Why Your Appliances Keep Tripping the Breaker

Circuit breakers can protect you against electrical hazards like fire or electrocution and it is going to shut down the power supply. They will trip when there are faults detected which causes these risks. There are a couple of circuit breakers that are located on the electrical panel of the home that can be divided into several sections that control different areas in which electricity is supplied.

When there is a circuit breaker that exceeds safety restrictions, the breaker is going to trip resulting in loss of power to certain appliances like the fridge or microwave. Figuring out why this happens can also be handled by a walk in cooler repair in case you do not know what to do. Read on to learn more.

Overheating Appliance

When the appliance overheats, it can cause the breaker to trip. The main potential cause of overheating appliances is a user error, like an overloaded ice freezer. You should consider the main appliances on the circuit that you are having a hard time with. is the appliance being used more frequently lately? Does your appliance get very hot when you use it?

In case you have been using the appliance correctly, it might be overheating for a different reason. For instance, a vent is blocked, there is a worn-out component, or there is an electrical short hidden somewhere.

Damaged Cable or Plug

Maybe the most common cause of an appliance that causes a breaker to trip is a faulty cable or plug. This happens because the cable has somehow been damaged like it might be the case after something heavy is dropped on it. In case you have small pets that have permission to roam around your house, check if they have not been chewing your cable.

The plug can be damaged after being pulled or knocked violently from the wall. A common cause of this type of damage is from someone who violently trips over the cable and violently yanks the plug from your socket.


The most familiar reason for the breaker to be tripping is circuit overloading. This occurs when there is too much equipment loaded on the breaker and has surpassed the power supply safety limit. Most of the time, you are going to see this happening when you install a new appliance. The electrical system cannot maintain it or when a high-power device is plugged in where there is lacking entry to save amperage.

Faulty Appliance

Appliances sometimes just go faulty. It can be because of physical trauma, wear, and tear, or because it was poorly made. No matter what the reason is, this can be identified by trying the appliance on various electrical circuits. This way, you can see if it trips the breaker as well, or if you disconnect everything so the potentially faulty appliance is the only thing that is connected.

If you have a faulty appliance, the next action you will do depends on what you prefer. If your appliance is like a cheap radio, you might want to throw it away. If the appliance is expensive, or it is of intrinsic value, you might want to call for professional repair. No matter what your decision is, you should not plug it back in while there is a fault.

Check the Fuse Box or Trip Switch

The switch should always be on, but it if trips repeatedly, there might be a problem with the fuse box or switch. You must call an electrician right away.

You can contact commercial ice maker repair Alexandria to check on your appliances to make sure nothing trips.



What are the Advantages of a Walk-in Cooler?

Regardless of whether it is for a legal residential or commercial facility, buying a walk-in cooler is important to your business or home.

They are great for big businesses that heavily focus on the rotation of stocks and preserving the product’s integrity. Normally, walk-in freezers can be used to store consumable products for a few months, or sometimes they can last for years. These walk-in freezers or coolers are mainly designed to improve stock longevity and maintain stock by having even temperature control. The main purpose is to minimize fluctuations in temperature that happens in other stores, and even small changes are damaging, making stocks unsuitable.

In case you need to pay for walk-in cooler repair, you should because it provides proper maintenance. Read on to find out more about why you should invest in a walk-in cooler.

Food Safe Areas

Freezers and chillers are cold rooms that are built using safe cold room panels. This way, you can be sure that the walk-in coolers can easily be cleaned and can adhere to all health and safety protocols. Ambien areas are also designed and built from cold room panels that are great for production or preparation areas. Normally, the material they are built with helps to make sure that everything is protected all year. Hence, you do not have to worry about early wear and tear.

Saves Energy

It is a misconception that a walk-in cooler is going to cost so much to power, and it is a huge expense, the cost to power it is normally a lot less than the cost to power several refrigerators. In addition, if your walk-in cooler is industrial grade, the internal parts are designed to work a lot better and more efficiently compared to consumer coolers. There are also a couple of ways to lessen operating costs, like equipping it with quality insulation or installation of walk-in curtains. You can also lessen the energy costs by doing regular maintenance, like routinely checking door sweeps and gaskets for wear and then doing necessary replacements.

Expands Storage Capacity

Regardless if you work in the restaurant and catering service or retail, extra storage is always important. For instance, during busy periods like Christmas when you might have to increase storage in order to meet the demands of customers, it can be useful to have a back-up storage.

