How to Pick an Appliance Repair Company

When your commercial oven, refrigerator, or deep fryer breaks down, it is important to find a trustworthy commercial appliances repair. You do not want to go through this stressful situation for so long, but the right provider makes a huge difference. If you have the diligence, you can locate a qualified technician. A refrigerator is able to maintain the right temperature for four hours the freezer is maintained for up to 2 days. That is going to buy you some time.

It is important to find a well-related company that is specialized when it comes to servicing your kind of appliance, and that comes with a certain reputation for providing good repairs at fair costs. Learn more now.

Do Proper Research

It is imperative to do research so you can make sure the company you hire is legitimate. You can check a few websites and check the services they offer and the reviews.

Most of the repair companies are going to require a service call fee so they can diagnose your appliance. However, full payment is not needed until you have a complete service. If the part that is required to fix the appliance is a special order, a company might need the payment for only that part.

Confirm Their Credibility

Even if it seems apparent, it is important to confirm the appliance repair show or professional has the credentials they need and authorization to operate. You do not want to risk allowing someone to work on the appliance that you probably spent a lot for without any training.

Aside from that, since that person enters your home, you need to verify the company that employs them took all the important precautions before deciding. The precautions they have will guarantee that the company will take full responsibility if they do something wrong.

Experience Level and Qualifications

Other crucial elements to consider when choosing an appliance repair company is their qualification and experience. You need to examine how many years a company has been operational and make sure they only recruit personnel who are well-trained. You need to be confident that the technician can understand what they are working with according to their experience. They might have dealt with a scenario with some clients. In addition, they know the critical regions that need replacement and repairs. They could also suggest that you need to have your appliance fixed if they cannot do it.

They Need to Have Insurance Coverage

You can also review policies to see if they give warranties and insurance in case of any damage. it is an awesome idea to protect you from mishaps that may happen during the process of repair. However, these are uncommon because a technician cannot damage your appliances intentionally. You need to do background checks to make sure you have enough coverage.


Another important consideration before you hire an appliance repair service is they should have a warranty. Ask if the company provides a warranty for the repair services before they employ an appliance repair technician.

In addition, you need to make sure that they adhere to the requirements of their warranty. If this is not the case, you can end up having to pay extra for any repairs. You should never decide anything unless you are sure about it.


Ask how they calculate fees, which includes their charges for parts and labor. Also, an on-site diagnosis by a technician with common replacement parts saves you time and cost. The price quotes and estimates give you predictability.

You can contact commercial ice maker repair Fairfax anytime.



What are the Advantages of a Walk-in Cooler?

Regardless of whether it is for a legal residential or commercial facility, buying a walk-in cooler is important to your business or home.

They are great for big businesses that heavily focus on the rotation of stocks and preserving the product’s integrity. Normally, walk-in freezers can be used to store consumable products for a few months, or sometimes they can last for years. These walk-in freezers or coolers are mainly designed to improve stock longevity and maintain stock by having even temperature control. The main purpose is to minimize fluctuations in temperature that happens in other stores, and even small changes are damaging, making stocks unsuitable.

In case you need to pay for walk-in cooler repair, you should because it provides proper maintenance. Read on to find out more about why you should invest in a walk-in cooler.

Food Safe Areas

Freezers and chillers are cold rooms that are built using safe cold room panels. This way, you can be sure that the walk-in coolers can easily be cleaned and can adhere to all health and safety protocols. Ambien areas are also designed and built from cold room panels that are great for production or preparation areas. Normally, the material they are built with helps to make sure that everything is protected all year. Hence, you do not have to worry about early wear and tear.

Saves Energy

It is a misconception that a walk-in cooler is going to cost so much to power, and it is a huge expense, the cost to power it is normally a lot less than the cost to power several refrigerators. In addition, if your walk-in cooler is industrial grade, the internal parts are designed to work a lot better and more efficiently compared to consumer coolers. There are also a couple of ways to lessen operating costs, like equipping it with quality insulation or installation of walk-in curtains. You can also lessen the energy costs by doing regular maintenance, like routinely checking door sweeps and gaskets for wear and then doing necessary replacements.

