Common Problems of Commercial Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are among the most valuable components of commercial kitchens. Food preparation is going to take longer if the equipment has issues, which is why you have to make sure that your deep fryer is in good condition, especially if you have deep-fried foods.

Therefore, it is important to understand some common issues you might encounter when you own the best quality deep fryers. Even if most commercial deep fryers are popular for their efficiency and durability, these heavy duty-kitchen appliances can encounter some minor issues in their lifespan. The good thing is that the most common issues that come with a deep fryer can easily be fixed. You can call the deep fryer repair service anytime.

Temperature Control

When you are unable to control the temperature while you deep fry it, you will have undercooked or burnt foods, depending on the cooking temperature required. Most of the time, the inconsistent temperature is caused by a broken thermostat. A commercial fryer needs to heat up about 350 degrees Fahrenheit prior to adding food. Thermostats will regulate gas flow so that food will heat at the right temperature. If the deep fryer overheats, and the thermostat failed, you need to have your thermostat fixed or repaired.

Blocked Burners

Burner offices can become clogged because of grease buildup, food particles, debris, and dust. Burners can partially light up or they will never light at all and could have blocked orifices. You can fix this using a stiff brush over burners to remove particles that clog orifices. If the problem continues, the issue could be because of inconsistent or low gas pressure. Damaged fuel lines might cause this issue if your fuel supply is sufficient.

Quality Issues

Unfortunately, the older a model is, the higher the tendency for it to experience wear and tear problems, like clogged oil filters and burners, broken lids, or broken burner knobs. A commercial fryer is an important investment for any restaurant, but quality could mean longevity. Before you buy or replace your commercial deep fryer, you should research the available brands. Check the reviews and consult an expert about which fryer suits you best.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

When the pilot light is turned off, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer needs repair. if there is no pilot light, the oil is not going to heat up to the correct temperature. While there are a lot of reasons that might cause the pilot light to become faulty, the culprit is normally because of the main gas supply valve. The way to confirm that this is the issue is to examine the supply line for any blockage. If you have an open and clog-free valve, you might have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile is a heating element that will convert thermal heat to electric energy, so it signals the pilot light to ignite the flame. While the deep fryer thermopile is easy to replace, you should contact a professional to make sure that the repair is correctly handled.

Thermostat is Faulty

The thermostat can regulate oil fryer temperatures, while the heating element can deliver the requisite heat to the fryer basket. The thermostat can monitor the heat transfer and it cuts off the process when the oil temperature reaches a specific temperature. This mechanism ensures that the oil will remain at the right temperature based on the prepared food.

A faulty thermostat allows oil to overheat, which cooks crispy food. Alternatively, the oil might not heat at the right temperature, which makes your food oily and soggy.

You can also contact walk in cooler repair Springfield anytime if your deep fryer needs to be fixed because they also fix other appliances.




Why is Your Dishwasher is Shaking

Dishwashers make lives more convenient. You will load up your dishes, run the cleaning cycle, and then you can complete other tasks in the next hour. Therefore, it is very easy, and you often take your dishwasher for granted. You will only pay attention when it stops working.

Food particles and other items that get collected in your dishwasher over time create logs and cause backups that limits performance.

You can easily call commercial dishwasher repairs, but you should be able to tell early on if there is an issue. Normally, the dishwasher will become noisier than usual. You should understand the sounds made by your dishwasher without having to scrub them down. Here are reasons why your dishwasher is noisy:

Shaking Against Your Cabinet

Many large appliances can shake, bang, or rattle according to the unit’s movement. When the outside panels of the dishwasher shake against the kitchen’s inner walls, repeated or banging thumping still occurs. Similar to how your dryer or washer could shake against the wall, your dishwasher shakes inside the cabinetry.

The usual cause of shaking is that your dishwasher has uneven feet. A properly installed dishwasher is not going to shake because their feet are flat on the ground. If the ground is uneven or in case one foot is too short or long, the whole unit is going to wobble and knock surfaces nearby.

Food Grinding and Filtration System

A lot of dishwashers are made with a filtration system located at the bottom, and in case large food chunks or another debris fall in the filter, it could make a vibrating sound. You should turn off and open the dishwasher. Take out the bottom rack and lift the top housing off your filter, rinse the filter using water and replace it. The dishwasher can also have an installed grinder for hard food, which can make a noise when it is working to grind food debris. This is a normal occurrence and it goes away when the item has been grounded up sufficiently and disposed of using the drain system and dishwasher.

