Commercial Gas Oven Won’t Start: 11 Fixes

Commercial appliances need care just like other appliances. If your commercial oven won’t start, usually the best bet is to hire a commercial appliances repair expert to fix it. However, we are here to give some solutions to your commercial gas oven issues.

Power Switch Is Off

This is the simplest cause of a commercial gas oven not starting. Check the power switch, if it’s off, turn it on so the oven powers up.

The Power Cord Is Not Plugged In

Speaking of simple causes of an appliance problem, an unplugged power cord could be the reason your commercial gas oven is not turning on. Plug in the power cord if not plugged in. If it’s plugged in, remove it, and plug it again firmly.

Power Switch Is Broken

The power switch could also be broken. If your oven is not starting up even when the power switch is on, it may be that the power switch is bad. However, there could be other reasons for this problem as well which we will cover after this. With usage, power switches wear out. They should be replaced by an oven repair expert.

Damaged Power Cord

A damaged power cord will fail to allow current to the oven. With a damaged power cord, the oven might not receive any power or it might receive power, but the oven shuts down suddenly.

Inspect the entire power cord after plugging it out. Look for bends, cracks, or worn insulation. Checking electric-powered items can be dangerous, so if you don’t find any visible problem, find an expert who can inspect the power cord and other parts of the oven.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Any home or facility has a breaker box that has circuit breakers that distribute the electrical load and supply it to different parts of the facility. You should check the circuit breaker that powers the area or outlet where the commercial gas oven is located. If it’s turned off without anyone turning it off for a reason, it means the breaker is tripped.

A tripped circuit breaker could be a one-time instance or it may be a hint towards another problem. It’s better to get an electrician involved to check the breaker box and other related parts of the facility. However, if you think it’s a one-time incident, turn on the circuit breaker, and use the gas oven.

There is a way to spot that a tripped breaker is pointing toward another problem. It is when the circuit breaker trips frequently. This can be a result of an issue with the circuit breaker the gas oven, or any other appliance. So, a technician is required to determine the problem and fix it.

The Door Is Not Shut

Many commercial ovens are designed so they don’t turn on if the door is not shut. This feature is useful because in case the door is left open or not completely closed, the food won’t be cooked or baked as good because some heat will escape through the door. Moreover, it will also use up more gas to cook food resulting in low efficiency. Plus, an oven working when its door is open is a hazard, so it’s a safety feature as well.

Therefore, make sure that the door is closed completely. Better yet, open the door and shut it again carefully. If the gas oven doesn’t start, it could be a damaged gasket or microswitch. The gasket helps the door create a seal so no heat can escape the oven. On the other hand, an oven microswitch monitors the door and doesn’t let the oven power up when the door is open. Ovens usually have multiple microswitches. These components should be repaired or replaced by an expert only.

Some people consider an oven not starting if it turns on, but doesn’t heat at all. Let’s know some reasons for this issue.

Clogged Ignitor Or Burner

The ignitor is the part that uses electric power. When the oven needs to heat up or cook food, the ignitor heats up so the gas burner turns on. If the gas burner or the ignitor is clogged, you might see problems in the oven heating up. Hire a professional to clean the internal components of your commercial gas oven.

Faulty Ignitor

Speaking of the ignitor, another reason your oven is not heating at all could be a faulty ignitor. As it heats up to turn on the gas burner, when it won’t heat up due to a malfunction, the oven won’t heat. However, you should first check the power to the oven before concluding that the ignitor is bad.

A faulty gas oven ignitor can render an oven useless even though it’s quite affordable component and can be easily replaced by an expert. However, you should not delay the replacement if the ignitor is bad because a bad ignitor can lead to gas leaks. This is something you must avoid at all costs in a commercial kitchen where you have many gas and electric appliances.

No Or Insufficient Gas Supply

If your oven turns on, but the burner doesn’t work and the oven doesn’t heat up, you should also look for signs of a gas-related issue. It’s quite simple. No gas, no burner ignition. The ignitor will heat up, but the burner won’t turn on because of no or insufficient gas.

There is less chance of no gas because you may be running other gas appliances and if there were no gas, you would already know about it. However, you should still check the gas supply. More importantly, check out the gas connection that leads to the gas oven. There could be a leak or the connection could be damaged.

Any gas-related issue, especially if it’s a leak, should be fixed as soon as possible because it’s a fire hazard. if you to know other signs of a gas leak, there may be a hissing sound near the leaking area and a natural gas smell.

Thermocouple’s Position Might Not Be Right

The thermocouple is the component that closes the gas valve when it gets the signal that the pilot light is extinguished. It’s an important component for ensuring the safety of your oven and the health of people around it. If it’s not working correctly, the gas flow won’t cut off. It can cause serious problems.

This issue can be detected by an expert only who will tell you that the thermocouple needs to be adjusted.

Thermocouple Is Bad

As we explained a thermocouple plays a crucial role in opening and closing the gas valve, if it becomes faulty, your gas oven will not receive gas and won’t heat up. In the case of a faulty thermocouple, the only and easy way is to replace it. An appliance repair professional can easily detect a bad thermocouple and will tell you if you need to replace it.