Expands Storage Capacity

Regardless if you work in the restaurant and catering service or retail, extra storage is always important. For instance, during busy periods like Christmas when you might have to increase storage in order to meet the demands of customers, it can be useful to have a back-up storage.

Maximizing Space

Several freezers and commercial refrigerators can consume a lot of space while offering inefficient storage. The walk-in cold rooms are meant to maximize the available space you have and they can be built to almost any size and shape. These contracts are also able to supply and install walk-in cold rooms externally, so in case you do not have enough space inside the building, there is no need to worry.

Better Access

Since cold rooms are needed for everyday use in catering and retail industries, there is an assurance that easy access is important.

Since it is possible to improve the access of a walk-cooler, there is the benefit of increased storage, which enhances productivity and product efficiency that is accessible to staff members.

Improves Product Longevity

Walk-in chiller cold rooms are able to extend your food and drinks life span, mainly the fresh product and chilled foods. The walk-in freezer cold rooms are also able to extend the lifespan of food products. They are also useful in freezing child products using pull-down freezers. These walk-in coolers can ensure your food and drinks that are of the highest quality while offering more benefits compared to freezers and refrigerators.

You can contact commercial refrigerator repairs Virginia if you need to have your walk-in cooler repaired.



What You Should Know Before Buying a Commercial Ice Maker

Every restaurant and café owner need commercial ice maker to serve chilled beverages to their customer. Commercial ice maker is an amazing equipment to harvest perfect ice cubes whenever required. According to commercial ice maker repair company, it is important to invest in the right ice machine to obtain the maximum benefit from the appliance. There are several types of commercial ice machines available on the market, but business owners need to select the right size, model, power and brand to fulfill the needs and requirements of their customers.

Selecting commercial ice machine

Commercial ice makers are just like other appliances, available in variety of size, model and price and styles. Depending on upgrades, features, and materials, their values are evaluated. Small business may simply require a basic version of ice machine, whereas restaurants with a large volume of customer base may need a big ice machine.  It is essential to understand your needs and requirements before purchasing the ice maker. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong appliance in your kitchen.

When you think about purchasing the ice machine, you should better get some knowledge about the types of ice machines. Based on functionality, ice machines are categorized into two types –air cooled ice machines and water cooled ice machines. Air-cooled ice machines use an electric fan to operate. The fan keeps ice cold by cooling down the components of the appliance that get heated up during the refrigeration. On the other hand, water-cooled ice machines circulate water via the refrigeration system in order to reduce the heating inside the system. Air-cooled ice machines are considered more energy efficient, and can help in lowering your water and electricity costs. Whereas, Water-cooled ice machines are banned in some parts of the countries. Thus, you should do proper research before investing in any type of ice machine.

Ice machine brand and model is also important when you purchase one. Once you determine the size and type of ice machine you want, you need to think about the ice machine brand. You may find many reputable manufacturers in the market, but you need to select the best brand. Compare price, warranty, guarantee and services of different manufactures. You can also consult with a commercial ice maker repair Falls Church technician to learn more about the types, brands and models of ice machines.



Simple Tips to Follow when Cleaning Commercial Appliances

Simple maintenance and cleaning practices will ensure your commercial appliances work for long without the need to be repaired. Neglecting your appliances will not only result in high repairs cost but will also slow down your business. It’s therefore important you make sure you maintain and clean your appliances regularly. The commercial appliance repair Virginia expert will guide you on how to clean your appliances and also carry out maintenance on the appliances. In this article, we give you tips you can follow to help keep your appliances working optimally.

Tips to Follow When Cleaning your Appliances

Refrigerator and Freezer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the refrigerator coils regularly

The condenser coils play a key role and it’s important to clean the coils regularly. Coils collect dust, grease and other dirt making the refrigerator less effective and that may lead to breaking down. It’s best to have the coil checked regularly by the commercial refrigerator repair team but ensure that the coil is cleaned regularly to avoid breakdown. During the commercial refrigerator services make sure the coil is removed and brushed to avoid build up.

