How to Pick an Appliance Repair Company

When your commercial oven, refrigerator, or deep fryer breaks down, it is important to find a trustworthy commercial appliances repair. You do not want to go through this stressful situation for so long, but the right provider makes a huge difference. If you have the diligence, you can locate a qualified technician. A refrigerator is able to maintain the right temperature for four hours, and the freezer is maintained for up to 2 days. That is going to buy you some time.

It is important to find a well-related specialized company when it comes to servicing your kind of appliance, and that comes with a certain reputation for providing good repairs at fair costs. Learn more now.

Do Proper Research

It is imperative to research so you can make sure the company you hire is legitimate. You can check a few websites and check the services they offer and the reviews.

Most of the repair companies are going to require a service call fee so they can diagnose your appliance. However, full payment is not needed until you have a complete service. If the part required to fix the appliance is a special order, a company might need the payment for that part only.

Confirm Their Credibility

Even if it seems apparent, it is important to confirm the appliance repair show or the professionals have the credentials they need and authorization to operate. You do not want to risk allowing someone to work on the appliance that you probably spent a lot for without any training.

Aside from that, since that person enters your home, you need to verify the company that employs them took all the important precautions before deciding. Their precautions will guarantee that the company will take full responsibility if they do something wrong.

Experience Level and Qualifications

Other crucial elements to consider when choosing an appliance repair company is their qualification and experience. You need to examine how many years a company has been operational and make sure they only recruit personnel who are well-trained. You need to be confident that the technician can understand what they are working with according to their experience. They might have dealt with a scenario with some clients. In addition, they know the critical regions that need replacement and repairs. They could also suggest that you need to have your appliance fixed if they cannot do it.

They Need to Have Insurance Coverage

You can also review policies to see if they give warranties and insurance in case of any damage. it is an awesome idea to protect you from mishaps that may happen during the repair process. However, these are uncommon because a technician cannot damage your appliances intentionally. You need to do background checks to make sure you have enough coverage.


Another important consideration before you hire an appliance repair service is they should have a warranty. Ask if the company provides a warranty for the repair services before they employ an appliance repair technician.

In addition, you need to make sure that they adhere to the requirements of their warranty. If this is not the case, you can end up having to pay extra for any repairs. You should never decide anything unless you are sure about it.


Ask how they calculate fees, which includes their charges for parts and labor. Also, an on-site diagnosis by a technician with common replacement parts saves you time and cost. The price quotes and estimates give you predictability.

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Benefits of Using a Commercial Steamer

There are more commercial chefs today who are embracing multi-modal cooking. The general cooking philosophy will emphasize using different processes, whether it is baking, roasting, frying, or smoking. What would be better is that when you invest in a commercial steamer, you can do all of these.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways of preparing food, and you can contact a commercial steamer repair in case you need a repair. When you research it, there are so many people who love to use food steamers because they are convenient. In addition, it saves you a lot of preparation time in your kitchen and it offers plenty of healthy benefits. Read on to learn more.

Healthier Cooking and Lower Cholesterol

Do you want to indulge in the foods you love to eat while making sure that you are not too fatty or greasy? You might think this is difficult, but it is totally possible using a food steamer.

Steam cooking is a very healthy way of cooking your food like meat and vegetables. A food steamer does not require grease to cook food, which means anything you make using this appliance is made with less fat.

In addition, steaming food helps in preserving all food nutrients while you include vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Better Multi-tasking

When you cook foods using dry heat, food moisture gets released into the air together with things like flavors and aromas. Most of the time, these flavors get transferred to other items inside the oven. In order to avoid unwanted transfer, chefs need to cook food during their shifts, while taking time to cook other items as well.

Steam cooking prevents this unwanted event. Instead, the aromas and flavors will stay locked inside the foods themselves. This increases the resulting taste of food, but it will allow you to cook different food items all at the same time. By using steam cooking, kitchen managers are able to boost throughput when they maximize the open spaces.

Quick Cooking

Cooking with steam is a quick process and are you even able to cut your cooking time in half for those products that normally take a lot longer to cook? Are you aware that you can cook a cheesecake or cake inside your steamer? There are a lot of different commercial steamers that are excellent in a commercial kitchen.

