Questions to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial appliances are a major investment and it’s important to ensure they perform optimally. Your business depends on the appliances working well and if they break down it’s important to assess whether you need to repair or replace the appliance. The commercial appliance repair Virginia team will help you decide whether to replace or repair an appliance. In this article, we look at questions you should ask before buying or repairing an appliance.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Repair or Replace a commercial appliance

  • What is the age of the commercial Appliance?

Every appliance has a lifespan which varies depending on the type of appliance. Appliance-like the refrigerator has a lifespan of 10-15 years and if your commercial refrigerator is approaching that age ask the commercial refrigerator repairs team whether you should repair or replace the appliance. The effectiveness of the appliance is crucial to the success of your business or institution and in some cases, it’s more cost effective to replace the appliance. The kitchen commercial appliance repair team will help you assess whether the lifespan of your appliance is nearing the end and advise you whether you should replace or repair.

  • How much longer do you intend to use the appliance?

If you have a short span of time before moving to new premises, then you can opt to repair the appliance. If you have a growing client base, then you may need to repair the kitchen equipment to ensure your business is more effective. It’s important to ensure that the appliance is effective before you repair it. The commercial icemaker repair team will be able to advise you on whether the old ice maker is able to make to meet the needs of your new restaurant or should you invest in a new one.

  • Is the appliance under warranty?

Determine whether the broken-down appliance is under warranty and if it’s under warranty the repairs can be done at no cost. Most appliances have a 12-month warranty.

  • How many times has the commercial appliance been used

Frequent repairs are expensive and it’s important to determine how viable an appliance is before you repair it. If the cost of repair is more than 50% the value of the appliance its best to replace the kitchen equipment. If the appliance breaks down too often that may affect your business and its best to replace it. If your commercial oven breaks down often, it will affect the business and may lead to loss of clientele.

  • How often do you use the appliance?

An appliance like the commercial oven, refrigerator, and freezer play a crucial role in the restaurant. If such an appliance breaks down often that will affect the effectiveness of your business. It’s important to have the commercial oven repair team assess the oven and advise when to repair or replace the kitchen appliances. It may be more effective to invest in a new appliance that has the current technology.

  • Do you qualify for any tax rebates when you buy new appliances?

Buying new equipment may qualify you for a tax benefit or other financial benefits.

Factors You Should Consider Before Repairing or replacing Your Appliances

  • Safety

It’s important to consider the safety of your employees before you decide to repair an appliance. You don’t want to repair an appliance that is not safe to operate. If an appliance poses any danger to replace it.

  • High Cost of repair

If the cost of repairs is high considered replacing the kitchen equipment. If you constantly have to call the commercial oven repair team then you should consider replacing it.

  • Availability of spare parts

It may be hard to find spare parts for very old appliance and if that is the case consider buying a new appliance.

The high number of client

If the current freezer is too small for the number of clients, then you should consider investing in a new one.

The commercial appliances are key to the success of your business and it’s paramount that you work with commercial kitchen appliance repair team to ensure they are effective. The above pointers will help you determine whether you should replace or buy a new appliance.




Common Problems of Commercial Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are among the most valuable components of commercial kitchens. Food preparation is going to take longer if the equipment has issues, which is why you have to make sure that your deep fryer is in good condition, especially if you have deep-fried foods.

Therefore, it is important to understand some common issues you might encounter when you own the best quality deep fryers. Even if most commercial deep fryers are popular for their efficiency and durability, these heavy duty-kitchen appliances can encounter some minor issues in their lifespan. The good thing is that the most common issues that come with a deep fryer can easily be fixed. You can call the deep fryer repair service anytime.

Temperature Control

When you are unable to control the temperature while you deep fry it, you will have undercooked or burnt foods, depending on the cooking temperature required. Most of the time, the inconsistent temperature is caused by a broken thermostat. A commercial fryer needs to heat up about 350 degrees Fahrenheit prior to adding food. Thermostats will regulate gas flow so that food will heat at the right temperature. If the deep fryer overheats, and the thermostat failed, you need to have your thermostat fixed or repaired.