Maximizing Space

Several freezers and commercial refrigerators can consume a lot of space while offering inefficient storage. The walk-in cold rooms are meant to maximize the available space you have and they can be built to almost any size and shape. These contracts are also able to supply and install walk-in cold rooms externally, so in case you do not have enough space inside the building, there is no need to worry.

Better Access

Since cold rooms are needed for everyday use in catering and retail industries, there is an assurance that easy access is important.

Since it is possible to improve the access of a walk-cooler, there is the benefit of increased storage, which enhances productivity and product efficiency that is accessible to staff members.

Improves Product Longevity

Walk-in chiller cold rooms are able to extend your food and drinks life span, mainly the fresh product and chilled foods. The walk-in freezer cold rooms are also able to extend the lifespan of food products. They are also useful in freezing child products using pull-down freezers. These walk-in coolers can ensure your food and drinks that are of the highest quality while offering more benefits compared to freezers and refrigerators.

You can contact commercial refrigerator repairs Virginia if you need to have your walk-in cooler repaired.



Signs That Your Ice Cream Freezer Needs a Repair

It is frustrating and annoying when the freezer cannot keep your ice cream frozen, especially during summer. The freezer is among the most important appliances that people do not appreciate as much. There are a lot of fixes that keep your ice cream dry at the same time.

Your fridge keeps your items fresh and it brings you a lot of conveniences. Imagine the need to store your perishables inside a cooler on the kitchen floor or you do not have fresh ice cream from the ice maker for a beverage during summer.

In case you do not know if you need to contact an ice cream freezer repair, there are signs you must look for. Read on to know more.

Is it Set to the Right Temperature?

You must have checked that the temperature is correct, but in case you have not done that, ice cream needs the freezer temperature to be below 15 degrees F. In case you have a slider or dial control, the highest position or number must be the coldest setting.

You should know that when it comes to adjusting the temperature, or if you add or remove hot or cold items, it takes about 24 hours for the freezer’s temperature to become stable.

Condensation Build Up

If the refrigerator looks like it is always sweating, this is a sign of condensation. Condensation causes molding, which is harmful to produce that you have in the refrigerator and it can cause your family to become sick.

Therefore, if you witness these signs, you must contact an appliance repair to check out the issue. Have the person do a complete inspection and analysis to determine what is causing the condensation.

Bee-Like Compressor Sound

Are you hearing the ice-cream freezer producing a bee-like sound? If that is the case, then it is time that you need to replace the compressor coil. You must also check if the fan, evaporator, or condenser coil is working properly or not. Check for possible leaks or any freezer damage indications.

In case you find evidence, contact the experts in different fridge repairs.

The Fridge is Past its Life Expectancy

The truth is, all appliances have an expiration date and soon your fridge will give you signs that it must be repaired. Manufacturers make their profits from this. Certain parts begin to wither away after a specific time frame and then eventually your whole refrigerator becomes useless. Regardless of how good you take care of it, refrigerators have an expiration date.

Is Your Freezer Too Empty?

If your freezer only has ice cream and a few other items, you might have to put more food in so that the freezer’s temperature stays at an optimal level.

In order to stabilize the temperature and make sure there is enough airflow, the majority of freezer manufacturers recommend keeping it 70 to 85% full.

A freezer that is about 70 to 85% full causes less cold and warm air to escape and enter when you open the freezer door. Putting other frozen items inside keeps the temperature down as well.

The Freezer is Freezing Over

The freezer should freeze food and not itself. One obvious sign that your freezer is failing is when it has become so frozen that the door is sticking or ice starts forming on the side where you have to chisel it off.

In case that happens, you can defrost it by unplugging. If it continues even after defrosting, you must call a repairman.

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact commercial appliances repair VA anytime.




The Best Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Practices

A commercial refrigerator plays a vital role in ensuring your business or institution doesn’t result in losses. Routine maintenance will ensure that you don’t require emergency fixes which could result in losses and inventory being preserved going bad. Its imperative that you make sure you have the best experts to carry out commercial refrigerators service. Regular commercial appliances services and maintenance of the refrigerator will reduce the electricity consumption and increase the lifespan of the fridge. It’s important that all the employees understand how the commercial refrigerators work as this will go along in ensuring durability and longevity of the fridges.

