle.

Cramming an oven with food can be tempting given that food is required in large quantities in restaurants and other facilities. Therefore, instruct your staff to keep an optimum amount of food in the oven without overloading it food otherwise, the food won’t cook evenly. This can turn off your customers, so never ignore this tip.

Broken Oven Door

If your food is not cooking evenly or undercooking, the issue could be related to the door of your commercial oven. For perfect cooking, the door should be completely shut and stop air from peeking inside or hot air from escaping the oven.

Oven door problems like broken hinges and a cracked gasket will make it difficult to close the door completely. Even if you close the door fully, a cracked gasket will allow air from the outside into the oven. This will lead to undercooking or uneven cooking.

Therefore, check the door and its components. If the door is not shutting properly, call in an expert for fixing the oven door.

The Gas Valve Is Not Completely Open

A commercial oven may undercook food if the gas valve is not fully open. This issue is usually ignored because the only gas-related issue that’s checked is whether the oven is receiving gas or not. If the burner goes off, most people don’t pay attention that it can be of low intensity due to a semi-open gas valve.

For fixing this problem, all you need to do is check the gas valve and make sure it’s completely open. If you can’t determine that, turn off the valve and then turn it on completely.

Moreover, you should also clean your commercial oven regularly to avoid various problems. Food particles on the racks and the interior of the oven can cause smoke and impact the flavor of the food. Therefore, clean spills and boilovers immediately if they occur.

You can also divide quick cleaning and thorough cleaning into daily and monthly tasks. Clean the oven daily so the food smells fresh every day you cook in it and a thorough cleaning every month for removing grease and grime from the nooks and corners of the oven.


A commercial oven with temperature-related problems can ruin the food cooking in it. So, you should try to fix it quickly by checking the oven thermostat, door, and other components. Get in touch with commercial appliances repair Northern VA services for a full inspection of your commercial oven for fixes and replacements.



How to Take Care of the Most Common Commercial Appliances

Replacing your commercial appliances is expensive and its therefore important that you take care of your appliances. Taking care of the appliances will ensure that they last long and work optimally. It’s important to ensure that your commercial freezer, fridge, oven, deep fry, ice cream freezer, steamer, and the ice maker are well maintained. Regular servicing and thorough cleaning the appliances periodically will ensure that your appliances last a lifetime. In this article, we tell simple tips to help maintain your appliances. Ensure that the commercial appliance repair Virginia team regularly checks on your appliances and to ensure they are no sudden breakdowns

How to Take Care of your commercial Appliances

Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Make sure that you don’t overfill the refrigerator to allow air to circulate freely and prevent the fridge compressor from overworking.
  • Ensure the commercial refrigerator repair team cleans the coils often
  • Clean the fridge door gasket using a mild detergent and water.
  • Make sure that you service the refrigerator often to avoid sudden breakdowns.
  • Check for any loose connections and thoroughly clean all the ice making components

    Commercial Dishwasher
  • Clean the dishwasher regularly to avoid food build-up
  • Make sure that the commercial dishwasher repair team services your dishwasher regularly
  • Clean the dishwasher gasket often
  • Make sure that filter is cleaned regularly. Scrape off food from the plates before placing them in the dishwasher
  • Teach your team how to use the commercial dishwasher to ensure that it last long

Commercial Oven

  • Clean the commercial oven when not using it. Wipe off the food particles on your oven because that could damage your oven.
  • Follow the commercial oven maintenance schedule and schedule monthly thorough cleaning of the oven. Let the commercial oven repair team service and maintain our oven to ensure that it last longer.
  • Make sure you clean the oven racks.

Commercial Ice Maker

  • Clean and sanitize the ice maker machine often. Make sure that you clean off lime and mineral deposits
  • Follow the routine maintenance schedule. Make sure there is no ice stuck on the evaporator plates which will cause the freeze ups and a longer time to make ice. The condenser and the filter should also be cleaned once every six months.
  • Follow the ice maker user manual and ensure that the maintenance schedule is done by a commercial ice maker repair technician.

Commercial Deep Fryer

  • Drain the oil daily
  • Make sure that follow the operation manual and ensure that all the staff who use the dryer know how to handle the appliances
  • When using it, stick to the right temperature
  • Invite the commercial deep fryer repair team immediately you notice any issue. Ensure that you follow the service and maintenance schedule diligently
  • Make sure the appliance is cleaned daily

How to Optimize your Commercial Appliances

  • Use the appliances correctly

It’s important that your staff understands how each appliance operates. That will ensure that each appliance is used optimally without damage. The commercial appliance repair team may be able to train your employees on how to use the appliances. Make sure you use the right temperature when using commercial deep fryers.