  • Clean the Door Gasket

A dirty door gasket will air leaks in the fridge making it work more and that will result in wearing out. Use a wet cloth to wipe the door gasket. Make sure the gasket is cleaned often to avoid damage.

  • Clean the Condenser fan

Make sure the condenser fan is cleaned regularly. Dust particles may get stuck on the fan making it less effective.

  • Clean the Vents of the freezer

Vents aid in air circulation and it’s important to ensure they are clean. If they are not cleaned they will cause the freezer to overheat and slow down. Cleaning the vents regularly will help you save a lot of energy and thus saving you money. The above simple tips will help you maintain your kitchen appliance and reduce the cost of repairs.

Dish Washer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the dishwasher before you load utensils

Food particles can get stuck in the moving part of the washer. Make sure you rinse the food particles and that will help keep the dishwasher working for long. It’s important to ensure that you call a commercial dishwasher repair team for regular maintenance to prolong the life of the dishwasher.

  • Use products meant for the dishwasher

Pour the dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it without any utensils. Repeat this often to help prevent the sprayer from clogging. Repeat this often and that will help prevent dishwasher from breaking down.

  • Clean the filtering screen

Clean the filtering screen regularly to prevent food particles from damaging the dishwasher.

  • Rinse out the hard water mineral deposits

The mineral deposit can build up in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean the water jets in the spray arm and water inlet valve. The commercial dishwasher repair team will replace a clogged water inlet valve and after replacement makes sure its cleaned regularly.

Oven Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid placing aluminium foils at the bottom of the oven

The foil will block the air flow and that will make the oven to fail. Clean the oven after using it to make sure it lasts longer. Instead of placing the foil at the bottom of the oven, use a cleaner and sharp object to remove food particles.

  • Clean the switch and knob often

Using a rag with a cleaner, clean the knob and switches often. Make sure no liquids get behind the knobs and switch because that will cause damage.

Cleaning the ice maker

  • To clean the ice maker, empty the ice maker bin often and the clean the bin with a mild detergent.

If you notice any strange smell let the commercial ice repair team replace the ice maker filter. It’s important to have the ice maker thoroughly cleaned by the commercial appliance repair team. Make sure the ice maker is disassembled and all the part cleaned.

Cleaning commercial appliances often and regularly will save money and ensure the appliances don’t break down unexpectedly. It’s important to ensure the commercial kitchen appliances repair team carries out regular appliance maintenance and that will help you avoid constant repair cost. Make sure the appliances are cleaned on a daily basis and stored away when not in use.




Common Commercial Ice Maker Problems

Your commercial ice dispenser plays a crucial role, especially during summer. A broken-down ice maker will frustrate your efforts to keep your clients happy and may lead to low business. It’s therefore important that you ensure that your commercial ice maker is functioning optimally. You need to ensure that you invite the commercial appliance repair Virginia team to service all the appliances often including the ice maker. In this article we look at ice maker problems and what you should do.

How the Commercial Ice Maker Works

When you turn on the ice maker, water flows into the back of the refrigerator. The water then flows to the freezer and makes ice. An ice maker has a thermostat which is attached to the tray keep the temperature constant ensuring that the tubes are released without freezing. The feeler arm will push the cubes up into the outer tray. The ice making cycle is repeated until ice is full in the holding container.

 Commercial Ice Maker Problems

  •  Ice or water dispensing problem

If your commercial ice maker fails to dispense ice or water, first ensure that there is a flow of water into the ice maker. Make sure the feeler of the ice maker is not blocked or has turned off the ice maker. Excessive ice in the holding container will make the feeler stay up to prevent the making of more ice. It’s also important that you ensure that the water has the right pressure because if the pressure is low water will not flow into the ice maker. It’s important that you invite the commercial ice maker repairs team often to service to avoid sudden breakdowns of your appliances.