Simple Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Practices that will Ensure Durability

  • Check the Commercial Appliances Regularly

Checking the appliances regularly will ensure that you don’t have any emergency breakdown. When the refrigerator has worn out, and dirty parts that will result in the appliances using more power and must do more runs and that will eventually result in the fridge breaking down. Regular check-ups of the refrigerator can easily avoid such breakdowns. Depending on how much the refrigerator is in use and the load, make sure you call the commercial appliances repair expert regularly to check the appliances. The following checks will ensure the fridge is working properly;

  • Check the fan motors are working properly.
  • Check if there are any air leaks
  • Ensure there are no loose connections
  • Confirm the ice makers filters are working properly
  • Check the cooled air condenser cable and ensure that it has no dust or mold
  • Ensure the door seals and gaskets are working well
  • Regularly check the fridge temperature to ensure that there are no temperature fluctuations


  • Clean the exterior and Interior of the Commercial Refrigerator

Clean the refrigerator spills immediately to avoid them from becoming ice and making it hard to clean. Ensure that the evaporator, condenser coils are clean. It’s important to check the commercial refrigerator manual to ensure that you use the correct cleaning method. Ensure the following parts are clean

  • Clean all the ice making components
  • Clean fan blades, evaporators, and condenser coils
  • Clean the exterior of the fridge with a damp cloth and soap, make sure all the sides are cleaned.
  • Call a commercial appliances repair expert to clean the drain lines, ensure they are not clogged


  • Regular commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Routine maintenance will save you a lot of money and food waste. Ensure you have contacts of professional commercial appliances repair in case of any immediate repairs and maintenance. Ensure the experts you choose are well versed with your kind of appliance, check the availability of the experts and how responsive they are, to ensure they are available when needed.

Other Quick Maintenance Tips

  • Use the right cleaning materials for your refrigerator. Check the manual for the approved cleaning materials
  • Check the commercial refrigerator temperature daily to ensure its working properly
  • Always ensure the interior fridge light is working
  • Maintain a fridge maintenance schedule
  • Always unplug the commercial refrigerator before cleaning
  • Sanitize the fridge parts while cleaning to kill germs and bacteria
  • In case of any query or doubt on the working of your commercial refrigerator ensure you contact your commercial appliances repair fairfax va expert.


Maintain your commercial kitchen appliances to run a steady business

Especially for a food business owner, it is very crucial to rely on their electronic gadgets and commercial appliances. In order to keep your business going smoothly, make sure you schedule the maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances and the refrigerator components, such as ice dispensers, freezers, coolers or walk-in freezers time to time.  An unanticipated breakdown of your refrigerator units will lead to a sudden halt in your business and decaying of all the raw materials, which might have otherwise generated a hefty profit for you.

Tips to maintain your refrigerator:

A commercial refrigerator is a valuable asset for a professional in the food and restaurant industry because a faulty storage tool will spoil all the perishable goods. Thus, it is always better to organize regular inspection and maintenance programs, to prevent them from breaking down.  Even though food and restaurant business can be very hectic, it is advisable to ensure routine commercial refrigerators service, at least twice a year by professional experts. By ensuring optimum functionality of the refrigerator units, you not only prevent your business operation from ceasing but also prevent revamping your electrical charges. Unless your commercial appliances operate efficiently, chances are that your electricity bills might increase dramatically.

Therefore, the annual maintenance schedules must ensure the following:

  • Inspecting pressure cleaning condenser coils and drain lines
  • Monitor the temperature, and the defrost settings
  • Replace contaminated ice and avoid mold, insect or flies by regular cleaning
  • Inspect the filters on the ice makers
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Flushing acid descale solution to sanitize the water circuit
  • Examining the unit thermometer verification
  • Watch out for any loosened electrical connections
  • Ice vending machines should be disassembled and sanitized properly
  • Monitor the condenser, evaporation, wiring, compressor, fan motors or blades.
  • Double check for any internal or external cracks, holes or previously sealed parts to avoid air leakage.

Consult a certified refrigeration service provider immediately after breakdown:

Even if you have been running your commercial kitchen appliances efficiently, they might break down unexpectedly, after prolonged usage; and a failure inevitably means loss of your valuable time and money. Thus, it is ideally recommended to unplug the appliance immediately and consult a victory refrigerator repair Alexandria, rather than waiting for the further breakdown. The instant action might increase the longevity of your device while running the device inefficiently will waste your energy resources and money. Take good care of your commercial appliances, and they will love you back!




Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are the most important assets of any restaurant. However, regular use and nonstop operation inevitably lead to appliance failures and unexpected replacements, immensely impacting the productivity and budget of kitchen. Scheduling regular maintenance visits of commercial kitchen appliance repair technician is the best way of reducing repairs needs. A maintenance program can help you in running your kitchen activities smoothly, maximizing appliances efficiency and avoiding the expensive repairs.

Maintaining commercial kitchen appliances

Maintenance of kitchen appliances is as important as paying bills. Regular maintenance actions, such as cleaning, descaling and calibrating cooking appliances, can significantly increase the life and efficiency of the appliances.

Commercial appliance failures are troublesome and pose several operational challenges. Regular maintenance prevents failures, breakdowns and keep appliances running at maximum efficiency. It is important that your expensive commercial appliances operate with full efficiency to cope up with the business requirements, and only well-maintained appliances can work like that.

A commercial kitchen is comprised of number of appliances, such as:

  • Microwave oven
  • Commercial convection oven
  • Commercial range
  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Commercial ice-machine
  • Commercial deep fryer
  • Commercial garbage disposal unit
  • Commercial steamer

All these appliances need to be in tip-top condition to carry on the kitchen activities without any sort of trouble. Each and every appliance installed in the commercial kitchen serves different purpose. Thus, every appliance needs to be in working condition to do their tasks.

If you are new to the commercial kitchen appliances, you should read the user manual provided by manufacturer of the appliances. By doing this, you will learn about the installation, maintenance and cleaning requirements of the appliance. The better you understand about your commercial appliances, the better you will be able to look after them.

You and your kitchen staff can handle the maintenance and cleaning task, but when it comes to repair, you need professional help. Commercial kitchen appliances are very complicated. If you think that you can repair them by yourself, then you are making a big mistake. Only a certified and professional technician can do this task properly. The best thing you can you is to find the best commercial steamer repair Arlington technician when your appliance break downs.  The professionals have sheer knowledge and understanding about the internal structure of appliances. They will provide you the long-term solution of the problem.



How to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free

Do you often forget gallons of milk in your commercial refrigerator before closing for a long weekend? Or are your frighten of the smell of rotten vegetables in crisper drawer? Or do you think that your commercial refrigerator reek a lot? Well if so, then you need to follow certain procedures to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free. Bad odor is not only unbearable for your staff member, but it has negative impact on other food items as well. According to commercial refrigerators services experts, it is very much important to keep the restaurant refrigerators odor free.

Keeping commercial refrigerators odor free

Some food items leave powerful smell that covers every inch of the refrigerator. This happens because you are not careful while storing items in your refrigerating unit. Some items should never be stored in the refrigerators and others need to be stored properly to avoid such situations. When your refrigerator smell bad, it is not safe to store other edible items in it. The other items will also grasp that smell. Before storing anything new in your smelly refrigerator, it is recommended to get rid of the odor. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate refrigerator odor.

Step by Step Guide to Eliminate Refrigerator Odor

Step #1: Unplug the refrigerator and remove every item present inside

Even if you know the reason behind the odor, you need to remove each and every item present inside the refrigerator to get rid of the odor. Please unplug the refrigerator before doing this task.

Step #2: Wash the bins, drawers and shelves

Remove drawer, shelves and bins of your refrigerating unit, and wash them in the sink with soap water. This step is important to eradicate the smell from your refrigerator. Make sure that the components are completely dry before re-installing them.

Step #3: Wash the interior

After removing the lose components of your refrigerator, wash it from inside. Use baking soda and warm water for deeper cleaning. You can use sponge to avoid any sort of abrasion. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is unplugged when you clean it from inside.

Step #4: Air the refrigerator out

This is the most time-consuming step to get rid of the intense smell. Just unplug your refrigerator and keep the doors open for a while.

So, you can follow the above mentioned steps to make your commercial refrigerator odor-free. And if you are not able to get the desired results, you can hire the True refrigerator repair services Vienna for faster results.



Choosing the Best Cooking Appliance for your Business

When you are planning to build a food business, one of the first things you need to consider is buying commercial appliances. This may include a commercial stove, ice maker, refrigerator, and dishwasher among a few. These will be the major working force of your food business. That is why you should also ensure that these commercial appliances function well and can last years of usage.

