5 Common Commercial Oven Problems

Commercial ovens are a crucial part of your restaurant or institution and it’s imperative that the oven is working optimally. It’s important that your kitchen is running efficiently to avoid food delays which in turn results in business losses. You need to tackle any oven issue as soon as they happen to keep your business running without any interruptions. In this article we look at the most common commercial oven problems and when you should call in the commercial gas oven repair team to check the appliance.

Common Commercial Oven Problems

  • The commercial Oven is not Heating up

When the oven is not heating that could be due to a faulty thermostat. If you are using a gas oven check the igniter to make sure it’s working well.

Fixing the Oven

Before you call the commercial oven repair team check whether the electric elements are glowing and if you are using a commercial gas oven test one of the burners to see whether they are receiving gas. If the electric oven elements don’t have any light, then it’s time to call the commercial appliance repair expert to check on the oven.

  • Pilot Light doesn’t stay on

A malfunctioned safety valve or thermocouple will cause the oven pilot light to keep switching off. You will need to call the commercial appliance repair team to address the issue as this is a clear trouble sign. The commercial appliance repair expert will replace the faulty thermocouple or safety valve. In some ovens, the thermocouple is attached to the safety and that will mean the whole safety valve has to be replaced. If your oven pilot light keeps going on and off, immediately call the commercial oven repair technician.

  • Oven not Heating to the correct Temperature

If your oven is taking longer than usual to cook food, then you need to call the repair expert. An oven may fail to reach the desired temperature due to a faulty sensor which causes the oven not to heat to the correct temperature. A temperature sensor touching the wall of the oven may also cause the oven not to heat properly


Call in the commercial appliance repair team and let them repair or replace the sensor. The technician will also check whether the sensor is touching the wall of the oven and then recalibrate the sensor to ensure its working well.

  • Cooking food Unevenly

If you notice that your food is toasted better in one area than the other, then call the repair team to check on your oven. The main cause of uneven cooking is faulty heating elements and the temperature sensors. If the thermostat of your oven has recently been replaced, it could cause uneven food cooking. The thermostat has capillary that has clips which hold the bulb into place and if not well placed the oven will cook unevenly


To confirm whether it’s working preheats the oven and check whether the heating elements are glowing. The resistance of the temperature sensor should rise as the temperature of the oven rises. If the elements and sensors are not working the commercial appliance repair expert will replace them. Make sure the racks and the cookware are well positioned as that could also lead to the uneven cooking of food.

  • Oven won’t Turn on

Check whether your commercial oven is receiving power and if it still won’t turn on, check whether there is a broken wire, call the commercial appliance repair expert and let them diagnose the oven. The oven may have a faulty thermal fuse.

How to Take care of your Commercial Oven

  • Follow the Scheduled maintenance to ensure your oven works for longer.

Following the maintenance schedule will help prevent the oven from breaking down. During maintenance, the experts are able to check whether the oven is working well, and repairs are done beforehand.

  • Keep the Oven Clean

Make sure that the oven is cleaned on daily basis and schedule monthly cleaning to allow for thorough cleaning.

  • Ensure the Employees understand how the oven Works

It’s important to train the employees how the oven works as that will help them know when the oven is not working optimally. It will also help them understand how to handle and clean the oven. The oven buttons are sensitive parts and if not well handled they break down easily.

The commercial oven plays a key role in your business and its crucial to ensure its working well always. Make sure the maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Virginia is followed diligently to keep the oven working for long. If you notice that the oven has a problem, call the commercial oven repair team immediately to avoid irreparable damage.




How to Keep Your Commercial Oven in The Best Shape

Whether you own a cafe, restaurant or grocery shop, commercial kitchen appliances are important for your business, and you are required to maintain all the appliances to get lucrative return of investment. This means you need to take care of basic tasks such as cleaning and repair. The more watchful you are about maintaining your kitchen appliances, the more money you will save in the long run. Among all, commercial ovens play significant role in every commercial kitchen. According to commercial oven repair expert, it is possible to improve the performance and increase the life of oven with proper care and maintenance.

