How to Pick an Appliance Repair Company

When your commercial oven, refrigerator, or deep fryer breaks down, it is important to find a trustworthy commercial appliances repair. You do not want to go through this stressful situation for so long, but the right provider makes a huge difference. If you have the diligence, you can locate a qualified technician. A refrigerator is able to maintain the right temperature for four hours, and the freezer is maintained for up to 2 days. That is going to buy you some time.

It is important to find a well-related specialized company when it comes to servicing your kind of appliance, and that comes with a certain reputation for providing good repairs at fair costs. Learn more now.

Do Proper Research

It is imperative to research so you can make sure the company you hire is legitimate. You can check a few websites and check the services they offer and the reviews.

Most of the repair companies are going to require a service call fee so they can diagnose your appliance. However, full payment is not needed until you have a complete service. If the part required to fix the appliance is a special order, a company might need the payment for that part only.

Confirm Their Credibility

Even if it seems apparent, it is important to confirm the appliance repair show or the professionals have the credentials they need and authorization to operate. You do not want to risk allowing someone to work on the appliance that you probably spent a lot for without any training.

Aside from that, since that person enters your home, you need to verify the company that employs them took all the important precautions before deciding. Their precautions will guarantee that the company will take full responsibility if they do something wrong.

Experience Level and Qualifications

Other crucial elements to consider when choosing an appliance repair company is their qualification and experience. You need to examine how many years a company has been operational and make sure they only recruit personnel who are well-trained. You need to be confident that the technician can understand what they are working with according to their experience. They might have dealt with a scenario with some clients. In addition, they know the critical regions that need replacement and repairs. They could also suggest that you need to have your appliance fixed if they cannot do it.

They Need to Have Insurance Coverage

You can also review policies to see if they give warranties and insurance in case of any damage. it is an awesome idea to protect you from mishaps that may happen during the repair process. However, these are uncommon because a technician cannot damage your appliances intentionally. You need to do background checks to make sure you have enough coverage.


Another important consideration before you hire an appliance repair service is they should have a warranty. Ask if the company provides a warranty for the repair services before they employ an appliance repair technician.

In addition, you need to make sure that they adhere to the requirements of their warranty. If this is not the case, you can end up having to pay extra for any repairs. You should never decide anything unless you are sure about it.


Ask how they calculate fees, which includes their charges for parts and labor. Also, an on-site diagnosis by a technician with common replacement parts saves you time and cost. The price quotes and estimates give you predictability.

You can contact commercial ice maker repair Fairfax anytime.



Advantages of Steam Ovens

If you are thinking of buying a steam oven, you might be surprised to find out that it costs an average of $4000. Before you decide to examine the advantages of buying a steam oven, you should also know a good commercial oven repair in case you will need them in the future. A lot of research has been done to help you decide a lot faster.

Prior to deciding, you would want to read more about why you should invest in one. Maybe a fellow business owner mentioned it to you and now you want one. There are many reasons in this article that you should read about so that you can determine if you can use it for your business or not.

You Can Cook a Lot of Things

Originally, steam ovens were only for steaming vegetables. However, this is not the case anymore. A top-quality one will allow the chicken and fish to cook at a temperature of 100 degrees C. The supplies have been experimented with and cooked using sponges in steam ovens. They are useful for different functions, which include:

Dough proving

Food reheat


Hard-boiled eggs


Sterilizing bottles

Skinning tomatoes and sous vide

Healthy Cooking

Steam ovens will reduce the absence of food nutrients. This is because steam ovens use steam to cook food instead of hot air. Steaming your food has the tendency to keep nutrients and vitamins locked.

Hot air will significantly lessen nutrients in food because you are at risk of overcooking the food which can destroy the nutrients. In addition, steaming does not need boiling foods in water. You will see that when you boil vegetables and other foods, it could cause the nutrients and vitamins to seep into the water.

Gives You More Humidity and Moisture

A steam oven does not change the cooking time, and it only gives you the same temperature with added moisture and humidity while something bakes or roasts. Equipping the kitchen with a steam oven is among the most important things you can do in order to boost your cooking skills. It is a great way to keep up with the cooking experts. However, those who are not techy would love to know that ovens equipped with steam offer the best method for reheating leftovers. It is because steam harnesses moisture from what was lost inside your fridge, so the pizza of yesterday tastes good the night before. Your microwave is only good for reheating coffee all day when you work from home.