Spray Arm

Usually, dishwashers only have one spray arm, while other models can have two. Spray arms are for spraying water and detergent around your dishwasher. Most spray arms have seals and bearing rings that become loose or it deteriorates over time. This causes a squealing or rattling sound during washing. Spray arms must be inspected for cracks, wear, and tear, and make sure they are still intact.

Soap Cup is Snapping

There are several kinds of soap-cup enclosures for different models of dishwashers. Some should be turned to close, some come with a press button latch. A lot of them have a spring-loaded lid that will pop open to release the soap partway through the washing cycle of the dishwasher. In case you have heard of an alarming snap or bang, you should not worry if it only happens once per cycle and nothing is broken when you check, which means the soap cup is opening.

When the soap cup latch is released, it will spring open and the back of the lid will hit the dishwasher door. Since the dishwasher door is hollow, the sound is amplified.

There are Foreign Objects

The vibrating noise could happen if there are utensils or other objects that are falling down from the dishwasher racks and vibrating. You should turn off the dishwasher and open the bottom rack. You must inspect the dishwasher bottom for items that might have fallen. Remove them if necessary.

Contact commercial steamer repair Northern VA for any appliance repair you might need.



How to Maintain Commercial Deep Fryers

You finally have the commercial deep fryer your business needs, and you bought the fryer with the best fuel size and type. If you want to make sure that your deep fryer will last for years, you might want to know more about deep fryer repair and maintenance. According to what food service managers know, it is important to keep commercial fryers properly cleaned.

The comprehensive maintenance will encompass everything from oil or basket shortening, to oil well, and heating tubes.

The maintenance of your restaurant fryer extends the life of your oil and your equipment. If you do it correctly, your food is going to taste better, and this will ensure that your customers will keep coming back.

Clean Intensively Once a Week

Even if the kitchen staff is maintaining a clean workspace, it would be good to schedule an intensive cleaning once a week so your commercial deep fryer is in great condition. You need to inspect the surface underneath the floor fryer or tabletop to check if you have food bits and other formed residues.

Remove the basket and discard any used oil from your deep fryer. Wash your basket in dish soap and rinse it using warm water. You might want to clean the walls as well to prevent any grease build-up.


As needed once a week, you should reference the fryer’s owner manual in order to perform a total tank cleaning with the use of a boil-out solution. This is the hard part of maintaining the fryer. When you perform a full-tank cleanse, it preserves the taste of fried food when you remove old oil and stubborn sediments.

This procedure would need specific cleaning chemicals and it takes more time compared to daily cleaning. There are enormous benefits and it is worth your time. Make sure to carefully follow your fryer manual process, and your food is going to taste like how it was cooked in a new fryer.

Get Rid of Stick Film with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda will never fail as your cleaning agent since it is a perfect cleaner so you can remove stubborn sticky films in the commercial deep fryer. You need to mix enough baking soda and water so you can make a thick paste. You have to rub a portion on all the greased parts using a sponge.

When all of the greased areas have been covered with baking soda, you should let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes. You must wipe it off using a clean sponge or cloth and check if there are sticky films left before you rinse it with water.

Apart from baking soda, vinegar is an effective cleaner for commercial deep fryers. When you clean your deep fryer basket, you should use a mixture of water and vinegar, or baking soda and vinegar.

You need to soak it using a solution and scrub it using a sponge before you rinse it with water until it has been totally cleaned. By using this method, you must get rid of elements that mix with your oil and affects the taste of your food.

The Exterior Should be Free of Debris

You must not forget to clean the exterior of the fryer machine, and the tabletop area around the deep fryer. If you fail to do this, then the remnant oil might cause injury hazards. A remnant oil might leak into the apparatus, or on the kitchen tools, which causes a lot of mess that is challenging to clean.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Fairfax if your deep fryer needs to be checked.






Signs the Ice Maker Needs a Repair

These days, it is uncommon if you do not want a refreshing and cold beverage when the day ends. However, this requires that your refrigerator’s ice maker is working properly so that you have a constant supply of ice. Occasionally, the ice maker might not be working right and it should be repaired, but what are the signs?

You can easily call an ice dispenser repair service, but you should also be able to tell if you can do it on your own or you can be sure that you are not being fooled. When you read this article until the end, you will learn more about the signs that your ice maker should be repaired. Read on.

