Tips to Follow When Buying a Commercial Walk-In Freezer

The walk-in the freezer helps keep foods fresh and frozen and it’s therefore important that it works optimally. Routine maintenance of the walk-in freezer is vital and you should have a reliable commercial freezer repairs team. An ineffective walk-in the freezer will cost your business profits and clients, and the commercial appliance repair team should be able to advise you on when repairing the freezer is no longer viable. In this post, we give you professional advice on factors you should consider when replacing the commercial walk-in freezer.

Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Commercial Walk-in Freezer

  • Size of your Business

When running a restaurant, you will need a walk-in freezer that serves the purpose. Make sure you involve the commercial freezer repair team as they have the expertise required to help you choose the right size of the freezer. The size of the freezer will determine the monthly operating cost and if your business is not large,  avoid buying one that is too large as that increases the cost. The other factor to consider is the storage space available. Make sure that the walk-in the freezer you buy fits into the available space. If your walk-in freezer is going to go to occupy an outdoor space then you need to ensure that’s it’s well protected. Make sure the floor on which you will place the freezer is able to bear the load.

  • Design and Features

What features and design do you want? A modern walk-in the freezer will have a temperature alarm alert to alert you that the freezer has an issue, it also has an energy saving feature, a kick plate for protecting the door and wheels to help you move it easily. Make a comprehensive list of all the features that you need for your freezer. To make it easier you can consult the commercial freezer repair team on the most recent additions features.

  • Quality

Make sure the freezer you buy is quality and will last longer. You may find a walk-in cooler that is cheaper but uses a lot of energy and therefore more expensive in the long run. Consult the commercial appliance repair team when buying the freezer to ensure that you get one that will last a lifetime.

  • Warranty

Choose a walk-in freezer that comes with a warranty in the event it gets damaged or malfunctions. A warranty will ensure that there is a minimal interruption for your business.

  • Ease of Use

Ensure that you buy a freezer that is easy to use, as that will ensure work is done effectively. Make sure it has easy to read temperature displays, simple to doors to open and make sure it has a recording system that will assist in the monitoring of the temperature. An operating manual will make it easy to learn how to operate the appliances.

When You Should Buy a New Commercial Walk-in  Freezer

  • If the  walk-in freezer repair cost is higher than the buying price
  • When expanding your business or when opening a new branch
  • Buy a new walk-in freezer when it begins to break down too often
  • When the cooler is less efficient and it results in high bills
  • If there is ice build-up as that indicates that the insulation has failed

How to Maintain a Walk in Freezer

  • Shut the door completely when the freezer is not in use as that saves energy
  • Routinely clean the evaporator and condensing coils
  • Clean the fan regularly to make it runs optimally
  • Ensure the electrical connections are working well
  • Regularly clean the drain lines to ensure there are no clogs
  • Follow the maintenance schedule as advised by the commercial freezer repair team
  • Monitor the inside temperature often
  • Ensure the floor on which the freezer is placed are dry and clean
  • Immediately call the commercial kitchen appliance repair team in case there is any breakdown

When buying a commercial walk-in freezer, consult the commercial appliance repair Virginia team on the one that will work best for your business. Look for new features that will help in saving energy and one that will ensure durability. Always look for quality over price as in the long run cheap may be expensive. Make sure the freezer you buy serves the purpose you need without increasing the cost of operations.

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