Evenly Warms Food Without Drying

Steam is helpful if you want to heat leftover food so that it can retain moisture and flavor, unlike microwave-heated foods. The steam provides more moisture retention, so your food will be juicier when you use it to reheat.

Healthier Cooking

Cooking with steam is very healthy because it does not need oils. It is also the secret of the best bakeries and Michelin-star restaurants because steam convection cooks evenly compared to other methods. At the same time, it produces perfect tender roasts, and moist fish with a flaky outside, as well as fluffy baked goods. The simplicity it offers is even better.

You Can Cook Food Simultaneously

Different foods can be simultaneously cooked using a steam oven. In addition, the steam design will not transfer the flavors or taste between foods. This way, you can cut cooking time if you are preparing a few dishes all at the same time. You will not be as pressured if you have many customers.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Fairfax in case you want to have your steam oven checked.



Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Compressor is Hot

The compressor is the part of your refrigerator that cools down inside your fridge. Sometimes, your compressor can get too hot and it makes your refrigerator produce a weird noise.

Usually, it is because of a malfunction in the cooling system. Even if some issues are resolvable, any damage caused by a clogged condenser coil or faulty fan motor might need professional commercial appliances repair. if you want to know why your refrigerator is hot, it will not just take quick research to pinpoint the exact reason because there are several possible reasons.

If you want to know what those reasons are so that you can decide better next time if you should already call professionals or not, read on.

Faulty Temperature Thermostat

The temperature thermostat should be part of the fridge that will monitor the temperature inside.

When you figure out that the refrigerator gets too warm inside, it will activate the compressor to get cold air.

After that, when the part inside reaches the temperature you have previously set, the thermostat is going to shut off the compressor until it becomes warm again.

In case the thermostat fails, it will tell the compressor that it should keep working all the time even if it does not have to.

Condenser Coils are Dirty

The coils are located in the tube that is running from the air conditioning unit to the outside unit. After some time, the condenser coil will get dirty and outside pollutants are getting into them. When coils become dirty, refrigerants will be unable to absorb heat from indoors and then let it out. This is going to lead to a situation where the compressor should work harder to function, and this will eventually cause the compressor to overheat.

Internal Temperature That is Too Low

One common mistake households make is that the refrigerator’s temperature setting is too low. If you set the temperature lower than what is recommended, it causes your compressor to overheat and fail, which costs you time and money. If your refrigerator temperature is set lower than 35 degrees F, the compressor is going to work harder, which causes it to overheat a lot quicker.

Unfortunately, modern refrigerators are going to overheat in case the temperature inside is not correctly set. If you want to keep your refrigerator from getting overheated, you should check the temperature setting on the control panel, and make sure that it is set between 37 to 38 degrees F.

 Poor Ventilation

If the refrigerator’s compressor is overheating, there is a chance that it is because of poor ventilation.

Ideally, the fridge must not contain anything on top of it because this obstructs heat distribution. In addition, if you have a couple of items on the refrigerator, like magnets and mementos, these could also contribute to overheating.

The best thing to do is to get rid of all items that come from the outside part of your fridge. After that, pull your refrigerator further from the wall to make sure that it has enough ventilation.

There is a Leak

The compressor will take the refrigerant and then pressurizes it to make it circulate through the closed-loop cooling system of the fridge. In order for the system to work properly, you need the correct amount of refrigerant to go in it. If there is a leak, then the entire system is not going to work, and your compressor is going to overheat. A qualified technician should be the one to check the cooling system and fix it.

You can contact commercial refrigerator services Northern VA if you need to have your compressor inspected.



Signs Your Commercial Deep Fryer Should be Repaired

Commercial deep fryers are for preparing a huge variety of foods. There are different kinds of deep fryers, and the one you choose depends on what you need and the power source you want. Since deep dryers are often used, they can have problems over time, which reduces efficiency.

It is important to know the early signs that you need a deep fryer repair so that you can respond right away to protect the productivity of your business. When you read this article, you will find out about the signs that your commercial deep fryer should be repaired.

Over time, they can develop issues and make sure to read on to know what they are.

Thermopile is Broken

It is true that the deep fryer thermopile is among the most important components. This is a heating element and it works to convert thermal heat to electric energy. In commercial kitchens, deep fryers are normally used excessively. This causes thermopile issues. You would need to find out if there is a broken thermopile and you can do that when you check the light. In case it turns on, it will show that the issue is a broken thermopile.

