How To Remove Bad Smell From A Commercial Garbage Disposal?

What is that smell? Foul, dirty, and downright putrid. It’s probably your garbage disposal. If you have a commercial food business, a garbage disposal is an essential appliance. Apart from its scheduled maintenance by commercial kitchen appliance repair services, you should perform regular cleaning and use these tips to eliminate that stink from your commercial garbage disposal.

Ways To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Commercial Garbage Disposal Smell

Don’t Put Everything In The Garbage Disposal

When working in a restaurant and dealing with food waste, you want to get rid of everything quickly. However, amidst this rush, don’t put everything in that commercial garbage disposal because you still need to put a lot in the trash bags.

You can put in food scraps, fruit pits, a small amount of vegetable scraps, corn cabs, cooked meat, leftover food without or with small bones, and ice in the disposal. However, you should be careful and don’t put in large amounts of vegetable peels and eggshells. It’s a myth that eggshells remove odor or sharpen the blades of the garbage disposal. But if there are a few eggshells, it may be fine to put them in the disposal.

Other things you should not put in the disposal are grease, oil, oyster shells, corn husk, large bones, and any other non-food items like spoons and forks. Make sure to separate these non-food things from the dishes before because sometimes, a spoon can accidentally fall into the disposal which can damage the appliance.

Following this advice will help you reduce the stench and also keep your commercial garbage disposal from breaking down on you when you need it the most.

Run The Disposal Longer

It’s a common and good advice shared by many kitchen experts and plumbers that you should always run your disposal longer. When you sense that the garbage disposal has done its thing, don’t turn it off right away and keep it running for another 10-30 seconds.

Use Natural Deodorizers

If you want to keep your commercial garbage disposal fresh at all times, then natural deodorizers are here to save the day. There are plenty of things you can find in your kitchen that will turn into a garbage disposal freshener. Here are some of them.


Vinegar might be pungent in smell, but that’s exactly what you need to kill the mold and fungus that’s causing the weird funky smells in the first place. What you want to do is take an ice cube tray and fill it up with vinegar.

If you want, you can even add in a couple of drops of essential oils, like lemon and tea tree, to give the vinegar cubes a wonderful and fresh scent. Freeze them and once you’re ready to use them, throw a couple in the garbage disposal and call it a day.

Baking Soda

The next kitchen/pantry essential that can double up as an amazing deodorizer is baking soda. If you didn’t know about the smelly shoe hack, then you’re missing out on the odor-repelling power of baking soda.

All you need for this is some baking soda and either some lemon juice or vinegar. Mix the two, until you get a wet sand-like consistency. Once that’s done, shape the baking soda mixture into small balls and freeze them. Once they’re hardened, put a couple in the disposal and you’ll smell the difference for yourself.


Lemon is also a wonderful antibacterial and refreshing agent that has a fresh and clean scent. You can use dried-up, cut-up lemons and put them in the garbage disposal.

You can also use lemon peel and stick it in the disposal and you’ll love the fresh and clean fragrance it emanates. You won’t ever smell that awful stench again with lemon, and that’s a fact.


Lavender smells great and this is exactly why you need to put it in your commercial garbage disposal. If you want, you can use the baking soda hack with a bit of dried-up lavender and make refreshing fragrance bombs with it for your garbage disposal.

If that’s too much work, then all you need is dried-up lavender. Take some twine, wrap it around a bunch of lavender flowers, and put it in the disposal. If you want, you can also put a few drops of orange or lemon essential oils and that’s going to turn your garbage disposal from stinky to fragrant in no time.

Salt And Ice

It’s another easy method of removing garbage disposal odor. Salt will remove the smell coming from the disposal while ice will help remove some of the build-up stuck on the blades and other parts of the disposal. As it can also sharpen the blades of your disposal, this will help you minimize the rate of food waste getting stuck in the disposal.

Put a few ice cubes in the disposal followed by a few spoons of salt and turn the disposal on for a bit.