Blocked Burners

Burner offices can become clogged because of grease buildup, food particles, debris, and dust. Burners can partially light up or they will never light at all and could have blocked orifices. You can fix this using a stiff brush over burners to remove particles that clog orifices. If the problem continues, the issue could be because of inconsistent or low gas pressure. Damaged fuel lines might cause this issue if your fuel supply is sufficient.

Quality Issues

Unfortunately, the older a model is, the higher the tendency for it to experience wear and tear problems, like clogged oil filters and burners, broken lids, or broken burner knobs. A commercial fryer is an important investment for any restaurant, but quality could mean longevity. Before you buy or replace your commercial deep fryer, you should research the available brands. Check the reviews and consult an expert about which fryer suits you best.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

When the pilot light is turned off, it is normally a sign that the deep fryer needs repair. if there is no pilot light, the oil is not going to heat up to the correct temperature. While there are a lot of reasons that might cause the pilot light to become faulty, the culprit is normally because of the main gas supply valve. The way to confirm that this is the issue is to examine the supply line for any blockage. If you have an open and clog-free valve, you might have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile is a heating element that will convert thermal heat to electric energy, so it signals the pilot light to ignite the flame. While the deep fryer thermopile is easy to replace, you should contact a professional to make sure that the repair is correctly handled.

Thermostat is Faulty

The thermostat can regulate oil fryer temperatures, while the heating element can deliver the requisite heat to the fryer basket. The thermostat can monitor the heat transfer and it cuts off the process when the oil temperature reaches a specific temperature. This mechanism ensures that the oil will remain at the right temperature based on the prepared food.

A faulty thermostat allows oil to overheat, which cooks crispy food. Alternatively, the oil might not heat at the right temperature, which makes your food oily and soggy.

You can also contact walk in cooler repair Springfield anytime if your deep fryer needs to be fixed because they also fix other appliances.




How to Choose a Gas Oven

Even if you have narrowed down your choices of gas ovens to choose from, there are still many kinds to choose from. You would have to go through an array of designs, functions, and features that you have navigated one by one. if you want to buy a new one because the commercial gas oven repair recommends it, you need to make a few considerations before buying one.

You know that the gas oven will be used a lot, and it is important that you choose one that matches your needs, especially if your business heavily depends on it.

If you want to know how to choose the best gas oven for you, read this article until the end.


Online stores offer gas ranges in different sizes. You should consider the parameter while keeping in mind how much space you have for it.

The standard oven weight is normally 34 inches, and the standard depth is about 20 to 24 inches. If you are considering the width, it varies between 12 and 36 inches. Bigger ovens have more burners. Large families are recommended to buy 36-inch gas ranges.

Distance Between Burners

Burner distance is the space between the burners. If the space is too narrow, you might not be able to simultaneously use large utensils even you buy a gas stove with 3 to 4 burners. The burner distance also pertains to the user’s safety, which is why you might choose to use big utensils instead. This can take more time while cooking but it ensures your safety while cooking.

Find out the distance between burners and the cooking requirements.

Design and Appearance

Today, each model of the gas range model is made using high-quality and heat-resistant steel. It is not surprising that every manufacturer wants to produce products that are attractive and carefully designed. You can still consider practical and handy panels.

When you look in web stores, you can see several gas ranges when it comes to panel material, functionality, and unique features which impact the unit’s final cost.

You can choose from enamel, stainless steel, and ceramic.

Auto or Manual Ignition

The difference between them is that a manual ignition requires the use of a matchstick or lighter to power up the burner and the other does not need either of them to ignite. The heating and cooling distribution have no significant difference. Auto-ignition is what people always see on gas stoves. If you want to have an easier time cooking, choose an auto-ignition gas stove, but it might be more expensive compared to manual ignition.

