Why Use an Electric Stove

If you are doing a kitchen remodel, you might also need a commercial appliance repair to make sure everything is working fine, especially the old appliances. In case you are building a kitchen, you should know the advantages of an electric stove. These stoves have different features and there are tremendous differences in their performance compared to gas stoves. Gourmet cooks can swear by them and even moms that cook for large families.

In order to make sure that you will find out what those differences are, this article will help you out. In addition, you will not be deceived by the common misconceptions about electric stoves. You will immediately know that they are preferred by many people.

Elegant Contemporary Shape

The primary advantage that you can check from the electric stove is that its shape is elegant and contemporary, which is different from a gas stove. The truth is, electric stoves look slimmer making them look more modern.

Therefore, a lot of apartments or minimalist houses use this kind of stove because it is more space-saving.

Heat is Consistent

When you are baking a dish at 400 degrees, an electric oven will remain at 400 degrees. If you use a gas oven, things are a little different. With gas, heat will come from the flame. When the oven is too hot, the flame would have to go out. After that, while the temperature drops, the flame should be re-lit, and then start heating the oven. This whole process leads to more fluctuations in temperatures which affect the outcome of the food you are baking.

Cleaning is Easy

It cannot be denied that the gas stove will always leave burnt marks around the area of installation, so you must spend more time making the stove look clean like before. This kind of thing is not going to happen when you use an electric stove.

Since most brands of electric stoves use glass with a flat surface, you only have to wipe the surface until you completely clean it.

You Will Not Overcook

After cooking on the stove, you only have to turn off the burner. However, in case you are using an electric stove, you will feel that the burner is hot. The residual heat might make your food from done to charred quickly. Heat comes from the flame. Therefore, when you turn the burner off, the cooking stops.

Baking, Broiling, and Baking

Electric ovens use metal heating elements inside so you can make, broil, and roast. Beautiful elements on an electric cooktop are great for boiling and tasks that are speed-oriented. The heat in the electric ovens is normally drier and can provide more consistent temperatures because of rapid on/off cycling. In case you like to bake and brown, an electric range is the best choice.

Modern Features

Electric ovens have a modern shape, but electric stoves have different advanced features. The goal is to shift the temperature produced so cooking activities will have more effect.

The components and features of an electric stove that you will be able to enjoy has automatic pan size, timers, and safety shut-off.

Efficiency and Cost

Gas stoves are slightly cheaper than electric stoves when it comes to operation, but buying and installing them are more expensive.

Electric burners are in direct contact with pots and pans, so there is a possibility that you will retain heat within. Induction models are a kind of electric stove, which use electromagnetism to generate heat, and it can result in very little to no heat loss at all.

You can contact commercial oven repair Northern VA anytime you need them.



How to Choose the Right Size of Dishwasher

There are a lot of considerations to make when you choose a dishwasher like its noise level, capacity, cost, energy efficiency, reviews, and aesthetics.

If you do not own a dishwasher yet, and you are thinking about why you need to purchase one, the primary answer to the question is all about efficiency. When you add a dishwasher to your kitchen, you are going to save on energy costs and heating. You are not going to use as many liters of water as you would have to. In case you were washing dishes by hand with tap water, it should also eliminate more germs to get a more hygienic cleaning using formulated dishwasher detergents.

Commercial dishwasher repairs are easy to contact in case of any issues.

How Big Should it Be?

The dimensions of the majority of dishwashers fit inside cabinets that are 24 inches wide, 24 inches, 35 inches high, and 24 inches deep. This is the standard size of a dishwasher, and the majority of modern kitchens are made in this size. Many brands offer a huge selection of standard-sized dishwashers with different load capacities and features that make your family’s clean-up simple, so you can get back to what is important.

Other Dimension Considerations

Some exterior dishwashers will protrude beyond the face of the cabinet, which increases the overall depth of the dishwasher. Even if this will not change the required cutout dimensions, you would want to remember this when deciding where you want to place your dishwasher. In case your kitchen is small and narrow, features such as towel bars and handles will catch on clothing if you must squeeze by. If the clearance is limited in front of the dishwasher, choose a top control dishwasher or pocket handle models to keep a flush exterior.

When You Should Buy a New One

If you are looking for the top model and dishwasher brand, you would want to think of the cost, but you also want to feature brand guarantee and quality. There are top brands that offer energy-efficient, and sustainable dishwashers when it comes to innovation, luxury, and style.