Use Deodorizing Products

If natural is not the way to go for you, then there are a plethora of products that you can buy from your local supermarket to combat that stink. There are lots of chemical deodorizers that do a wonderful job of sealing the stench and making it go away for good.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you should use them up quickly, so you’ll need a bulk stock of that, especially if you’re running a commercial food business and your garbage disposal is used continuously.

Clean The Disposal

Even the thing you use for grinding food waste needs cleaning. Why? Because as a garbage disposal breaks up food waste, some bits and pieces of food are not broken down or drained well. They get stuck in or near the garbage disposal. This food usually causes the smell that you want to get rid of.

As you use garbage disposal for disposing of loads of food waste generated by your busy commercial kitchen, you should make a routine to clean the garbage disposal at the end of the work day. You will only thank yourself in the future for doing this extra bit of work and your garbage disposal will not only look clean but smell fresh too.

What If The Smell Doesn’t Go Away After Using A Cleaning Method?

So, you cleaned the garbage disposal and used lemon slices in the end as well so get rid of the smell, but the bad odor is still there? It’s a common problem, so you have to keep repeating the cleaning method you think is working or use another method. However, the new method should also be tried multiple times.

In some cases, there is food waste in parts of the disposal or pipes that are hard to clean. For this, you should use the help of a disposal repair expert or a plumber to remove the disposal or the pipe and clean it thoroughly.


Bad smell can not only be off-putting for people, but it can also find its way into other places, so instead of having to live with it, get rid of it to make your surroundings smell fresh again. In case, you need deep cleaning or the deposal needs an inspection, consult commercial garbage disposal repair Northern VA services.



Combi Oven Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Issues

Combi or combination ovens have both convection and steam cooking features. You can use these features separately and also together for better cooking. If your combi oven is not working properly, here is a combi oven troubleshooting guide for you. If any repairs are required, consult an authorized commercial kitchen appliance repair service.

Combination Oven Cooking Problems And Their Solutions

Uneven Cooking

This is probably the most common problem related to combi ovens and other types of commercial ovens. Although this entire guide can be considered a list of solutions for this problem, in this section, we will cover the major reasons for uneven cooking.

Oven door problems are a common cause of uneven cooking. The door may not shut properly due to various reasons like dirt on the door seals, worn door gasket, or loose hinges. This will allow heat or steam to escape from the oven. Apart from uneven cooking, this will make the oven take longer to cook food and reach the set temperature.

Furthermore, heating element issues can also lead to uneven cooking. After that, the next thing to check is the temperature settings, temperature sensors, and humidity levels.

Lastly, the issue could be a human error. The operator might have used the convection feature instead of steam for cooking a certain product that must have been cooked on steam.

No Power Or Intermittent Power

As the heading says, it’s usually a power-related issue if your commercial combi oven is not turning on. You should check the circuit breaker. A flipped circuit breaker once in a few weeks is not an issue, but regular tripping of the breaker means something is wrong either with the circuit breaker or the appliances that are getting power through that circuit breaker.

Apart from that, if the combination oven is not switching on, check the power cord and the outlet. Use a different power outlet and make sure the power cord fits snuggly in the outlet. If after checking these things, the oven doesn’t turn on or shuts down expectedly, contact an expert.

Moreover, if you notice a flickering light when the oven operates, it may be a bigger problem than expected. Turn off the appliance and get a professional to inspect the appliance.

Other than power issues, another reason for an oven not turning on is the opened door. Many ovens don’t turn on if the door is open. Therefore, close the door. In some cases, the door appears closed, but it’s not completely shut. Check the door or let an expert inspect it.

Steam And Moisture Issues

Steam problems include the combi oven not steaming, excessive moisture in the oven, etc. For this, you should first check the water reservoir of the oven. Make sure that it’s filled only with filtered water. If the water is not filtered, it can affect the food quality. Plus, the contaminants like dirt can clog the steam generator.

This leads us to the next thing to check, which is the steam generator. Even when you use filtered and clean water, it can get clogged over time so you have to clean it regularly, otherwise, the oven won’t produce enough steam even when the water reservoir is full.