Everything you need to know about commercial oven maintenance

A systematic commercial oven maintenance plan is required to prevent costly repairs. And commercial oven maintenance is not a difficult task. It is possible to keep commercial ovens in good condition without any arduous maintenance.

Your Ultimate Guide To Commercial Oven Maintenance and Cleaning

Inspect The Doors: After installing oven, make sure that door sealing should be in perfect condition. However, sealing will wear down after sometime and decrease the efficiency of the appliance, and you may notice that your appliance take longer to cook certain foods. In order to keep energy costs down, inspect the door seal regularly. Check for damaged or loose sealing. Also, avoid closing the oven door hard, as this can break the sealing.

Clean The Interior Of Oven Every Day: Keeping your commercial oven as clean as possible is key to keeping your appliance in good condition. Over the course of time, different types of foods fall to the oven, and their flavor mix with smoke to affect the taste of any dish being cooked. You can avoid this by cleaning the interior of your oven every day using proper cleaning products. Instruct your kitchen staff to keep the oven clean.

Calibrate Your Thermostat: You may think thermostat of your oven precisely display its temperature, but the truth is calibration can be thrown off over time. Check the calibration in every few months to make sure it is still accurate. If you are not sure how to do this, a commercial oven repair technician Vienna can do this task for you.

A big part of running a foodservice business is choosing the optimal way to manage the expenses. Maintaining your kitchen appliances is one of the best ways to do so.



Common Mistakes to Avoid In Choosing Commercial Appliances

Choosing the right appliances is important especially if you are planning to create a food business. For example, commercial appliances are better choices for restaurants and other food establishments instead of the usual cooking equipment at home. The former is specially designed to be used for long hours and cook bigger batches of food unlike the latter.

Since commercial appliances are going to be used for long hours, it is a must to ensure their optimum performance at all times. In case the appliance needs some fixing, you should hire a commercial appliances repair service the soonest. This is to avoid delays that can affect business operations and income generation.

Getting started

Before starting a food business, it is important to do your own research when it comes to choosing the right appliance. Buying an appliance does not come cheap and should be of the best quality, considering that you will use them for your business. It is better to pay for something expensive and use it for a long time than buy a cheaper product but spend a lot in a commercial kitchen appliance repair.

Having said that, there are a lot of individuals who choose to buy cheaper appliances thinking that it is worth the price. However, they would soon realize their mistake of choosing cheap price over quality. That is why you should not always be blinded at cheaper costs as it can also compromise the equipment’s quality.

Common mistakes when choosing a commercial appliance

As mentioned, choosing the right commercial kitchen appliance is a major decision to make. It will play an important role in your food business. It is also important to keep your kitchen equipment well-maintained all the time. Other than that, here are some of the most common mistakes in buying commercial appliances:

Not inspecting the equipment upon delivery

Just because you have checked every nook and cranny of the kitchen equipment doesn’t guarantee it will arrive at your doorstep without issues. While it should definitely arrive without any issues, it is still wise to inspect the equipment before signing the delivery receipt. Otherwise, you may have a hard time returning the equipment if it has damaged parts and dents that went unnoticed.

Taking warranties for granted

All kinds of appliance, equipment, and machinery have some kind of warranty. It aims to cover the damage and repair costs within a given period. On one hand, some warranties cover the repair labor costs. On the other hand, some only cover the replacement of damaged or broken internal parts. Better yet, choose an appliance with a warranty that covers as much as possible.

Disregarding energy efficiency

Apparently, appliances with higher energy efficiency standards are more expensive than those with less energy efficiency. That is why many business owners choose the latter thinking that they can save more money. However, choosing the former can benefit them in the long run. In fact, the former can save you as much as 27 percent on your monthly electric bill as compared to cheaper appliances.

Disregarding the appliance size

It can be enticing to buy the latest kitchen appliance. However, make sure to measure the area where the appliances are supposed to be installed. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money fitting the appliance to your kitchen area.

