Signs Your Deep Fryer Needs to be Replaced

Deep fryers are stapled in the majority of commercial kitchens, but there can malfunction from time to time. That is why it is significant to understand some common problems you could encounter when you own even the highest quality deep fryers. Even if most commercial deep fryers are popular for their efficiency and durability, these kitchen appliances are heavy-duty. They can come across a couple of minor issues within their lifespan. Luckily, the common issues that come with a deep fryer repair can easily be fixed and maintained without spending too much.

You can contact commercial appliances repair anytime if you want to try repairing your deep fryer first before buying.

Thermostat is Broken

Deep fryer manufacturers include a thermostat so you can control the equipment’s operating heat. Therefore, the oil temperature cannot lower or raise excessively. When there is a broken thermostat, your deep fryer cannot adjust the heating element properly. The oil can be too cold or too hot, which causes food to burn or undercook.

A deep fryer that overheats can burn oil to combustion, which leads to a fire outbreak. Therefore, if employees inform you about a broken thermostat or problems with the oil temperature, you should contact professionals to immediately service your machines. The specialist is going to change the thermostat and test the equipment to tell if there is an underlying issue.

Burners are Blocked

Grease buildup, dust, food particles, and debris clogs burner orifices. Burners that refuse to light up at all or only partially or irregularly could have blocked orifices.

In order to unblock clogged burners, you should use a stiff brush over the burners to take out particles or debris that are jamming the orifices. In case the burners produce fluctuating flames after brushing them, the problem could be because of inconsistent or low gas pressure. If the fuel supply is enough, damaged fuel lines could be the reason why fryer burners refuse to ignite.

You should not try to fix fuel lines on your own. You should ask the technician to assess the fryer for potential problems with the supply lines of the fuel.

Faulty Pilot Light

When there is no pilot light, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer is totally out of commission. If you do not have it, the oil is not going to heat up at the right temperature. Even if there are a lot of reasons that could cause a faulty pilot light, the common culprit is the gas supply valve. The best way to confirm that this is the issue is to examine supply lines for any blockage. In case the valve is clog-free and open, it might be time to replace the thermopile. The main heating element is the thermopile, which converts thermal heat into electric energy, and signals the pilot light to ignite the flame. Even if the thermopile is quite easy to replace, you should contact a professional to make sure that the repair is done correctly.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects food quality. The good thing is that they have an oil filter that takes out the debris to keep the oil clean. This will allow oil to circulate in the equipment with no difficulties.

When there is a damaged oil filter, the oil is going to be dirty, and it cannot effectively circulate. This is going to result in food not cooking well.

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Benefits of Using a Commercial Steamer

There are more commercial chefs today who are embracing multi-modal cooking. The general cooking philosophy will emphasize using different processes, whether it is baking, roasting, frying, or smoking. What would be better is that when you invest in a commercial steamer, you can do all of these.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways of preparing food, and you can contact a commercial steamer repair in case you need a repair. When you research it, there are so many people who love to use food steamers because they are convenient. In addition, it saves you a lot of preparation time in your kitchen and it offers plenty of healthy benefits. Read on to learn more.

Healthier Cooking and Lower Cholesterol

Do you want to indulge in the foods you love to eat while making sure that you are not too fatty or greasy? You might think this is difficult, but it is totally possible using a food steamer.

Steam cooking is a very healthy way of cooking your food like meat and vegetables. A food steamer does not require grease to cook food, which means anything you make using this appliance is made with less fat.

In addition, steaming food helps in preserving all food nutrients while you include vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Better Multi-tasking

When you cook foods using dry heat, food moisture gets released into the air together with things like flavors and aromas. Most of the time, these flavors get transferred to other items inside the oven. In order to avoid unwanted transfer, chefs need to cook food during their shifts, while taking time to cook other items as well.

Steam cooking prevents this unwanted event. Instead, the aromas and flavors will stay locked inside the foods themselves. This increases the resulting taste of food, but it will allow you to cook different food items all at the same time. By using steam cooking, kitchen managers are able to boost throughput when they maximize the open spaces.

Quick Cooking

Cooking with steam is a quick process and are you even able to cut your cooking time in half for those products that normally take a lot longer to cook? Are you aware that you can cook a cheesecake or cake inside your steamer? There are a lot of different commercial steamers that are excellent in a commercial kitchen.