After checking the thing that allows steam to spread, you should check the part that removes the moisture from the oven: the drainage system. Any blockages in the drainage system will cause more moisture in the oven than what’s suitable for the food you’re cooking.

Once you have done that, inspect the door seal of the oven. This is an important of the door that creates a seal and keeps the heat and steam inside the oven chamber. If it’s damaged or worn, have it replaced. However, sometimes, dirt on the seals can cause heat leakage. So, clean the seals and the oven’s outer part.

Then move on to check the humidity controls. Make sure to set the humidity controls correctly. Refer to the user manual for noting the right settings for the food you want to cook.

The Temperature Sensor Problem

The temperature sensors maintain the correct temperature inside the oven. If the temperature sensors are faulty, the oven won’t cook food evenly, won’t cook food at all, or take more time than normal to cook food. You would input the correct temperature settings, but the result would be uneven cooking.

So, use a food-grade thermometer to match the temperature inside the oven with the temperature shown on the display. Consult an oven technician if you notice any differences.

You must get the thermocouple and other components checked as well. Even when they are fine, they must be calibrated from time to time so they detect and signal the correct temperature reading.

Oven Fan issues

The oven fans regulate the air circulation and keep it best for cooking food. Problems with them will affect the food quality. You should first check whether the fans are working or not. Sometimes, the fans are working fine, but one of the heating elements is faulty leading to bad food quality.

However, if the fan is actually not working, there may three reasons for it. The easier one is that the fan is dirty and the dirt and debris are keeping it from rotating. You should clean the insides of the oven including the fan to fix this problem.

Other reasons for a combi oven fan not working are a bad fan motor or a faulty fan element. An expert is required to check and replace them.

Combi Oven Maintenance

You must maintain and care for the oven if you want it to function smoothly with no or fewer breakdowns. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Wipe the door and the body of the oven after cooking every batch of food. This will keep dirt from building up causing the heat to escape.
  • Always use filtered water. This should be taken care of during the installation so the water reservoir receives filtered water.
  • Don’t forget to change the filter. Sometimes, when it’s rush hour, the oven shows the error message to change the filter, the staff overrides it and later forgets to change it. Make sure that this doesn’t happen. Usually, a filter is cleaned every week.
  • The oven in general, and its control board specifically, should be in a safe proximity from nearby items because any heat source from a nearby appliance can affect the temperature reading of the control board.
  • Don’t use cold water when the oven is still warm. Lukewarm water is best to use for cleaning the oven.
  • Don’t use a power washer as it can damage some delicate components. Water from a power washer can also damage the control board which is waterproof but can’t protect itself when a power washer is used.
  • Clean the drain hoses regularly to prevent any blockages.
  • Clean both the interior and exterior of the unit daily. Moreover, clean the top of the oven weekly.


To ensure that the food cooked in a combi oven is delicious and perfect, you must keep it maintained and fix common problems as soon as possible. Always hire an experienced commercial oven repair Fairfax technician for repairs.



Freezer is Working but Not the Fridge

There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than when the freezer is working but the fridge is not. It is worthing reasoning out that if the freezer is cold, the refrigerator should be as well. However, sometimes it is not happening.

When it comes to refrigerators and freezers, they both have a couple of complex mechanical parts and electric components as well. A couple of reasons why your fridge is not cooling but the freezer works can easily be solved by any homeowner. There are a couple of issues however that are left for professional technicians to do.

Before calling the walk in cooler repair, you should read this article.

The Thermistor is Failing

One common reason why the refrigerator is not cooling is because of a faulty thermistor. The thermistor is going to monitor your refrigerator’s internal temperature. When the interior is detected to be excessively warm, it will signal the compressor to activate and begin cooling.

In case the thermistor refuses to work, the appliance cannot monitor its own temperature, so the coils and fan will never switch on, in case the temperature increases, or they will never switch off. If the fridge is going to be very noisy, and if it will ice up or freeze your food.

You Could be Overpacking Your Freezer

One common issue that homeowners are unaware of is a freezer that is overpacked. Most homeowners feel that it stands to reason that if the freezer has no room, you just shove it in there.

The problem with doing this is that the freezer will contain vents that allow cold air to flow. In case these vents are blocked by too many items, that will limit the airflow that goes in your refrigerator. For instance, the freezer would be okay but the refrigerator is too warm.

Stuck Damper Control

One reason why this problem could be happening is that the damper control assembly is stuck. The damper control assembly is found between the freezer and fridge components. It regulates how much cool air is flowing from one compartment to another. If the damper control is stuck closed, it will not let enough cold air into the fridge, which causes the temperature to go inside to rise. If you want to fix this issue, place your hand in front of the vent to check for airflow. If you do not feel an airflow, you might have to call a professional to repair the damper.

Evaporator Fan is Faulty

The evaporator fan is responsible for pulling cold into the coils, where it is distributed using the fridge and freezer. In case the fan is malfunctioning, this does not happen efficiently. The most common issue with the fan is the motor.

Most of the time, a faulty evaporator fan is because of inefficiencies or faults in other parts of the appliance. During these circumstances, the evaporator fan motor should work harder to compensate, which increases the likelihood of breaking down and shortening the lifespan.

Condenser Coil is Dirty

In general, you can find condenser coils at the back or bottom of the fridge. You should consult the owner’s manual to make sure. After locating them, you can check to see if your condenser coils are dirty. If this happens, you need to unplug the refrigerator and use a small attachment to clear them. After that, use a coil cleaning solution and water for cleaning. You need to dry the coils using a clean cloth and then plug the fridge again.

You can call commercial refrigerator repairs Alexandria anytime to get it fixed.





Advantages of Steam Ovens

If you are thinking of buying a steam oven, you might be surprised to find out that it costs an average of $4000. Before you decide to examine the advantages of buying a steam oven, you should also know a good commercial oven repair in case you will need them in the future. A lot of research has been done to help you decide a lot faster.

Prior to deciding, you would want to read more about why you should invest in one. Maybe a fellow business owner mentioned it to you and now you want one. There are many reasons in this article that you should read about so that you can determine if you can use it for your business or not.

You Can Cook a Lot of Things

Originally, steam ovens were only for steaming vegetables. However, this is not the case anymore. A top-quality one will allow the chicken and fish to cook at a temperature of 100 degrees C. The supplies have been experimented with and cooked using sponges in steam ovens. They are useful for different functions, which include:

Dough proving

Food reheat


Hard-boiled eggs


Sterilizing bottles

Skinning tomatoes and sous vide

Healthy Cooking

Steam ovens will reduce the absence of food nutrients. This is because steam ovens use steam to cook food instead of hot air. Steaming your food has the tendency to keep nutrients and vitamins locked.

Hot air will significantly lessen nutrients in food because you are at risk of overcooking the food which can destroy the nutrients. In addition, steaming does not need boiling foods in water. You will see that when you boil vegetables and other foods, it could cause the nutrients and vitamins to seep into the water.

Gives You More Humidity and Moisture

A steam oven does not change the cooking time, and it only gives you the same temperature with added moisture and humidity while something bakes or roasts. Equipping the kitchen with a steam oven is among the most important things you can do in order to boost your cooking skills. It is a great way to keep up with the cooking experts. However, those who are not techy would love to know that ovens equipped with steam offer the best method for reheating leftovers. It is because steam harnesses moisture from what was lost inside your fridge, so the pizza of yesterday tastes good the night before. Your microwave is only good for reheating coffee all day when you work from home.

Evenly Warms Food Without Drying

Steam is helpful if you want to heat leftover food so that it can retain moisture and flavor, unlike microwave-heated foods. The steam provides more moisture retention, so your food will be juicier when you use it to reheat.

Healthier Cooking

Cooking with steam is very healthy because it does not need oils. It is also the secret of the best bakeries and Michelin-star restaurants because steam convection cooks evenly compared to other methods. At the same time, it produces perfect tender roasts, and moist fish with a flaky outside, as well as fluffy baked goods. The simplicity it offers is even better.