Pilot Light is Faulty

The pilot light is an important part of the deep fryer because it ignites gas that is used for heating oil. This will save your employees the trouble of manually lighting the burners. When you have a faulty pilot light, the deep fryer is unable to start, which delays your operations.

Before you call the professionals, you need to confirm that the hose between the gas line and pilot light is in excellent condition. If the connection is secure, and the pilot light is still malfunctioning, you need professional repair already.

Blocked Burners

The food particles, grease buildup, debris, and dust can clog the burner orifices. Burners that are unable to light up partially or irregularly might block the orifices.

In order to unblock the clogged burners, you must use a stiff brush on the burners to get rid of the particles or debris, which can jam the orifices. In case the burners are still producing fluctuating flames after brushing them, the problem could be inconsistent or low gas pressure. If there is enough fuel supply, the damaged fuel lines might be the reason why the fryer burners are not igniting.

You should not try to fix the fuel lines without a professional. You should ask a professional repair service to do it for you.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects the quality of their food. Fortunately, the oil filter can get rid of this debris so the oil is kept clean. This will allow the oil to circulate inside the equipment without any difficulties.

When there is damage to the filter, your oil will become dirty, and it can effectively circulate. This will not cook food well. The employees are going to have difficulty in preparing recipes. You must get experts to change the oil filter early to prevent this outcome.

The Temperature is Uncontrollable

This is a serious issue. If you want to cook food perfectly, the fryer oil should have a suitable or recommended temperature. If the temperature is low, the food will not cook through, and it will burn if the temperature is too high. The issue could be because of poor thermostat calibration. The wire might have problems as well.

You need to contact commercial appliances repair VA if you need to have your deep fryer fixed because you should not be doing that on your own.



Advantages of a Steam Oven

People who like steam ovens say that they love how they can keep fresh flavors and make healthy dishes. The moist air inside the steam cavity means that food becomes juicy and succulent when it gets cooked, and, the food that you cook in a steam oven can retain more vitamins compared to cooking in a conventional oven. This type of oven is easier to maintain because food spillages are not baked into the oven.

You can also pay for a commercial oven repair for the maintenance of this kitchen appliance. Aside from easy maintenance, there are other advantages to having a steam oven. You can read this article until the end to find out more. Read on.

Better Texture and Flavor

Steam cooking will keep food colorful and vibrant, and that is especially noticeable when they cook vegetables. Most of the time, dry heat cooking and boiling the vegetables creates an entire plate that is full of dull-looking food that can cause it to become overcooked and mushy. Steam cooking can lock in flavor and retain food texture, but steaming needs water, and food is cooked rapidly using steam only without actual water contact.

Improved Cooking Results

Roasts are more usable because they are tender, moist, and flavorsome. BBQ chickens do not shrink so you will finish with a larger product that looks more appealing with no pink meat covering the bone. The cakes rise more when baked in a steam oven, and they will have more moisture.

The pastries are lighter, crispier, and fluffier. Steaming will produce all steamed vegetables without degrading the product, and no more overcooking food with nutrient loss or wastage.

When you poach, your food will cook perfectly or you can bake delicate desserts each time.

Speeds up Cooking Process

When you use a steam oven, you can accelerate the cooking process and weeknight meals are quick to prepare. It can cook 20 times faster, depending on the recipe you are following. This is a bonus for busy households.

You will also become more efficient. You can reheat baked pasta at the bottom shelf while steaming broccoli for your vegetables during the meal.

Healthy Cooking

You can steam your way to becoming healthier. When you are boiling vegetables in water, a lot of vitamins are left in the water that gets thrown away. Steam cooking can make sure that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are retained inside the food, which means you will make a healthier plate of food. You do not have to use oil to cook food, which is a bonus. If you really like to cook with butter, then you should not worry because you can always add some.

Some of Them Have Set Programs

Some models of steam ovens have pre-set programs that take in all the guesswork involved in cooking. It is as simple as the kind of food you put in the oven – anything that comes from frozen eggroll appetizers to fresh pizza or souffle. The climate sensor of the oven will detect the volume, consistency, shape, adjusts the temperature and oven humidity to make it guesswork-free.

