How to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free

Do you often forget gallons of milk in your commercial refrigerator before closing for a long weekend? Or are your frighten of the smell of rotten vegetables in crisper drawer? Or do you think that your commercial refrigerator reek a lot? Well if so, then you need to follow certain procedures to keep your commercial refrigerator odor free. Bad odor is not only unbearable for your staff member, but it has negative impact on other food items as well. According to commercial refrigerators services experts, it is very much important to keep the restaurant refrigerators odor free.

Keeping commercial refrigerators odor free

Some food items leave powerful smell that covers every inch of the refrigerator. This happens because you are not careful while storing items in your refrigerating unit. Some items should never be stored in the refrigerators and others need to be stored properly to avoid such situations. When your refrigerator smell bad, it is not safe to store other edible items in it. The other items will also grasp that smell. Before storing anything new in your smelly refrigerator, it is recommended to get rid of the odor. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate refrigerator odor.

Step by Step Guide to Eliminate Refrigerator Odor

Step #1: Unplug the refrigerator and remove every item present inside

Even if you know the reason behind the odor, you need to remove each and every item present inside the refrigerator to get rid of the odor. Please unplug the refrigerator before doing this task.

Step #2: Wash the bins, drawers and shelves

Remove drawer, shelves and bins of your refrigerating unit, and wash them in the sink with soap water. This step is important to eradicate the smell from your refrigerator. Make sure that the components are completely dry before re-installing them.

Step #3: Wash the interior

After removing the lose components of your refrigerator, wash it from inside. Use baking soda and warm water for deeper cleaning. You can use sponge to avoid any sort of abrasion. Also, make sure that your refrigerator is unplugged when you clean it from inside.

Step #4: Air the refrigerator out

This is the most time-consuming step to get rid of the intense smell. Just unplug your refrigerator and keep the doors open for a while.

So, you can follow the above mentioned steps to make your commercial refrigerator odor-free. And if you are not able to get the desired results, you can hire the True refrigerator repair services Vienna for faster results.