Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Commercial Appliances

Electrical appliances have become an important part of our lives whether for commercial or personal use. For one, it has made our lives easier and more convenient. Commercial appliances also paved the way for business to gain profit and serve customers faster and more efficiently. In return, there will be loyal customers who will constantly avail your products or services – a win-win situation for both of you.

However, a broken appliance is one of a business owner’s worst nightmares. To avoid any delays in your business operations, it is a good idea to contact a commercial appliances repair personnel immediately.

But you may have second thoughts of calling professional help for your repair needs. For one, some repair shops may be expensive and you may have Perhaps you can consider checking whether you can fix the problem by yourself first before calling a commercial kitchen appliance repair staff.

Getting started

Before calling any repair services, you should consider or check the following first.

  • Check whether your commercial appliance is still under warranty. If so, you may not need to call repair services and bring it to the appliance manufacturer for necessary repairs instead.
  • Check the instruction manual for troubleshooting tips. There are also manuals you can download online for most appliance models available nowadays.
  • Your appliance may be already too old and should be replaced instead of repairing it. For one, repairing an old unit may be useless and may not guarantee that the appliance will be repaired completely.

Repairing a commercial appliance may be necessary to avoid delays in your business operations. Otherwise, it can affect your revenue and even result in customer complaints.

Common refrigerator issues

If you have issues with your commercial refrigerator, you may have to contact commercial refrigerator services near you. Or if the oven is malfunctioning, you may consider calling a commercial oven repair personnel immediately.

If the unit is not cooling properly, it can due to a defective or dirty condenser. In such a case, you can fix it on your own by unplugging the refrigerator and clean the condenser using a soft brush and vacuum.

Another culprit may be a defective gasket which cannot shut properly and letting the cold air out. You can also easily fix it by buying and installing a new gasket. You can also check the thermostat if it is set properly. But if it does not work as it should be, then this can be a time you can call commercial refrigerators repairs services.

If you are encountering weird noises coming from your refrigerator, it may be due to dirt or debris that is stuck in the condenser. To fix this, unplug the refrigerator so you can access the condenser fan and remove any collected dirt inside it. But if the compressor is not working anymore and produces an odd sound, you may have to buy a new unit.

Common dishwasher issues

You buy a dishwasher to lessen your burden of washing the dishes and utensils by hand. However, automatic dishwashers are also prone to breakdowns. One reason is due to overloading and putting utensils when you shouldn’t.  In this case, remove some dishes to lessen its load and check whether it will be already fine.

If there is a presence of water puddles around the area, it could be because of too much soap. To know the right amount of soap it should have, you should check the instruction manual. But if there is a presence of a worn gasket or damage in the motor pump, it may be ideal to call commercial dishwasher repairs immediately.

Common stove/oven issues

There are also some stove or oven problems that you can fix by yourself. For example, the problem may be due to a clog in the gas burner holes. In such cases, you can remove any dirt and debris from the holes by using a needle or a safety pin.

Also, check the glow bar igniter if it produces a red glow. If it does glow but does not turn on, you may have to replace the igniter. This should be taken care of by a commercial oven repair personnel. A broken thermostat can also be a major stove/oven problem that should be handled by a professional technician.

If there is something off with your commercial appliance, you can check whether you can fix it by yourself. Otherwise, you should already call a commercial kitchen appliance repair in Fairfax immediately.



Essential Tips For Commercial Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A garbage disposal unit is one of the most used and least cared appliances of commercial kitchens. It is located under sink, which makes it out of sight, out of mind. The garbage disposal unit remains hidden, until flip switch stops working. Now you have a sink full of food and a foul smell covering your entire kitchen. Well, it is possible to avoid this problem by hiring commercial garbage disposal service for regular maintenance and cleaning. This underrated appliance also needs proper maintenance and cleaning to work adequately.

Tips on caring for your commercial garbage disposal unit

Use your garbage disposal only for food stuffs. Do not dump cloths, towel or plastic bags into it. You should carefully monitor what goes inside it, so that hard substances like vegetable stalks, bones and plastic spoons don’t block your unit. It will be good, if you avoid putting onions, potato skins, celery, and corn hunks in your sink.

In order to prevent clogging, run water before and after operating your garbage disposal unit. You should let water run for at least 30 seconds. And please avoid running hot water in your garbage disposal unit. You might have heard that hot water will prevent clogging, but it’s a myth. Hot water may cause fats to melt and stick to the blades of the disposal unit, and causes clogging. Instead, toss some ice cubes in your garbage disposal unit once in a month to keep it clog-free.

Troubleshooting garbage disposal unit

#1: If you don’t have any idea about the functionality or problem of the garbage disposal unit, do not try to troubleshoot the garbage disposal unit. You will end up aggravating the issue. Now, before you start troubleshooting your garbage disposal unit, make sure to disconnect the unit from power source.

#2: In case, your garbage disposal unit won’t turn on, look at the power source. Many times it happens that the circuit is not tripped. You can also try the reset button to try to switch your appliance on.

#3:  When you can hear the sound of motor after switching on your garbage disposal unit, but blades are not moving, your blades are jammed. It’s the time when you need to call commercial garbage disposal maintenance services.

#4: If foul smell is emanating from your garbage disposal unit, then there might be food stuck in it. You can prevent this by grinding all the food.



Everything you need to know about Manitowoc ice machine repair and maintenance

There is never a good time for an ice maker to stop working, because customers always expect ice in their drinks. Sometimes the ice machine issues can be easily solved by making a few adjustments, while other times you need a certified technician doing Manitowoc ice machine repair job. Well, troubleshooting ice machines is not an easy task, as you don’t know what to troubleshoot. And you require the tools to troubleshoot the equipment. The simplest way to troubleshoot an ice maker is to know the sequence of its events.

Practical Ice Maker Troubleshooting Tips

You may come across various ice machine problems, and each problem requires different type of troubleshooting. You need not have to open your machine every time to resolve the problems. With right troubleshooting, it is possible to make the ice machine work. Check out the below mentioned common ice machine problems, and respective troubleshooting options:

Ice Machine Does Not Operate

-Check Power Supply: Check if your appliance is plugged-in. You might get pleasurably surprise with this cost-free and easy solution.

-Check Circuit Breaker: Check if circuit breaker is not fused. Sometimes the breaker gets tripped.

-Toggle Switch: Checkout the setting of ON-OFF switches. Sometimes the switches get stuck between the positions and do not allow ice machine to function.

-Check Damper: In case, the damper is in the down position, the machine will turn off until ice is cleared. The damper must be up, and capable of functioning freely.

Ice Machine Restarts or Stops

-Check out the safety limits: Some Manitowoc ice machines have pre-designed safety limits. In order to prevent the component failures, the machines automatically stops working after reaching at specified limits. Check the limits to make your unit work, and then restart it.

Ice Machine is not releasing ice

-Cleanliness: Sanitize the ice machine to improve the ice harvest.

-Leveling: Check if ice machine is kept at proper level. Your appliance must sit flat on the floor for efficient performance.

-Ambient Air Temperature: The air temperature must be at least 4 degrees Celsius for cool models. You should check the air temperature to optimize the performance of your ice machine.

-Water Regulation Valve: In case, the regulation valve is leaking in harvest mode, it will cause the slow harvest problem. You need to replace the valve. You can do this on your own or call ice machine repair technician Arlington to do this task.