The Ice Does Not Taste Right

If you notice that the ice has a different taste and smell, you should check the ice maker because it can get damaged. Sometimes, you might want to assume that the water is dirty, but that might not be helpful until you inspect and repair the ice maker. The drinking juice that has a foul smell is devastating, regardless of how delicious the taste is.

Loud Noises from the Ice Maker

Hearing your ice maker make loud noises can be an indicator of whether or not it should be repaired or not. Ice makers can be loud once they start dumping ice, but they tend to be silent most of the time. If the ice maker is producing loud or unusual noises, then it is most likely caused by a mechanical issue that needs repair. Generally, listening to the noises appliances make helps you determine their condition.

Ice Cubes are Half Frozen

Do you notice that the ice cubes are not completely freezing? You can have an issue with the compressor, and the part in the ice machine is partly to be blamed for controlling an internal temperature. When the compressor starts to malfunction, the ice machine heat uncontrollably rises, and you will end up with slush and not cubes.

Fails to Produce Ice

If the ice maker is not producing ice, you should have it repaired. You might want to assume that your ice maker is dead, but that is not always the case. The machine stops producing ice because of a technical fault that needs to be repaired. It can be a water line blockage or another technical issue that can be repaired.

There are Leaks

One of the most obvious indications that the ice maker is broken is leaks. When the leak forms on the exterior of the ice maker, there are water pool puddles under the ice maker. If you do not address it right away, an exterior leak causes damage to the baseboards or floorboards. The exterior leak can show itself in a larger-than-average ice cube. It could seem like a huge deal but the larger cubes cause rapid wear and tear on the ice maker.

The Freezer is Too Warm

This issue is among the easiest to check so you can see if your ice maker is turned on, and you can start with this. In case the freezer is too warm, you could think that you will notice the food defrosting, but that is untrue. If the freezer is more than 10 degrees F, the food will still be frozen, but the ice maker struggles to make ice. It might even stop making ice altogether because of this temperature.

If you think that a warm freezer could be the cause, you want the temperature to be 0 degrees F.

You can talk to commercial ice maker repairs Fairfax anytime.



Common Oven Mistakes to Avoid

There are some mistakes you will be able to make when you use the oven that can affect the functionality. Even though this appliance is among the most practical ones to have, using it inappropriately ruins recipes or reduces its usefulness. Therefore, how will you be able to recognize that?

Cooking is considered an art and it has some tricks and secrets. Therefore, in case you want to bake professionally and you do not want to contact commercial oven repair too often, you have to consider some things. You should consider certain details like avoiding mistakes people commonly do. At some point, they have ruined dishes or their oven because of some common mistakes. Know what they are right now:

Not Preheating the Oven Before Using

This is among the most important rules when it comes to using an oven. Before you do, it is necessary to preheat the oven. This is not something simple, but it is very important.

You have to try preheating the oven for about 15 minutes before you introduce your food so the result is expected and the cooking will be even.

Using the Self-Cleaning Feature

You still have to clean the oven regularly, but there are smarter ways if you want to de-grime the oven without using the built-in self-cleaning function. The majority of oven cooking will stay in the range between 350 to 400 degrees, and this feature gets the unit near 900 degrees. A drastic jump, especially if you have an old oven, causes it to stop working. If you opt for the self-cleaner, you can use the cleaner you love or a DIY mixture of items from your pantry.

Not Using all the Oven Functions

All ovens, even the older ones have 3 or more functions. The static, ventilation, and grill. All are perfect for a certain kind of baking. The first one can radiate heat from the top and bottom simultaneously, the second one can make heat circulate, while the last one is for cooking au gratin. However, only a few people know that you need to combine the different programs in order to get good results. The best thing is to start with a static function and finish using the ventilated one. You should be careful to lower the temperature by 10 to 20 degrees C during the second phase. It only takes a few minutes to give the food a nice surface.

Constantly Opening and Closing the Oven

You have probably baked a cake and you open and close the door every now and then to check how the cake is turning out. However, you will see that it never becomes fluffy. That is because of the temperature change. The majority of ovens have glass doors so that you can see what you are baking without losing heat. Every time the oven door is opened, about 50 degrees C can get lost, which makes cooking uneven.

Neglecting the Rust on the Racks

Not doing maintenance on aging metal racks can also cause problems. The exposed rusted coating can break or crack baking dishes, and when rust chips odd, there is a chance that your racks will catch fire. You must keep the steel racks shiny and bright when you soak them in soapy water and vinegar solution for approximately 10 to 12 hours, and then scrub them with a non-abrasive scouring pad. This approach is going to help you soften up the rusty flakes and prolong the lifespan of oven racks.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Alexandria anytime in case your oven malfunctions so you can continue baking.



