Commercial Glass Washer: How to maintain

Providing cleaner cutlery, crockery and glasses is essential in food service industry. Nothing can ruin the reputation of your business more than dirty crockery or glasses. Whether you own a pub, restaurant, cafe or hotel, you need clean and tidy glasses and dishes to serve your customers. Investing in the most expensive dishwasher and glass washer is not enough. You have to train your staff on using these appliances and schedule glass washer repair whenever it is required.

Understanding commercial glass washer

Choosing the right glass washer for your commercial kitchen is vital. You require the right machine to do the job. The most common types of glass washers are:

Under-counter glass washer: These are quite similar to residential dishwashers. They utilize heat to flash-heat the glasses and to provide deep cleaning.

In-sink glass washer: These are the best washers for quick cleaning of the glassware. They fit into sink and consist of a rotating brush that scrubs the dirty glasses. Although in-sink glass washer requires high maintenance, they provide quick cleaning.

Conveyor: These washers are recommended for the high volume applications. Conveyor can wash 300 to 400 glasses per hour. They are suitable for big pubs and high-traffic cafeterias.

Glass washer – keep it clean

In order to get cleaner glasses, you need to pay attention over your glass washing unit. It is important to pay time and attention over glass washer cleaning. Your glass washing unit should be regularly maintained and sanitized.

Cleaning a glass washer unit is easy and fast. Check your user manual for the proper instructions. If you do not have user manual then you can check online. Use a small brush to clean out all the accrued dirt. Don’t be too harsh on your appliance while cleaning. And use good quality detergent for this purpose.  Use hot water to rinse the machine a couple of time. This will clear out the clogging (if any). The cleaner you keep your glass washer, the better and longer it will serve you.

Commercial glass washer is an expensive and complicated appliance. Just like other commercial kitchen appliances, they also require professional maintenance. You need to hire the commercial appliance repair contractor fairfax for the servicing of your glass washer and dishwasher in every 3 months. The professional cleaning and maintenance will not only increase the lifespan of your appliances, but also improve their efficiencies.

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