How to Choose a Commercial Dishwasher

There is no doubt that if you are planning to enter the food service industry, then you are also in the business of dishwashing. Silverware, dishes, glassware, and everything else that is important for preparing food should be sanitized and sparkling clean. Therefore, once you are in the market for a new dishwashing system, it is important to research the different kinds of available models.

Everyone who has gone to a restaurant, café, or bar is likely to have experienced disappointment and anger when their meal is served on a dirty plate. If you do not want to pay for commercial dishwasher repairs and would rather purchase a new one, here is a guide to help you choose the right one.

Consider the Costs

High-temperature dishwashers normally cost more at first and it can slightly impact utility bills because of the energy required to heat the water. Low-temperature models can come at a lower price, but the chemicals required for the sanitation process should be purchased continuously. Low-temperature machines also use more water compared to high-temperature versions, which can be part of the overall investment. Considerable pre-scrapping is needed with the low temp models if you do not want to re-wash.

Remember that since the high-temperature dishwashers require a vent hood to handle the steam, the machine’s location should be planned carefully. Even if the steam of high-temperature machines goes through the hood, it is a great idea to make sure that the dishwasher is placed far from the customer area.

Capacity and Size

Size and capacity should be allotted enough weight in your cost. It does not make sense to purchase a commercial dishwasher that you cannot fit into the space you have. Before you start browsing options, you need to measure your space.

Normally, commercial kitchens are busy, crowded places with a lot of people. Aside from the practical concern of whether you have enough space for the dishwasher, you must also consider if where you are placing it is in anyone’s way. Is it possible for people to continue with their jobs efficiently with the allotted spot for the dishwasher?

The size of the dishwasher normally dictates how many dishes can be inside at a time. In case it is unable to wash enough dishes all at once, your customers have to deal with wait times that are longer.

Hidden Benefits

Both high and low-temperature dishwashers come with advantages that you do not always see at first. The high-temperature one dries dishes really quickly after they are taken out of the washer, which means you can put back the items into service faster. This is helpful when the kitchen is busy. When it comes to the low-temperature washers, they are normally available in the form of standard electrical service. This is an advantage for operations where electrical service does not have enough to power up a high-temperature washer. Low temperature, chemical machines are best for applications where lighter soils are dominant.

Ease of Operation

The good thing is, that commercial dishwashers have efficient, one-button or two-step controls making them easy to use. Simple operation is an important consideration for busy kitchens where duties are normally shared and everyone pitches in to make sure it is running smoothly in the kitchen.

Even if it is simple to use, consideration must always be given to the kind of dishwasher you buy before washing. The loading and even wash cycles at the end of the day to make sure that your machine keeps performing excellently.

You can check out commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA if you need to have it fixed in the future.



Reasons Why Your Fridge Compressor is Overheating

One of the most common causes of fridge compressor failure is overheating. If the reciprocation is too hot, it will fail right away. A service tech must always look for this problem while repairing any refrigerator system. The commercial refrigerator repairs will tell you that the hottest location of any refrigeration system is the port discharge of the valve inside. It is hard for any technician to measure the temperature here. However, measuring the temperature discharge line is about 6 inches from the compressor outlet, which gives a good indication of the discharge port’s temperature.

if you want to know the reasons why your fridge compressor is hot, you can read this article until the end so read on.

Fan or Condenser Coil Issues

One of the main reasons refrigerators overheat is the condenser fan or coils that builds up dirt, making it hard for the condenser to diffuse heat properly.

In the majority of homes, condenser coils can collect dirt, grime, dust bunnies, and fur. Condenser coils should be cleaned using a special brush with a long handle or vacuum attachment for the tight spaces. If the condenser fan or coil is malfunctioning, that can certainly cause problems.

An Internal Temperature that is Too Low

One of the most common household mistakes is that they set their refrigerator temperature too low. Setting your refrigerator temperature too lower than the recommended setting causes the compressor to overheat and fail, which costs you time and money. If you set it lower than 35 degrees F, it will make the compressor work harder, which causes it to overheat right away.