How to Choose a Commercial Dishwasher

There is no doubt that if you are planning to enter the food service industry, then you are also in the business of dishwashing. Silverware, dishes, glassware, and everything else that is important for preparing food should be sanitized and sparkling clean. Therefore, once you are in the market for a new dishwashing system, it is important to research the different kinds of available models.

Everyone who has gone to a restaurant, café, or bar is likely to have experienced disappointment and anger when their meal is served on a dirty plate. If you do not want to pay for commercial dishwasher repairs and would rather purchase a new one, here is a guide to help you choose the right one.

Consider the Costs

High-temperature dishwashers normally cost more at first and it can slightly impact utility bills because of the energy required to heat the water. Low-temperature models can come at a lower price, but the chemicals required for the sanitation process should be purchased continuously. Low-temperature machines also use more water compared to high-temperature versions, which can be part of the overall investment. Considerable pre-scrapping is needed with the low temp models if you do not want to re-wash.

Remember that since the high-temperature dishwashers require a vent hood to handle the steam, the machine’s location should be planned carefully. Even if the steam of high-temperature machines goes through the hood, it is a great idea to make sure that the dishwasher is placed far from the customer area.

Capacity and Size

Size and capacity should be allotted enough weight in your cost. It does not make sense to purchase a commercial dishwasher that you cannot fit into the space you have. Before you start browsing options, you need to measure your space.

Normally, commercial kitchens are busy, crowded places with a lot of people. Aside from the practical concern of whether you have enough space for the dishwasher, you must also consider if where you are placing it is in anyone’s way. Is it possible for people to continue with their jobs efficiently with the allotted spot for the dishwasher?

The size of the dishwasher normally dictates how many dishes can be inside at a time. In case it is unable to wash enough dishes all at once, your customers have to deal with wait times that are longer.

Hidden Benefits

Both high and low-temperature dishwashers come with advantages that you do not always see at first. The high-temperature one dries dishes really quickly after they are taken out of the washer, which means you can put back the items into service faster. This is helpful when the kitchen is busy. When it comes to the low-temperature washers, they are normally available in the form of standard electrical service. This is an advantage for operations where electrical service does not have enough to power up a high-temperature washer. Low temperature, chemical machines are best for applications where lighter soils are dominant.

Ease of Operation

The good thing is, that commercial dishwashers have efficient, one-button or two-step controls making them easy to use. Simple operation is an important consideration for busy kitchens where duties are normally shared and everyone pitches in to make sure it is running smoothly in the kitchen.

Even if it is simple to use, consideration must always be given to the kind of dishwasher you buy before washing. The loading and even wash cycles at the end of the day to make sure that your machine keeps performing excellently.

You can check out commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA if you need to have it fixed in the future.



How to Choose a Commercial Garbage Disposal Appliance

Regardless if you have decided to upgrade your kitchen appliance or you need a commercial garbage disposal repair or you want to buy a new one, there are a couple of considerations to make. The models and features to consider can feel daunting. Some considerations will include size, grind power, and the way it runs.

There are a lot of options available to everyone, and sometimes, they think that the garbage disposals are all the same. The truth is, you need to consider some important factors, and not all of them are made the same way. This article is going to tell you what you need to know when it comes to buying a commercial garbage disposal.


A garbage disposal can be used in kitchen sinks so that food wastes can be processed. They are placed in a cabinet under the sink, connecting it between the trap and drain. Garbage disposals can fit all kitchen sinks because all sinks have standard drain holes that are about 3.5 to 4 inches.

They were mainly designed to function with plumbing that will empty into a municipal sewer system, but some manufacturers have produced disposals that are safe for septic systems if you are only disposing of food scraps.


The size varies, but the average size of garbage disposals is between 10 to 15 inches in height, 5 to 9 inches wide, and with a depth of 6 to13 inches.


The better models are normally made of stainless steel parts. The stainless-steel ones can last your entire lifetime, and it most likely outlasts color. Some garbage disposals have plastic parts that will dry out and have cracks. If you are not pouring a lot of boiling water down the sink, it should not cause stress to the plastic parts and it needs to last as long as the motor. Stay away from models that use galvanized steel because these will quickly get rusty.