You Can Cook Multiple Foods All at the Same Time

Steam ovens let you cook different kinds of food together without transferring flavors. It is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy meal for the entire family and great for cooking your Sunday roast. You can cook some dishes in a steam oven without stirring. You no longer have to stand beside the oven while it cooks.

If you need to have your steam oven fixed, you can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA.



How to Save on Buying Commercial Appliances

The best way to avoid paying too much for a commercial appliance is to buy it right away. If you do enough research and planning, you will be able to save a lot on big items such as ranges, refrigerators, dryers, washers, water heaters, and dishwashers. You need tips on how you can save money while getting the best deals. In addition, you do not want to be calling commercial appliances repair only shortly after buying your equipment.

If you are curious to find out how you can save money on this, read this article.

Know When the Best Time to Buy is

The best time to buy commercial appliances depends on the kind you want to purchase. Freezers, refrigerators, and laundry machine prices are better in May and June. The dishwashers, oven ranges, furnaces, and water heaters have the best prices in September and October. In places with cold climates, window ACs are cheaper in January and February.

The reason for the variation is not evident, and the same goes for ACs in four-season climates, and turnover of the model year is most likely the explanation for this. Retailers take price cuts on the prices of last year’s appliances so there is more room for the current year’s better, bigger, and shinier models that can be sold at a premium.

Wait for the Sale

You might only have to wait a week or 2 so you can purchase it by 25%. If there are huge appliance events, such as Black Friday, be patient and watchful for the excellent deals on what you are looking for. Most of the time, kitchen appliances go on sale before fall ends, which is only before thanksgiving. This is common when people want to have better appliances in case they have guests.

Aside from the holidays, there are considerable savings to be made by purchasing appliances by the year-end after it’s a season. You can get great discounts while avoiding the madness of holiday sales. Lastly, you can swap compulsive purchases to help you save. You can check out the factory stores’ yearly sales for awesome discounts on branded appliances.

Have a Separate Savings Account

In the time of online banking, it does not take a lot of effort to have new savings account for certain purchases or categories of expenses. This way, you can prepare for any large purchase you might have to make and even wait for a sale.

Check if there are Incentives

Retailers and manufacturers usually offer incentives such as discounts and rebates to move inventory, especially if they are inside warehouses too long or they become overstocked. Look on their website for great deals.

When you see an incentive, take note of the details. You need to make the purchase within a specific period. In case the deal is not applied automatically when you purchase the appliance, you must meet the deadlines for filling out a rebate form by mail or online.


Regardless of you just need 1 or 2 kitchen appliances to replace, there is a chance that they were bought at the same time and others will be pulled out soon. Look for an appliance bundle or package when you are buying. The bundles are for boosting sales and they offer significant savings.

If you do not want to buy yet, you can still contact commercial kitchen appliances repair Northern VA.



Common Commercial Freezer Repair Issues

When the commercial freezer breaks, it is not just as simple as paying for an ice dispenser repair. If you have a business, there is a possibility that you will lose a lot of money when you do not get it fixed. Even if there are specifically no problems, you should be aware of the common issues you might encounter. Even if a lot of refrigerators need to be repaired when you experience an issue, you will be more comfortable if you know what it could be.

You can read on to learn more about these common issues.

Power Issues

Is your commercial freezer not turning on? Is the bottle fridge not getting cold? In the restaurant business, these issues getting fixed in a timely manner are important. While you may not require a repair company to run a business or residential service on the unit, you need to be sure that you did not turn it off. You must check to see if the power cord was plugged all the way towards the outlet, as it might have been knocked out from it. if that is not an issue, then you need to check if the wiring outlet and wires are active. The issue might be the power supply and not only the unit. Using a voltage detector that makes sure the outlet has a current-voltage.

Temperature Issues

Obviously, you want the freezer unit to keep things cool when it is unaware that there is an issue. If the fridge is set at the right temperature and it does not keep things cold, which means the thermostat could have an issue. Aside from that, the fridge might have problems such as faulty compressors or dirty fans.

Frost Buildup in the Unit

The commercial freezer needs to have a set defrost cycle, which is helpful in removing frost buildup and even excess condensation. If you do not adjust this cycle properly, the frost can build up quickly. You will be able to find the defrost cycle that occurs in the unit. It is set using a timer that looks like temperature control. You should adjust the cycle of defrosting so the unit will defrost often and this can help fix the problem. If this is not enough to do the trick, you can contact the freezer technician to see if you need to rewire or repair the control.