The unfortunate thing is that modern refrigerators overheat if the temperatures inside are not correctly set. In order to prevent your refrigerator from overheating, you need to check the temperature setting inside the control panel and make sure the setting is between 37 to 38 degrees F.

Poor Ventilation

In case your refrigerator compressor is overheating, there is a big chance that it is because of poor ventilation.

Ideally, your fridge should not have anything to do with anything aside from that because it can interrupt heat distribution. In addition, if you have a lot of items in the refrigerator, like mementos and magnets, these can contribute to overheating as well.

The best case is you must remove items from outside your fridge. After that, pull the refrigerator further to make sure there is enough ventilation.

Refrigerator is Getting Too Much Sun

Among the most common issues with refrigerators is that they get too much sunlight. If your refrigerator is facing the sun, you might have a hard time keeping the temperature low.

If this happens, there might be two reasons why your compressor could be overworking. The first and most obvious is that the sun can heat the fridge, and after that, the air-cooled by the compressor needs to work extra hard to cool things down, which causes your compressor to overheat.

Refrigerators need one important thing: great airflow. That is why the best location for your refrigerator is one where it gets a lot of natural airflows. This is achievable by putting it anywhere in your kitchen, except the corner. If your house has more than one zone, and you have a cooler bathroom than your living room, it would be great to place it appropriately. It would be great if your refrigerator gets natural air.

You can contact commercial refrigerator services Northern VA if you need to have your refrigerator repaired because of an overheating compressor. Keep in mind that you need it to work perfectly all the time.



Advantages of a Steam Oven

People who like steam ovens say that they love how they can keep fresh flavors and make healthy dishes. The moist air inside the steam cavity means that food becomes juicy and succulent when it gets cooked, and, the food that you cook in a steam oven can retain more vitamins compared to cooking in a conventional oven. This type of oven is easier to maintain because food spillages are not baked into the oven.

You can also pay for a commercial oven repair for the maintenance of this kitchen appliance. Aside from easy maintenance, there are other advantages to having a steam oven. You can read this article until the end to find out more. Read on.

Better Texture and Flavor

Steam cooking will keep food colorful and vibrant, and that is especially noticeable when they cook vegetables. Most of the time, dry heat cooking and boiling the vegetables creates an entire plate that is full of dull-looking food that can cause it to become overcooked and mushy. Steam cooking can lock in flavor and retain food texture, but steaming needs water, and food is cooked rapidly using steam only without actual water contact.

Improved Cooking Results

Roasts are more usable because they are tender, moist, and flavorsome. BBQ chickens do not shrink so you will finish with a larger product that looks more appealing with no pink meat covering the bone. The cakes rise more when baked in a steam oven, and they will have more moisture.

The pastries are lighter, crispier, and fluffier. Steaming will produce all steamed vegetables without degrading the product, and no more overcooking food with nutrient loss or wastage.

When you poach, your food will cook perfectly or you can bake delicate desserts each time.

Speeds up Cooking Process

When you use a steam oven, you can accelerate the cooking process and weeknight meals are quick to prepare. It can cook 20 times faster, depending on the recipe you are following. This is a bonus for busy households.

You will also become more efficient. You can reheat baked pasta at the bottom shelf while steaming broccoli for your vegetables during the meal.

Healthy Cooking

You can steam your way to becoming healthier. When you are boiling vegetables in water, a lot of vitamins are left in the water that gets thrown away. Steam cooking can make sure that the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are retained inside the food, which means you will make a healthier plate of food. You do not have to use oil to cook food, which is a bonus. If you really like to cook with butter, then you should not worry because you can always add some.

Some of Them Have Set Programs

Some models of steam ovens have pre-set programs that take in all the guesswork involved in cooking. It is as simple as the kind of food you put in the oven – anything that comes from frozen eggroll appetizers to fresh pizza or souffle. The climate sensor of the oven will detect the volume, consistency, shape, adjusts the temperature and oven humidity to make it guesswork-free.