Storage Space

You must identify the amount of storage space you want in your oven. Some ovens have built-in cabinets for pans and pots, and others do not have that. If you have limited kitchen cabinets and shelving, choose one with storage space. A lot of gas ovens do not have storage, so you should expect to spend a bit more if you want this feature.

Knob Choices

Buy a gas stove that is easy to handle and has knobs. In addition, gas stoves should always be clean so you can use them properly. You should buy one that has even knobs. The knobs are repairable and can be changed anytime, and the best gas oven material is plastic and metal. You must keep the burners and knobs clean to achieve better results. Food, dirt, debris, and other materials clog the gas pores, which increases actual cooking time. That is why you must clean the gas stove monthly to prolong its lifespan.

If you need help maintaining your new gas oven, you can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA.



Why a Commercial Appliances Repair Business is Good?

Are you considering starting a commercial appliances repair business? If you are, then you must be thinking of its advantages. For sure, appliances break down and require repair. The odds, there is at least one person in your neighborhood who is experiencing this now. In case you like to help out in your community, you are talented for repairing things or you are just an entrepreneur at heart, this might be a good path for you.

You can read on to find out more about why it is a good idea to open this business.


There are a lot of benefits when you start your own appliance repair service. First of all, there is a high demand for this business and people are very dependent on appliances in their everyday lives. However, the replacement is normally costly. An appliance repair is a necessary expense. This has added to the rise in industry revenue.

You Do Not Need an Expensive College Degree

Opening this kind of business does not require you to be a college graduate and you can pay for training to get certified or you can hire staff who are certified. In addition, apply for a business license so you can legally operate. This does not you to have a degree.

You can have a profitable business even if you do not have a college degree.

You Provide Long-term Savings to Your Clients

A lot of times, people think of DIY so that they can save money on hiring appliance repair professionals. You need to remember that if they will hire a non-professional, it will not take long before the appliance needs to be repaired again.

At the same time, an expert ensures that the appliance is repaired properly and that it will not have issues in the future. Aside from fixing the faulty parts, it is important to notice that experts can look at other parts so you can make sure that functions like it should.

Experience and Expertise

Everyone knows that most of DIY appliance repairs are not up to standard. You will not achieve the same results even if you follow the instructions in the manual and you are not qualified. Since a specialist technician has years of experience, they come with the important equipment and tools to give you dependable high-quality services.

Convenience to Your Customers

The convenience you can bring to clients is something that will amaze you. You will be fascinated to know that it is not necessary to worry about taking their appliances to the store. All you need to do is offer them the option to have the repair service done at home. Expert technicians are going to arrive at home in a matter of 24 hours.

Your Warrantied Service Gives them Peace of Mind

When they hire someone and the issue cannot be fixed, the appliance can be damaged more in the process. They will go through the hassle of filing at a small claims court, and they will end up having to replace the appliance or hire warrantied professionals. At least, when they hire you, the clients have peace of mind that the service is warrantied.

These are the advantages of having a business in the appliance repair industry. You can also focus on an appliance like opening a commercial refrigerator repairs Virginia business.





How to Choose the Right Appliance Repair Company for You

When any of your commercial appliance malfunctions, you are going to be in so much trouble. Imagine what can happen if one day you wake up to find out that the refrigerator is not cooling the way it should.

You are going to be concerned about food spoilage to taking time to run an expensive laundromat that is between your already busy schedule. The commercial refrigerator services will be there to save the day. However, you should not just hire any company to do the job because you should think of the considerations to make before you hire them.

Prior to making a final decision, read this article for more insight.

Research Well

You must research so you can be sure that the company you are hiring is legitimate. You must check out a couple of websites and take note of the services being offered and their reviews.

The majority of appliance companies require a service call fee to tell you what the problem is. However, paying in full is not required until the service is completed. In case the part needs a special order, a professional appliance service company may not need payment for that part alone.

Referrals and Reviews

The people you know might be able to help you in looking for an appliance expert. The referrals you get from friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors are invaluable. In addition, you have instant insights into their company experience. Some questions include:

  • What is their recommended service or company to repair appliances?
  • Are they a small company or a bigger chain?
  • How long does it take for a technician to arrive?
  • Were they happy with the quality of the price and service?
  • Will they use their service again?

Aside from the recommendations of people you know, you have to think about online customer reviews. Do not just go with the promises that are offered on their website’s company. If they have too many negative reviews, choose a commercial appliances repair company. Most of the time, the company will have mixed reviews; check if the company responds to bad reviews when they show their willingness to fix the issue.

License and insurance

Similar to any other repair service, the commercial kitchen appliance repair company should be insured. You need to ask any company you interview if they are properly insured to cover themselves while working. You might need to consider this while getting proof.

If something must go wrong while your repairman works on your appliance, you want them to provide insurance for injuries or accidents that might happen. Opting for a reputable repair service is going to give you peace of mind, and you will have very little chance of having an accident. However, sometimes these are uncontrollable situations.

Their Experience

You must ask the repair service about what kind of experience do they have. This must include 2 kinds of answers and you have to be sure that the repair service lets you find out if they are experienced in working on this kind of appliance with the issue and how long they have been doing their business.

The appliance repair service can have a lot of experience working on specific appliances, but they must know how to work on your appliance that must be fixed.

Do not choose an inexperienced walk-in cooler repair Fairfax service or any other appliance service that has no experience or is still lacking.



Simple Tips to Follow when Cleaning Commercial Appliances

Simple maintenance and cleaning practices will ensure your commercial appliances work for long without the need to be repaired. Neglecting your appliances will not only result in high repairs cost but will also slow down your business. It’s therefore important you make sure you maintain and clean your appliances regularly. The commercial appliance repair Virginia expert will guide you on how to clean your appliances and also carry out maintenance on the appliances. In this article, we give you tips you can follow to help keep your appliances working optimally.

Tips to Follow When Cleaning your Appliances

Refrigerator and Freezer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the refrigerator coils regularly

The condenser coils play a key role and it’s important to clean the coils regularly. Coils collect dust, grease and other dirt making the refrigerator less effective and that may lead to breaking down. It’s best to have the coil checked regularly by the commercial refrigerator repair team but ensure that the coil is cleaned regularly to avoid breakdown. During the commercial refrigerator services make sure the coil is removed and brushed to avoid build up.

  • Clean the Door Gasket

A dirty door gasket will air leaks in the fridge making it work more and that will result in wearing out. Use a wet cloth to wipe the door gasket. Make sure the gasket is cleaned often to avoid damage.

  • Clean the Condenser fan

Make sure the condenser fan is cleaned regularly. Dust particles may get stuck on the fan making it less effective.

  • Clean the Vents of the freezer

Vents aid in air circulation and it’s important to ensure they are clean. If they are not cleaned they will cause the freezer to overheat and slow down. Cleaning the vents regularly will help you save a lot of energy and thus saving you money. The above simple tips will help you maintain your kitchen appliance and reduce the cost of repairs.

Dish Washer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the dishwasher before you load utensils

Food particles can get stuck in the moving part of the washer. Make sure you rinse the food particles and that will help keep the dishwasher working for long. It’s important to ensure that you call a commercial dishwasher repair team for regular maintenance to prolong the life of the dishwasher.

  • Use products meant for the dishwasher

Pour the dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it without any utensils. Repeat this often to help prevent the sprayer from clogging. Repeat this often and that will help prevent dishwasher from breaking down.

  • Clean the filtering screen

Clean the filtering screen regularly to prevent food particles from damaging the dishwasher.

  • Rinse out the hard water mineral deposits

The mineral deposit can build up in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean the water jets in the spray arm and water inlet valve. The commercial dishwasher repair team will replace a clogged water inlet valve and after replacement makes sure its cleaned regularly.

Oven Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid placing aluminium foils at the bottom of the oven

The foil will block the air flow and that will make the oven to fail. Clean the oven after using it to make sure it lasts longer. Instead of placing the foil at the bottom of the oven, use a cleaner and sharp object to remove food particles.