  •  Ice Maker fails to make ice

Make sure that the ice maker is turned on and it has the right temperature. If the ice maker is on and still no ice, that could result from a frozen water line or a clogged water inlet. You can defrost the ice maker by switching it off and also turning off the water supply. If you turn on the ice maker, it should be able to make ice but if there is still no ice then you need to call the commercial ice maker repair team.

  •  Ice Maker not making enough ice

If you ice maker is not making enough cubes as it was making before then you need to call the commercial appliance repair team to check what the issue may be. However, before they arrive check whether there is a frozen line anywhere.

Ice Maker leaking

Your ice maker may be leaking in the freezer or if you notice any water on the floor check the following

  • Make sure the ice maker is positioned well
  • Check to ensure there is no damage in water pipes
  • Make sure the filler cup is well positioned

After checking all those services if there are no issues then your ice maker needs troubleshooting. You need to call the ice maker repair team to repair the ice maker.

Frozen ice maker

If the thermostat of your ice maker has failed the water will freeze before getting into the ice maker Mold. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the recommended temperature. If the temperature is ok, then call in the commercial kitchen repair team to troubleshoot the ice maker.

  • Smelly ice Cubes

Failure to change the ice maker filter may result in bad smelling ice cubes. It’s important that you ensure that the filter is changed every 6months to avoid the bad smell.

  • Noisy Icemaker

If you hear unexplained noises from the ice maker, you need to alert the commercial ice maker repair team. Noises may result from the temperature control units, compressors, and water falling on the defroster heater.

 How to Keep your Commercial Ice Maker working Well

  • Make sure that the ice maker is cleaned often
  • Ensure that the water flowing into the ice maker is clean. Ensure that the water filter is replaced often.
  • Don’t overwork your ice machine. Make sure it only dispenses the allowed ice cubes
  • Descale often to prevent calcium deposit clogs

Your ice maker is an important appliance and its needs to work well at all times. If you notice any of the above issues, make sure you alert the commercial ice maker repair team. You also need to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to avoid a sudden breakdown that will cost you more money.




Signs that Your Commercial Deep Fryer Needs Repair

A malfunctioning commercial deep fryer will mean a disruption to your business and eventually cause loss of the business. Deep fryer plays a vital role in the overall success of your business and it’s therefore important to catch any malfunction before it happens. In case you fail to detect the breakdown in advance you need to have a reliable team of commercial appliance repairs Virginia to ensure the repairs are done promptly without causing any loss of business. We take you through how to choose the best repair team for your fryer and signs that your fryer requires repair.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Appliance Repair team

To be successful in your restaurant or institution you need to have the contacts of an appliance repair team, and we tell you how to pick the best team.

  • Quick response

Choose a team that will respond to your woes quickly to avoid loss of business. Ensure the repair team is reliable and fast to respond when contacted. Work with technicians who will keep time to avoid business loss.

  • Expertise

Ensure the team you pick has the requisite expertise and are able to deal with a wide range of appliances. Pick a team that is highly qualified and able to deal with any kind of commercial appliances. The team you choose should have the commercial ice maker repair, commercial freezer repair experts and all the appliances available in your business.

  • After Services

The company you choose to work on your commercial appliances should be able to respond to your concerns and queries even after they have done the repairs. Work with companies that will have the time to come back to premises to check the concerns raised.

  • Ability to quote the prices upfront

The appliance repair company you choose should not charge exorbitant prices. The prices they charge for the commercial kitchen repairs should be per job and not per hour as that may prove expensive. Once they have assessed the breakdown they should be able to give a quote upfront.

  • Guaranteed expertise

The company you choose should offer guaranteed services. Avoid companies that will repair your appliances today and they will fail tomorrow.

Components of a Commercial Fryer that Could Result in its Breakdown

In this section we look at the crucial components of the commercial fryer and when you need to call in the commercial deep fryer repair team.

  • Thermostat

Thermostats are a tiny but important component of the fryer as they regulate the gas flow and ensure the food heats at the correct temperatures. When you see high levels of emissions and consumption of more energy than its time to call the commercial deep fryer repair expert for a checkup. If the dryer is overheating that is also a sign that you need to change the thermostat. The other sign that your thermostat has failed is when on turning on the commercial fryer will not start, then this crucial component needs a change.