  • Storage and working space

Make sure that you enough working area for each appliance. Consider the size of your restaurant and invest in an appliance that is appropriate. Squeezing the appliance in a small space may cause breakdown due to overheating and accidents and it’s therefore important that you ensure each appliance has enough space. It’s also important to ensure there is free flow of air, especially for appliances such ovens. Placing oven in a crowded place will lead to overheating and breakdown.

  • Cleaning Up

Make sure you clean up the appliances after use to avoid build-up of food particles, the mineral deposit that can lead to break down.

  • Regular maintenance and servicing

Make sure that you follow the maintenance schedule diligently. Even if the appliances are working make sure they are serviced often and that will ensure they work optimally.

Your commercial appliances will last long when they are well taken care of and serviced often. Make sure the commercial appliance kitchen repair regularly checks your appliance to ensure there is no breakdown. The kitchen appliances should be placed in areas where there is enough working space.



Reasons Why You Should Follow the Commercial Appliance Maintenance Schedule

Your commercial appliances play a key role in the success of your business. The quality of food and service you will give your clients will depend on the effectiveness of the commercial appliances. It’s crucial that you follow the laid out commercial appliance repair schedule to get the most out of your equipment. You need to work with a reliable commercial kitchen appliance repair company to make sure that your appliances are working optimally and reliably. Preventive maintenance will make sure your appliances last a lifetime

Why You Should Follow the Commercial Appliance Maintenance Schedule

  • Lower the cost of utilities

When your commercial appliances are clean and regularly serviced they will run smoothly and consume less power. Make sure that the commercial refrigerator repairs expert carries out repairs and servicing as required to keep your refrigerator working and reduce power consumption. It’s important to ensure that the refrigerator coils are properly cleaned to ensure that it’s effective.  When appliances are defective they will use up more power leading to high power bills. Follow the repair and service schedule as given by the commercial appliance service team to save on cost

  • Prevent Breakdowns

Regular maintenance and servicing will prevent your appliances from breaking down suddenly. Following the maintenance schedule will ensure fix any small issues and stop them from becoming major appliance issues. Routine maintenance will help you avoid repairs that are expensive and avoid loss of clients due to delays in serving foods. Make sure the commercial oven repair team services and check your oven frequently to avoid a breakdown that could result in a loss of business. The commercial appliance repair team will ensure that any issue is detected early and the appliance is repaired before it becomes a major issue

  • Efficiency in providing services

When your appliances are working well you can be relied on to provide good food and services. It’s critical to ensure that your appliances are working well to be able to serve food in a timely manner. Regular service and maintenance will make sure your clients keep coming for more food and that will ensure your business keep running. It’s therefore important to ensure that you carry out maintenance as prescribed by the commercial appliance repair company. It’s tempting to miss servicing your equipment because at the moment they are functioning, but that will only lead to breakdown and failure to serve that delicacy at the appropriate time.

  • Durability

Your appliances will last longer if they are regularly serviced and maintained. Make sure that the commercial dishwasher repair team checks on your appliances regularly and that will save you the cost of buying a new commercial appliance.

Make sure that you work with the best commercial kitchen appliance repair team and ensure that they train your staff on how to handle the equipment. Proper handling of the equipment will also help keep the appliances working for longer. The staff is also able to tell when the appliances are not working well and any issue can be dealt with before it becomes major.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Appliance Repair Team

  • Preserve the Warrant and Insurance

When repairs are done by a certified technician your warranty and the insurance is preserved. If you choose to use a team that is not certified, you lose your warranty. Its therefore important that you confirm the commercial freezer repairs team is certified to avoid losing on your warranty. The certified technician also has the necessary tools and knowledge to repair your appliances without causing further damage. Your warranty and insurance are only effective if the repairs are done by a certified technician

  • Safety of your Premises and workers

Appliances have a lot of parts and need to be plugged into power for them to work. It’s therefore important to ensure they are working well to protect your employees and premises. Make sure that your appliances are repaired by the commercial appliances repair to ensure they are working as they should. Repairs should be done by a qualified technician to avoid damaging the equipment and prevent your staff from being electrocuted

  • Saves Cost

When repairs are done by a qualified technician they will save you time and money. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose your appliances and make sure that they do the repairs conclusively. Having your repairs done by an untrained technician may result in more damage and cost you much more. It’s therefore imperative that you let the professional commercial kitchen appliance repair team do the repairs.