Compressor Issue

Your unit requires a working compressor so the refrigerator/freezer stays cool. When it is malfunctioning, the unit will not become cold. Sometimes, it is a matter of having to get the compressor cleaned. The dirt, grease, and other substances will build up inside the compressor and causes it to malfunction. You must clean the compressor every 90 days. Therefore, if it has been longer than 90 days, you want to prioritize this.

Ice Building up in the Drain Pan

A freezer unit has a drain pan that may require emptying and if you notice there is ice inside the pan, this normally means there is a clog in the drain. The water will not drain out and it becomes icy before that happens. If you ignore this, it can completely clog the drain line, which causes the unit to heat up or the water to go back into the unit.

If you need to pay for commercial freezer repairs Northern VA, you can do it anytime and these people will come to help you and your business.



Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Commercial Appliances

Electrical appliances have become an important part of our lives whether for commercial or personal use. For one, it has made our lives easier and more convenient. Commercial appliances also paved the way for business to gain profit and serve customers faster and more efficiently. In return, there will be loyal customers who will constantly avail your products or services – a win-win situation for both of you.

However, a broken appliance is one of a business owner’s worst nightmares. To avoid any delays in your business operations, it is a good idea to contact a commercial appliances repair personnel immediately.

But you may have second thoughts of calling professional help for your repair needs. For one, some repair shops may be expensive and you may have Perhaps you can consider checking whether you can fix the problem by yourself first before calling a commercial kitchen appliance repair staff.

Getting started

Before calling any repair services, you should consider or check the following first.

  • Check whether your commercial appliance is still under warranty. If so, you may not need to call repair services and bring it to the appliance manufacturer for necessary repairs instead.
  • Check the instruction manual for troubleshooting tips. There are also manuals you can download online for most appliance models available nowadays.
  • Your appliance may be already too old and should be replaced instead of repairing it. For one, repairing an old unit may be useless and may not guarantee that the appliance will be repaired completely.

Repairing a commercial appliance may be necessary to avoid delays in your business operations. Otherwise, it can affect your revenue and even result in customer complaints.

Common refrigerator issues

If you have issues with your commercial refrigerator, you may have to contact commercial refrigerator services near you. Or if the oven is malfunctioning, you may consider calling a commercial oven repair personnel immediately.

If the unit is not cooling properly, it can due to a defective or dirty condenser. In such a case, you can fix it on your own by unplugging the refrigerator and clean the condenser using a soft brush and vacuum.

Another culprit may be a defective gasket which cannot shut properly and letting the cold air out. You can also easily fix it by buying and installing a new gasket. You can also check the thermostat if it is set properly. But if it does not work as it should be, then this can be a time you can call commercial refrigerators repairs services.

If you are encountering weird noises coming from your refrigerator, it may be due to dirt or debris that is stuck in the condenser. To fix this, unplug the refrigerator so you can access the condenser fan and remove any collected dirt inside it. But if the compressor is not working anymore and produces an odd sound, you may have to buy a new unit.

Common dishwasher issues

You buy a dishwasher to lessen your burden of washing the dishes and utensils by hand. However, automatic dishwashers are also prone to breakdowns. One reason is due to overloading and putting utensils when you shouldn’t.  In this case, remove some dishes to lessen its load and check whether it will be already fine.

If there is a presence of water puddles around the area, it could be because of too much soap. To know the right amount of soap it should have, you should check the instruction manual. But if there is a presence of a worn gasket or damage in the motor pump, it may be ideal to call commercial dishwasher repairs immediately.

Common stove/oven issues

There are also some stove or oven problems that you can fix by yourself. For example, the problem may be due to a clog in the gas burner holes. In such cases, you can remove any dirt and debris from the holes by using a needle or a safety pin.

Also, check the glow bar igniter if it produces a red glow. If it does glow but does not turn on, you may have to replace the igniter. This should be taken care of by a commercial oven repair personnel. A broken thermostat can also be a major stove/oven problem that should be handled by a professional technician.

If there is something off with your commercial appliance, you can check whether you can fix it by yourself. Otherwise, you should already call a commercial kitchen appliance repair in Fairfax immediately.



