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Considerations to Make when Buying Used Commercial Appliances

While buying commercial kitchen appliances, there is a lot of factors one should take into account. The investment you make should be worth, the amount of money you spend. One of the main decisions that one has to make is whether to buy used or new equipment. it’s imperative that you understand the operation of the equipment, any spare parts or accessory that the equipment should have before buying the used commercial appliances. Seek the help of an expert  who is able to do a commercial range repair Fairfax VA of most appliances if you are buying several appliances as they are more conversant with the working and any spare parts you may require

Advantages of buying used equipment

  • Save money

It’s cheaper to buy used equipment as compared to buying new ones. The cash outlay you will need to buy the new equipment is high as compared to used commercial appliances that have already been in use. You will find cheaper equipment especially in an auction, that are hardly used being sold for way less. It’s, therefore, an advantage if you get the used equipment as that will save you some cash that you can use to boost your investment.

  • Free Equipment

If you buy equipment from a distressed seller you are likely to get additional accessories for free for purchasing a lot of commercial kitchen appliances. Items like toaster and mixers may be given for free as their cash outlay is minimal.

  • Minimal Wear and tear

Used Commercial appliances on sale will come from failed start-ups such as hotels. You will find that the equipment has been in use for a short time and therefore minimal wear and tear. It’s consequently a bargain to find such equipment.

  • Price Bargains

While buying from the dealer, the price has been set, and chances of a discount are rare. Its, therefore, an advantage to buying the used commercial appliances for a negotiable fee. Most of the people selling such equipment are open to discussion as compared to dealers.

The disadvantage of Buying Used Commercial appliances

  • Warranties

Used equipment will not have any warranties. Therefore if any equipment is not working, you have to pay the cost of commercial appliances repair. While buying used equipment make sure  if there are no warranties, that all the pieces of equipment are working perfectly

  • Repairs

Used commercial appliances may require constant repairs making you spend more money than you would have if you bought new equipment.


After reading this, if you decide to buy used the commercial range of appliances, ensure you invite an expert to check the equipment especially if you don’t have a full understanding of the equipment. Ensure that the appliances are working entirely and all the accessory parts are available. In case you buy an equipment that has a slight defect, consult the commercial appliances repair expert on the total cost of repairs and check whether it’s still viable to buy that particular equipment. Be sure to look out for a good bargain.

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