Essential kitchen appliance shopping tips

To ensure a longer life span and maximum performance, it is important to set a regular maintenance schedule for your kitchen appliance. If you need a commercial oven repair services or commercial dishwasher repairs needs, you should not delay and contact one immediately. Here are other tips to make the most out of your kitchen appliance.

  • Do not purchase appliances from questionable suppliers. Instead, make sure to deal only with trusted and reputable appliance stores.
  • Make sure to inspect the appliances before purchase and upon delivery. Anything can happen to the equipment while in transit even if it is a simple chip or dent. If you notice such upon delivery, you can return it to the store or directly to the manufacturer.
  • Make sure you read up some customer reviews about that appliance brand you are eyeing. This can help you decide which appliance brand to buy.
  • Avail commercial kitchen appliance repair services when needed. Do not delay having your appliance repaired to avoid delays in your business operations.

Hiring a professional commercial appliance repair company

Make sure to contact a commercial refrigerator repairs personnel to deal with appliance repairs. Likewise, call the best repair service providers specializing in commercial oven repair in Springfield for your commercial appliance fixing needs.



Questions to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing Commercial Appliance

Replacing or repairing your commercial appliances can be expensive and it’s important to ensure that you analyze the appliances keenly before you make a decision. Your commercial appliances are constantly being repaired, and you are wondering whether you should repair or replace them. It’s important to work with the commercial appliance repair Virginia team to determine which appliances should be replaced and which ones should be repaired. Having to repair appliances too often can be stressing and its therefore important to ensure that you make the right decision. In this article, we tell you questions you should ask before you choose to repair or replace the appliances.

Questions to Ask Before You Repair or Replace Appliances

  • How much will it cost?

You need to determine the cost of repairs and replacement. When considering repair cost make sure you take into account the long-term repair cost. If your commercial oven is having trouble consult the commercial oven repair expert on whether you should repair or replace. If the total repair cost amount to more than 50% of the value of the appliance, then you should consider replacement. When replacing your equipment make sure you consider the cost of installing the new appliances. The commercial kitchen appliance repair team will guide you on all the cost involved in repairing and installing the new appliances. When evaluating the cost of repair and replacement make sure you consider all the cost involved and then make the right decision.

  • How old are the appliances?

Consider the age of the appliances and replace the ones that are not effective. If the appliances are way past 50% of the expected lifespan and they are not performing optimally then consider replacing. Appliances are that are too old may be too expensive to repair and its best to replace them. If your refrigerator has issues determine how old it’s and then analyze the cost of repairs. You can also consider the number of times you have had to repair the fridge. The commercial refrigerators repairs technician will help you determine whether it’s best to repair or replace.

  • Do you need a more efficient appliance?

When selecting commercial appliances its imperative to consider energy efficiency. If your current appliance uses a lot of energy, then you should consider replacing it with a more energy efficient appliances. If your current appliance is consuming a lot of energy then you should replace it with a more efficient one. You will save money on energy cost. When buying an appliance make sure it has an energy efficient label.

  • Will better maintenance extend the life of the appliances?

Adopting good maintenance practice may help preserve your appliances. It’s important to come up with a repair schedule for all the appliances. The commercial appliance repair team will assist you to come up with a schedule. Make sure that the appliances are cleaned when not in use and the service schedule followed diligently. It’s good to ensure that your refrigerator coils are checked often. Ensure the commercial refrigerator repair team services your fridge often. Keep your appliances clean and ensure they are placed in an area where there is enough air circulation.

  • Do you want to make your business trendier?

While you may not replace appliances based solely on trend consider the style your appliance will portray. If you are replacing your appliances such as ice maker, you can get a new stylish and trendy one. If you want to have a new look in your restaurant, then consider replacing the appliances.

When to replace or repair appliances

Before you decide to replace the appliances it’s imperative that you consider all the aspects. While it may be cheaper to repair appliances, it may be expensive in the long run. Work with the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert and determine which appliances you should repair and which ones you should replace. Make sure that the decision you make is cost effective.