But at some point, an appliance may experience some kind of damage due to frequent use. In such cases, you should have it fixed by commercial appliances repair personnel immediately. Having it repaired as soon as possible will prevent delays and lost income due to a damaged appliance.

Choosing commercial appliances wisely

Choosing a quality appliance for your food business is very important. For one, using a reliable and quality commercial appliance can greatly affect your overall business operations and income. At the same time, a well-functioning appliance can also create an impact on food preparation and quality.

It is also important to be familiar with food safety standards and apply it strictly on the business. At the same times, business owners and kitchen staff should also know to operate and maintain commercial kitchen equipment. Owners should also be aware who to call for commercial freezer repairs or commercial gas oven repair needs.

It can be true that running a food business is a challenge. Aside from serving the best quality foods to your customers, it is important that your equipment is running smoothly. For any signs of malfunctioning, call professional commercial kitchen appliance repair companies the soonest.

Popular commercial kitchen appliances

If you are planning to open a food business, it is important to buy the right kitchen equipment for your business. It can either be a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, frozen goods, and more. Here are some of the most common kitchen equipment used in the food business.

Commercial refrigerators

All types of refrigerators are meant to keep foods as fresh for as long. It helps lessen spoilage and saves you money. The size of the commercial refrigerator will depend on your serving capacity. For example, a large-scale restaurant should have a large refrigerator to store foods. At the same time, you should contact commercial refrigerator services in case of malfunctioning and defects.

Freezer/ice machine

This is where you can store meat and other food items that should be frozen to avoid spoilage. Likewise, you can also store cold beverages to serve your customers. Ice machines are also essential kitchen equipment in order to create slushies, shakes and other cold, refreshing drinks.


Ovens may either be powered by gas, electric, or even wood. Choosing the right type of oven depends on the type of food you are serving and how quick your preferred service time is. For example, some traditional pizza restaurants use brick ovens to cook food. For baked goods, some use either gas or electric oven.

How to buy commercial kitchen equipment for your business

Buying kitchen equipment is a major investment for your business. That is why you should choose ones that will offer benefits to your business in the long run. Here are some important tips to remember when buying kitchen equipment for your food business.

Buy according to your need.

If you are going to use an appliance for business purposes, choose ones that are made for commercial use. These kinds of appliances are more suitable to handle heavy-duty cooking and usage. Commercial appliances are also made to be stronger and more durable than home appliances.

Decide whether to buy brand-new or second-hand.

If buying brand-new, make sure you are aware of its warranty conditions in case of damages or malfunctioning. On a positive note, you can be more assured of an appliance’s quality if it’s brand new rather than used. On the contrary, there is used equipment that is still highly-functional. Still, it is important to be careful when buying second-hand or else you will end up calling commercial gas oven repair personnel for your malfunctioning oven.

Determine your budget.

Make sure you have a specific budget when buying commercial kitchen equipment. Better yet, you can do your own research in choosing your preferred equipment instead of shopping on-the-spot.

Make your food business successful

Choosing the right kitchen equipment can help a lot in the success of your business. More importantly, you should do the necessary steps to ensure that your equipment is in good condition at all times. For your kitchen equipment repair needs, make sure to hire only professionals specializing in commercial kitchen appliance repair in Northern VA.



3 Major Signs It’s Time to Fix Your Commercial Refrigerator

The refrigerator is perhaps one of the most important inventions ever by mankind. It keeps food fresh until the next meal. It also keeps our drinks cool in time for the hot season. Food storage has been easier thanks to refrigerators and is considered important equipment for many businesses. However, hiring commercial refrigerator services may be needed for regular maintenance and repairs.

Refrigerators are important both for commercial and residential use. Since this equipment is most likely used every day, it can incur some kind of damage over the years. When this happens, it can greatly affect business and even your daily living. In such cases, you should call a commercial appliances repair company immediately.

However, you may ask yourself: “How will I know if it’s time to have my refrigerator fixed?” Obviously, you would do so if there’s any sign of defect or malfunction. But to be more specific, here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to schedule a repair visit:

Presence of leaks

Leaky refrigerators are a common issue that is generally easy to fix. It can be a hassle to mop off the excess This problem may be due to a defective drain pan, defrost drain, or worn door gaskets. These issues may result in the accumulation of water in the food compartment below the refrigerator.  In such a case, you should call commercial refrigerators repairs services the soonest.