Keeps the Food Color

What a lot of people love about food steamers is that they are able to keep the natural colors of food, especially when it comes to vegetables. That is because they only steam dishes unlike using the stove or heat which makes vegetables lose fresh colors.

Less Mess

Apart from the convenience when you use it, food steamers can be easy to clean as well. There is no need to worry about oils and sticky sauces that are splattering to wash after cooking food because the steamer trays are safe and can be hand washed.

Even and Gentle Cooking

Some people assume that steam cooking will leave food soggy and wet. This cannot be further from what is true. The truth is, after the steam already passed the heat on food, the leftover steam has been recaptured and removed from their system. Foods remain to be perfectly moist, but they are never wet.

More importantly, steam cooking will ensure that foods will never become dry, and it commonly happens with other cooking methods. The difference has something to do with how heat flows through your oven.

You can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Springfield anytime if you need something fixed.




Advantages of Steam Ovens

If you are thinking of buying a steam oven, you might be surprised to find out that it costs an average of $4000. Before you decide to examine the advantages of buying a steam oven, you should also know a good commercial oven repair in case you will need them in the future. A lot of research has been done to help you decide a lot faster.

Prior to deciding, you would want to read more about why you should invest in one. Maybe a fellow business owner mentioned it to you and now you want one. There are many reasons in this article that you should read about so that you can determine if you can use it for your business or not.

You Can Cook a Lot of Things

Originally, steam ovens were only for steaming vegetables. However, this is not the case anymore. A top-quality one will allow the chicken and fish to cook at a temperature of 100 degrees C. The supplies have been experimented with and cooked using sponges in steam ovens. They are useful for different functions, which include:

Dough proving

Food reheat


Hard-boiled eggs


Sterilizing bottles

Skinning tomatoes and sous vide

Healthy Cooking

Steam ovens will reduce the absence of food nutrients. This is because steam ovens use steam to cook food instead of hot air. Steaming your food has the tendency to keep nutrients and vitamins locked.

Hot air will significantly lessen nutrients in food because you are at risk of overcooking the food which can destroy the nutrients. In addition, steaming does not need boiling foods in water. You will see that when you boil vegetables and other foods, it could cause the nutrients and vitamins to seep into the water.

Gives You More Humidity and Moisture

A steam oven does not change the cooking time, and it only gives you the same temperature with added moisture and humidity while something bakes or roasts. Equipping the kitchen with a steam oven is among the most important things you can do in order to boost your cooking skills. It is a great way to keep up with the cooking experts. However, those who are not techy would love to know that ovens equipped with steam offer the best method for reheating leftovers. It is because steam harnesses moisture from what was lost inside your fridge, so the pizza of yesterday tastes good the night before. Your microwave is only good for reheating coffee all day when you work from home.

Evenly Warms Food Without Drying

Steam is helpful if you want to heat leftover food so that it can retain moisture and flavor, unlike microwave-heated foods. The steam provides more moisture retention, so your food will be juicier when you use it to reheat.

Healthier Cooking

Cooking with steam is very healthy because it does not need oils. It is also the secret of the best bakeries and Michelin-star restaurants because steam convection cooks evenly compared to other methods. At the same time, it produces perfect tender roasts, and moist fish with a flaky outside, as well as fluffy baked goods. The simplicity it offers is even better.

You Can Cook Food Simultaneously

Different foods can be simultaneously cooked using a steam oven. In addition, the steam design will not transfer the flavors or taste between foods. This way, you can cut cooking time if you are preparing a few dishes all at the same time. You will not be as pressured if you have many customers.

You can contact commercial appliances repair Fairfax in case you want to have your steam oven checked.



Commercial Kitchen Safety Tips

When people are talking about safety tips in the kitchen, they have the tendency to check out health codes as their guidelines instead of just common sense. Even if it is true that safety and health codes have to be followed, it is true that if you do not use your brain, unsafe conditions can happen.

It is important to create a safe working environment in a commercial kitchen so you can offer a range of cleaning, safety, and compliance services. You can avoid causing an accident or your staff or customers are subjected to food poisoning, allergic reactions, and health risks.