Simple Tips and Considerations to Make when Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Buying commercial kitchen appliances is a considerable investment, and it’s critical to ensure that you buy the best to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. It’s paramount to ensure that the appliances you purchase last long, and offer optimum performance. While buying the equipment make sure your commercial appliances repair expert is involved as they will advise on the part and accessories. Forge relationships with the experts as they will be able to carry out crucial checks on how the appliances are working and they will alert you on any malfunction. The commercial appliance repair expert will ensure that all the appliance parts are the correct fit and they are available.

Factors to consider while Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Warranty

It’s essential that the commercial kitchen appliances have extended warranty. Check and confirm that the warranty is provided and what each of the warranties mean. It’s critical that you know how the appliances will be covered and whether it’s limited to certified commercial appliances repair experts in case of any repairs and service. Confirm whether the warranty covers the repair parts and labor.

  • Brands

They are a pool of brands available for kitchen appliances. It’s vital that you seek the opinion of the commercial appliance service expert as they will know what lasts longer, easy to use and cost-efficient. Ensure you pick a brand that suits your needs.

  • Energy efficiency and durability

Every business is all about cost cutting to increase profits; it’s, therefore, important that the appliances you choose energy saving as that will save you a coin. To make the most out of your appliances ensure they save energy but have optimal performance. Also, ensure that the brand you pick is known for durability. Equipment that breaks down easily will be a significant setback to your business.

  • Your Needs

Ensure the appliances you buy will meet the demand.It’s paramount that you don’t overwork the appliances as this will lead to breakdowns. Buy appliances that can handle the amount of work that you need to be done.

Tips for buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Plan and have a budget
  • View the equipment in person and seek the help of commercial kitchen appliance service experts
  • Ensure that the equipment is compatible with the building without having to do significant renovations. Check all the regulations to ensure that your appliances don’t flout any rule and regulation.
  • Buy equipment that have multi-user capabilities
  • Make sure the appliances will fit in your premises and leave enough working space.


Once you have bought the equipment, it’s important that you do a commercial kitchen appliance service va. The service is vital as some appliance parts may need lubrication, assembling and checking to ensure they are working properly.



How To take care of Your Commercial Microwave

Microwaves are one of the most convenient commercial kitchen appliances to use, but they are rarely given a priority when it comes to care and maintenance. A microwave is a crucial appliance especially in a restaurant as it will ensure you serve your client’s warm food faster. It’s therefore vital that you the microwave is well maintained. Most microwaves will last for over five years, but if well-taken care of, they can last longer.

Commercial Microwave maintenance Tips

  • Cleaning the microwave every day

Cleaning the microwave will make it last longer. Food particles and liquids that drop in the microwave eventually lead to damage. Clean the commercial microwave with mild soap and warm water every day. To clear any stubborn stains, put warm water in a cup and bring to boil in the microwave. The steam will clean out the stain. Ensure that food is covered while you are heating the food.

  • Placement

Commercial microwaves should be placed in a place where there is proper air circulation to ensure there is heat release after warming food. If the microwave is not placed in the position where there is air circulation, then that will mean the microwave will not cool after heating the food. Continued use of the microwave in such a position will cause the microwave to overheat and eventually that will cause damage. Ensure that the microwave is distant from the wall.Place the microwave where it can be used conveniently

It’s also vital to ensure that the microwave electric wire is within a socket reach, ensure that the wire is not under pressure. Make sure that the microwave is far from any other heat source or water to ensure there is no interference on how it operates.

  • Use the correct dishes to warm food

To make sure that the microwave lasts longer ensure that you use plates that are microwave safe dishes. Don’t use aluminum or any metal to heat food using the microwave. Instead use ceramics and glass which are healthy, safe and will not damage the microwave. To know whether the appliance can be used in the microwave, place it in the microwave for a minute and if it becomes too hot, then that should not be used to warm food.

  • Ensure Weight Limit of the microwave are observed

Although this is a not a significant concern to many people, its worth noting that especially in high traffic areas like restaurants or institutions. Ensure that you don’t exceed the weight capacity of the microwave.

Additional Tips to Ensure that Your Microwave Works Efficiently

  • Ensure that all the employees who handle the microwave understand how it works
  • Use a surge protector to protect the appliance from any electricity surge
  • Contact the commercial appliance repair specialist as soon as you notice an issue
  • Avoid heating the microwave when its empty
  • Don’t slam the microwave door to avoid damage