Funny sounds coming from the fridge

Your refrigerator does make a sound when it’s operating normally. Usually, it sounds like a weak buzzing sound that should not be a cause of worry. The sound of ice clattering inside the refrigerator shouldn’t also be something to worry about. However, if you hear loud humming or buzzing sounds which you do not hear on the regular, then you should have your refrigerator checked.

For the meantime, you can also do these “first aid” procedures for your noisy refrigerator:

  • Check your fridge’s legs if it needs leveling. It may be necessary as your flooring ages over time. Make sure the fridge’s door closes on its own when it’s opened halfway.
  • Put foam mats under your refrigerator. This will help reduce the vibrating sound causing the unpleasant noise.
  • The noise may be due to wore evaporator fan grommets. In such a case, replace the evaporator fan, which is located inside the freezer compartment. This component distributes air and maintains the ideal temperature.
  • It may also be due to a defective compressor motor. Contact a local commercial kitchen appliance repair company so they can replace defective refrigerator parts.

The refrigerator/freezer is not cold enough or too cold

You may also notice that your refrigerator is not cold enough to cool your drinks, or the ice in the freezer starts to melt. In such cases, you can check the following:

  • Check the temperature settings. Lower the temperature using the thermostat so that the refrigerator will cool faster. The thermostat is located inside – you can simply adjust it according to your preferred temperature.
  • Check the door gaskets. It should seal properly to ensure that the cold temperature is secured inside the refrigerator. Clean the seal using warm water and then apply a small amount of petroleum jelly. If there’s no improvement, you should replace the gasket.
  • Make sure that the condenser coil is clean. Otherwise, it can affect the refrigerator’s cooling features. Ideally, the coils should be cleaned twice or thrice a month.
  • If there is too much ice or frost coming from the freezer, it may be due to a defective evaporator fan. In such a case, it should be replaced with a new one.

Find a professional repair center for your appliance needs

Whether you need to have a walk in cooler repair or any commercial appliances repair, it is important to find a reliable company to fix your equipment. Having a defective refrigerator or cooler is the last thing you want to happen especially during the summer season.

However, having a full-functioning refrigerator is crucial regardless of the season. As mentioned earlier, a cooler or refrigerator helps preserve your food for several days. Likewise, refrigerators for commercial purposes are just as important. Without it, there’s no frozen goods section in the local supermarket.

Nonetheless, make sure to keep your commercial appliances in tip-top condition every time. Trust only the best commercial refrigerators repairs company in Northern VA. Ask for estimation today.



How to Fix Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the commercial kitchens. No manager would like to come across refrigerator or freezer troubles. It is an irritating delay that can even make stored food useless. Hiring restaurant refrigerator repair technician at the eleventh hour is not an option. In order to prevent any such havoc at your restaurant, you need to pay attention over maintenance of your commercial appliances.

Importance of commercial refrigerator maintenance

Maintenance issues generally lead problems in refrigeration equipment. Restaurant owners can keep their refrigeration units running with a regular maintenance schedule. They can also reduce the energy consumption by scheduling regular maintenance and following appliance maintenance guidelines provided by manufacturing company.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

#1: Clean the condenser coils: Not cleaning condenser coils results increase in electricity consumption. Without regular cleaning, this can cause problems and expensive repairs.

#2: Clean or replace the gasket: The gasket is the rubber sealing that is wrapped around your refrigerator doors. It is one of the most overlooked parts that play an important role of keeping out warm air. Clean this rubber part with wet cloth on the regular basis. Also, it is common that gasket weakens, break or worn out over time. In such situation, get your gasket replaced as soon as possible.

#3: Defrost: Modern refrigerating unit comes with automatic defrost mechanism. Many a times, auto-defrost feature does not work. In such case, before calling the commercial appliance repair technician, you can perform manual defrost. When you see that frost build-up on the inner walls of the refrigerating device is more than one and a half inch in thickness, turn off the thermostat and let all of the frost to melt.

#4: Clean the interior: It is important to keep the interior of the commercial refrigerator clean and hygienic. You can easily clean your commercial refrigerator using wet cloth and water. So, clean your refrigerator in every 15 days. This will not only help you in keeping your unit in tip-top condition, but also promote healthy practices in your restaurant.