If you need to call commercial kitchen appliance repair, you should do so in order to ensure the safety of your commercial kitchen. Here are safety tips you can follow:

  1. Keep the Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Top Shape

This is among the biggest frustrations when it comes to commercial kitchens nowadays. A lot of the equipment has been made on sealed concrete floors which are not always level. Appliances get installed and adjusted. After one year, they will start to wobble. The end result is that they will last one or two years more than they should.

This is entirely preventable because all you need to do is make adjustments yearly. If your maintenance is good, they might do it for you.

  1. Cook Food at the Right Temperatures

In case your food is cooked to the proper temperature, you should make sure that all your kitchen staff knows about these guidelines. For instance, the chicken should be cooked at a temperature of 165 degrees F. The advice of the FDA is to cook ground beef at a temperature of 155 degrees F for only 15 seconds. The reason behind this is to prevent e-coli, which is in ground beef, and it accounts for a lot of foodborne illnesses. Any kind of meat being cooked and prepared in a commercial must be checked using a thermometer for the right temperature, but you should not use the same thermometer for different kinds of meat.

If you want to make sure that the food is properly cooked, your kitchen equipment should be in good shape. Make sure that you know all your equipment is in good condition.

  1. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

It will not matter if you use a whiteboard, or calendar, to maintain it on several sheets, deep cleaning must be tracked and scheduled. This is the best way to make sure that it will regularly take place on time. If you do not deep clean your commercial kitchen appliances can lead to health risks and damaged equipment.

The two main options for deep cleaning seem to be rotating on schedule and all in one concept. Some owners of the commercial kitchen like each appliance to be deep cleaned separately or weekly to lower the overall impact on the kitchen. Other like to bring in extra once a week, monthly, or bi-weekly to do all this cleaning all at once. Both of them work well and it includes the same basic principle.

  1. Regularly Clean and Sanitize Preparation Surfaces of Kitchen Equipment Regularly

Your commercial kitchen staff needs the right workstation and equipment to do their job satisfactorily. Use hot soapy water, commercial bleach, or cleaner on dishes, cutting boards, countertops, and more. You need to ask the local health department what they need when it comes to preparing food and sanitation. Never neglect your commercial kitchen equipment, and make sure to clean them properly.

Contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA anytime if you need to have them checked.



How to Choose a Commercial Steamer

The power of a commercial steamer is in its ability to easily cook meals without using oil, so it is healthier. Steam cooking uses heat energy to transform liquid water into steam. This prevents food from over-drying, which retains the nutrients lost from the cooking methods, and it eliminates the need for far or oil in cooking methods.

Normally, food service owners use steamers to cook seafood, vegetables, rice, and potatoes because it typically provides quick production and helps food retain color, nutrients, and moisture.

You can choose from different models like countertops and floors, which depend on the application and volume. In case it malfunctions, you can contact commercial steamer repair. In the meantime, here are tips on how to choose the right one.


Choosing between several sizes and models of steamers should depend on how much food you want to cook within the cavity. Aside from that, you would have to consider the spacious accommodations that are allotted for your steamer, since one model can consume a footprint in your kitchen while another one can just sit comfortably on a shelving unit.

Power Source

There are two kinds of steamers used in commercial kitchens. One is the gas type and the other one is electric. A gas-powered steamer will heat food easier and faster. The electric steamer can easily be installed anywhere as long as there is a water hookup and electric. The choice between the two is entirely up to you and what your business needs.

Types of Steamers

Countertop – Countertop pressure steamers can be powered with electricity or gas, or you can connect them directly to a steamer source because they can be manually filled and drained.

Floor pressure steamer – These work when you connect them to a direct steam source or boiler. Both the floor and countertop steamers can reach a temperature of up to 250 degrees F and they are ideal for cooking large batches of starchy foods quickly like potatoes.

Boilerless Steamer – These steamers are able to generate steam on their own, and it nullifies the need for another steam generator. Boilerless steamers do not have an enclosed boiler but it utilizes an open water reservoir at the unit’s bottom or a spritzer that splashes cold water around the unit’s inside creating steam. The result is a “wetter” steam but it does not have the benefits of easy cleanup. Keep in mind that your food will not cook and it might not be as crisp as other units.

Convection Steamer

Another kind of steamer is the convection one. This is more straightforward to use instead of a pressure steamer, and it is hard to overcook food items. It cooks at a temperature of 212 degrees F without pressure. The convection steamer is used more because it is cheaper compared to the pressure cooker.

