Signs That Your Ice Cream Freezer Needs a Repair

It is frustrating and annoying when the freezer cannot keep your ice cream frozen, especially during summer. The freezer is among the most important appliances that people do not appreciate as much. There are a lot of fixes that keep your ice cream dry at the same time.

Your fridge keeps your items fresh and it brings you a lot of conveniences. Imagine the need to store your perishables inside a cooler on the kitchen floor or you do not have fresh ice cream from the ice maker for a beverage during summer.

In case you do not know if you need to contact an ice cream freezer repair, there are signs you must look for. Read on to know more.

Is it Set to the Right Temperature?

You must have checked that the temperature is correct, but in case you have not done that, ice cream needs the freezer temperature to be below 15 degrees F. In case you have a slider or dial control, the highest position or number must be the coldest setting.

You should know that when it comes to adjusting the temperature, or if you add or remove hot or cold items, it takes about 24 hours for the freezer’s temperature to become stable.

Condensation Build Up

If the refrigerator looks like it is always sweating, this is a sign of condensation. Condensation causes molding, which is harmful to produce that you have in the refrigerator and it can cause your family to become sick.

Therefore, if you witness these signs, you must contact an appliance repair to check out the issue. Have the person do a complete inspection and analysis to determine what is causing the condensation.

Bee-Like Compressor Sound

Are you hearing the ice-cream freezer producing a bee-like sound? If that is the case, then it is time that you need to replace the compressor coil. You must also check if the fan, evaporator, or condenser coil is working properly or not. Check for possible leaks or any freezer damage indications.

In case you find evidence, contact the experts in different fridge repairs.

The Fridge is Past its Life Expectancy

The truth is, all appliances have an expiration date and soon your fridge will give you signs that it must be repaired. Manufacturers make their profits from this. Certain parts begin to wither away after a specific time frame and then eventually your whole refrigerator becomes useless. Regardless of how good you take care of it, refrigerators have an expiration date.

Is Your Freezer Too Empty?

If your freezer only has ice cream and a few other items, you might have to put more food in so that the freezer’s temperature stays at an optimal level.

In order to stabilize the temperature and make sure there is enough airflow, the majority of freezer manufacturers recommend keeping it 70 to 85% full.

A freezer that is about 70 to 85% full causes less cold and warm air to escape and enter when you open the freezer door. Putting other frozen items inside keeps the temperature down as well.

The Freezer is Freezing Over

The freezer should freeze food and not itself. One obvious sign that your freezer is failing is when it has become so frozen that the door is sticking or ice starts forming on the side where you have to chisel it off.

In case that happens, you can defrost it by unplugging. If it continues even after defrosting, you must call a repairman.

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact commercial appliances repair VA anytime.




Benefits of Using a Commercial Ice Maker

Even if buying an ice maker is a huge investment, they promise a lot of convenience to users. Through the years, these machines are efficient with technological advancements. They have gone through years of innovation and resolve to create high-quality products. There might come a time when you need to hire a commercial appliances repair to get it fixed. Despite that happening, you should still find out what the benefits are when you own a commercial ice maker.

All you have to do is read this article.

Encourages Hydration

Based on a study, the majority of workers do not drink enough water while they are working compared to how much they should be drinking. Therefore, if you ensure them that they can drink water at a suitable temperature, they will be encouraged to drink water so they will stay hydrated their entire shift.

Important for Making Cocktails

Cocktails are never complete if they do not have good quality ice cubes. They play an important role in preparing drinks. If you use low-quality ice while making expensive cocktails affects their flavor and taste in a negative way. This ruins the whole experience of guests, especially if you own a cool bar. High-end commercial ice makers give you the best results.


Purchasing a commercial ice maker is cost-effective. You would need to invest one time in an ice maker machine before you install it. This will be more economically effective. Instead of buying ice from a store or plant, you can have bulk ice daily in your restaurant or bar.

Ice is Always Fresh and Appetizing

The ice will always have a fresh, taste, and texture that affects the quality of the drinks you serve. A commercial ice maker will always produce ice that is pure, clear, and tasty.

There are top-quality ice makers that produce ice that is chewy and can be munched on. It is going to absorb the flavor of drinks and give customers a great experience.


Whether it is a glass of water or drink that your customer is asking for, you will always need ice. Since ice makers can supply ice continuously for 24 hours every day, all you have to do is push the button. Therefore, you will always have ice, and you will never have to worry about not having ice.

Convenient Even for Domestic Use

Having an ice machine is not only for commercial and industrial establishments. An ice machine can also offer comfort and convenience to homes. They are practical in producing ice cubes.