  • Thermopile

The thermopile will ensure your fryer will get to the right temperature and if that doesn’t happen, then it’s time to call the commercial kitchen appliance repair team.

  • Burner

When you turn on the burner and there is no fire then you know that you need to call your repair experts to check on your dyer. Failure to light up may be due to clogging or the gas valve is not functioning.

  • Oil Filter

When the oil filter is not working, the oil will not circulate as required due to weak air leaks. The oil filter will make easy to remove food debris from the oil.

  • Pilot light

When the pilot light is not working that renders your fryer unusable. The pilot light ignites the gas creating heat. Your commercial kitchen appliance repair team will check the hose that connects the pilot light to the gas to ensure it securely connected. Ensure that the switch is working properly

The above components are the ones that will cause your commercial deep fryer to fail. Ensure that you maintain the contacts of a good commercial kitchen appliance repair team at all times to reduce the downtime.

Any restaurant or institution thrives when the commercial appliances are working as expected. It’s a great inconvenience when the appliances fail and it’s, therefore, paramount to have a reliable commercial appliances repair expert nearby.



Sign that your Commercial Ice Maker Needs Repair

Any restaurant or institution thrives when the commercial appliances are working as expected. It’s a great inconvenience when the appliances fail and it’s, therefore, paramount to have a reliable commercial appliances repair expert nearby. A commercial ice maker is an important appliance in the restaurant business especially in the hot season as clients will keep asking for ice cold drinks or ice to add to their drinks to cool themselves. You need to find rapid quality commercial ice maker repair expert in case of any breakdown to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Types of Ice Maker

  • Modular

The ice maker produces a large amount of ice and in a short span of time. The only disadvantage of this kind of ice maker is it has no ice storage

  • Self-contained

The machines are smaller and have an ice storage. They are ideal if your institution or business is not huge

When to call in a commercial appliance repair expert

An ice maker requires the right environmental temperature and it’s therefore important to make sure that the room temperature is conducive to the machine. Also, ensure that the water that you put into the machine is not hot as this will take longer to freeze and use too much power to convert the water into ice.

  • Not Making ice or reduced ice output

A failing ice machine can be frustrating especially if you have customers in line waiting to get their dose of ice. It’s important that you have an expert nearby who can expedite the repairs of the appliance.

  • Low water flow into the machine

That could result if the water filter is not well plugged up resulting in small ice cubes

  • Water leak in the Machine

That causes oversized ice cubes and results from a leaking inlet water valve. It’s critical that once you notice the leak that you immediately contact the commercial appliance repair expert as this may to the evaporator freezing

  • Loud sounds when operating

If you hear your ice maker making strange sounds, its time to call in the experts for a diagnosis. That will avoid the machine from developing more serious issues.

  • Foul taste from the ice

When the ice maker filter Is not working properly, that will result in ice with a foul smell and taste. Immediately contact the commercial appliance repair expert as this could be a health hazard.

  • Ice Maker doesn’t turn off

Once the ice tray is full, the ice maker should automatically turn off. Consult the ice maker repairs expert if it doesn’t turn off as this could be as a result of a broken valve. The repair expert will advise whether the valve should be replaced or repaired.

  • Ice Maker doesn’t eject ice

The ice maker is supposed to eject to ice automatically after making the ice. If it doesn’t eject the ice then you need to consult the repair expert as the motor could have a problem.

It’s important that you have repair experts who are reliable to deal with issues when they arise. The commercial ice maker is key to the operations of your institution and it’s therefore important that you ensure that you have a reliable commercial appliances repair VA expert.



How to Clean an Ice Machine

Ice is required in almost every food service setting, from bar, cafeteria, restaurant to nursing homes and hospitals. Since ice is important, so does ice machines. In order to obtain the continuous supply of ice, it is very much important to keep ice machine in tip-top condition. For that owners need to pay attention over commercial Ice maker repair and maintenance, because this appliance demands high maintenance to function.