The steam circulates in the convection steamer which causes the food to cook evenly and quickly. Convection steamers function for several reasons: thawing, steaming, poaching, reheating, and par-cooking. You can cook different foods simultaneously without having to transfer different aromas.

Flash Steamers

These are also called tortilla steamers for among the most popular functions. It is small but powerful and can warm more than just tortillas. While small portions are better when it comes to flash steamers, they can be used for rejuvenating bread, preparing vegetables, and cooking meats. Since a flash steamer requires some counter space, this kind of steamer is excellent for small menus, snack shops, or bars.

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How to Take Care of Your Commercial Steamer

Whenever the steamer malfunctions, the lime deposits, and scale are normally the culprits. The staff must start that applying a degreasing spray and they follow by making the equipment work while on steam mode to loosen-stuck properties. Staffers must open the doors in the cooling and scrub the interior using soft brushes.

The tasks daily include drain lines that stay clear and inspect the gaskets. You can replace the filter and cartridges biannually or quarterly, which depends on the water quality, system, and more.

You can find tips in this article about how to prevent commercial steamer repair.

Clean it Properly

A soap and water solution is a great way to clean the steamer, but you must be warned about this. Due to the steamer’s natural nature, virtually anything becomes contaminated in the steamer since there is a risk of anything that goes inside it. Therefore, if you are not careful with food, it can become contaminated or develop a foul taste.

However, that does not indicate that you are discouraged from the process of cleaning. It is only that if you have decided about cleaning your steamer, you must be quite serious about it.

You should be thorough when cleaning the steamer. Use a normal cloth and then gently rub down the inside of the machine and thoroughly wipe it. Pay more attention to the cooking leftovers. You must also be sharp about the touchpoints like the control knob, door, or latch.

Change the Filters

A commercial steamer requires regular changing of filters. That is because water will come in direct contact with the food inside through the filters. Over time, these filters become filthy and they need replacement.

Check Compartments Daily

You must always follow the procedures of commercial steamer cleaning and maintenance that are noted in the unit’s user manual. It is important to drain the generator every day to prevent any internal scale buildup that interferes with the generator’s operation.

You need to inspect the compartments daily for any blockage and remove particles or debris from the perforated strainer every day. Make sure to wash inside the compartment using a warm water solution and non-chloride detergent and then rinse it using warm water.

Check for Leaks

One way to save on your electricity bill is to check for leaks. If there are leaks in the steamer, they need some steam to work more so they can produce the right amount of heat in the machinery. Therefore, the electricity bill increases over time.

This is also dangerous to boilers. If there is enough pressure developed in the steamer, a boiler could burst and can potentially hurt anyone around it. This calls for more spending repairs, so you really need to take care of it. If you encounter the first sign of a leak, do not ignore it because you can lose a lot if you just leave it alone.

Maintain the Drainage

You must make sure that the steamer water gets drained properly. The water in the steamer is about 212 degrees F. If you are leaving it, the temperature has to be about 140 degrees F based on the local standards. You need to check regularly check the temperatures in your steamer to make sure it stays in good condition.

If you need the steamer repaired, you can talk to commercial kitchen appliance repair Virginia to get the best service.



Simple Tips to Follow when Cleaning Commercial Appliances

Simple maintenance and cleaning practices will ensure your commercial appliances work for long without the need to be repaired. Neglecting your appliances will not only result in high repairs cost but will also slow down your business. It’s therefore important you make sure you maintain and clean your appliances regularly. The commercial appliance repair Virginia expert will guide you on how to clean your appliances and also carry out maintenance on the appliances. In this article, we give you tips you can follow to help keep your appliances working optimally.

Tips to Follow When Cleaning your Appliances

Refrigerator and Freezer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the refrigerator coils regularly

The condenser coils play a key role and it’s important to clean the coils regularly. Coils collect dust, grease and other dirt making the refrigerator less effective and that may lead to breaking down. It’s best to have the coil checked regularly by the commercial refrigerator repair team but ensure that the coil is cleaned regularly to avoid breakdown. During the commercial refrigerator services make sure the coil is removed and brushed to avoid build up.