  • Convenience

When your appliances are not working properly they cause major inconveniences. A trained technician will take a short time to repair the appliances and ensure that your business doesn’t stall.

It’s best to work with a commercial appliance repair Virginia team that can handle the various equipment in your establishment. That will save you time and money. Follow the schedule given by the repair team and that will ensure your appliances serve you for longer.



Advantages of a Steam Oven

People who like steam ovens say that they love how they can keep fresh flavors and make healthy dishes. The moist air inside the steam cavity means that food becomes juicy and succulent when it gets cooked, and, the food that you cook in a steam oven can retain more vitamins compared to cooking in a conventional oven. This type of oven is easier to maintain because food spillages are not baked into the oven.

You can also pay for a commercial oven repair for the maintenance of this kitchen appliance. Aside from easy maintenance, there are other advantages to having a steam oven. You can read this article until the end to find out more. Read on.

Better Texture and Flavor

Steam cooking will keep food colorful and vibrant, and that is especially noticeable when they cook vegetables. Most of the time, dry heat cooking and boiling the vegetables creates an entire plate that is full of dull-looking food that can cause it to become overcooked and mushy. Steam cooking can lock in flavor and retain food texture, but steaming needs water, and food is cooked rapidly using steam only without actual water contact.

Improved Cooking Results

Roasts are more usable because they are tender, moist, and flavorsome. BBQ chickens do not shrink so you will finish with a larger product that looks more appealing with no pink meat covering the bone. The cakes rise more when baked in a steam oven, and they will have more moisture.

The pastries are lighter, crispier, and fluffier. Steaming will produce all steamed vegetables without degrading the product, and no more overcooking food with nutrient loss or wastage.

When you poach, your food will cook perfectly or you can bake delicate desserts each time.

Speeds up Cooking Process

When you use a steam oven, you can accelerate the cooking process and weeknight meals are quick to prepare. It can cook 20 times faster, depending on the recipe you are following. This is a bonus for busy households.

You will also become more efficient. You can reheat baked pasta at the bottom shelf while steaming broccoli for your vegetables during the meal.

Healthy Cooking

You can steam your way to becoming healthier. When you are boiling vegetables in water, a lot of vitamins are left in the water that gets thrown away. Steam cooking can make sure that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are retained inside the food, which means you will make a healthier plate of food. You do not have to use oil to cook food, which is a bonus. If you really like to cook with butter, then you should not worry because you can always add some.

Some of Them Have Set Programs

Some models of steam ovens have pre-set programs that take in all the guesswork involved in cooking. It is as simple as the kind of food you put in the oven – anything that comes from frozen eggroll appetizers to fresh pizza or souffle. The climate sensor of the oven will detect the volume, consistency, shape, adjusts the temperature and oven humidity to make it guesswork-free.

You Can Cook Multiple Foods All at the Same Time

Steam ovens let you cook different kinds of food together without transferring flavors. It is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy meal for the entire family and great for cooking your Sunday roast. You can cook some dishes in a steam oven without stirring. You no longer have to stand beside the oven while it cooks.

If you need to have your steam oven fixed, you can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA.



Reasons Why You Should Develop a Commercial Appliance Maintenance Schedule

Commercial kitchen appliance repair and service is crucial in keeping your appliances in good shape and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Your restaurant depends on the ability to keep the appliances working in good condition. It’s therefore important that you ensure that you have a commercial appliance service schedule to ensure that the appliances work efficiently. To prevent the sudden breakdown of appliances the commercial appliances repair team will develop a maintenance schedule to prevent costly breakdowns. In this article, we tell you why it’s imperative that you ensure that you have a maintenance schedule for all your appliances.

Why Commercial Appliances Fail

  • Lack of regular Maintenance

Lack of preventive maintenance will lead to the breakdown of your commercial appliances. Failure to replace worn out parts in good time will make the appliances break down more quickly. It’s therefore important that you ensure that regular maintenance is done.

  • Placing Appliances In Poorly Ventilated rooms

For commercial kitchen appliances to work optimally, it’s important to ensure they are placed in a well-ventilated room. Imbalanced air flow will lead to overheating of the commercial kitchen appliances leading to break down. It’s important that the appliances are placed in a well-ventilated room.

  • Using Appliances Wrongly

It’s imperative that your employees understand how to use appliances as that will ensure they last longer and they can pick out any issues. Most commercial appliances have a manual that can help your employees understand how appliances work.