It’s important to make the right decision, and the above questions will make it easier to make that decision. When making the decision consider the cost impact, energy efficiency, and efficiency, follow the right maintenance procedure and ensure that the services and repairs schedule given by the commercial kitchen appliances repair team.



How Much Do Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repairs Cost?

Your commercial kitchen appliances are an investment to your business and it’s imperative that they are maintained properly. Proper maintenance will ensure that you don’t spend a fortune repairing your commercial appliances. It’s important to make sure you follow the commercial appliance repair Virginia schedule to keep your appliances working optimally. In this article, we tell you how much it will cost to repair your equipment.

Reason for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Failure

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance and Servicing

Failing to hire a commercial kitchen appliance repair team to carry out maintenance and servicing of the appliances. It’s important to ensure that you have the servicing and a repair schedule which is followed diligently to keep your appliances working effectively. Make sure that you have a Commercial kitchen appliance repair technician check your appliances regularly to avoid breakdown which may cost more than the servicing cost.

  • Failure by Employee to Take Care of the Appliances

Its crucial that the employees take care of the appliances. Make sure that your employees understand how to use appliances. When employees understand how appliances work they can take care of the appliances and also know when the appliances are not working optimally. Ensure that your appliances are cleaned regularly and properly. Some cleaning errors could cause your appliances to break down fast. Proper use of appliances and following the right care procedure will ensure that your appliances last long

  • Failure to replace Worn out Parts

Over time appliances will wear out and it’s crucial to ensure that they are replaced in good time. It’s important to ensure that the commercial kitchen appliances repair team repairs the appliances before they break down. Failing to replace part of an appliance will not only lead to breakdown but it will also bring your business to halt. Minor components can cause an appliance to breakdown and result in high repair costs. Its imperative that you ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out regularly.

  • Poor Ventilation

It’s important to ensure that enough air flows into the kitchen or where you have placed your appliances. Every room where there are appliances should be properly ventilated to avoid unwarranted breakdown. Poor ventilation will lead to overheating and eventual breakdown. Make sure that you have enough space for all the appliances. The commercial oven repair technician will guide you on where to place the oven. Ensure that commercial refrigerators are not squeezed in a corner where there is poor ventilation. The commercial kitchen repair technician will guide you on where each equipment will be placed.

  • Old Appliances

Outdated equipment will not only consume a lot of energy but may slow down your business. The appliance may be inefficient and that will lead to overtime increasing the cost of production. When the appliances breakdown it may expensive and hard to find the spare parts. If you are an old model of a refrigerator speak to the commercial refrigerator repair team and consult on the best course of action. Constant breakdown of the refrigerator will increase the cost of products and may lead to loss of customers. Make sure the appliances you are using are up to date and don’t consume a lot of energy.

What is the Cost of Appliance Repair

It’s best to identify a commercial appliance repair team that you can work with. The team will be able to carry out routine maintenance of the appliances and reduces the chances of a breakdown. To get the actual cost of repairs the commercial kitchen repair team will visit your premises and check the appliances you want to be repaired. After diagnosis, they will give you the cost of the repairs

It’s best to analyze the repair costs and determine whether to repair or replace. Take into account all the repair cost of the commercial appliances and determine the best choice.

Factors that Determine Repair Cost

The commercial appliance repair team will charge repairs based on

  • The number of spare parts required

The more the spare parts you will need for your refrigerator the more the commercial oven repair technician will charge. Analyze the total cost and determine whether to repair or replace

  • Intensity of breakdown

If your appliances have major issues it will cost you more to repair. Train your employees on how appliances work and they will be able to notice issues before they become major issues.

  • Type of appliances

Complex equipment will cost more to repair as compared to simple appliances. The ice dispenser repair team will charge more depending on the model.

  • The number of hours it takes to repair the appliances.

Most commercial appliances repair technician charge per hour but you can negotiate per job.

The cost of your commercial repairs will depend on the above factors. It’s imperative that you follow the right maintenance practice to ensure your appliances are working effectively and efficiently. Make sure the commercial kitchen appliance repair team services and checks your appliance on a regular basis. Taking good care of the appliances will reduce the overall repair cost