  • Clean the Door Gasket

A dirty door gasket will air leaks in the fridge making it work more and that will result in wearing out. Use a wet cloth to wipe the door gasket. Make sure the gasket is cleaned often to avoid damage.

  • Clean the Condenser fan

Make sure the condenser fan is cleaned regularly. Dust particles may get stuck on the fan making it less effective.

  • Clean the Vents of the freezer

Vents aid in air circulation and it’s important to ensure they are clean. If they are not cleaned they will cause the freezer to overheat and slow down. Cleaning the vents regularly will help you save a lot of energy and thus saving you money. The above simple tips will help you maintain your kitchen appliance and reduce the cost of repairs.

Dish Washer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the dishwasher before you load utensils

Food particles can get stuck in the moving part of the washer. Make sure you rinse the food particles and that will help keep the dishwasher working for long. It’s important to ensure that you call a commercial dishwasher repair team for regular maintenance to prolong the life of the dishwasher.

  • Use products meant for the dishwasher

Pour the dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it without any utensils. Repeat this often to help prevent the sprayer from clogging. Repeat this often and that will help prevent dishwasher from breaking down.

  • Clean the filtering screen

Clean the filtering screen regularly to prevent food particles from damaging the dishwasher.

  • Rinse out the hard water mineral deposits

The mineral deposit can build up in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean the water jets in the spray arm and water inlet valve. The commercial dishwasher repair team will replace a clogged water inlet valve and after replacement makes sure its cleaned regularly.

Oven Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid placing aluminium foils at the bottom of the oven

The foil will block the air flow and that will make the oven to fail. Clean the oven after using it to make sure it lasts longer. Instead of placing the foil at the bottom of the oven, use a cleaner and sharp object to remove food particles.

  • Clean the switch and knob often

Using a rag with a cleaner, clean the knob and switches often. Make sure no liquids get behind the knobs and switch because that will cause damage.

Cleaning the ice maker

  • To clean the ice maker, empty the ice maker bin often and the clean the bin with a mild detergent.

If you notice any strange smell let the commercial ice repair team replace the ice maker filter. It’s important to have the ice maker thoroughly cleaned by the commercial appliance repair team. Make sure the ice maker is disassembled and all the part cleaned.

Cleaning commercial appliances often and regularly will save money and ensure the appliances don’t break down unexpectedly. It’s important to ensure the commercial kitchen appliances repair team carries out regular appliance maintenance and that will help you avoid constant repair cost. Make sure the appliances are cleaned on a daily basis and stored away when not in use.




Common Commercial Ice Maker Problems

Your commercial ice dispenser plays a crucial role, especially during summer. A broken-down ice maker will frustrate your efforts to keep your clients happy and may lead to low business. It’s therefore important that you ensure that your commercial ice maker is functioning optimally. You need to ensure that you invite the commercial appliance repair Virginia team to service all the appliances often including the ice maker. In this article we look at ice maker problems and what you should do.

How the Commercial Ice Maker Works

When you turn on the ice maker, water flows into the back of the refrigerator. The water then flows to the freezer and makes ice. An ice maker has a thermostat which is attached to the tray keep the temperature constant ensuring that the tubes are released without freezing. The feeler arm will push the cubes up into the outer tray. The ice making cycle is repeated until ice is full in the holding container.

 Commercial Ice Maker Problems

  •  Ice or water dispensing problem

If your commercial ice maker fails to dispense ice or water, first ensure that there is a flow of water into the ice maker. Make sure the feeler of the ice maker is not blocked or has turned off the ice maker. Excessive ice in the holding container will make the feeler stay up to prevent the making of more ice. It’s also important that you ensure that the water has the right pressure because if the pressure is low water will not flow into the ice maker. It’s important that you invite the commercial ice maker repairs team often to service to avoid sudden breakdowns of your appliances.

  •  Ice Maker fails to make ice

Make sure that the ice maker is turned on and it has the right temperature. If the ice maker is on and still no ice, that could result from a frozen water line or a clogged water inlet. You can defrost the ice maker by switching it off and also turning off the water supply. If you turn on the ice maker, it should be able to make ice but if there is still no ice then you need to call the commercial ice maker repair team.