Reasons Why Should Develop a Commercial Appliance Maintenance Schedule

  • Prevent Breakdowns

The cost of repairs will reduce your business profit and you may end up losing clients and time. Breakdowns are costly and a scheduled maintenance will save you the unwanted breakdowns. It’s important that you talk to the commercial appliance oven repair team to have scheduled to avoid sudden breakdown of the oven and cause a dinner delay in your restaurant losing your money and clienteles.

  • Increase Efficiency

Most of the kitchen appliances come into contact with water causing a build a build of lime. It’s important that you come up with a schedule for maintenance of the kitchen appliance to ensure that they are efficient. The commercial garbage system may be clogged by debris, burners get grease build-up leading to inefficiency. Talk to the commercial kitchen appliance repair team and schedule a preventive maintenance as that will increase the efficiency of your appliances.

  • Increase the Appliance Lifespan

Kitchen appliance is an investment that you want to last long. Servicing your appliances often will boost the lifespan of your appliances. You need to make sure that the expert at the walk-in cooler repair team carries out the scheduled maintenance to ensure your clients enjoy that ice cream and ensure the longevity of the appliances. Make sure that you schedule you to have a schedule for all the appliances to ensure longevity and increase the return on investment.

  • Keep the commercial appliances clean

It’s important to ensure that the food you serve clean and safe food. Maintaining the commercial appliance will ensure there is no build-up of grease and lime. Build-up of the grease and lime could lead to bacteria making your clients sick. The commercial appliance repair team will ensure that the internal parts of the appliances are clean. Deep cleaning your commercial oven will ensure that your appliance last long  Scheduling the maintenance will ensure that the appliances are clean inside and out.

Dangers of Neglecting your commercial Appliances

  • Financial loss

Failure to carry out preventive maintenance will lead to appliances breaking down when you need them most. Broken down equipment means that you are not able to serve your favorite dish causing you lost clientele and loss of business. If your commercial refrigerator is not working your food may have a weird taste and lead to loss of clients. It’s therefore important that you contact the commercial refrigerator repair team and ensure preventive maintenance is carried out. Failing to maintain your appliances means that they will break down more often and reducing their lifespan.

  • Liability

Failure to clean the internal part of your commercial appliances will lead to the Mold and bacteria that could up in food leading to poisoning. That could result in lawsuits and business closure. It’s important to ensure that commercial kitchen appliance repair team often to keep your appliances clean.

It’s crucial that you develop a preventive maintenance schedule for all your appliances. Make sure that the schedule is followed diligently. It’s important that you work with the experts for best results. The commercial appliance repair Virginia, team will ensure that your appliances are working efficiently.




5 Common Commercial Oven Problems

Commercial ovens are a crucial part of your restaurant or institution and it’s imperative that the oven is working optimally. It’s important that your kitchen is running efficiently to avoid food delays which in turn results in business losses. You need to tackle any oven issue as soon as they happen to keep your business running without any interruptions. In this article we look at the most common commercial oven problems and when you should call in the commercial gas oven repair team to check the appliance.

Common Commercial Oven Problems

  • The commercial Oven is not Heating up

When the oven is not heating that could be due to a faulty thermostat. If you are using a gas oven check the igniter to make sure it’s working well.

Fixing the Oven

Before you call the commercial oven repair team check whether the electric elements are glowing and if you are using a commercial gas oven test one of the burners to see whether they are receiving gas. If the electric oven elements don’t have any light, then it’s time to call the commercial appliance repair expert to check on the oven.

  • Pilot Light doesn’t stay on

A malfunctioned safety valve or thermocouple will cause the oven pilot light to keep switching off. You will need to call the commercial appliance repair team to address the issue as this is a clear trouble sign. The commercial appliance repair expert will replace the faulty thermocouple or safety valve. In some ovens, the thermocouple is attached to the safety and that will mean the whole safety valve has to be replaced. If your oven pilot light keeps going on and off, immediately call the commercial oven repair technician.

  • Oven not Heating to the correct Temperature

If your oven is taking longer than usual to cook food, then you need to call the repair expert. An oven may fail to reach the desired temperature due to a faulty sensor which causes the oven not to heat to the correct temperature. A temperature sensor touching the wall of the oven may also cause the oven not to heat properly


Call in the commercial appliance repair team and let them repair or replace the sensor. The technician will also check whether the sensor is touching the wall of the oven and then recalibrate the sensor to ensure its working well.