Ice maker maintenance and cleaning

Ice machines are one of the most ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. They are not cleaned for months, and used broken for years. While every ice machine has its own unique maintenance requirements, most have common maintenance process.

Why It’s Important to Clean an Ice Machine

The FDA categorizes ice as food, which means that ice should be maintained and cared same as other food products. No matter what kind of ice machine you have, it is imperative that you sanitize, clean and maintain it. Any component of your ice machine that come in direct contact with water can develop slime, scale or mold any time, which will affect the quality of ice.

Ice machines should be cleaned thoroughly at least once in six months for efficient operation. This is important to prevent any type of build-up on your appliance. If you avoid maintenance, scaling and other build-ups will directly impact the performance and efficiency of your appliance.

If you experience any of the below mentioned issues, you should schedule ice machine cleaning as soon as possible:

  • Ice machine is not releasing ice
  • Slow ice harvest
  • Ice quality is not up to the mark
  • Ice machine is producing shallow or incomplete ice cubes
  • Low ice capacity

It is possible to get rid of all these problems simply by cleaning your ice maker. On the other hand, avoiding cleaning even after all the warnings will aggravate the problem.

While cleaning your ice machine make sure you follow the instructions written in user’s manual properly. Different ice machines are cleaned in different manner. Some manufacturers recommend specific cleaning products to be used with their machines.

In case you notice ice machine problems even after paying attention over maintenance and cleaning, you should contact Scotsman Ice machine repairs Falls Church technicians for proper inspection. A certified technician will solve your problems in no time.



How to Ensure your Commercial Ice Maker is Working Efficiently

The commercial ice machine plays a crucial role in your business or institution. It’s important to ensure that you give the machine the maintenance it deserves. You will find that one of the most neglected commercial appliances is an icemaker, yet they play a crucial role. Make sure that you follow the right commercial appliance repair Virginia schedule to keep the ice maker working optimally.

Why it’s important to Keep the Ice Maker Clean

  • The health of your clients

The ice maker is in use every day and it’s essential to ensure its clean. Ice is food and it’s therefore important to ensure that the machine making the ice is clean. Water will lead the machine to have lime and Mold and that should be cleaned to ensure the health of your clients

  • To keep it working optimally in all seasons

Your ice maker is crucial especially during summer and it’s important to ensure its working effectively. Make sure that you clean and sanitize the ice maker machine often to keep it clean. Follow the commercial kitchen appliance repair schedule and ensure your ice maker serviced to keep it performing optimally throughout the year. Failing to carry out the service schedule will cause the ice to stick to the evaporator plates and that will slow down the machine. Failing to clean the machine will cause Mold and slime to form in your machine and that may cause food poisoning

  • Saves cost

Cleaning and servicing the ice maker as advised by the ice dispenser repair team will ensure that there are no sudden breakdowns. Sudden breakdowns will cost you a lot of money and lead to business losses

When Should You Clean the Ice Machine

Clean the commercial ice maker if you notice the following;

  • When you notice the machine is slower than usual
  • If it stops cycling into the harvest
  • Poor quality ice being harvested. If you notice the ice is not clean let the commercial ice maker repair team do a thorough cleaning.
  • When your ice maker begins to produce incomplete ice cubes
  • If it produces a low number of ice cubes

How to Maintain your Commercial Ice Maker

Below are tips to follow and ensure your ice maker is working optimally. While most of the tips seem obvious, ignoring them may lead to the machine breaking and loss of clients.

  • Make sure you invite the commercial appliance repair team for a thorough cleaning every six months
  • Ensure that your staff understands how the ice maker works and they are able to detect where it’s not working optimally.
  • Use the right products when cleaning the machine
  • Make sure that you follow the instructions on the manual of the machine when using it. If you notice that your ice maker requires more washing let the ice dispenser technician check the machine for any faults.

How to clean the Ice Maker

The main reason why you should clean the ice maker more often is to avoid lime build up because it makes the machine ineffective. Follow the below-cleaning instructions

  • Remove all the ice before cleaning the machine
  • Clean the machines water system
  • Remove the machine from power and remove the parts for cleaning
  • Check the air filters and clean them
  • Clean all the other parts with the right products

It’s best to let the commercial kitchen appliance repair team do the major cleaning of the machine as they do service. That will ensure that the machine is checked properly and ensure its working efficiently. The technician will be able to inspect all the parts and ensure they are working well

Sanitization and cleaning the exterior

After cleaning the machine make sure you sanitize it. Speak to the ice dispenser technician on the best detergents to use to sanitize the machine. Make all the components of the machine are sanitized.

Clean the exterior and the place where the machine is placed often. That will ensure that the health standards are maintained, and your machine is working optimally.

It’s imperative that your ice maker is cleaned and sanitized regularly to keep it working efficiently, reduce repair cost and ensure health standards are observed. Make sure that you follow the service schedule given by commercial ice maker repair team and that will ensure the constant supply of ice to your clients.



Questions to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial appliances are a major investment and it’s important to ensure they perform optimally. Your business depends on the appliances working well and if they break down it’s important to assess whether you need to repair or replace the appliance. The commercial appliance repair Virginia team will help you decide whether to replace or repair an appliance. In this article, we look at questions you should ask before buying or repairing an appliance.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Repair or Replace a commercial appliance

  • What is the age of the commercial Appliance?

Every appliance has a lifespan which varies depending on the type of appliance. Appliance-like the refrigerator has a lifespan of 10-15 years and if your commercial refrigerator is approaching that age ask the commercial refrigerator repairs team whether you should repair or replace the appliance. The effectiveness of the appliance is crucial to the success of your business or institution and in some cases, it’s more cost effective to replace the appliance. The kitchen commercial appliance repair team will help you assess whether the lifespan of your appliance is nearing the end and advise you whether you should replace or repair.

  • How much longer do you intend to use the appliance?

If you have a short span of time before moving to new premises, then you can opt to repair the appliance. If you have a growing client base, then you may need to repair the kitchen equipment to ensure your business is more effective. It’s important to ensure that the appliance is effective before you repair it. The commercial icemaker repair team will be able to advise you on whether the old ice maker is able to make to meet the needs of your new restaurant or should you invest in a new one.

  • Is the appliance under warranty?

Determine whether the broken-down appliance is under warranty and if it’s under warranty the repairs can be done at no cost. Most appliances have a 12-month warranty.

  • How many times has the commercial appliance been used

Frequent repairs are expensive and it’s important to determine how viable an appliance is before you repair it. If the cost of repair is more than 50% the value of the appliance its best to replace the kitchen equipment. If the appliance breaks down too often that may affect your business and its best to replace it. If your commercial oven breaks down often, it will affect the business and may lead to loss of clientele.

  • How often do you use the appliance?

An appliance like the commercial oven, refrigerator, and freezer play a crucial role in the restaurant. If such an appliance breaks down often that will affect the effectiveness of your business. It’s important to have the commercial oven repair team assess the oven and advise when to repair or replace the kitchen appliances. It may be more effective to invest in a new appliance that has the current technology.

  • Do you qualify for any tax rebates when you buy new appliances?

Buying new equipment may qualify you for a tax benefit or other financial benefits.

Factors You Should Consider Before Repairing or replacing Your Appliances

  • Safety

It’s important to consider the safety of your employees before you decide to repair an appliance. You don’t want to repair an appliance that is not safe to operate. If an appliance poses any danger to replace it.

  • High Cost of repair

If the cost of repairs is high considered replacing the kitchen equipment. If you constantly have to call the commercial oven repair team then you should consider replacing it.

  • Availability of spare parts

It may be hard to find spare parts for very old appliance and if that is the case consider buying a new appliance.

The high number of client

If the current freezer is too small for the number of clients, then you should consider investing in a new one.

The commercial appliances are key to the success of your business and it’s paramount that you work with commercial kitchen appliance repair team to ensure they are effective. The above pointers will help you determine whether you should replace or buy a new appliance.