You Can Cook Multiple Foods All at the Same Time

Steam ovens let you cook different kinds of food together without transferring flavors. It is ideal for creating a balanced and healthy meal for the entire family and great for cooking your Sunday roast. You can cook some dishes in a steam oven without stirring. You no longer have to stand beside the oven while it cooks.

If you need to have your steam oven fixed, you can contact commercial appliances repair Northern VA.



How to Save on Buying Commercial Appliances

The best way to avoid paying too much for a commercial appliance is to buy it right away. If you do enough research and planning, you will be able to save a lot on big items such as ranges, refrigerators, dryers, washers, water heaters, and dishwashers. You need tips on how you can save money while getting the best deals. In addition, you do not want to be calling commercial appliances repair only shortly after buying your equipment.

If you are curious to find out how you can save money on this, read this article.

Know When the Best Time to Buy is

The best time to buy commercial appliances depends on the kind you want to purchase. Freezers, refrigerators, and laundry machine prices are better in May and June. The dishwashers, oven ranges, furnaces, and water heaters have the best prices in September and October. In places with cold climates, window ACs are cheaper in January and February.

The reason for the variation is not evident, and the same goes for ACs in four-season climates, and turnover of the model year is most likely the explanation for this. Retailers take price cuts on the prices of last year’s appliances so there is more room for the current year’s better, bigger, and shinier models that can be sold at a premium.

Wait for the Sale

You might only have to wait a week or 2 so you can purchase it by 25%. If there are huge appliance events, such as Black Friday, be patient and watchful for the excellent deals on what you are looking for. Most of the time, kitchen appliances go on sale before fall ends, which is only before thanksgiving. This is common when people want to have better appliances in case they have guests.

Aside from the holidays, there are considerable savings to be made by purchasing appliances by the year-end after it’s a season. You can get great discounts while avoiding the madness of holiday sales. Lastly, you can swap compulsive purchases to help you save. You can check out the factory stores’ yearly sales for awesome discounts on branded appliances.

Have a Separate Savings Account

In the time of online banking, it does not take a lot of effort to have new savings account for certain purchases or categories of expenses. This way, you can prepare for any large purchase you might have to make and even wait for a sale.

Check if there are Incentives

Retailers and manufacturers usually offer incentives such as discounts and rebates to move inventory, especially if they are inside warehouses too long or they become overstocked. Look on their website for great deals.

When you see an incentive, take note of the details. You need to make the purchase within a specific period. In case the deal is not applied automatically when you purchase the appliance, you must meet the deadlines for filling out a rebate form by mail or online.


Regardless of you just need 1 or 2 kitchen appliances to replace, there is a chance that they were bought at the same time and others will be pulled out soon. Look for an appliance bundle or package when you are buying. The bundles are for boosting sales and they offer significant savings.

If you do not want to buy yet, you can still contact commercial kitchen appliances repair Northern VA.



How to Take Care of Your Commercial Steamer

Whenever the steamer malfunctions, the lime deposits, and scale are normally the culprits. The staff must start that applying a degreasing spray and they follow by making the equipment work while on steam mode to loosen-stuck properties. Staffers must open the doors in the cooling and scrub the interior using soft brushes.

The tasks daily include drain lines that stay clear and inspect the gaskets. You can replace the filter and cartridges biannually or quarterly, which depends on the water quality, system, and more.

You can find tips in this article about how to prevent commercial steamer repair.

Clean it Properly

A soap and water solution is a great way to clean the steamer, but you must be warned about this. Due to the steamer’s natural nature, virtually anything becomes contaminated in the steamer since there is a risk of anything that goes inside it. Therefore, if you are not careful with food, it can become contaminated or develop a foul taste.

However, that does not indicate that you are discouraged from the process of cleaning. It is only that if you have decided about cleaning your steamer, you must be quite serious about it.

You should be thorough when cleaning the steamer. Use a normal cloth and then gently rub down the inside of the machine and thoroughly wipe it. Pay more attention to the cooking leftovers. You must also be sharp about the touchpoints like the control knob, door, or latch.

