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The Best Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Practices

A commercial refrigerator plays a vital role in ensuring your business or institution doesn’t result in losses. Routine maintenance will ensure that you don’t require emergency fixes which could result in losses and inventory being preserved going bad. Its imperative that you make sure you have the best experts to carry out commercial refrigerators service. Regular commercial appliances services and maintenance of the refrigerator will reduce the electricity consumption and increase the lifespan of the fridge. It’s important that all the employees understand how the commercial refrigerators work as this will go along in ensuring durability and longevity of the fridges.

Simple Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Practices that will Ensure Durability

  • Check the Commercial Appliances Regularly

Checking the appliances regularly will ensure that you don’t have any emergency breakdown. When the refrigerator has worn out, and dirty parts that will result in the appliances using more power and must do more runs and that will eventually result in the fridge breaking down. Regular check-ups of the refrigerator can easily avoid such breakdowns. Depending on how much the refrigerator is in use and the load, make sure you call the commercial appliances repair expert regularly to check the appliances. The following checks will ensure the fridge is working properly;

  • Check the fan motors are working properly.
  • Check if there are any air leaks
  • Ensure there are no loose connections
  • Confirm the ice makers filters are working properly
  • Check the cooled air condenser cable and ensure that it has no dust or mold
  • Ensure the door seals and gaskets are working well
  • Regularly check the fridge temperature to ensure that there are no temperature fluctuations


  • Clean the exterior and Interior of the Commercial Refrigerator

Clean the refrigerator spills immediately to avoid them from becoming ice and making it hard to clean. Ensure that the evaporator, condenser coils are clean. It’s important to check the commercial refrigerator manual to ensure that you use the correct cleaning method. Ensure the following parts are clean

  • Clean all the ice making components
  • Clean fan blades, evaporators, and condenser coils
  • Clean the exterior of the fridge with a damp cloth and soap, make sure all the sides are cleaned.
  • Call a commercial appliances repair expert to clean the drain lines, ensure they are not clogged


  • Regular commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Routine maintenance will save you a lot of money and food waste. Ensure you have contacts of professional commercial appliances repair in case of any immediate repairs and maintenance. Ensure the experts you choose are well versed with your kind of appliance, check the availability of the experts and how responsive they are, to ensure they are available when needed.

Other Quick Maintenance Tips

  • Use the right cleaning materials for your refrigerator. Check the manual for the approved cleaning materials
  • Check the commercial refrigerator temperature daily to ensure its working properly
  • Always ensure the interior fridge light is working
  • Maintain a fridge maintenance schedule
  • Always unplug the commercial refrigerator before cleaning
  • Sanitize the fridge parts while cleaning to kill germs and bacteria
  • In case of any query or doubt on the working of your commercial refrigerator ensure you contact your commercial appliances repair fairfax va expert.

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