Guide to Restaurant Steamer Cleaning

Modern diners have become health conscious, and thus steamers are gaining a lot of popularity. With the help of this equipment, restaurant and cafe owners can cook healthy and tasty meals in no time. The commercial steamers are quite easy to use. If staff knows how to use this equipment, it can ease their work. However, just like any other commercial kitchen equipment, commercial steamers also require regular maintenance and cleaning to function without any interruption. It is your responsibility to schedule commercial steamer repair and maintenance as soon as you notice any problem in your appliance.

Why Cleaning Your Restaurant Steamer Matters

Commercial steamers are easy and quick to clean –as long as you know the right techniques of cleaning the appliances.  From leftovers to chemical residuals, anything left in your commercial steamer can be passed to customers. Not just contaminants can change the taste of food, but such food is not healthy as well.  A poorly maintained commercial appliance is also unlikely to efficient performance as a result it takes longer cook times and often requires early replacement.

Tips For Commercial Steamer Cleaning

Anything that goes inside the steamer can penetrate the food, affecting its taste, and probably harming your patrons. It is important to avoid using toxic chemicals for cleaning the appliance. The harsh chemicals will not only damage your appliance, but they will also leave toxins inside it.

When it comes to cleaning, your staff should clean the spills right away. Clean the appliance from inside out with water and soap every day. And perform thorough cleaning every week. In fact, you should schedule professional cleaning every month to clear the hidden debris.

One of the most critical aspects of cleaning commercial steamer is thoroughness –use a scrubber to clean interior parts of the appliance, pay special attention to clear out clogging.  Also, do not overlook touch parts such as the latch, door, and knob that bear endless contact from kitchen staff.

Since steamers use water, you might have to deal with the lime build-up. In order to avoid the lime build up, you need to keep cleaning the water. Also, do not let lime to get stubborn. Later, it will become really very difficult for you get rid of it.

Commercial steamer cleaning and maintenance is mandatory. In order to increase the efficiency and life-span of your appliance, you are required to pay attention over cleaning. You can consult with the commercial appliance repair services for through cleaning.

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