Change the Filters

A commercial steamer requires regular changing of filters. That is because water will come in direct contact with the food inside through the filters. Over time, these filters become filthy and they need replacement.

Check Compartments Daily

You must always follow the procedures of commercial steamer cleaning and maintenance that are noted in the unit’s user manual. It is important to drain the generator every day to prevent any internal scale buildup that interferes with the generator’s operation.

You need to inspect the compartments daily for any blockage and remove particles or debris from the perforated strainer every day. Make sure to wash inside the compartment using a warm water solution and non-chloride detergent and then rinse it using warm water.

Check for Leaks

One way to save on your electricity bill is to check for leaks. If there are leaks in the steamer, they need some steam to work more so they can produce the right amount of heat in the machinery. Therefore, the electricity bill increases over time.

This is also dangerous to boilers. If there is enough pressure developed in the steamer, a boiler could burst and can potentially hurt anyone around it. This calls for more spending repairs, so you really need to take care of it. If you encounter the first sign of a leak, do not ignore it because you can lose a lot if you just leave it alone.

Maintain the Drainage

You must make sure that the steamer water gets drained properly. The water in the steamer is about 212 degrees F. If you are leaving it, the temperature has to be about 140 degrees F based on the local standards. You need to check regularly check the temperatures in your steamer to make sure it stays in good condition.

If you need the steamer repaired, you can talk to commercial kitchen appliance repair Virginia to get the best service.



Steps To Keep Commercial Kitchen Equipment Clean And Last Longer

Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the biggest investments. When you purchase expensive commercial appliances, you want them to last, and hope to avoid commercial appliances repair. The ideal way of making your commercial appliance last longer is to keep them clean. Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment is time-consuming and slow process. They are bigger in size and you need to be careful while cleaning them. Also different equipment has different cleaning and maintenance needs. The best way to avoid any damage is to read the manufacturer manual for cleaning instructions.

Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchens generally consist of two types of appliances –hot side appliance and cold side appliance. The hot side appliances include commercial range, oven and deep fryer, while cold side appliances include walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine and ice maker. Also, there are commercial appliances such as commercial dishwasher, glass washer and garbage disposal units.

In order to maintain the performance and the longevity of your commercial appliances, you need to train your staff member on how to use each of the appliances. Then you have to prepare maintenance instructions for your staff to carefully use and maintain the appliances. At last, you need to come up with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, so that your appliance remain in tip-top condition and operate with the full efficiency.

Maintaining hot-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check gaskets and hinges of oven to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for efficiency and safety of your entire commercial kitchen.
  • All flames including pilot should burn blue. The blue flames indicate the proper burning. If the flames are not blue then there might be something wrong with your appliance.
  • Clean the food spills as soon as possible, and get rid of excess build-up on the weekly basis. These build-ups decrease the efficiency of ranges, ovens and boilers.
  • Adequately manage the oil filters of commercial deep fryers. Follow proper boil out process to extend the life span of oil used in your commercial deep fryer.

Maintaining cold-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check the gaskets of your cooling units to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for keeping safe operating temperature.
  • Defrost the ice machine on the regular basis.
  • Clean the compressors, condensers and evaporator coils of your cooling unit. You can also hire commercial refrigerators service Arlington for this task.


Simple Tips and Considerations to Make when Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Buying commercial kitchen appliances is a considerable investment, and it’s critical to ensure that you buy the best to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. It’s paramount to ensure that the appliances you purchase last long, and offer optimum performance. While buying the equipment make sure your commercial appliances repair expert is involved as they will advise on the part and accessories. Forge relationships with the experts as they will be able to carry out crucial checks on how the appliances are working and they will alert you on any malfunction. The commercial appliance repair expert will ensure that all the appliance parts are the correct fit and they are available.

Factors to consider while Buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Warranty

It’s essential that the commercial kitchen appliances have extended warranty. Check and confirm that the warranty is provided and what each of the warranties mean. It’s critical that you know how the appliances will be covered and whether it’s limited to certified commercial appliances repair experts in case of any repairs and service. Confirm whether the warranty covers the repair parts and labor.

