Your ultimate guide to commercial refrigerator and walk-in cooler maintenance

Refrigerators and coolers are the most used appliances in the commercial kitchens. The refrigerating appliances are the largest consumer of energy, as well. Adequate maintenance will help in reducing the energy consumption, improving the performance, and extending the life of the refrigerating units. You should train your staff regarding commercial refrigerator maintenance, and you should also hire commercial refrigerator repair technician. It is very much important to pay attention over the maintenance, inspection, cleaning and repair of commercial refrigerators. Timely action can help you save plenty of dollars.

Commercial refrigerator and walk-in freezer maintenance tips

Commercial refrigeration appliances play crucial role in the success of foodservice business. Emergency repair not only put your kitchen activities to halt, but it will also cause loss of perishables. Follow below mentioned tips to minimize the refrigerator malfunctions:

Always keep your refrigerator clean

Use soap and water to clean the metal surface of your commercial refrigerator. The cleaning should be performed daily. Train your staff to clean the spills right away. Just avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, and do not scrub roughly. The best way to clean the refrigerator is following the manufacturer instructions mentioned in the user manual.

Clean evaporator fan coils

Evaporator fan coils play a vital role in overall functionality of your refrigerator. If you want to keep your refrigerator running with full efficiency, make sure that evaporator fan coils are clean. Over time the fan accrues dust and dirt. Just make sure that refrigerator is not plugged in while you are cleaning the fan coils.

Inspect door seals and hinges

Over the time refrigerators sealing and hinges become loose. This causes cooling loss. If you think that your refrigerator or freezer is not working with full efficiency, check the seals and hinges. In case you find issue, hire a professional to fix this problem.

Check condenser unit

Always keep the surrounding areas of evaporators and condensing units clean for proper airflow. Do not keep trash around the walk-in refrigerator.

Monitor temperature

Temperature fluctuation indicates that there is something wrong with your refrigerator. In case, you notice temperature fluctuation, call the victory refrigerator repair technician to detect and solve the issue before it turns into a big problem.

Schedule professional inspection

Commercial refrigerators are huge and complicated appliances. You need a professional by your side to keep your refrigerating units running all the time. Thus, schedule professional inspection every quarter.



3 Major Signs It’s Time to Fix Your Commercial Refrigerator

The refrigerator is perhaps one of the most important inventions ever by mankind. It keeps food fresh until the next meal. It also keeps our drinks cool in time for the hot season. Food storage has been easier thanks to refrigerators and is considered important equipment for many businesses. However, hiring commercial refrigerator services may be needed for regular maintenance and repairs.

Refrigerators are important both for commercial and residential use. Since this equipment is most likely used every day, it can incur some kind of damage over the years. When this happens, it can greatly affect business and even your daily living. In such cases, you should call a commercial appliances repair company immediately.

However, you may ask yourself: “How will I know if it’s time to have my refrigerator fixed?” Obviously, you would do so if there’s any sign of defect or malfunction. But to be more specific, here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to schedule a repair visit:

Presence of leaks

Leaky refrigerators are a common issue that is generally easy to fix. It can be a hassle to mop off the excess This problem may be due to a defective drain pan, defrost drain, or worn door gaskets. These issues may result in the accumulation of water in the food compartment below the refrigerator.  In such a case, you should call commercial refrigerators repairs services the soonest.

Funny sounds coming from the fridge

Your refrigerator does make a sound when it’s operating normally. Usually, it sounds like a weak buzzing sound that should not be a cause of worry. The sound of ice clattering inside the refrigerator shouldn’t also be something to worry about. However, if you hear loud humming or buzzing sounds which you do not hear on the regular, then you should have your refrigerator checked.

For the meantime, you can also do these “first aid” procedures for your noisy refrigerator:

  • Check your fridge’s legs if it needs leveling. It may be necessary as your flooring ages over time. Make sure the fridge’s door closes on its own when it’s opened halfway.
  • Put foam mats under your refrigerator. This will help reduce the vibrating sound causing the unpleasant noise.
  • The noise may be due to wore evaporator fan grommets. In such a case, replace the evaporator fan, which is located inside the freezer compartment. This component distributes air and maintains the ideal temperature.
  • It may also be due to a defective compressor motor. Contact a local commercial kitchen appliance repair company so they can replace defective refrigerator parts.

The refrigerator/freezer is not cold enough or too cold

You may also notice that your refrigerator is not cold enough to cool your drinks, or the ice in the freezer starts to melt. In such cases, you can check the following:

  • Check the temperature settings. Lower the temperature using the thermostat so that the refrigerator will cool faster. The thermostat is located inside – you can simply adjust it according to your preferred temperature.
  • Check the door gaskets. It should seal properly to ensure that the cold temperature is secured inside the refrigerator. Clean the seal using warm water and then apply a small amount of petroleum jelly. If there’s no improvement, you should replace the gasket.
  • Make sure that the condenser coil is clean. Otherwise, it can affect the refrigerator’s cooling features. Ideally, the coils should be cleaned twice or thrice a month.
  • If there is too much ice or frost coming from the freezer, it may be due to a defective evaporator fan. In such a case, it should be replaced with a new one.

Find a professional repair center for your appliance needs

Whether you need to have a walk in cooler repair or any commercial appliances repair, it is important to find a reliable company to fix your equipment. Having a defective refrigerator or cooler is the last thing you want to happen especially during the summer season.

However, having a full-functioning refrigerator is crucial regardless of the season. As mentioned earlier, a cooler or refrigerator helps preserve your food for several days. Likewise, refrigerators for commercial purposes are just as important. Without it, there’s no frozen goods section in the local supermarket.

Nonetheless, make sure to keep your commercial appliances in tip-top condition every time. Trust only the best commercial refrigerators repairs company in Northern VA. Ask for estimation today.