  • Clean the switch and knob often

Using a rag with a cleaner, clean the knob and switches often. Make sure no liquids get behind the knobs and switch because that will cause damage.

Cleaning the ice maker

  • To clean the ice maker, empty the ice maker bin often and the clean the bin with a mild detergent.

If you notice any strange smell let the commercial ice repair team replace the ice maker filter. It’s important to have the ice maker thoroughly cleaned by the commercial appliance repair team. Make sure the ice maker is disassembled and all the part cleaned.

Cleaning commercial appliances often and regularly will save money and ensure the appliances don’t break down unexpectedly. It’s important to ensure the commercial kitchen appliances repair team carries out regular appliance maintenance and that will help you avoid constant repair cost. Make sure the appliances are cleaned on a daily basis and stored away when not in use.




Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

A commercial refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your restaurant or institution. Its vital that it runs smoothly continuously to ensure you serve fresh food always. Its therefore important you understand the working of your refrigerator to be able to pick out any issue at the earliest. In this article, we look at the common issues that you run into with your refrigerator. Make sure that if you notice any of the below issues that you contact a commercial refrigerator repairs expert immediately to avoid a loss to your business.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

  • Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Food

When you notice that the food that you kept in the refrigerator is not cooling even after waiting for hours the condenser coils, evaporator fan, and the condenser fan could be having an issue. Before you call the commercial appliance repair team check if there is any dirt on the condenser coils and if you notice any dirt you can call in the commercial kitchen appliance repair team to do the routine maintenance. Frosted contacts on the thermostat can also cause your refrigerator to stop making food cold. Make sure you call the commercial refrigerator repair expert immediately your notice your food is not cold even after hours of being in the fridge.

  • Fridge Running Constantly

The thermostat is designed to stop the compressor once the temperature in the fridge is up to the set level. If your refrigerator is running continuously, that could be because of a clogged condenser coil or your thermostat is set at a lower temperature for the environment in the fridge.     Make sure the fridge is in the right place to avoid running the compressor for extended periods leading to break down. A problem with the control board of your refrigerator could also cause your fridge to run continuously. Always make sure that you follow commercial refrigerator services schedule as given by the commercial appliance repair expert to avoid such problems.

  • Leaking water or Frost inside the Cooling Compartments

Notice water under your refrigerator? Clogged or blocked drain line will cause the fridge to leak. You need to call the professional commercial appliance repair team to repair the hole in the water line. Defrost problems can be sorted by unplugging the fridge and let it defrost for some hours.

  • Water Dispenser Not Functioning

If you have a dispenser in your refrigerator, it has a filter to clean dirt and dust ensuring the water is clean. If the routine maintenance practices are not followed the filter clogs will cause the water dispenser to fail. Let the commercial refrigerator repair to carry out routine maintenance and ensure that the filter is cleaned and there is no guesswork when it comes to your refrigerator.

  • Ice Build Up in the Freezer

If the inside of freezer has a build-up of ice then you need to check whether the bridge closes properly. When your fridge doors don’t close properly due to a broken that will result in frost build up. Have the seal replaced by the repair professionals to stop the ice build-up.

  • Noisy Refrigerator

A noisy or loud fridge could be because of a failed evaporator or condenser fan. When the fan motor fails that will also cause your fridge to be noisy. When you notice that your fridge is excessively loud contact the commercial refrigerator repair team to diagnose and repair the issue.

Simple Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure the users of the refrigerator understand the working mechanism of the fridge so that they can take care of the appliance.
  • Develop cleaning schedules and ensure they are followed
  • Conduct routine checks to be able to catch any issue before it deteriorates
  • Follow the maintenance schedule as given by the commercial appliance repair team

The commercial refrigerator is an important part of your investment and you should make sure it’s working optimally. Simple maintenance routine will ensure your fridge work for long without any issues. Understand how your fridge works and immediately alert the commercial appliance repair Virginia, team in case you notice any of the above issues. Follow the maintenance schedule given by the professional repair team and your fridge will be of service for a long time.