Maintenance Tips

  • Run cold water while the disposal runs, and for about 30 seconds after the debris is gone to make sure that all food waste has been flushed away.
  • You should not run the hot water with the garbage disposal because it causes wear on the motor.
  • Save the table scraps to be put in the compost pile when possible. It is good for the environment and prolongs the life of your garbage disposal.
  • Do not allow food to sit at your disposal for a long time. The food is going to create odors that are difficult to clear, and it has the tendency t corrode the grinder’s container.
  • You should not pour the grease or fat down the drain. These will clog up the plumbing pipes, and create “sludge” inside the disposal that is difficult to flush out.
  • It is helpful to grind ice cubes in the disposal to prevent the food waste and dislodge debris from building up, but it is not going to sharpen the blades.


You can purchase garbage disposal for as low as $100 or even cheaper if it is only for 2 people. If you have more people, you would have to spend around $200 to $300 for a unit with 1 horsepower with unique features. The average cost you will spend is going to shoot up if you opt for a batch feed over a continuous feed model. Depending on which brand to use, the price can double for a unit that has the same horsepower.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA if you need experts to inspect your unit before changing it.



How to Market Your Appliance Repair Business

The business landscape changes drastically and the internet is quickly taking over, which leaves less room for the traditional ways businesses and services would advertise in the past. This is including the appliance repair businesses that have a demanding landscape. Excellent service is no longer enough because a commercial appliances repair business needs to have a wide reach that generates additional leads and it attracts more customers so that businesses can keep rolling. Your marketing plan needs backing up with a couple of smart digital strategies and you need to use the proper tools and software so you can manage your repair tasks.

You can follow the tips in this article to help you market your commercial appliances repair business.

Customer Persona

Every aspect of your marketing strategy should be about your customer. That means it is important to use your knowledge to create personas that will help you appeal effectively to the wants and needs of your customers.

Personas serve as a guide to all appliance repair businesses that want to improve their marketing strategy. Similar to anything else related to business, it is about having a clear vision in your head of who you are targeting.

This is an excellent tip to remember, while you create your self-advertisement, but for customers. Therefore, it should make sense and be relatable. When you show specific tools or the inner workings of a compressor, it will not mean anything to any homeowner.

Invest in a Good Website

An awesome website can be a great asset to any appliance repair company. You honestly need a website so that people will see that you have a legitimate business. If the website looks like a kid’s art project, you might have to hire a professional web designer. You have to make sure that the website is easy-to-use on any device.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective and it gives you the strength to reach the inbox of every customer. Email marketing is an effective tool that is used for communicating with people who matter most to your business, which enhances your brand with potential and new clients, and boosts your business. Email marketing is an effective technique that is helpful in making your business reach a global audience and have a stronger impact.

Rank High on Google Search

With business advertising, your website takes your strategy farther. Your website is a testament to how professional you are, which can highlight the effort you are putting into your business. Most of the time, it is the first thing that customers see while they are learning about your services.

First impressions are important. A bad website experience is the same as a tech showing up at the customer’s door with dirty boots and an unkempt face.

Offer Your Customers Personalized Solutions

When you offer personalized customer service, it clearly shows that you have a genuine care for your customers and it sets your business above the rest. You can deliver a spontaneous discount to loyal customers so that will continue using your business. By showing personalized customer service, you will have more engagements and you can build a personal connection with them so you will feel valued and important. This builds trust and makes sure that they will remain to be your existing customer for a very long time.

Ask for Referrals

You can ask your friends, family, and existing customers to spread the word about your business to others. Make sure to inform them that you are looking for new customers.

If you want your commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA business to flourish, follow these tips.




How to Clean a Commercial Steamer

Since anything that goes into the steamer can penetrate food, impacts waste, and can harm your patrons, it is important to avoid using toxic or harsh chemicals. Using bath soap and water can offer a gentle and effective method for machine cleaning.

One of the main aspects of cleaning a steamer is by being thorough, but sometimes it requires a commercial steamer repair.

Today, sanitation and food handling are very important. That is the reason why commercial steamers are becoming more common in kitchens. Aside from helping you to make cleaner and healthier meals, they are very easy to use. The good thing is that their maintenance is also easy. You can read on to know more.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

When you clean the steamer, do not use harsh chemicals to clean it. The reason for this is that anything you use for cleaning can go into the food you are heating up and then sell it to customers.

Instead of using harsh chemicals for cleaning, you can use a combination of soap and water. That means there is no need to purchase expensive cleaners.