  •  Ice Maker not making enough ice

If you ice maker is not making enough cubes as it was making before then you need to call the commercial appliance repair team to check what the issue may be. However, before they arrive check whether there is a frozen line anywhere.

Ice Maker leaking

Your ice maker may be leaking in the freezer or if you notice any water on the floor check the following

  • Make sure the ice maker is positioned well
  • Check to ensure there is no damage in water pipes
  • Make sure the filler cup is well positioned

After checking all those services if there are no issues then your ice maker needs troubleshooting. You need to call the ice maker repair team to repair the ice maker.

Frozen ice maker

If the thermostat of your ice maker has failed the water will freeze before getting into the ice maker Mold. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the recommended temperature. If the temperature is ok, then call in the commercial kitchen repair team to troubleshoot the ice maker.

  • Smelly ice Cubes

Failure to change the ice maker filter may result in bad smelling ice cubes. It’s important that you ensure that the filter is changed every 6months to avoid the bad smell.

  • Noisy Icemaker

If you hear unexplained noises from the ice maker, you need to alert the commercial ice maker repair team. Noises may result from the temperature control units, compressors, and water falling on the defroster heater.

 How to Keep your Commercial Ice Maker working Well

  • Make sure that the ice maker is cleaned often
  • Ensure that the water flowing into the ice maker is clean. Ensure that the water filter is replaced often.
  • Don’t overwork your ice machine. Make sure it only dispenses the allowed ice cubes
  • Descale often to prevent calcium deposit clogs

Your ice maker is an important appliance and its needs to work well at all times. If you notice any of the above issues, make sure you alert the commercial ice maker repair team. You also need to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to avoid a sudden breakdown that will cost you more money.




Tips to Follow When Buying a Commercial Walk-In Freezer

The walk-in the freezer helps keep foods fresh and frozen and it’s therefore important that it works optimally. Routine maintenance of the walk-in freezer is vital and you should have a reliable commercial freezer repairs team. An ineffective walk-in the freezer will cost your business profits and clients, and the commercial appliance repair team should be able to advise you on when repairing the freezer is no longer viable. In this post, we give you professional advice on factors you should consider when replacing the commercial walk-in freezer.

Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Commercial Walk-in Freezer

  • Size of your Business

When running a restaurant, you will need a walk-in freezer that serves the purpose. Make sure you involve the commercial freezer repair team as they have the expertise required to help you choose the right size of the freezer. The size of the freezer will determine the monthly operating cost and if your business is not large,  avoid buying one that is too large as that increases the cost. The other factor to consider is the storage space available. Make sure that the walk-in the freezer you buy fits into the available space. If your walk-in freezer is going to go to occupy an outdoor space then you need to ensure that’s it’s well protected. Make sure the floor on which you will place the freezer is able to bear the load.

  • Design and Features

What features and design do you want? A modern walk-in the freezer will have a temperature alarm alert to alert you that the freezer has an issue, it also has an energy saving feature, a kick plate for protecting the door and wheels to help you move it easily. Make a comprehensive list of all the features that you need for your freezer. To make it easier you can consult the commercial freezer repair team on the most recent additions features.

  • Quality

Make sure the freezer you buy is quality and will last longer. You may find a walk-in cooler that is cheaper but uses a lot of energy and therefore more expensive in the long run. Consult the commercial appliance repair team when buying the freezer to ensure that you get one that will last a lifetime.

  • Warranty

Choose a walk-in freezer that comes with a warranty in the event it gets damaged or malfunctions. A warranty will ensure that there is a minimal interruption for your business.

  • Ease of Use

Ensure that you buy a freezer that is easy to use, as that will ensure work is done effectively. Make sure it has easy to read temperature displays, simple to doors to open and make sure it has a recording system that will assist in the monitoring of the temperature. An operating manual will make it easy to learn how to operate the appliances.