Choosing the Right Commercial Fridge Repair Expert

A fridge is one of the most critical aspects of any food business or any other enterprise that requires storing food. It’s paramount that the refrigerator is in good working condition at any moment to avoid losses. In case your fridge fails it’s essential to contact a commercial refrigerator repairs technician promptly.

Types of Refrigerators

There are several kinds of refrigerators;

  • Glassdoor/Solid door

The solid door units are covered in metals to conceal food stores while the glass give easy visibility to what is in store

  • Dual temperature

The fridge has a different compartment with differing temperatures.

  • Work Top

The fridge has a stainless steel top which acts as a food preparation countertop. They come in double or single doors.

  • Roll in with a Ramp

The fridge is exceptionally effective where there is a large number of people like supermarkets. It has a ramp to make it easier to load it.

When to contact a Commercial Fridge Repair Technician

  • Leaking water

If you notice that the fridge has water leakage at the backside contact the technician for further diagnosis

  • Fluid in the Food storage area

If there is water in the refrigerator food compartments, its time to have the fridge checked

  • Strange Noises coming from the refrigerator

Contact the commercial fridge repairs team if you hear strange noises coming from the fridge

  • Fridge has no power

Call the repair expert if you notice that the fridge is not powering up

  • Cooling

If the refrigerator  cooling system is not cooling properly or part of the refrigerator is colder than other ensure you promptly call the technician

  • Broken seals

The fridge door should close without leaving gaps if you notice they are not closing contact the technician

  • Fridge Internal Lighting

The internal lighting should work well and if you are not able to fix the light consult the repair team.

Considerations When Contacting a  Commercial Fridge services and Repair Team

  • Expertise

Ensure that the team you contact is well versed in the kind of appliance in question. It’s paramount to ask pertinent questions to establish whether the team will handle the work as expected

  • Prompt Response

A fridge is an essential aspect of your business, therefore, engage experts whose  response time is shorter

  • Cost

Consider the cost that the expert is charging

  • Detailed report

It’s paramount to get a report on the status of the fridge, the repair that works done and any arising issue. Consider calling a company with such after service

  • Accessories services

Contact a company or a team that will also do the commercial refrigerator servicing to ensure that the fridge remains in excellent condition all through.

Its key to check reviews of the expert you choose as the fridge is crucial and an expensive appliance. If the experts have a website verify the client’s review and make a decision.



Fundamentals of commercial appliances service

A person who runs a restaurant or school will be fully aware of the importance of keeping his refrigerator in good condition. If a problem arises to your commercial refrigerator you should contact a commercial refrigerator repairs company immediately because each minute spent without a commercial refrigerator can adversely affect your business prospects.

Any of the defects detailed below requires the attention of experts from a commercial appliances service company. It is better that a person like you who uses a commercial refrigerator in your business establishment to keep friendly relationship with one service company as it can help you to get immediate maintenance at discounted rates.

Water is leaking

Water leaking can occur in a commercial refrigerator if the drain hose has some leakage or the drain opening has some problems. This can also happen due to damage in the gasket around the door. If you are a person who has some interest in maintenance matters, there is no doubt that small matters like this can be settled by yourself if you refer the manufacturer’s guide and understand the matter.

Fluid enters in fresh food compartments

Sometimes it is seen that fluid has entered in the fresh food compartments. This often occurs as a result of damage in the door seals. If you are afraid to change the seals as suggested in the user’s manual it is better that you contact the commercial refrigerator repairs company immediately and get the problem solved.

Excessive frost in freezer

If excessive frost is seen in the freezer it can be due to the faulty defrost system or it can be due to faulty evaporator fan which can be rectified by replacing the fan. If the defrost system is faulty, it is better you get the repairing done at an authorized appliance repair service va center.

Refrigerator stopped running

A refrigerator may stop running if the thermostat is defective. Replacing the defective thermostat by a brand new one is a simple thing if you can follow the instructions given in the user manual.