Keeps the Food Color

What a lot of people love about food steamers is that they are able to keep the natural colors of food, especially when it comes to vegetables. That is because they only steam dishes unlike using the stove or heat which makes vegetables lose fresh colors.

Less Mess

Apart from the convenience when you use it, food steamers can be easy to clean as well. There is no need to worry about oils and sticky sauces that are splattering to wash after cooking food because the steamer trays are safe and can be hand washed.

Even and Gentle Cooking

Some people assume that steam cooking will leave food soggy and wet. This cannot be further from what is true. The truth is, after the steam already passed the heat on food, the leftover steam has been recaptured and removed from their system. Foods remain to be perfectly moist, but they are never wet.

More importantly, steam cooking will ensure that foods will never become dry, and it commonly happens with other cooking methods. The difference has something to do with how heat flows through your oven.

You can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Springfield anytime if you need something fixed.




Why Use an Electric Stove

If you are doing a kitchen remodel, you might also need a commercial appliance repair to make sure everything is working fine, especially the old appliances. In case you are building a kitchen, you should know the advantages of an electric stove. These stoves have different features and there are tremendous differences in their performance compared to gas stoves. Gourmet cooks can swear by them and even moms that cook for large families.

In order to make sure that you will find out what those differences are, this article will help you out. In addition, you will not be deceived by the common misconceptions about electric stoves. You will immediately know that they are preferred by many people.

Elegant Contemporary Shape

The primary advantage that you can check from the electric stove is that its shape is elegant and contemporary, which is different from a gas stove. The truth is, electric stoves look slimmer making them look more modern.

Therefore, a lot of apartments or minimalist houses use this kind of stove because it is more space-saving.

Heat is Consistent

When you are baking a dish at 400 degrees, an electric oven will remain at 400 degrees. If you use a gas oven, things are a little different. With gas, heat will come from the flame. When the oven is too hot, the flame would have to go out. After that, while the temperature drops, the flame should be re-lit, and then start heating the oven. This whole process leads to more fluctuations in temperatures which affect the outcome of the food you are baking.

Cleaning is Easy

It cannot be denied that the gas stove will always leave burnt marks around the area of installation, so you must spend more time making the stove look clean like before. This kind of thing is not going to happen when you use an electric stove.

Since most brands of electric stoves use glass with a flat surface, you only have to wipe the surface until you completely clean it.

You Will Not Overcook

After cooking on the stove, you only have to turn off the burner. However, in case you are using an electric stove, you will feel that the burner is hot. The residual heat might make your food from done to charred quickly. Heat comes from the flame. Therefore, when you turn the burner off, the cooking stops.

Baking, Broiling, and Baking

Electric ovens use metal heating elements inside so you can make, broil, and roast. Beautiful elements on an electric cooktop are great for boiling and tasks that are speed-oriented. The heat in the electric ovens is normally drier and can provide more consistent temperatures because of rapid on/off cycling. In case you like to bake and brown, an electric range is the best choice.

Modern Features

Electric ovens have a modern shape, but electric stoves have different advanced features. The goal is to shift the temperature produced so cooking activities will have more effect.

The components and features of an electric stove that you will be able to enjoy has automatic pan size, timers, and safety shut-off.

Efficiency and Cost

Gas stoves are slightly cheaper than electric stoves when it comes to operation, but buying and installing them are more expensive.

Electric burners are in direct contact with pots and pans, so there is a possibility that you will retain heat within. Induction models are a kind of electric stove, which use electromagnetism to generate heat, and it can result in very little to no heat loss at all.

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Proper Commercial Steamer Maintenance

When the commercial steamer fails to work properly, most of the time, the culprits are scale and lime deposits. That is why from when you purchase it, operators should stick to the right cleaning schedule. In general, stainless-steel walls can easily be cleaned. The staff can start by applying a degreasing spray and run the equipment on steam mode to loosen the stuck-on particles. The staff should open the door of the machine while they cool and scrub the interior using soft brushes.

Daily tasks ensure that drain lines remain clear while inspecting gaskets. There are more ways to avoid commercial steamer repair through proper maintenance. You have to make sure to follow what you need to do so you can maintain your commercial steamer properly.


You can make a simple solution of soap water to effectively clean your commercial steamer but you should be warned. Due to its nature, anything can become virtually contaminated in the steamer, since there is a risk of anything that goes inside your steamer. So, if you are not careful, food contamination can happen or a foul taste will develop.

However, that is not an indication that you should stay away from the cleaning process. If you have decided on cleaning the steamer, you should be quite serious about it.

You should do thorough cleaning by using a normal cloth and gently rubbing it down inside the machine before wiping it.

Inspect Commercial Gaskets Daily

You need to inspect drain lines to make sure they are clear. Depending on the water quality found in your area, you should replace the water filters and cartridges regularly and you can do it quarterly and biannually. If there is poor water quality or the mineral content is heavy, you might have to replace the water filter cartridge more often.

If you want to descale your steamer, you should talk about the owner’s manual from your manufacturer. Descaling is a great opportunity to inspect the steam line tubing, water lines, and connection points for any cracks or frayed ends. You should also inspect the wear and tear electrical components.

Change the Filters

A steamer needs to have its filters changed regularly. The reason behind this is that water has direct contact with the food in the steamer, using filters. Over time, filters become dirty, and they need to be replaced.

Unfiltered water causes disease and changes food taste.


A steamer needs water for cooking and heating. Based on the advice of commercial steamer repair, in order to ensure full functionality, a steamer has to be de-limbed periodically. Based model to model, some steamer models feature automatic de-liming while others have manual functionality.

The interior of the steamer and boiler base should be deemed for optimum usage. Not being able to de-lime leads to more unnecessary expense over warm repairs.

How to Clean a Food Steamer

Since anything that goes inside the steamer can penetrate the food, it impacts the taste, and it could harm your patrons. It is important to avoid using toxic or harsh chemicals. A simple bath of soap and water is offering an effective and gentle method to clean your machine.

Among the main aspects of the steamer, cleaning is thoroughness. By using a cloth, you need to rub down the inside part of the machine, which pays special care to clean debris that was left from cooking. In addition, do not overlook the touch points like the door, control knob, and latch that see endless contact from the kitchen employees.

You can check commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA anytime you have to.



Advantages of Using Gas Appliances

Since gas is very efficient, reliable, and clean to use, many people like to use it for cooking. Natural gas is among America’s top resources and it has some surprising impacts on the lives of people. When it comes to the creation of electric appliances, a lot of households made changes in the kinds of products that they bought for their home.

However, with the newest environmental regulations that are put in place, the gap between electric and gas products narrowed down a little.

You should contact commercial oven repair if you encounter any issues with your gas appliance. You do not want to be forced to do compromises, especially if you are running a business.

Here are the advantages of using gas appliances:

Gas Appliances are More Efficient

The water heater is among the most important appliances found in your home, so it is necessary to be efficient. While electric appliances are popular, it should be shown that natural gas appliances give you more efficiency. Aside from costing less, they also reduce their environmental footprint.

Choosing natural gas appliances also means:

  • Your food will heat faster compared to using an electric appliance
  • Your cooking time will be less, so you can finish earlier

Better Meals

There is a good reason why the majority of chefs like to cook with a gas stove. For any person who knows their way in the kitchen, this is the fuel they choose. It gives instant heat, it turns off right away when you twist the knob, and it provides enough temperature control while cooking to make sure you have better meals every time.

Helps You Save Money

Gas appliances are made to give users as much heat for money as possible. This is because of the federal regulations that mandate product efficiency for consumers to use. That is because of manufacturing regulations on gas appliances, so now you can feel more confident, regardless if it is because of energy efficiency, and saves a lot of money on the heat you use. If you notice that your gas bill increased, it can be a sign that you have a gas leak.

You Can Still Cook Despite Power Outages

Do you want to shower or cook dinner even in power outages? The idea is to change to natural gas appliances. Since they are buried underground, gas lines are a lot more stable and reliable compared to overhead power lines.

You should be aware that you might need to light gas appliances manually that come with a match since the electronic ignition is going to fail in case the power is out. That is better compared to getting no function from appliances at all.

They Make Everyday Tasks Simple

Gas appliances make your daily life easier. You can be sure that their appliances will always work during emergencies such as power outages, but the current models are created evenly while considering energy efficiency.

The appliances that can power natural gas are those that make up most of the monthly energy bill. You need to choose to save money and decrease your environmental footprint by keeping an all-natural home.

Easy to Use Them

A gas stove is among the stove types that can easily be used. Using the gas stove requires that you turn it on, and then adjust the heat level based on what you want to use.

In case it gets too hot, you can rotate it upwards. In addition, after you cook, you just have to turn it on upwards until it becomes full or until the flame goes out.

You can contact commercial gas oven repair Northern VA if you encounter any issues with your gas



Common Deep Fryer Problems

Deep fryers are stapled in the majority of commercial kitchens, but you can experience malfunction every now and then. That is the reason why you should understand some common problems that you could encounter when you own even high-quality deep fryers. Despite the fact that the majority of commercial deep fryers are popular for their durability and efficiency, these kitchen appliances are heavy duty and they can experience some minor issues in their lifespan. The good thing is that the majority of common issues that have a deep fryer can easily be fixed and maintained without any issues.

There is a commercial appliances repair company you can contact in case your deep fryer needs to be fixed.

Read on now:

No Pilot Light

When there is no pilot light, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer is out of commission. If you do not use that, the oil is not going to heat up to the correct temperature. Even if there are many reasons that could cause a malfunctioning Pilot Light, the common culprit is to check the supply line for any blockage. If the valve is open and clog-free, you might have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile is the heating element that will convert thermal heat into electric energy, so it signals the Pilot Light to turn on the flame. Even if the thermopile is easy to replace, you should still contact a professional to make sure that they correctly handle the repairs.

Thermostat is Broken

The manufacturers of deep fryers include thermostat control all the time to operate the equipment’s heat. Therefore, the oil temperature cannot be lowered or raised excessively. When you have a broken thermostat, your deep fryer cannot accordingly adjust the heating element. The oil can either be too cold or too hot, which causes food to burn or respectively become undercooked.

When the deep fryer overheats, it can burn the oil to combustion, which leads to a fire outbreak. Therefore, if the employees tell you about a broken thermostat or oil problems, you should contact professionals so your machine can be serviced immediately. The specialists might change the thermostat and test out equipment if there are any underlying issues that might be causing it.

Burners are Blocked

Burner orifices can become clogged because of food particles, dust, debris, and grease buildup. Burners that partially light up or will not at all have blocked orifices. This can be remedied by running a stiff brush on the burners to get rid of the particles that clog the orifices. In case the problem continues, the problem can be the low or inconsistent pressure of the gas. Damaged fuel lines can cause this issue if your fuel supply is sufficient.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects the food quality. The good thing is that they have an oil filter that can get rid of the debris to make sure the oil stays clean. This will allow the oil to circulate without difficulties.

When the filer gets damaged, your oil is going to be dirty, and it will not effectively circulate. This is going to result in undercooked food. Your employees are going to have a difficult time preparing recipes. You have to call experts to replace the oil filter early so you can avoid the outcome.

When the filtration pump runs correctly, you can hear and see the oil circulation when you turn on the fryer. If it fails, the flow will become weak, which makes it impossible to deep fry food successfully.

Contact deep fryer repair Northern VA if you have to.



Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Compressor is Hot

The compressor is the part of your refrigerator that cools down inside your fridge. Sometimes, your compressor can get too hot and it makes your refrigerator produce a weird noise.

Usually, it is because of a malfunction in the cooling system. Even if some issues are resolvable, any damage caused by a clogged condenser coil or faulty fan motor might need professional commercial appliances repair. if you want to know why your refrigerator is hot, it will not just take quick research to pinpoint the exact reason because there are several possible reasons.

If you want to know what those reasons are so that you can decide better next time if you should already call professionals or not, read on.

Faulty Temperature Thermostat

The temperature thermostat should be part of the fridge that will monitor the temperature inside.

When you figure out that the refrigerator gets too warm inside, it will activate the compressor to get cold air.

After that, when the part inside reaches the temperature you have previously set, the thermostat is going to shut off the compressor until it becomes warm again.

In case the thermostat fails, it will tell the compressor that it should keep working all the time even if it does not have to.

Condenser Coils are Dirty

The coils are located in the tube that is running from the air conditioning unit to the outside unit. After some time, the condenser coil will get dirty and outside pollutants are getting into them. When coils become dirty, refrigerants will be unable to absorb heat from indoors and then let it out. This is going to lead to a situation where the compressor should work harder to function, and this will eventually cause the compressor to overheat.

Internal Temperature That is Too Low

One common mistake households make is that the refrigerator’s temperature setting is too low. If you set the temperature lower than what is recommended, it causes your compressor to overheat and fail, which costs you time and money. If your refrigerator temperature is set lower than 35 degrees F, the compressor is going to work harder, which causes it to overheat a lot quicker.

Unfortunately, modern refrigerators are going to overheat in case the temperature inside is not correctly set. If you want to keep your refrigerator from getting overheated, you should check the temperature setting on the control panel, and make sure that it is set between 37 to 38 degrees F.

 Poor Ventilation

If the refrigerator’s compressor is overheating, there is a chance that it is because of poor ventilation.

Ideally, the fridge must not contain anything on top of it because this obstructs heat distribution. In addition, if you have a couple of items on the refrigerator, like magnets and mementos, these could also contribute to overheating.

The best thing to do is to get rid of all items that come from the outside part of your fridge. After that, pull your refrigerator further from the wall to make sure that it has enough ventilation.

There is a Leak

The compressor will take the refrigerant and then pressurizes it to make it circulate through the closed-loop cooling system of the fridge. In order for the system to work properly, you need the correct amount of refrigerant to go in it. If there is a leak, then the entire system is not going to work, and your compressor is going to overheat. A qualified technician should be the one to check the cooling system and fix it.

You can contact commercial refrigerator services Northern VA if you need to have your compressor inspected.



How to Hire the Right Refrigerator Repair Service

There will come a time when you need to hire a commercial freezer repairs service and you can use a couple of tips when you need them already. The day you are dreading has arrived and your refrigerator motor goes quiet or it is making a weird sound. Before you spend money buying a replacement, you should check with a repair company if they can get it to run again.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire an appliance repair service local that works in your town. You should look for a company that only hires the right repair technicians who have the skills to do the work right without overcharging you.

Follow the tips here to find the right one.

Ask if They Have Warranties

When you want to hire a refrigerator repair service, you must remember that a reputable one is going to offer you a warranty for the repairs they will make. Normally, the guarantees cover 30 days and some are up to 12 months. You must check for a warranty on the new parts that will be installed.

Having a warranty means they are confident in the work they give and their products. You will also have peace of mind while the professional wants to be accountable for the mistakes that might arise.

Check Their Credibility

Even if might sound obvious, it is important to verify that the appliance repair company should have the proper certifications and licenses to offer service in your state. When you allow someone who does not have appropriate training to work on any appliance for which you have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars is risky and you do not want that.

In addition, when you consider this person who enters your home, you should confirm the company that includes the important steps to check their background, driving record, if they were involved in scams, and make sure you do not see any red flags.

Ask About Their Experience

Remember to always ask about the kind of experience they have. When you ask about this, you should expect to get two kinds of answers. Make sure that the refrigerator repair service tells you if they have experience working on the kind of appliance that you need to be fixed. Find out how many years they have been doing the business.

The appliance service might have a lot of experience working on specific appliances, but they should have experience working on other types as well.

Having more years of experience means you have a better chance of getting an excellent service.

Read Reviews About Them

You would want to check what people are saying about them. While referrals given by friends and neighbors are great, online reviews is going to give you an idea of their services and quality.

Reading reviews on their website is not enough. You should check review sites as well such as Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. Other trustworthy sites can narrow down your search. When you read online reviews, pay attention to comments about the company, customer service, pricing, and schedule. This is going to give you an idea of why people are happy with their service.

The Should be Prepared

Since repair professionals go to your home, instead of working onsite at their headquarters, they should have everything they need. However, they might have to order some parts because their van can only fit so much.

However, the part/s should have a specific arrival time so you are not left without a refrigerator for weeks.

If you want the best service, contact commercial refrigerator repairs Northern VA.



Tips for Starting an Appliance Repair Business

Starting a commercial appliances repair business is exciting. You will go out on your own, no one will boss you around, and you will embark on a new journey. However, before you do that, you should know which steps you must take to become successful. From certification to training to checking your competitors and writing a business plan. You must use the resource to find out how you can get started when it comes to getting your appliance repair business running successfully.

For anyone who wants to start a business, it is lucrative. But you should first know the best tips on how to get started. Read this article until the end.

Training and Work Experience

Hands-on work experience and training are important when it comes to an appliance repair business.

Clients want to hire an appliance technician who is efficient, quick, and knowledgeable. Before hiring out your services to people, you need to have a strong grasp of the industry and a skillset you practiced.

There are a lot of different ways that you can start building professional expertise, from an apprenticeship to getting an appliance repair certificate. It is worth noting that even if you do not need a certificate, you must have a good amount of work experience professionally before starting your own.

Build a Marketing Plan

Like any business, it is important to market your business to build the right client base. You should set money aside for logo design, business cards, signage, and website building. You can use social media to get the word out and in trying to target a certain demographic instead of a wide audience. For instance, if you are in a busy city center, mainly offering a commercial appliance repair to businesses nearby could be an excellent way to start.

Choose and List the Services You Want to Offer

Choosing the services you want to offer to consumers is challenging. The standard services you can cover in your appliance repair service involve cleaning freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, washers, and dryers.

Whatever service you choose, you need to make sure that either you or a technician are trained to fix the issues of different appliances.

Buy the Right Tools and Equipment

In order to start an appliance repair business, you must purchase equipment and tools to repair the appliances of your customers in their homes. If you do not have the right equipment and tools, it is impossible for you to run your repair business. Therefore, it becomes, important to invest in buying the right tools needed to fix appliances.

In case you do not have those tools, you would have to spend about a few thousand dollars. Another option is to choose business loans to purchase tools for your new business.

You also need some amount of money in hand so you can buy the important things before starting out. Some of the specific ones you can buy are nut drivers, screwdrivers, multimeter, needle nose pliers, putty knives, glasses, and gloves.

Create the Right Workspace

While you most likely perform the job on-site, having your own company requires office space. You would have to stay organized so you can set appointments with your clients, take calls, answer emails, and handle the paperwork. A home office or a rented space somewhere else is great for this. You should try to build a workshop area as well with a lot of room so you can fix appliances that you need to repair on-site.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to start a commercial kitchen appliance repair Virginia business.   



Reasons Why Your Fridge Compressor is Overheating

One of the most common causes of fridge compressor failure is overheating. If the reciprocation is too hot, it will fail right away. A service tech must always look for this problem while repairing any refrigerator system. The commercial refrigerator repairs will tell you that the hottest location of any refrigeration system is the port discharge of the valve inside. It is hard for any technician to measure the temperature here. However, measuring the temperature discharge line is about 6 inches from the compressor outlet, which gives a good indication of the discharge port’s temperature.

if you want to know the reasons why your fridge compressor is hot, you can read this article until the end so read on.

Fan or Condenser Coil Issues

One of the main reasons refrigerators overheat is the condenser fan or coils that builds up dirt, making it hard for the condenser to diffuse heat properly.

In the majority of homes, condenser coils can collect dirt, grime, dust bunnies, and fur. Condenser coils should be cleaned using a special brush with a long handle or vacuum attachment for the tight spaces. If the condenser fan or coil is malfunctioning, that can certainly cause problems.

An Internal Temperature that is Too Low

One of the most common household mistakes is that they set their refrigerator temperature too low. Setting your refrigerator temperature too lower than the recommended setting causes the compressor to overheat and fail, which costs you time and money. If you set it lower than 35 degrees F, it will make the compressor work harder, which causes it to overheat right away.

The unfortunate thing is that modern refrigerators overheat if the temperatures inside are not correctly set. In order to prevent your refrigerator from overheating, you need to check the temperature setting inside the control panel and make sure the setting is between 37 to 38 degrees F.

Poor Ventilation

In case your refrigerator compressor is overheating, there is a big chance that it is because of poor ventilation.

Ideally, your fridge should not have anything to do with anything aside from that because it can interrupt heat distribution. In addition, if you have a lot of items in the refrigerator, like mementos and magnets, these can contribute to overheating as well.

The best case is you must remove items from outside your fridge. After that, pull the refrigerator further to make sure there is enough ventilation.

Refrigerator is Getting Too Much Sun

Among the most common issues with refrigerators is that they get too much sunlight. If your refrigerator is facing the sun, you might have a hard time keeping the temperature low.

If this happens, there might be two reasons why your compressor could be overworking. The first and most obvious is that the sun can heat the fridge, and after that, the air-cooled by the compressor needs to work extra hard to cool things down, which causes your compressor to overheat.

Refrigerators need one important thing: great airflow. That is why the best location for your refrigerator is one where it gets a lot of natural airflows. This is achievable by putting it anywhere in your kitchen, except the corner. If your house has more than one zone, and you have a cooler bathroom than your living room, it would be great to place it appropriately. It would be great if your refrigerator gets natural air.

You can contact commercial refrigerator services Northern VA if you need to have your refrigerator repaired because of an overheating compressor. Keep in mind that you need it to work perfectly all the time.