  • Brands

They are a pool of brands available for kitchen appliances. It’s vital that you seek the opinion of the commercial appliance service expert as they will know what lasts longer, easy to use and cost-efficient. Ensure you pick a brand that suits your needs.

  • Energy efficiency and durability

Every business is all about cost cutting to increase profits; it’s, therefore, important that the appliances you choose energy saving as that will save you a coin. To make the most out of your appliances ensure they save energy but have optimal performance. Also, ensure that the brand you pick is known for durability. Equipment that breaks down easily will be a significant setback to your business.

  • Your Needs

Ensure the appliances you buy will meet the demand.It’s paramount that you don’t overwork the appliances as this will lead to breakdowns. Buy appliances that can handle the amount of work that you need to be done.

Tips for buying Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Plan and have a budget
  • View the equipment in person and seek the help of commercial kitchen appliance service experts
  • Ensure that the equipment is compatible with the building without having to do significant renovations. Check all the regulations to ensure that your appliances don’t flout any rule and regulation.
  • Buy equipment that have multi-user capabilities
  • Make sure the appliances will fit in your premises and leave enough working space.


Once you have bought the equipment, it’s important that you do a commercial kitchen appliance service va. The service is vital as some appliance parts may need lubrication, assembling and checking to ensure they are working properly.



Considerations to Make when Buying Used Commercial Appliances

While buying commercial kitchen appliances, there is a lot of factors one should take into account. The investment you make should be worth, the amount of money you spend. One of the main decisions that one has to make is whether to buy used or new equipment. it’s imperative that you understand the operation of the equipment, any spare parts or accessory that the equipment should have before buying the used commercial appliances. Seek the help of an expert  who is able to do a commercial range repair Fairfax VA of most appliances if you are buying several appliances as they are more conversant with the working and any spare parts you may require

Advantages of buying used equipment

  • Save money

It’s cheaper to buy used equipment as compared to buying new ones. The cash outlay you will need to buy the new equipment is high as compared to used commercial appliances that have already been in use. You will find cheaper equipment especially in an auction, that are hardly used being sold for way less. It’s, therefore, an advantage if you get the used equipment as that will save you some cash that you can use to boost your investment.

  • Free Equipment

If you buy equipment from a distressed seller you are likely to get additional accessories for free for purchasing a lot of commercial kitchen appliances. Items like toaster and mixers may be given for free as their cash outlay is minimal.

  • Minimal Wear and tear

Used Commercial appliances on sale will come from failed start-ups such as hotels. You will find that the equipment has been in use for a short time and therefore minimal wear and tear. It’s consequently a bargain to find such equipment.

  • Price Bargains

While buying from the dealer, the price has been set, and chances of a discount are rare. Its, therefore, an advantage to buying the used commercial appliances for a negotiable fee. Most of the people selling such equipment are open to discussion as compared to dealers.

The disadvantage of Buying Used Commercial appliances

  • Warranties

Used equipment will not have any warranties. Therefore if any equipment is not working, you have to pay the cost of commercial appliances repair. While buying used equipment make sure  if there are no warranties, that all the pieces of equipment are working perfectly

  • Repairs

Used commercial appliances may require constant repairs making you spend more money than you would have if you bought new equipment.


After reading this, if you decide to buy used the commercial range of appliances, ensure you invite an expert to check the equipment especially if you don’t have a full understanding of the equipment. Ensure that the appliances are working entirely and all the accessory parts are available. In case you buy an equipment that has a slight defect, consult the commercial appliances repair expert on the total cost of repairs and check whether it’s still viable to buy that particular equipment. Be sure to look out for a good bargain.



Maintain your commercial kitchen appliances to run a steady business

Especially for a food business owner, it is very crucial to rely on their electronic gadgets and commercial appliances. In order to keep your business going smoothly, make sure you schedule the maintenance of commercial kitchen appliances and the refrigerator components, such as ice dispensers, freezers, coolers or walk-in freezers time to time.  An unanticipated breakdown of your refrigerator units will lead to a sudden halt in your business and decaying of all the raw materials, which might have otherwise generated a hefty profit for you.