You Can Cook Food Simultaneously

Different foods can be simultaneously cooked using a steam oven. In addition, the steam design will not transfer the flavors or taste between foods. This way, you can cut cooking time if you are preparing a few dishes all at the same time. You will not be as pressured if you have many customers.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Fairfax in case you want to have your steam oven checked.



Most Common Issues of Appliances

Appliance issues can happen to just anyone, most of the time when you least expect it. Regardless if you are faced with an aging appliance, one that will not turn on, or you do not know who can fix it, they can happen.

Everyone has seen every kind of appliance issue they can think of, and everyone knows how frustrating it is. That is the reason why this guide was created about the most common friction points that are faced by customers. You can always contact a commercial oven repair service, but it helps to know what kind of issue you are dealing with. You can gain more knowledge about those issues by reading further:

The Refrigerator is Not Cooling

This is among the most common issues that commercial kitchens sometimes have to face and it is crucial that a repair team comes right away. When the fridge will not keep a cold temperature it can spoil food and waste money, which is something you do not want to happen. A way to keep the appliance running efficiently is to clean the coils twice a year. This is simple maintenance that can be done right away.

The Dishwasher Will Not Drain

The standing water that is found at the bottom of the dishwasher is not what you are seeing. At the end of the wash cycle, the dirty water must drain through a connection beneath the sink. If you are there, there can be an issue that you must invest in.

Before you give appliance service specialists a call, it is recommended that you run your garbage disposal in case you have one.

There is Water Pooling in the Dishwasher

A dishwasher that refuses to drain can be very frustrating. The issue can be linked to errors of users such as not cleaning the filter or forgetting to empty the drain basket. In case these get blocked with food scraps or detergent, they can lead to water flooding, so they should be cleaned regularly.

Evaporator Fan Issue

The evaporator fan might be the one to blame if your fridge starts freezing up and collecting ice. It can be a case of the entire fan not working or it is only part of the coil. This might be because of a low charge. You would want to hire a certified technician to come and check the issue because you will not be able to check on that yourself.

Gas Range Refuses to Light or Heat Up

Many homeowners have electric gas ranges, but for the ones who cook using gas variety, there are instances when the burner or oven refuses to heat up. They might also have a hard time lighting up which complicates cooking even more.

The lighting might not be turning on because the gas line got closed, and the gas is unlit or running freely which is dangerous. It could also be that the pilot light is not on. The electrodes in the spark igniter are already loose, or the burner caps are closed.

No matter what is causing it, you should ask professionals to check on it.

You Hear Strange Noises

When you can hear that your refrigerator is making loud sounds that are unfamiliar to you, it could be a sign of trouble. Problems with motors, fans, or other parts might trigger sounds you can hear. Contacting commercial refrigeration repair is your best option because you can be sure that the issue will be properly diagnosed.

You can contact commercial steamer repair Fairfax if you are experiencing any of the said issues with your commercial appliances




Common Problems of Commercial Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are among the most valuable components of commercial kitchens. Food preparation is going to take longer if the equipment has issues, which is why you have to make sure that your deep fryer is in good condition, especially if you have deep-fried foods.

Therefore, it is important to understand some common issues you might encounter when you own the best quality deep fryers. Even if most commercial deep fryers are popular for their efficiency and durability, these heavy duty-kitchen appliances can encounter some minor issues in their lifespan. The good thing is that the most common issues that come with a deep fryer can easily be fixed. You can call the deep fryer repair service anytime.

Temperature Control

When you are unable to control the temperature while you deep fry it, you will have undercooked or burnt foods, depending on the cooking temperature required. Most of the time, the inconsistent temperature is caused by a broken thermostat. A commercial fryer needs to heat up about 350 degrees Fahrenheit prior to adding food. Thermostats will regulate gas flow so that food will heat at the right temperature. If the deep fryer overheats, and the thermostat failed, you need to have your thermostat fixed or repaired.

Blocked Burners

Burner offices can become clogged because of grease buildup, food particles, debris, and dust. Burners can partially light up or they will never light at all and could have blocked orifices. You can fix this using a stiff brush over burners to remove particles that clog orifices. If the problem continues, the issue could be because of inconsistent or low gas pressure. Damaged fuel lines might cause this issue if your fuel supply is sufficient.