When You Should Buy a New Commercial Walk-in  Freezer

  • If the  walk-in freezer repair cost is higher than the buying price
  • When expanding your business or when opening a new branch
  • Buy a new walk-in freezer when it begins to break down too often
  • When the cooler is less efficient and it results in high bills
  • If there is ice build-up as that indicates that the insulation has failed

How to Maintain a Walk in Freezer

  • Shut the door completely when the freezer is not in use as that saves energy
  • Routinely clean the evaporator and condensing coils
  • Clean the fan regularly to make it runs optimally
  • Ensure the electrical connections are working well
  • Regularly clean the drain lines to ensure there are no clogs
  • Follow the maintenance schedule as advised by the commercial freezer repair team
  • Monitor the inside temperature often
  • Ensure the floor on which the freezer is placed are dry and clean
  • Immediately call the commercial kitchen appliance repair team in case there is any breakdown

When buying a commercial walk-in freezer, consult the commercial appliance repair Virginia team on the one that will work best for your business. Look for new features that will help in saving energy and one that will ensure durability. Always look for quality over price as in the long run cheap may be expensive. Make sure the freezer you buy serves the purpose you need without increasing the cost of operations.



How to Keep Your Refrigerator Working Efficiently

Your commercial appliances are an investment, and you need to ensure that they are properly maintained. Your commercial refrigerator plays a crucial role in ensuring your restaurant business runs smoothly. You need to follow the right maintenance procedure to keep the fridge effectively and optimally. For your fridge to give you the service, you need to ensure that you take good care of it. Work with the commercial refrigerator repairs team to ensure your fridge is in top shape.

How to Keep your commercial refrigerator Working effectively

  • Clean the refrigerator regularly

It’s critical to clean the refrigerator regularly. Failure to clean the fridge will make part of the refrigerator work harder, and that will lead to a breakdown. If your refrigerator keeps on failing often, then you need work with the commercial kitchen appliance repair team to ensure that your fridge is thoroughly cleaned. Make sure you schedule cleaning of the refrigerator at least once per month. Depending on the frequency of use schedule cleaning the fridge often. Service the fridge to keep it working efficiently and ensure any repair are done immediately.

  • Keep it full

Keep the fridge full, and that will ensure it works effectively. When the fridge is full, that keeps the food cool, and that will spread to other foods. A full fridge will work more optimally. In an empty fridge, the compressor has work harder to keep the fridge cooling. It’s however important to ensure that you don’t overstock the refrigerator to avoid breaking it down. Stock the right amount of food.

Make sure that there are no empty spaces in the refrigerator because that will lead to low energy efficiency.

  • Place the appliances in the right place

Put your commercial refrigerator far away from appliances such as ovens and dishwashers. Heat generated from the commercial oven will make the fridge work harder to remain cool. When the fridge is placed in the wrong place, it will overheat or consume more energy and that will increase the electricity bill, and that will lead to constant breakdowns.

  • Vacuum the condenser coils

The condenser coil releases the heat which makes the compressor run. If dust, dirt and other particles gather on the coil the fridge will overheat leading to the compressor breaking down. It’s therefore important to ensure the commercial appliance repair team vacuums your fridge often.

  • Use the fridge partitions properly

It’s important to arrange the food in the fridge properly, and that will ensure maximum use. Wrong use of the fridge compartments will mean you will store less amount of food. You can use baskets to organize your refrigerator and ensure maximum use. The baskets will also ensure that you can capture any spills and makes it easier to clean the appliance.

  • Use the right temperature

You need to ensure that the temperature of your refrigerator is right. If the temperature is high the food will rot while if you keep the temperature low, then the food will also get damaged. Set the right temperature to keep your food fresh and save energy. You can consult the fridge repair team on the right temperature.

  • Inspect the fridge regularly

It’s best to have the commercial refrigerator services team inspect your appliance regularly. Make sure that the condenser and the coils are clean and working properly. The commercial refrigerator repair team will guide you on when to repair and service the fridge.

  • Clean the gaskets

The rubber around the fridge door play a crucial role and helps run the fridge optimally. If the gasket gets worn out, then your fridge door will not close, and that means the fridge will not work optimally. Make sure that the door gasket is replaced often. The commercial refrigerators repair team should replace the gasket often to keep your fridge efficient.

Avoid opening and closing the fridge frequently because that will make your refrigerator use more energy. It will also damage the gasket. Minimize the number of times you open and close the fridge.

To keep the commercial refrigerator working optimally make sure you follow the fridge maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Virginia team. Make sure the commercial refrigerator service team service the refrigerator often to keep it effective. Clean the refrigerator regularly and avoid overstocking it.