Tips to maintain your refrigerator:

A commercial refrigerator is a valuable asset for a professional in the food and restaurant industry because a faulty storage tool will spoil all the perishable goods. Thus, it is always better to organize regular inspection and maintenance programs, to prevent them from breaking down.  Even though food and restaurant business can be very hectic, it is advisable to ensure routine commercial refrigerators service, at least twice a year by professional experts. By ensuring optimum functionality of the refrigerator units, you not only prevent your business operation from ceasing but also prevent revamping your electrical charges. Unless your commercial appliances operate efficiently, chances are that your electricity bills might increase dramatically.

Therefore, the annual maintenance schedules must ensure the following:

  • Inspecting pressure cleaning condenser coils and drain lines
  • Monitor the temperature, and the defrost settings
  • Replace contaminated ice and avoid mold, insect or flies by regular cleaning
  • Inspect the filters on the ice makers
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Flushing acid descale solution to sanitize the water circuit
  • Examining the unit thermometer verification
  • Watch out for any loosened electrical connections
  • Ice vending machines should be disassembled and sanitized properly
  • Monitor the condenser, evaporation, wiring, compressor, fan motors or blades.
  • Double check for any internal or external cracks, holes or previously sealed parts to avoid air leakage.

Consult a certified refrigeration service provider immediately after breakdown:

Even if you have been running your commercial kitchen appliances efficiently, they might break down unexpectedly, after prolonged usage; and a failure inevitably means loss of your valuable time and money. Thus, it is ideally recommended to unplug the appliance immediately and consult a victory refrigerator repair Alexandria, rather than waiting for the further breakdown. The instant action might increase the longevity of your device while running the device inefficiently will waste your energy resources and money. Take good care of your commercial appliances, and they will love you back!




Step By Step Checklist for Ice Machine Cleaning

Following a regular cleaning routine is important for your commercial appliances, especially ice machine. Not only does cleaning improve the quality of ice, but it will also make your ice machine efficient and effective. Sure, ice machine is a complicated appliance. It is not easy to determine where to start. It is always good to hire commercial Ice maker repair services. The professionals have knowledge and understanding of various ice machines. They can help you in figuring out the best method of cleaning your expensive appliance.

Cleaning of ice machines

While each ice machine has its own features and functions, basic cleaning process is applicable for most. It is important to read the manufacturer’s manual before beginning the cleaning. The instruction manual will help you a lot in determining the easy yet correct way of cleaning your ice machine.

Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Remove Ice before Cleaning the Machine: You have to empty for cleaning. Thus, remove ice cubes before you start cleaning.

Check out the Water System: Every ice machine has different water system. You will have to read the instruction manual before cleaning the water system. A cleaner water system can actually improve the overall output and efficiency of your ice machine.

Inspect and replace Water Filters: Filters can significantly impact the ice quality produced by your machine. The filters will clean incoming water, decrease the maintenance and cleaning frequency, enhance the taste of ice and eventually allows the machine to function at peak performance and efficiency.

Inspect the Water Pressure and Filtration System: Checking water filtration and pressure is important part of ice machine maintenance. Make sure that no pressure drops are happening because of possible clogging in the machine.

Visually Inspect Your Ice Machine: Take visual inspection of all the components of your ice machine. In case you discover any crack, lose wiring or damaged part, call Scotsman Ice machine repairs Arlington services as soon as you can.

Sanitize the Components of Ice Machine: Follow instructions mentioned in user manual to clean your ice machine in an adequate manner. Do not forget to clean the dispenser and storage bin of your ice machine.

Get Damaged Parts Replaced: Call professional to get all the parts and components of your ice machine replaced. Then observe the functionality of your machine for two cycles. Remember to dispose the first batch of ice produced by machine after cleaning as it might contain cleaning solutions.