Quality Issues

Unfortunately, the older a model is, the higher the tendency for it to experience wear and tear problems, like clogged oil filters and burners, broken lids, or broken burner knobs. A commercial fryer is an important investment for any restaurant, but quality could mean longevity. Before you buy or replace your commercial deep fryer, you should research the available brands. Check the reviews and consult an expert about which fryer suits you best.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

When the pilot light is turned off, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer needs repair. if there is no pilot light, the oil is not going to heat up to the correct temperature. While there are a lot of reasons that might cause the pilot light to become faulty, the culprit is normally because of the main gas supply valve. The way to confirm that this is the issue is to examine the supply line for any blockage. If you have an open and clog-free valve, you might have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile is a heating element that will convert thermal heat to electric energy, so it signals the pilot light to ignite the flame. While the deep fryer thermopile is easy to replace, you should contact a professional to make sure that the repair is correctly handled.

Thermostat is Faulty

The thermostat can regulate oil fryer temperatures, while the heating element can deliver the requisite heat to the fryer basket. The thermostat can monitor the heat transfer and it cuts off the process when the oil temperature reaches a specific temperature. This mechanism ensures that the oil will remain at the right temperature based on the prepared food.

A faulty thermostat allows oil to overheat, which cooks crispy food. Alternatively, the oil might not heat at the right temperature, which makes your food oily and soggy.

You can also contact walk in cooler repair Springfield anytime if your deep fryer needs to be fixed because they also fix other appliances.




How to Maintain a Commercial Ice Maker

The importance and use of ice have gone through a dramatic evolution over the past few years. A luxury item in the 20th century to a necessity you find in homes and restaurants all over the world. When it comes to commercial kitchens in bars and restaurants, an efficient ice maker is the main factor for keeping food items cold, such as drinks.

However, you cannot have a steady supply of ice without a good ice maker. As a restaurant owner, you should consider paying for commercial ice maker repairs in the future, but it should not be too soon. The maintenance of your ice maker will depend on how good you are at following some tips mentioned here:

Sanitize and Clean the System

While ice forms on your ice machine’s evaporator plate, there will be separation. Minerals are going to separate from the form and water scale that will stick to water system component surfaces. This scale is going to be more visible when there are dry surfaces. The scale color varies because of the kind of minerals in the water supply. Lime or calcium scale is going to be off-white while iron scale becomes rusty red. Slime or algae growth can also occur in other locations. This is because of air or water-borne bacteria that settles in the wet areas.

Activate the Cleaning Cycle

Some ice makers use a “clean mode” that you can set in order to clean the internal unit and lines. It could require using a descaler cleaning solution, which is normally a mixture of vinegar and water. The yearly service must be checked to find out the instructions and recommended cleaning cycle time, which is about 20 to 45 minutes.

Follow the Shut Down Procedures

You cannot deny that ice makers use a lot of electricity. You could feel tempted to turn off the ice machine when you are not using it. This is not an issue as long as you turn it off properly. If you do not, bacteria can accumulate.

It is easy to avoid this. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to turn off the ice maker. Before you walk away from the machine, you should drain excess water and wipe off residual moisture.

Inspect the Auger and Bearing

Flakers are producing ice inside the evaporator cylinder. The ice is extruded and broken away out of the cylinder with a gear motor-driven auger. The bearing allows the auger to maintain and rotate the positioning in the evaporator cylinder. While the auger turns, bearing wear is eminent. A flaker bearing is known as a wear item. These bearings have to be inspected based on the manufacturers’ recommendations.

You can recommend yearly bearing instructions. It might be necessary to have the appliance inspected more frequently if you are in a bad water area, especially if you do not use any water treatment. This only involves checking the top bearing.

Check Filters

Ice machines are comprised of multiple filters. Some filters can be bought to prevent debris and dirt from going into the system. If there is no filter, particles are going to stick to the condenser and prevent proper cooling. There is a water filter that prevents contaminations.

You can replace the filters every six months, but you should do it sooner if the ice maker is already experiencing issues. if you doubt this, you only have to clean the filters when deep cleaning the machine.

Do not hesitate to call commercial appliancesrepair Alexandria anytime if you need an ice maker repair service.



Common Commercial Steamer Problems

Do you ever need an expert in commercial steamer repair? Steamers are a piece of wonderful food equipment for cooking delicious and healthy food. With a lot of work that your food steamer has to handle daily, it will need repairs eventually.

These steamers play a crucial role in terms of food preparation. There is a reason machines are found in restaurants they help steam and prepare food in just a few minutes while serving customers.

One of the best benefits of having a commercial steamer is that you can cook food without using oil. Your health-conscious customers are going to love steamed dishes, but you should know how to detect any issues they might be having so you can get them fixed right away.

Intermittent or No Steam at All

You switch your steamer on but it will not produce any steam. Experts will observe that it is among the most common problems with steamers. Your unit will not produce steam because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that it will run out of water.

When your unit has no water, there is no way that your unit produces steam. In order for it to produce steam, you would have to fill it up with water.

The unit is also going to fail to produce in case there is a clog. If you want to get rid of clogging material, you should open up the steamer.

The Door Will Not Stay Closed

Another common repair requirement for commercial food steam you can encounter is that the door does not stay closed. In happens because of the steam pressure which builds up inside the unit. When your commercial food steamer is old, or when the door seal starts to deteriorate, it allows the heat and steam to escape. It could take for the commercial food steamer to take up more time to cook the food.

Steamer Won’t Turn On

While the majority of steamers will turn on but there is no steam coming out, others will not even turn on. When you have this problem, you should look at the operational light. If the light is turned off, there could be a problem with the plug socket. The fuse could also have blown in the plug.

In case the plug is the one with an issue, you would have to change the fuse and test it with another socket. If the steamer refuses to turn on, it could have clogged with limescale and sediment.

With the unnecessary skills, you must hire a professional to help with the cleaning. If you are confident in your skills, you should try removing the sediment yourself.

Steamer Will Not Heat Fully

Food steamer makers have a couple of safety protocols is integrated into the equipment. However, there are times when these parts can become compromised, which could make the steamer fail in generating the right amount of heat. When this occurs, you should ask for the assistance of experts who can repair your equipment. They will give the right diagnosis to determine what to do. They will find the main cause of the problem and make sure that your steamer is getting back to its normal functioning order.

Steamer Abruptly Stops

It is uncommon for the steamer to stop abruptly. Most of the time, this problem comes when you are having power issues. If you want to fix the issue, the primary thing you need to do is to reset the breakers.

You can contact commercial refrigerator repair Northern VA anytime if you need your steamer to be checked and fixed.




How to Choose the Right Size of Dishwasher

There are a lot of considerations to make when you choose a dishwasher like its noise level, capacity, cost, energy efficiency, reviews, and aesthetics.

If you do not own a dishwasher yet, and you are thinking about why you need to purchase one, the primary answer to the question is all about efficiency. When you add a dishwasher to your kitchen, you are going to save on energy costs and heating. You are not going to use as many liters of water as you would have to. In case you were washing dishes by hand with tap water, it should also eliminate more germs to get a more hygienic cleaning using formulated dishwasher detergents.

Commercial dishwasher repairs are easy to contact in case of any issues.

How Big Should it Be?

The dimensions of the majority of dishwashers fit inside cabinets that are 24 inches wide, 24 inches, 35 inches high, and 24 inches deep. This is the standard size of a dishwasher, and the majority of modern kitchens are made in this size. Many brands offer a huge selection of standard-sized dishwashers with different load capacities and features that make your family’s clean-up simple, so you can get back to what is important.

Other Dimension Considerations

Some exterior dishwashers will protrude beyond the face of the cabinet, which increases the overall depth of the dishwasher. Even if this will not change the required cutout dimensions, you would want to remember this when deciding where you want to place your dishwasher. In case your kitchen is small and narrow, features such as towel bars and handles will catch on clothing if you must squeeze by. If the clearance is limited in front of the dishwasher, choose a top control dishwasher or pocket handle models to keep a flush exterior.

When You Should Buy a New One

If you are looking for the top model and dishwasher brand, you would want to think of the cost, but you also want to feature brand guarantee and quality. There are top brands that offer energy-efficient, and sustainable dishwashers when it comes to innovation, luxury, and style.


The majority of dishwashers found in the market have two sizes: 18” and 24”. The best way to choose a size is to consider the number of people living in your home that the dishwasher is for. An 18” dishwasher size is only for 2 to 3 people and it can normally hold between 6 to 6 place settings. A dishwasher with a 24” size is perfect for a family, and it normally holds about 12 to 14 place settings.

The majority of newer models have adjustable racks and time for a larger capacity. Some advanced models are made of stainless steel and come with a third gasket, which allows a place setting capacity of 16. If you are not looking for a larger capacity, you can look for space-saving models which can fit smaller settings if you do not need a large load capacity.


Technological innovations make more energy-efficient appliances that are in constant advancement. When you determine how to pick the right dishwasher, you would want to guarantee that you will save on energy costs. This will cover the new washer cost. A lot of that depends on the dishwasher’s capacity you want to buy. Therefore, you have to make efficiency one of the primary considerations that you are going to make when you are choosing a dishwasher.

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Proper Commercial Steamer Maintenance

When the commercial steamer fails to work properly, most of the time, the culprits are scale and lime deposits. That is why from when you purchase it, operators should stick to the right cleaning schedule. In general, stainless-steel walls can easily be cleaned. The staff can start by applying a degreasing spray and run the equipment on steam mode to loosen the stuck-on particles. The staff should open the door of the machine while they cool and scrub the interior using soft brushes.

Daily tasks ensure that drain lines remain clear while inspecting gaskets. There are more ways to avoid commercial steamer repair through proper maintenance. You have to make sure to follow what you need to do so you can maintain your commercial steamer properly.


You can make a simple solution of soap water to effectively clean your commercial steamer but you should be warned. Due to its nature, anything can become virtually contaminated in the steamer, since there is a risk of anything that goes inside your steamer. So, if you are not careful, food contamination can happen or a foul taste will develop.

However, that is not an indication that you should stay away from the cleaning process. If you have decided on cleaning the steamer, you should be quite serious about it.

You should do thorough cleaning by using a normal cloth and gently rubbing it down inside the machine before wiping it.

Inspect Commercial Gaskets Daily

You need to inspect drain lines to make sure they are clear. Depending on the water quality found in your area, you should replace the water filters and cartridges regularly and you can do it quarterly and biannually. If there is poor water quality or the mineral content is heavy, you might have to replace the water filter cartridge more often.

If you want to descale your steamer, you should talk about the owner’s manual from your manufacturer. Descaling is a great opportunity to inspect the steam line tubing, water lines, and connection points for any cracks or frayed ends. You should also inspect the wear and tear electrical components.

Change the Filters

A steamer needs to have its filters changed regularly. The reason behind this is that water has direct contact with the food in the steamer, using filters. Over time, filters become dirty, and they need to be replaced.

Unfiltered water causes disease and changes food taste.


A steamer needs water for cooking and heating. Based on the advice of commercial steamer repair, in order to ensure full functionality, a steamer has to be de-limbed periodically. Based model to model, some steamer models feature automatic de-liming while others have manual functionality.

The interior of the steamer and boiler base should be deemed for optimum usage. Not being able to de-lime leads to more unnecessary expense over warm repairs.

How to Clean a Food Steamer

Since anything that goes inside the steamer can penetrate the food, it impacts the taste, and it could harm your patrons. It is important to avoid using toxic or harsh chemicals. A simple bath of soap and water is offering an effective and gentle method to clean your machine.

Among the main aspects of the steamer, cleaning is thoroughness. By using a cloth, you need to rub down the inside part of the machine, which pays special care to clean debris that was left from cooking. In addition, do not overlook the touch points like the door, control knob, and latch that see endless contact from the kitchen employees.

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