Refrigerators do not have the same efficiency as commercial ice makers because they cannot produce high-quality ice cubes. The final experience might be affected by the low-quality cubes.

No Wastage

If you have your own ice maker, it means there are fewer chances of wasting ice coming from the ice maker. When you get more ice, you will be able to store it inside a bag or use it later. Therefore, you can use them in busier moments.

Fixed Asset

When you own this machine, that means you have a fixed inventory asset. This is a tangible asset your business will have that will depreciate over time.

In case it needs fixing, you can call commercial ice maker repair Northern VA to get the best repair service you will need to get it up and running again.





What You Should Know Before Buying a Commercial Ice Maker

Every restaurant and café owner need commercial ice maker to serve chilled beverages to their customer. Commercial ice maker is an amazing equipment to harvest perfect ice cubes whenever required. According to commercial ice maker repair company, it is important to invest in the right ice machine to obtain the maximum benefit from the appliance. There are several types of commercial ice machines available on the market, but business owners need to select the right size, model, power and brand to fulfill the needs and requirements of their customers.

Selecting commercial ice machine

Commercial ice makers are just like other appliances, available in variety of size, model and price and styles. Depending on upgrades, features, and materials, their values are evaluated. Small business may simply require a basic version of ice machine, whereas restaurants with a large volume of customer base may need a big ice machine.  It is essential to understand your needs and requirements before purchasing the ice maker. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong appliance in your kitchen.

When you think about purchasing the ice machine, you should better get some knowledge about the types of ice machines. Based on functionality, ice machines are categorized into two types –air cooled ice machines and water cooled ice machines. Air-cooled ice machines use an electric fan to operate. The fan keeps ice cold by cooling down the components of the appliance that get heated up during the refrigeration. On the other hand, water-cooled ice machines circulate water via the refrigeration system in order to reduce the heating inside the system. Air-cooled ice machines are considered more energy efficient, and can help in lowering your water and electricity costs. Whereas, Water-cooled ice machines are banned in some parts of the countries. Thus, you should do proper research before investing in any type of ice machine.

Ice machine brand and model is also important when you purchase one. Once you determine the size and type of ice machine you want, you need to think about the ice machine brand. You may find many reputable manufacturers in the market, but you need to select the best brand. Compare price, warranty, guarantee and services of different manufactures. You can also consult with a commercial ice maker repair Falls Church technician to learn more about the types, brands and models of ice machines.



Simple Steps to Maximize Your Ice Machine Efficiency

Ice machines have become an important commercial appliance in food service industry. If you own a standalone ice machine, there are several things that you need to know in order to keep your machine in working condition for long term. Hiring commercial kitchen appliance service is one of the most important tasks that you need to consider for keeping your commercial appliances (including but not limited to ice machine) in good condition.

Commercial ice machine maintenance

There are a number of things that you are required to consider to maximize the performance and efficiency of your ice machine. Its installation, placement, water quality and even type of ice machine can all affect the performance on average.

Here are a few tips for you to help boost the performance of your ice machine to its maximum potential:

Select right location

Location will have a big impact on the overall efficiency of your ice machine. There are several types of ice machines that are all designed for specific uses, and each type of ice maker is required to be placed at a different location. The important thing to remember while choosing location for your ice maker is that it should not be placed near external heat sources. Ice machines can easily overheat when the surrounding temperature gets too high. So, do not place your ice machines near microwave oven, deep fryer etc.

Use water filtration systems

It is important that water you use for making ice in the ice machine is filtered. The filtered water prevents the entry of sediments and other impurities into ice maker. This eventually prevents scaling, and thus helps your machine to works at its best. Also, ice made from purified water tastes better.

Schedule ice machine maintenance

Scheduling regular ice machine maintenance Vienna is the best way of extending its life and keeping it operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can avoid a lot of ice machine problems by hiring commercial kitchen specialists. These professionals have sheer knowledge about the various appliances. They know how to make your appliances work at their full efficiency.

Ice machine is an expensive appliance. You should only consider hiring a certified and trained professional for ice machine maintenance and repair. Only a professional knows how to make your ice machine work at the maximum efficiency.




Buying and Maintaining an Ice Maker Machine

All food business establishments need to invest in an ice maker. They have drinks in their menu, and a lot of them have to be served ice cold. That is why it is important for food businesses to have well-maintained ice maker machines. But for sudden machine breakdowns, a commercial ice maker repair company should be called immediately.

Factors to consider when choosing an ice machine

There are ice maker machines for every customer needs. It depends on where you will use the ice machine. It is also important to address issues including commercial appliances repair. This is to ensure that business will be in usual operation.

What ice machine size will you need?

Since we’re talking about commercial or industrial use, let us assume that you will need a large ice machine. You should determine the average ice quantity you use daily. Include a buffer amount of ice that will be good for around a week. From there, you can determine what ice machine bin size you will need.

What ice shape will you need?

Among common ice shapes used in commercial establishments include:


This type of ice is mostly used in restaurants and bars. These are the ones you see in most cocktail drinks and any beverage put on clear glasses. They also melt slowly and cool faster than other ice shapes. Cubed ice is also used in cooling, bagging, and other commercial purposes. There are full ice cubes, half ice cubes, and regular ice cubes.


This one is more chewable due to its smaller size. It is also the preferred ice shape within the health care industry. Nugget ice is also used for salad bars, smoothies, and cold food bars.


This is also used in the health care industry. However, it is more widely-used for food presentation purposes. They cool quickly and are used for seafood markets, buffets, and salad bars. Likewise, it can be used for smoothies and blended drinks.

What traits should I look for in an ice machine?


Each ice maker brand boasts of its unique selling proposition or USP. One brand may be known for its high-quality make, while another one is an award-winning brand. Meanwhile, another brand claims to produce the best ice flakes. The other one offers cost-efficient ice machines for customers. Choose the one you think will be beneficial for your business.

Power source

It is also important to know the ice machine’s power source. It depends on the machine’s configuration. Also, ensure to check the specs manual so you won’t get lost on its electrical configuration and other features. Find commercial freezer repair services near your area in case of machine breakdown.


If you are able to find ice machines that are energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, then good for you. Useful tip: choose air-cooled or remote-cooled ice machines because most of them have the Energy Star seal.


Some ice machines do not have a water filter. While a water filter may not be a definite requirement, it may not remove sediments, bad taste, and odor on ice. Water filters can help produce cleaner ice. Make sure to have it cleaned or repaired by professional ice dispenser repair service providers.


A good ice machine should have a warranty of about 3 to 5 years. This should cover labor and parts, evaporator and compressor. Ice machines are also expected to last more than 10 years. To ensure longevity, make sure to address repair needs immediately and contact commercial ice maker repairs personnel.

Keeping the ice maker machine in good shape

To maintain its overall functionality and longevity, here are some tips to keep the machine up and running for longer.

  • Invest in a high-quality ice machine especially if it’s for commercial use.
  • Replace the water filter (if the ice machine has one) regularly to ensure cleanliness and improved function.
  • Schedule periodic clean-up for your ice machine.
  • Avoid using damp cloth when cleaning the ice machine. It can cause electrical failure or other damage.
  • Eliminate molds and ice plaques.
  • Call your local commercial appliances repair services in case of machine breakdowns.


Ice machines are important for both food and non-food businesses. It is only reasonable to take good care of this important business investment. For repair needs, contact a service provider that offers commercial freezer repairs in Northern VA.



Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Running a business in the food service industry can be stressful and daunting at times. One of the most essential things you can do to avoid small problems from becoming big messes is scheduling regular commercial kitchen appliance maintenance. Even if you are familiar with basics of keeping up with your kitchen appliances, it is always good to hire commercial appliance services. The professional cleaning and inspection will help you a lot in keeping your expensive appliances in tip-top condition.

Everything you should know about commercial kitchen appliances

  • In case you don’t understand anything about your commercial kitchen appliance, refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturers, as different appliances have different maintenance needs. You can also browse online for detailed information, tips, guidance and e-manuals.
  • Always educate your employees about the commercial appliance. They should know the best, safest and the most efficient methods of using the commercial appliances. You should also make daily cleaning a mandatory task. Regular cleaning will not only keep your appliance in good condition, but also maintain a hygienic aura in your commercial kitchen.
  • Nowadays maximum appliances are made from stainless steel. Make sure to follow easy but effective methods to clean stainless steel. Prevent spills, stains and scratches.
  • Whether your appliance use electricity or gas as power source, make sure to follow energy efficient practices.
  • When it comes to commercial refrigeration appliances such as walk in refrigerator, ice maker, ice machine or freezer, it is important to maintain the right temperature. Keep check on the temperature settings.
  • Commercial ovens should be cleaned on the regular basis to maintain the quality of food. Your employees should make habit of cleaning oven after every use.
  • Follow all safety measures to avoid accidents at your work place.

Hire commercial appliance services

Commercial kitchen appliances play an important role in flourishing the food service business. If you want to carry out your business operations without any interruption, you should hire commercial appliance technicians for regular cleaning and inspection. These professionals know how to keep commercial kitchen appliances in healthy working condition. They have knowledge about various appliances used in the commercial kitchens.