How to Choose a Commercial Garbage Disposal Appliance

Regardless if you have decided to upgrade your kitchen appliance or you need a commercial garbage disposal repair or you want to buy a new one, there are a couple of considerations to make. The models and features to consider can feel daunting. Some considerations will include size, grind power, and the way it runs.

There are a lot of options available to everyone, and sometimes, they think that the garbage disposals are all the same. The truth is, you need to consider some important factors, and not all of them are made the same way. This article is going to tell you what you need to know when it comes to buying a commercial garbage disposal.


A garbage disposal can be used in kitchen sinks so that food wastes can be processed. They are placed in a cabinet under the sink, connecting it between the trap and drain. Garbage disposals can fit all kitchen sinks because all sinks have standard drain holes that are about 3.5 to 4 inches.

They were mainly designed to function with plumbing that will empty into a municipal sewer system, but some manufacturers have produced disposals that are safe for septic systems if you are only disposing of food scraps.


The size varies, but the average size of garbage disposals is between 10 to 15 inches in height, 5 to 9 inches wide, and with a depth of 6 to13 inches.


The better models are normally made of stainless steel parts. The stainless-steel ones can last your entire lifetime, and it most likely outlasts color. Some garbage disposals have plastic parts that will dry out and have cracks. If you are not pouring a lot of boiling water down the sink, it should not cause stress to the plastic parts and it needs to last as long as the motor. Stay away from models that use galvanized steel because these will quickly get rusty.

Maintenance Tips

  • Run cold water while the disposal runs, and for about 30 seconds after the debris is gone to make sure that all food waste has been flushed away.
  • You should not run the hot water with the garbage disposal because it causes wear on the motor.
  • Save the table scraps to be put in the compost pile when possible. It is good for the environment and prolongs the life of your garbage disposal.
  • Do not allow food to sit at your disposal for a long time. The food is going to create odors that are difficult to clear, and it has the tendency t corrode the grinder’s container.
  • You should not pour the grease or fat down the drain. These will clog up the plumbing pipes, and create “sludge” inside the disposal that is difficult to flush out.
  • It is helpful to grind ice cubes in the disposal to prevent the food waste and dislodge debris from building up, but it is not going to sharpen the blades.


You can purchase garbage disposal for as low as $100 or even cheaper if it is only for 2 people. If you have more people, you would have to spend around $200 to $300 for a unit with 1 horsepower with unique features. The average cost you will spend is going to shoot up if you opt for a batch feed over a continuous feed model. Depending on which brand to use, the price can double for a unit that has the same horsepower.

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