Empty it First

When you have completed steaming and you already served vegetables, you should take out all the remaining pieces of vegetables from the steamer. If you have an electric one, you should unplug it and allow it to completely cool down. You should remove all the remaining water by using the reservoir and drip tray. Any water that is left in the water box can be carefully removed and then turn the cooled appliance upside down and put over the sink.

Check for Anything Odd

Since one of your business investments is your commercial steamer, you must not leave things to chance. When you already have to clean your steamer, you should pick a time to inspect if everything is working fine and in its right place. Clean water should be used, and then check the filters and seals to see if they are also fine. Any kind of impurity or steamer damage can be transferred to your food and can make it inedible.

Hard Water Areas

In case the plumbing system has hard water, it can quickly build up on the element that heats up the electric steamer. The accumulation of hard water scale causes the steamer to shut off. You should regularly check the element. If you see any scale build-up. pour 3 cups of white vinegar in the reservoir of the steamer. Then, add water until you fill-up the reservoir. Make sure to turn on the steamer and let it heat up for 20 minutes. You can then unplug the commercial steamer and let it cool. Then, rinse the reservoir using cold water.

Check All the Seals

You already know that commercial steamers have seals that should be working properly, which is why you need to check the seals and see if there are cracks. The cracks in the seals ruin your entire steamer. If you do not pay attention to see any cracks, your steamer can become out of order and can cause an emergency.

Dry it Up

After you have cleaned the steamer, you can use a dish towel to wipe dry any remaining moisture. You can store the cleaner in the cleaner until you want to use it again. Dry all the parts of the electric steamer using the towel. Make sure that everything is dry and no moisture is left.

In case your steamer malfunctions, contact commercial appliances repair Virginia to get the maintenance you need without any regrets.



How to Choose a Gas Oven

Even if you have narrowed down your choices of gas ovens to choose from, there are still many kinds to choose from. You would have to go through an array of designs, functions, and features that you have navigated one by one. if you want to buy a new one because the commercial gas oven repair recommends it, you need to make a few considerations before buying one.

You know that the gas oven will be used a lot, and it is important that you choose one that matches your needs, especially if your business heavily depends on it.

If you want to know how to choose the best gas oven for you, read this article until the end.


Online stores offer gas ranges in different sizes. You should consider the parameter while keeping in mind how much space you have for it.

The standard oven weight is normally 34 inches, and the standard depth is about 20 to 24 inches. If you are considering the width, it varies between 12 and 36 inches. Bigger ovens have more burners. Large families are recommended to buy 36-inch gas ranges.

Distance Between Burners

Burner distance is the space between the burners. If the space is too narrow, you might not be able to simultaneously use large utensils even you buy a gas stove with 3 to 4 burners. The burner distance also pertains to the user’s safety, which is why you might choose to use big utensils instead. This can take more time while cooking but it ensures your safety while cooking.

Find out the distance between burners and the cooking requirements.

Design and Appearance

Today, each model of the gas range model is made using high-quality and heat-resistant steel. It is not surprising that every manufacturer wants to produce products that are attractive and carefully designed. You can still consider practical and handy panels.

When you look in web stores, you can see several gas ranges when it comes to panel material, functionality, and unique features which impact the unit’s final cost.

You can choose from enamel, stainless steel, and ceramic.

Auto or Manual Ignition

The difference between them is that a manual ignition requires the use of a matchstick or lighter to power up the burner and the other does not need either of them to ignite. The heating and cooling distribution have no significant difference. Auto-ignition is what people always see on gas stoves. If you want to have an easier time cooking, choose an auto-ignition gas stove, but it might be more expensive compared to manual ignition.

Storage Space

You must identify the amount of storage space you want in your oven. Some ovens have built-in cabinets for pans and pots, and others do not have that. If you have limited kitchen cabinets and shelving, choose one with storage space. A lot of gas ovens do not have storage, so you should expect to spend a bit more if you want this feature.

Knob Choices

Buy a gas stove that is easy to handle and has knobs. In addition, gas stoves should always be clean so you can use them properly. You should buy one that has even knobs. The knobs are repairable and can be changed anytime, and the best gas oven material is plastic and metal. You must keep the burners and knobs clean to achieve better results. Food, dirt, debris, and other materials clog the gas pores, which increases actual cooking time. That is why you must clean the gas stove monthly to prolong its lifespan.

If you need help maintaining your new gas oven, you can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA.