Step By Step Checklist for Ice Machine Cleaning

Following a regular cleaning routine is important for your commercial appliances, especially ice machine. Not only does cleaning improve the quality of ice, but it will also make your ice machine efficient and effective. Sure, ice machine is a complicated appliance. It is not easy to determine where to start. It is always good to hire commercial Ice maker repair services. The professionals have knowledge and understanding of various ice machines. They can help you in figuring out the best method of cleaning your expensive appliance.

Cleaning of ice machines

While each ice machine has its own features and functions, basic cleaning process is applicable for most. It is important to read the manufacturer’s manual before beginning the cleaning. The instruction manual will help you a lot in determining the easy yet correct way of cleaning your ice machine.

Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

Remove Ice before Cleaning the Machine: You have to empty for cleaning. Thus, remove ice cubes before you start cleaning.

Check out the Water System: Every ice machine has different water system. You will have to read the instruction manual before cleaning the water system. A cleaner water system can actually improve the overall output and efficiency of your ice machine.

Inspect and replace Water Filters: Filters can significantly impact the ice quality produced by your machine. The filters will clean incoming water, decrease the maintenance and cleaning frequency, enhance the taste of ice and eventually allows the machine to function at peak performance and efficiency.

Inspect the Water Pressure and Filtration System: Checking water filtration and pressure is important part of ice machine maintenance. Make sure that no pressure drops are happening because of possible clogging in the machine.

Visually Inspect Your Ice Machine: Take visual inspection of all the components of your ice machine. In case you discover any crack, lose wiring or damaged part, call Scotsman Ice machine repairs Arlington services as soon as you can.

Sanitize the Components of Ice Machine: Follow instructions mentioned in user manual to clean your ice machine in an adequate manner. Do not forget to clean the dispenser and storage bin of your ice machine.

Get Damaged Parts Replaced: Call professional to get all the parts and components of your ice machine replaced. Then observe the functionality of your machine for two cycles. Remember to dispose the first batch of ice produced by machine after cleaning as it might contain cleaning solutions.