Common Commercial Ice Maker Problems

Your commercial ice dispenser plays a crucial role, especially during summer. A broken-down ice maker will frustrate your efforts to keep your clients happy and may lead to low business. It’s therefore important that you ensure that your commercial ice maker is functioning optimally. You need to ensure that you invite the commercial appliance repair Virginia team to service all the appliances often including the ice maker. In this article we look at ice maker problems and what you should do.

How the Commercial Ice Maker Works

When you turn on the ice maker, water flows into the back of the refrigerator. The water then flows to the freezer and makes ice. An ice maker has a thermostat which is attached to the tray keep the temperature constant ensuring that the tubes are released without freezing. The feeler arm will push the cubes up into the outer tray. The ice making cycle is repeated until ice is full in the holding container.

 Commercial Ice Maker Problems

  •  Ice or water dispensing problem

If your commercial ice maker fails to dispense ice or water, first ensure that there is a flow of water into the ice maker. Make sure the feeler of the ice maker is not blocked or has turned off the ice maker. Excessive ice in the holding container will make the feeler stay up to prevent the making of more ice. It’s also important that you ensure that the water has the right pressure because if the pressure is low water will not flow into the ice maker. It’s important that you invite the commercial ice maker repairs team often to service to avoid sudden breakdowns of your appliances.

  •  Ice Maker fails to make ice

Make sure that the ice maker is turned on and it has the right temperature. If the ice maker is on and still no ice, that could result from a frozen water line or a clogged water inlet. You can defrost the ice maker by switching it off and also turning off the water supply. If you turn on the ice maker, it should be able to make ice but if there is still no ice then you need to call the commercial ice maker repair team.

  •  Ice Maker not making enough ice

If you ice maker is not making enough cubes as it was making before then you need to call the commercial appliance repair team to check what the issue may be. However, before they arrive check whether there is a frozen line anywhere.

Ice Maker leaking

Your ice maker may be leaking in the freezer or if you notice any water on the floor check the following

  • Make sure the ice maker is positioned well
  • Check to ensure there is no damage in water pipes
  • Make sure the filler cup is well positioned

After checking all those services if there are no issues then your ice maker needs troubleshooting. You need to call the ice maker repair team to repair the ice maker.

Frozen ice maker

If the thermostat of your ice maker has failed the water will freeze before getting into the ice maker Mold. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the recommended temperature. If the temperature is ok, then call in the commercial kitchen repair team to troubleshoot the ice maker.

  • Smelly ice Cubes

Failure to change the ice maker filter may result in bad smelling ice cubes. It’s important that you ensure that the filter is changed every 6months to avoid the bad smell.

  • Noisy Icemaker

If you hear unexplained noises from the ice maker, you need to alert the commercial ice maker repair team. Noises may result from the temperature control units, compressors, and water falling on the defroster heater.

 How to Keep your Commercial Ice Maker working Well

  • Make sure that the ice maker is cleaned often
  • Ensure that the water flowing into the ice maker is clean. Ensure that the water filter is replaced often.
  • Don’t overwork your ice machine. Make sure it only dispenses the allowed ice cubes
  • Descale often to prevent calcium deposit clogs

Your ice maker is an important appliance and its needs to work well at all times. If you notice any of the above issues, make sure you alert the commercial ice maker repair team. You also need to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to avoid a sudden breakdown that will cost you more money.


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