The majority of dishwashers found in the market have two sizes: 18” and 24”. The best way to choose a size is to consider the number of people living in your home that the dishwasher is for. An 18” dishwasher size is only for 2 to 3 people and it can normally hold between 6 to 6 place settings. A dishwasher with a 24” size is perfect for a family, and it normally holds about 12 to 14 place settings.

The majority of newer models have adjustable racks and time for a larger capacity. Some advanced models are made of stainless steel and come with a third gasket, which allows a place setting capacity of 16. If you are not looking for a larger capacity, you can look for space-saving models which can fit smaller settings if you do not need a large load capacity.


Technological innovations make more energy-efficient appliances that are in constant advancement. When you determine how to pick the right dishwasher, you would want to guarantee that you will save on energy costs. This will cover the new washer cost. A lot of that depends on the dishwasher’s capacity you want to buy. Therefore, you have to make efficiency one of the primary considerations that you are going to make when you are choosing a dishwasher.

You can contact commercial refrigerator repairs Northern VA anytime if you want to have a dishwasher fixed anytime.




Why a Commercial Appliances Repair Business is Good?

Are you considering starting a commercial appliances repair business? If you are, then you must be thinking of its advantages. For sure, appliances break down and require repair. The odds, there is at least one person in your neighborhood who is experiencing this now. In case you like to help out in your community, you are talented for repairing things or you are just an entrepreneur at heart, this might be a good path for you.

You can read on to find out more about why it is a good idea to open this business.


There are a lot of benefits when you start your own appliance repair service. First of all, there is a high demand for this business and people are very dependent on appliances in their everyday lives. However, the replacement is normally costly. An appliance repair is a necessary expense. This has added to the rise in industry revenue.

You Do Not Need an Expensive College Degree

Opening this kind of business does not require you to be a college graduate and you can pay for training to get certified or you can hire staff who are certified. In addition, apply for a business license so you can legally operate. This does not you to have a degree.

You can have a profitable business even if you do not have a college degree.

You Provide Long-term Savings to Your Clients

A lot of times, people think of DIY so that they can save money on hiring appliance repair professionals. You need to remember that if they will hire a non-professional, it will not take long before the appliance needs to be repaired again.

At the same time, an expert ensures that the appliance is repaired properly and that it will not have issues in the future. Aside from fixing the faulty parts, it is important to notice that experts can look at other parts so you can make sure that functions like it should.

Experience and Expertise

Everyone knows that most of DIY appliance repairs are not up to standard. You will not achieve the same results even if you follow the instructions in the manual and you are not qualified. Since a specialist technician has years of experience, they come with the important equipment and tools to give you dependable high-quality services.

Convenience to Your Customers

The convenience you can bring to clients is something that will amaze you. You will be fascinated to know that it is not necessary to worry about taking their appliances to the store. All you need to do is offer them the option to have the repair service done at home. Expert technicians are going to arrive at home in a matter of 24 hours.

Your Warrantied Service Gives them Peace of Mind

When they hire someone and the issue cannot be fixed, the appliance can be damaged more in the process. They will go through the hassle of filing at a small claims court, and they will end up having to replace the appliance or hire warrantied professionals. At least, when they hire you, the clients have peace of mind that the service is warrantied.

These are the advantages of having a business in the appliance repair industry. You can also focus on an appliance like opening a commercial refrigerator repairs Virginia business.





What to Consider Before Buying a Walk-in Cooler

If you just opened a restaurant or business, you might consider buying a walk-in cooler repair. The purpose of walk-in coolers or freezers is to keep the temperature of food and drinks good for commercial use. The unit can become expensive based on the size you need. Therefore, there are a couple of things you must consider before buying a freezer or walk-in cooler.

In case you are really thinking of buying one, you should read this article in the end. In addition, it will prevent you from buying the wrong one.

What is it Exactly?

Walk-in coolers have an extra refrigerated and cooled storage space while they provide the security of being aware of knowing why the items are stored at the right temperature and keeping it that way. There are 2 different kinds of units that are customized, and they are prefabricated. Those units are cheaper because they have a specific size and are consequently a lot less expensive compared to the customized ones. The disadvantage is that in prefabricated units are that the size is limited and the configuration might not be as long-lasting as the customized units.

Box Location

Regardless of whether you will put it indoors or outdoor, you need to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate that box. Outdoor walk-ins have a rain roof, refrigeration hood, and drip cap for going over the door. You need to assess it in order to make sure it is appropriate for bearing load. If there is a concrete floor, a walk-in cooler can be placed there. If the walk-in goes on a wood frame floor, it needs floor panels. A walk-in freezer always needs an insulated floor.


There are walk-in coolers that are pre-built in certain sizes. If you are not sure about the size you need, it is suggested that asking a local walk-in cooler installer to come and measure the unit’s correct size. You need to be aware that the unit size you require depends on what you are planning to store, but it may not also be limited by the installation of tolerances.

Design Features and Accessories

Do you require a strip curtain for energy efficiency, and a temperature alarm to alert you that the refrigeration is malfunctioning, a kickplate that protects the door, or an external or internal ramp to help the wheel carts into the freezer? You need to list down all the additional features you want. It is better to bundle the add-ons with the walk-in purchase since they are usually sold at a lower markup vs. purchasing the aftermarket.


The first requirement is that the walk-in unit fits into the application’s footprint. The unit should accommodate all the ancillary equipment that is needed for the operation, which includes the piping runs for the refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical components. It is important to use a qualified walk-in cooler installer who does the proper installation and that meets the local code requirements, national certification, and energy efficiency.

Extra Costs

If for instance, you are buying from a walk-in manufacturer from a different state, the freight is going to cost a lot. You must always ask for an estimated cost of the freight and you must check your liability for taxes.

Before you contact commercial refrigerators repairs Virginia, make sure that you have considered all of these things and be prepared for whatever extra cost that might come up.



Benefits of Using a Commercial Ice Maker

Even if buying an ice maker is a huge investment, they promise a lot of convenience to users. Through the years, these machines are efficient with technological advancements. They have gone through years of innovation and resolve to create high-quality products. There might come a time when you need to hire a commercial appliances repair to get it fixed. Despite that happening, you should still find out what the benefits are when you own a commercial ice maker.

All you have to do is read this article.

Encourages Hydration

Based on a study, the majority of workers do not drink enough water while they are working compared to how much they should be drinking. Therefore, if you ensure them that they can drink water at a suitable temperature, they will be encouraged to drink water so they will stay hydrated their entire shift.

Important for Making Cocktails

Cocktails are never complete if they do not have good quality ice cubes. They play an important role in preparing drinks. If you use low-quality ice while making expensive cocktails affects their flavor and taste in a negative way. This ruins the whole experience of guests, especially if you own a cool bar. High-end commercial ice makers give you the best results.


Purchasing a commercial ice maker is cost-effective. You would need to invest one time in an ice maker machine before you install it. This will be more economically effective. Instead of buying ice from a store or plant, you can have bulk ice daily in your restaurant or bar.

Ice is Always Fresh and Appetizing

The ice will always have a fresh, taste, and texture that affects the quality of the drinks you serve. A commercial ice maker will always produce ice that is pure, clear, and tasty.

There are top-quality ice makers that produce ice that is chewy and can be munched on. It is going to absorb the flavor of drinks and give customers a great experience.


Whether it is a glass of water or drink that your customer is asking for, you will always need ice. Since ice makers can supply ice continuously for 24 hours every day, all you have to do is push the button. Therefore, you will always have ice, and you will never have to worry about not having ice.

Convenient Even for Domestic Use

Having an ice machine is not only for commercial and industrial establishments. An ice machine can also offer comfort and convenience to homes. They are practical in producing ice cubes.

Refrigerators do not have the same efficiency as commercial ice makers because they cannot produce high-quality ice cubes. The final experience might be affected by the low-quality cubes.

No Wastage

If you have your own ice maker, it means there are fewer chances of wasting ice coming from the ice maker. When you get more ice, you will be able to store it inside a bag or use it later. Therefore, you can use them in busier moments.

Fixed Asset

When you own this machine, that means you have a fixed inventory asset. This is a tangible asset your business will have that will depreciate over time.

In case it needs fixing, you can call commercial ice maker repair Northern VA to get the best repair service you will need to get it up and running again.





How to Ensure Your Kitchen Appliances Work Longer with No Hitches


Commercial kitchen appliance repair can be an expensive affair in terms of money spent to repair the appliances and time lost while the kitchen equipment is not working. Kitchen appliances are an integral part of any business or institution as they are one of the key ingredients to a successful and a profit-making venture. It’s therefore essential that employees and users of the appliances take extra care while using the appliances. Simple rules and procedures will ensure that the machine lasts longer without experiencing any damage. Commercial Kitchen appliances include;

  • Serving Equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Food storage equipment
  • Sanitation equipment

How to Ensure your Commercial Kitchen Appliances Work  Longer

  • Train Staff on use of the Equipment

It’s crucial to ensure that the employees who will handle the appliances have the expertise and knowledge of how the equipment work. Once the employees understand how the equipment works and the cleaning procedure they can take better care of the appliances. Most equipment will have a user manual therefore if one needs a more understanding on how the appliances work, the user manual is an ideal guide.

  • Daily Cleaning and General Cleaning

The appliances require regular cleaning to avoid accumulation of grease and ensure they remain in good working condition. Make sure that the cleaning procedure for each appliance is followed. Equipment made of stainless steel should be adequately cleaned to avoid abrasion and corrosion. Make a schedule of monthly general cleaning for all the appliances to clean out that may not be possible to clean on a daily basis.

  • Schedule regular Commercial Appliance  Maintenance and Servicing

Just like any other equipment, it’s important to ensure that every so often the machines are serviced to able to detect any issue early enough. Make sure you replace any worn out and broken parts immediately. Always Switch off power when the appliances are not in use.

Tips on How to Prolong the Life of your Kitchen Appliances

  • Only let trained employees operate the equipment to avoid spoiling the appliances. Avoid improper use and application
  • While cleaning the equipment use mild detergents especially for stainless steel. Don’t scrub stainless steel equipment against the grain.
  • Check the Plug loads to ensure there are no overloads, frays or damages.
  • Ensure other parts of the kitchen are clean to minimize chances of intrusion by roaches. The roaches usually hide in the equipment and may cause damage.
  • Keep Kitchen appliances service schedules to be able to service the equipment without failure
  • Ensure all the appliance are in the right environment and temperature to avoid overheating. Make sure there is proper ventilation in the rooms where the appliance are in use
  • Ensure that the work area is always dry at all time to prevent accidents and consequently breakage


How to Run a Commercial Kitchen

Nowadays, a lot of people are considering careers in the culinary business, and opening their own commercial kitchens. Well, setting up a commercial kitchen is not a difficult task, but maintaining it is a challenge. There are so many things to look after in the commercial kitchens.

Maintenance of commercial kitchen is much more difficult than the residential kitchens. The most important aspect of the commercial kitchen maintenance is commercial kitchen appliance maintenance. For that you need to hire commercial kitchen appliance service. It is because commercial kitchen appliances require professional cleaning and inspection on the regular basis to work efficiently.

Running commercial kitchen

In order to operate the commercial kitchen, manager needs to foresee everything. The commercial kitchens have many types of appliances, and each and every appliance has different maintenance requirements.  Not only manager needs to schedule professional appliance maintenance time to time, but also have to train staff members regarding appliances.

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

A commercial kitchen may contain several refrigeration appliances such as –walk in freezer, ice machine, commercial Ice maker, display refrigerator etc. These appliances are responsible for keeping edible items fresh. It is very much important to keep these appliances in working condition. Otherwise, stored goods will go wasted. And this will have very bad impact on your business.

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance

Commercial deep fryer plays an important role in the commercial kitchens. In order to maintain good taste in fried food, you need to pay attention over deep fryer maintenance. This appliance demand a lot of care and routine inspections to remain in good condition. Also, you should follow the instructions mentioned in manufacturer manual while using this appliance.

Commercial Range and Oven Maintenance

Commercial cooking appliances are quite high-maintenance. These appliances need to be cleaned on the regular basis. You should train your staff to clean the spills as soon as possible. Also, you need to call commercial range repair service right away, in case of damage. It is not safe to use damaged cooking appliances. The gas leakage can result in fire hazards.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Maintenance

In order to maintain a hygienic aura, you need to pay attention over the maintenance of your commercial garbage disposal unit. Ironically, garbage disposal units are the most ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. You need to take this appliance in your consideration while scheduling commercial kitchen maintenance.



Simple Steps to Maximize Your Ice Machine Efficiency

Ice machines have become an important commercial appliance in food service industry. If you own a standalone ice machine, there are several things that you need to know in order to keep your machine in working condition for long term. Hiring commercial kitchen appliance service is one of the most important tasks that you need to consider for keeping your commercial appliances (including but not limited to ice machine) in good condition.

Commercial ice machine maintenance

There are a number of things that you are required to consider to maximize the performance and efficiency of your ice machine. Its installation, placement, water quality and even type of ice machine can all affect the performance on average.

Here are a few tips for you to help boost the performance of your ice machine to its maximum potential:

Select right location

Location will have a big impact on the overall efficiency of your ice machine. There are several types of ice machines that are all designed for specific uses, and each type of ice maker is required to be placed at a different location. The important thing to remember while choosing location for your ice maker is that it should not be placed near external heat sources. Ice machines can easily overheat when the surrounding temperature gets too high. So, do not place your ice machines near microwave oven, deep fryer etc.