  • Cooking food Unevenly

If you notice that your food is toasted better in one area than the other, then call the repair team to check on your oven. The main cause of uneven cooking is faulty heating elements and the temperature sensors. If the thermostat of your oven has recently been replaced, it could cause uneven food cooking. The thermostat has capillary that has clips which hold the bulb into place and if not well placed the oven will cook unevenly


To confirm whether it’s working preheats the oven and check whether the heating elements are glowing. The resistance of the temperature sensor should rise as the temperature of the oven rises. If the elements and sensors are not working the commercial appliance repair expert will replace them. Make sure the racks and the cookware are well positioned as that could also lead to the uneven cooking of food.

  • Oven won’t Turn on

Check whether your commercial oven is receiving power and if it still won’t turn on, check whether there is a broken wire, call the commercial appliance repair expert and let them diagnose the oven. The oven may have a faulty thermal fuse.

How to Take care of your Commercial Oven

  • Follow the Scheduled maintenance to ensure your oven works for longer.

Following the maintenance schedule will help prevent the oven from breaking down. During maintenance, the experts are able to check whether the oven is working well, and repairs are done beforehand.

  • Keep the Oven Clean

Make sure that the oven is cleaned on daily basis and schedule monthly cleaning to allow for thorough cleaning.

  • Ensure the Employees understand how the oven Works

It’s important to train the employees how the oven works as that will help them know when the oven is not working optimally. It will also help them understand how to handle and clean the oven. The oven buttons are sensitive parts and if not well handled they break down easily.

The commercial oven plays a key role in your business and its crucial to ensure its working well always. Make sure the maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Virginia is followed diligently to keep the oven working for long. If you notice that the oven has a problem, call the commercial oven repair team immediately to avoid irreparable damage.




Why You Should Hire a Commercial Appliance Repair Company

A broken commercial appliance can be stressing and may result in losses if not attended to immediately. It’s therefore important that you find the best commercial appliance repair Virginia team to carry out maintenance and repair services. Before you identify the team to work with most people face the dilemma of how do you choose the best repair company. In this post, we look at why you should hire a commercial repair company and questions to ask before you pick the right team.

Why You Should Hire a Repair Company

  • Save time and money

Trying to fix an appliance on your own will not only cost you time but will also result in business losses which translate to money lost. When your commercial fridge is not working and you call the commercial refrigerator repair expert you can be guaranteed that your appliance will work by the time they leave. Calling in the expert will save you time and you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Optimal Working Appliances

The commercial appliance repair team will not only repair the appliance but will also come with service schedule and advise how best to use the equipment to ensure they work optimally. The commercial oven repair team you choose will repair, service and train your staff on how to handle the oven and make sure it lasts longer. Training your staff will also ensure they understand how the appliances work and are able to pick out any issues early enough before they deteriorate.

  • Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional commercial appliance service and repair expert will give you peace as you can be sure your appliance will be up and running in no time. Repair experts have the expertise and experience and can fix the appliances quickly and conclusively.

  • Safety of your Business

Commercial appliances are heavy duty and require electrical connections for them to operate. Trying to fix the appliances may be dangerous to your business. Hiring a commercial appliance repair expert will ensure that safety measures are observed during the repairs.

  • Service Warranties

A good repair company will offer repair warranties and you have a guarantee that the service they are offering is premium. When you hire an expert, you can be comfortable because you know that in case of any arising issues the repair company will attend to the issues. The experts will also be able to provide a guide for appliance  repair and service

  • Convenience and Reliability

Appliances are meant to make it easier to run the business easily. Commercial appliance malfunction will cause an inconvenience and hire a professional repair expert will save you the hustle. You just need to call the repair company and they will check through your commercial oven or freezer and advise on what to do.

  • Knowledge of Multiple Services

In case you have more than one appliance that has broken down, hiring a good repair firm will guarantee that your appliances can be attended to. Choose repair companies will varied expertise and you can be sure that any issue you have will be addressed without having to look for a different team for different appliances.

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Repair Company

  • How long the company has been in business

Confirm how long the company has been in operation as that will guide you on the experience and expertise in that company. Make sure you confirm how long the technician has been in the company.

  • Ask for a list of References

A good repair company will have a list of referees of satisfied clients. You can talk to a few clients and hear their experiences

  • Find out Whether they are service Warranty

Service warranty is important as that will ensure that in case of any query after repairs the company will attend to the appliances.

  • What is the Repair Cost?

Ask for a quotation and compare various companies. Although price should not be a deciding factor, it’s important that you find quality and cost-effective services. Avoid companies that charge per hour rate as it may difficult to assess the work done over a period. Confirm the preferred mode of payment and when the companies expect payment.