Refrigerator is not able to cool properly

Due to problems in the gasket, thermostat or in the door gasket, the cooling power of the refrigerator can be severely affected. As this is a complicated matter and as there can be more than one reason which warrants the attention of a trained technician it is better to get the refrigerator checked by an authorized service agent and get the repairing done as per his advice.



Common Mistakes to Avoid In Choosing Commercial Appliances

Choosing the right appliances is important especially if you are planning to create a food business. For example, commercial appliances are better choices for restaurants and other food establishments instead of the usual cooking equipment at home. The former is specially designed to be used for long hours and cook bigger batches of food unlike the latter.

Since commercial appliances are going to be used for long hours, it is a must to ensure their optimum performance at all times. In case the appliance needs some fixing, you should hire a commercial appliances repair service the soonest. This is to avoid delays that can affect business operations and income generation.

Getting started

Before starting a food business, it is important to do your own research when it comes to choosing the right appliance. Buying an appliance does not come cheap and should be of the best quality, considering that you will use them for your business. It is better to pay for something expensive and use it for a long time than buy a cheaper product but spend a lot in a commercial kitchen appliance repair.

Having said that, there are a lot of individuals who choose to buy cheaper appliances thinking that it is worth the price. However, they would soon realize their mistake of choosing cheap price over quality. That is why you should not always be blinded at cheaper costs as it can also compromise the equipment’s quality.

Common mistakes when choosing a commercial appliance

As mentioned, choosing the right commercial kitchen appliance is a major decision to make. It will play an important role in your food business. It is also important to keep your kitchen equipment well-maintained all the time. Other than that, here are some of the most common mistakes in buying commercial appliances:

Not inspecting the equipment upon delivery

Just because you have checked every nook and cranny of the kitchen equipment doesn’t guarantee it will arrive at your doorstep without issues. While it should definitely arrive without any issues, it is still wise to inspect the equipment before signing the delivery receipt. Otherwise, you may have a hard time returning the equipment if it has damaged parts and dents that went unnoticed.

Taking warranties for granted

All kinds of appliance, equipment, and machinery have some kind of warranty. It aims to cover the damage and repair costs within a given period. On one hand, some warranties cover the repair labor costs. On the other hand, some only cover the replacement of damaged or broken internal parts. Better yet, choose an appliance with a warranty that covers as much as possible.

Disregarding energy efficiency

Apparently, appliances with higher energy efficiency standards are more expensive than those with less energy efficiency. That is why many business owners choose the latter thinking that they can save more money. However, choosing the former can benefit them in the long run. In fact, the former can save you as much as 27 percent on your monthly electric bill as compared to cheaper appliances.

Disregarding the appliance size

It can be enticing to buy the latest kitchen appliance. However, make sure to measure the area where the appliances are supposed to be installed. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money fitting the appliance to your kitchen area.

Essential kitchen appliance shopping tips

To ensure a longer life span and maximum performance, it is important to set a regular maintenance schedule for your kitchen appliance. If you need a commercial oven repair services or commercial dishwasher repairs needs, you should not delay and contact one immediately. Here are other tips to make the most out of your kitchen appliance.

  • Do not purchase appliances from questionable suppliers. Instead, make sure to deal only with trusted and reputable appliance stores.
  • Make sure to inspect the appliances before purchase and upon delivery. Anything can happen to the equipment while in transit even if it is a simple chip or dent. If you notice such upon delivery, you can return it to the store or directly to the manufacturer.
  • Make sure you read up some customer reviews about that appliance brand you are eyeing. This can help you decide which appliance brand to buy.
  • Avail commercial kitchen appliance repair services when needed. Do not delay having your appliance repaired to avoid delays in your business operations.

Hiring a professional commercial appliance repair company

Make sure to contact a commercial refrigerator repairs personnel to deal with appliance repairs. Likewise, call the best repair service providers specializing in commercial oven repair in Springfield for your commercial appliance fixing needs.