Use water filtration systems

It is important that water you use for making ice in the ice machine is filtered. The filtered water prevents the entry of sediments and other impurities into ice maker. This eventually prevents scaling, and thus helps your machine to works at its best. Also, ice made from purified water tastes better.

Schedule ice machine maintenance

Scheduling regular ice machine maintenance Vienna is the best way of extending its life and keeping it operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can avoid a lot of ice machine problems by hiring commercial kitchen specialists. These professionals have sheer knowledge about the various appliances. They know how to make your appliances work at their full efficiency.

Ice machine is an expensive appliance. You should only consider hiring a certified and trained professional for ice machine maintenance and repair. Only a professional knows how to make your ice machine work at the maximum efficiency.




What to Consider When Buying Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you want to have your own food business, you need to invest in commercial kitchen equipment. At the same time, you – the food business owner – have the main responsibility in maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment. For your repair and maintenance needs, you can contact a commercial kitchen appliance repair service provider.

Before you can launch your food business to the public, you have to spend first on different elements. This includes equipment, commercial space (regardless of whether you are going to rent or build your own business area), and manpower. You also have to take care of permits and other documents to ensure your business is legit. As for food equipment, you might consider buying brand-new or second-hand.

Brand-new or used?

Buying brand new or used food business equipment has its own pros and cons. On one hand, brand-new equipment means you won’t have to call commercial appliances repair. Also, you can avail longer product warranty once you bought the item. However, new equipment can be expensive especially for small-time business owners.

On the other hand, you would have to take the risk when you buy used appliances. You also have to prepare to call, say, a commercial oven repair personnel when the used equipment suddenly breaks down. On a positive note, used kitchen appliances can be a lifesaver if you have a limited budget. Also, there is a lot of used yet high-quality kitchen equipment on sale nowadays.

That said, you should consider both sides when choosing between brand-new and used kitchen appliance. For one, it will depend on your budget and other business needs. Nonetheless, here are some considerations in buying kitchen appliances or equipment.

When buying brand-new appliances

Obviously, one major benefit of buying a brand-new commercial kitchen appliance is the warranty. If this is a major dealbreaker for you, then it is a good idea to buy brand-new. This will save you extra money as compared to hiring commercial freezer repairs or other appliance repair personnel. In other words, your appliance will most likely be under warranty – even get a lifetime coverage – if you buy a new one.

Another potential benefit of buying brand-new commercial kitchen appliances is the peace of mind on your part. Aside from the warranty, you will be assured that most likely you won’t experience any breakdowns anytime soon. Plus, you would know where exactly the machine is bought, ensuring that you have bought either straight from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

When buying used appliances

On the other hand, business owners should be aware of the potential risks they can get when buying used appliances. You can check and test the equipment and know its history first before buying it. However, it won’t guarantee that it won’t break down after a few weeks and ending up calling commercial refrigerators repairs services soon enough.

Most of the time, the warranty won’t apply in used equipment. Hence, the risk you have to take when buying one. However, second-hand kitchen equipment does not always mean substandard quality. Perhaps the original owner wanted to upgrade his/her current equipment and opted to sell the old yet fully-functional one instead.

Another benefit of buying used equipment is the savings you can get from it. It would be a nice deal to buy quality kitchen equipment at half the price. There are also second-hand dealers who offer quality used the equipment and sell at a reasonable price. Because most likely they want to dispose of the items as soon as possible, you can haggle the price that both of you can agree on.

Commercial kitchen equipment care and maintenance

Here are some tips to provide care for your commercial kitchen equipment, whether brand-new or used.

Create a kitchen maintenance program.

Most kitchen appliances, whether brand-new or used, will be subject to rust and damage over time. That is why it is important to ensure regular maintenance and hire commercial kitchen appliance repair personnel for any signs of damage. Make sure to also have a kitchen appliance maintenance checklist you can follow through every time.

Keep important contacts in handy.

If there’s a sudden breakdown, you should act on it as soon as possible and avoid further damage. As much as possible, avoid doing repairs on your own, or risk damaging the equipment for good. Make sure to read the instruction manuals carefully for proper care and maintenance.

Buy from trusted dealers.

It only makes sense to trust only the best and trustworthy kitchen equipment dealers around. For your commercial kitchen repair needs, trust only reliable companies offering commercial appliances repair in Alexandria.