  • How long does it take to Get an appointment?

Its imperative that you confirm availability of the company technician before you sign the repair contract. Make sure the company you choose has technicians who can attend emergencies.

Hiring a commercial kitchen appliance repair company will save you a lot of headaches. Make sure you that the company you choose is reliable, and offer comprehensive services. Make sure the company will offer the expertise you need.



Can you use commercial ovens at your home?

A cooking oven is a basic necessity for every household. But have you wondered why some people opt for commercial ovens in their home even when it is expensive and tougher to acquire? The reason is probably that people who love to cook and need oven more often find it easier to cook in commercial ovens because of the larger surface area and the ability to cook larger quantity at the same time. Another advantage of the appliances is that there are many commercial oven repair service providers available in the market compared to the domestic ovens. Thus, whenever you experience a breakdown, you can simply get their parts replaced instead of replacing the appliance on a whole.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial ovens:

Though there are competent differences in both the commercial and domestic ovens, the commercial ones can win over the residential ovens due to a larger surface area which offers a better cooking experience for the chefs and foodies. Structurally commercial ovens are also different from residential ones as they are provided with six over the top burners on the upper part of the stove whereas the lower part is much wider and deeper than the residential version. Another important feature of these commercial ovens is that they have bigger knobs which are actually more convenient in controlling heat than the conventional household ovens. However, a major drawback of the commercial ovens is that they are bulkier and consume more space than the regular ones. So, even if you are a start-up owner, you must weigh the utilities of the commercial ovens and their types before you order them.

Types of commercial ovens:

The types are divided according to the need of the product and the industry that uses them. For baking industry, the oven to be most useful is an upright oven which is needed to keep the bread and baked products in several racks in the upright position. Then again for pizza making industries, the ovens made are apt for baking the base and preparing the toppings. Most industries dealing with multiple products have varieties of ovens to produce multiple items.

How to purchase commercial ovens:

Commercial ovens being highly popular these days, there are numerous sellers and restaurants supply chains, who offer a wide variety of models to suit your purpose. They can be collected easily from furniture and kitchen equipment sellers or from large restaurant suppliers because usually, they offer authentic and durable products, which will last for long. Also, they will provide you quality commercial gas oven repair services Alexandria, in case of appliance breakdown. Whether being in a business or for a home use, commercial ovens are an absolute necessity now. Make sure you pick the quality products, for a hassle-free cooking experience.





How To Increase The Life Span Of Your Commercial Appliances?

The average lifespan of commercial kitchen appliances is 10 years. However, it can be extended with proper maintenance. It is very much important to hire commercial kitchen appliance repair services for regular maintenance, repair and inspection. Also, your staff should use and clean the kitchen appliances properly. The longevity and performance of all the commercial kitchen appliances depend on the maintenance and repair.

Increasing life span of the commercial kitchen appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are one of the biggest investments made by the kitchen owners. Every owner wants to make best out of their investments. The owners expect that the commercial kitchen appliances work efficiently for years. In order to keep appliances running in good condition, the owners need to take care of following things:

Cleaning: Commercial appliances should be cleaned on the regular basis. The spills on the refrigerators and oven needed to be cleaned promptly. The appliances should be wiped with wet cloth daily. And thorough cleaning should be done weekly. You should train your staff regarding cleaning, so that you can maintain a clean and hygienic aura in your commercial kitchen.

Maintenance: Commercial kitchen appliances require more maintenance than home appliances. You need to be very cautious while using these appliances. Although commercial kitchen appliances can perform all heavy duty tasks, you are required to be cautious while using them. Pay attention over small things such as voltage, temperature, ventilation etc.

Inspection: It is important to inspect the commercial kitchen appliances for damages and clogging. The sooner you detect the problem, the cheaper it will be to get it repaired. You should inspect the appliances from inside out to detect the problem.

Repair: It is really very unsafe to use damaged commercial appliances. If you know that your appliance need repair, you should call the commercial appliance repair technician right away. Using damaged appliance not only cause further damage, but it may also create hazardous situations.

Calling commercial appliance services

When it comes to maintenance, inspection and repair of the commercial kitchen appliances, it is very much important to call dedicated commercial refrigerator repair services Vienna and commercial oven repair services. The professionals know how to detect and resolve the hidden problems, and increase the lifespan of the appliances. Avoiding professional repair can further aggravate the problem, and you might only left with appliance replacement option.