You can try a few things if your commercial gas oven won’t start such as checking the power switch, the power cord, the circuit breaker, the gas supply, and a few other things. However, if you can’t detect the problem, trust a commercial gas oven repair Springfield technician to inspect the oven and the power supply, suggest fixes, and perform repairs or replacements.



5 Common Commercial Oven Problems

Commercial ovens are a crucial part of your restaurant or institution and it’s imperative that the oven is working optimally. It’s important that your kitchen is running efficiently to avoid food delays which in turn results in business losses. You need to tackle any oven issue as soon as they happen to keep your business running without any interruptions. In this article we look at the most common commercial oven problems and when you should call in the commercial gas oven repair team to check the appliance.

Common Commercial Oven Problems

  • The commercial Oven is not Heating up

When the oven is not heating that could be due to a faulty thermostat. If you are using a gas oven check the igniter to make sure it’s working well.

Fixing the Oven

Before you call the commercial oven repair team check whether the electric elements are glowing and if you are using a commercial gas oven test one of the burners to see whether they are receiving gas. If the electric oven elements don’t have any light, then it’s time to call the commercial appliance repair expert to check on the oven.

  • Pilot Light doesn’t stay on

A malfunctioned safety valve or thermocouple will cause the oven pilot light to keep switching off. You will need to call the commercial appliance repair team to address the issue as this is a clear trouble sign. The commercial appliance repair expert will replace the faulty thermocouple or safety valve. In some ovens, the thermocouple is attached to the safety and that will mean the whole safety valve has to be replaced. If your oven pilot light keeps going on and off, immediately call the commercial oven repair technician.

  • Oven not Heating to the correct Temperature

If your oven is taking longer than usual to cook food, then you need to call the repair expert. An oven may fail to reach the desired temperature due to a faulty sensor which causes the oven not to heat to the correct temperature. A temperature sensor touching the wall of the oven may also cause the oven not to heat properly


Call in the commercial appliance repair team and let them repair or replace the sensor. The technician will also check whether the sensor is touching the wall of the oven and then recalibrate the sensor to ensure its working well.

  • Cooking food Unevenly

If you notice that your food is toasted better in one area than the other, then call the repair team to check on your oven. The main cause of uneven cooking is faulty heating elements and the temperature sensors. If the thermostat of your oven has recently been replaced, it could cause uneven food cooking. The thermostat has capillary that has clips which hold the bulb into place and if not well placed the oven will cook unevenly


To confirm whether it’s working preheats the oven and check whether the heating elements are glowing. The resistance of the temperature sensor should rise as the temperature of the oven rises. If the elements and sensors are not working the commercial appliance repair expert will replace them. Make sure the racks and the cookware are well positioned as that could also lead to the uneven cooking of food.

  • Oven won’t Turn on

Check whether your commercial oven is receiving power and if it still won’t turn on, check whether there is a broken wire, call the commercial appliance repair expert and let them diagnose the oven. The oven may have a faulty thermal fuse.

How to Take care of your Commercial Oven

  • Follow the Scheduled maintenance to ensure your oven works for longer.

Following the maintenance schedule will help prevent the oven from breaking down. During maintenance, the experts are able to check whether the oven is working well, and repairs are done beforehand.

  • Keep the Oven Clean

Make sure that the oven is cleaned on daily basis and schedule monthly cleaning to allow for thorough cleaning.

  • Ensure the Employees understand how the oven Works

It’s important to train the employees how the oven works as that will help them know when the oven is not working optimally. It will also help them understand how to handle and clean the oven. The oven buttons are sensitive parts and if not well handled they break down easily.

The commercial oven plays a key role in your business and its crucial to ensure its working well always. Make sure the maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Virginia is followed diligently to keep the oven working for long. If you notice that the oven has a problem, call the commercial oven repair team immediately to avoid irreparable damage.




Commercial Oven Maintenance

Every cooking enthusiast dreams of having their own oven. When you have an oven, you can cook food in different ways. It can help create variety on your usual dishes, and it’s healthier too unlike fried or ordering take-out meals. But ovens are also prone to breakdowns, so it’s important to call commercial oven repair services immediately.

Commercial ovens are very important when you have a food business. If it’s broken, it can greatly affect your business. It can be added stress depending on how long you have for the commercial kitchen appliance repair personnel to arrive. Nevertheless, a broken oven should be repaired immediately so it will be business as usual.

Common causes of oven breakdown

Commercial ovens including gas ovens may be a simple cooking machine. But it can also be prone to breakdowns when used often. Likewise, not taking proper care of your oven over time can result in damages as well.

On a positive note, replacement parts are available for repair purposes. You can choose to do basic repairs yourself. However, it is better to hand it over to professional commercial appliances repair services rather than relying on your personal judgment. Make sure to determine whether your oven still has hope for repair, or it’s time to replace it.

Uneven cooking

You can notice it if some of your baked goodies are not cooked well than the other pieces. You can confirm the problem by baking bread or cake or roast some chicken. If the chicken or bread is still raw inside, then it’s time to do some repairs. The major issue may be due to a defective temperature sensor or heating elements.

Another possible reason may be due to the cookware/bakeware you are using. In such cases, you may have to replace your baking pans. Or you would have to clean them thoroughly of any food build-up.

Presence of smoke while cooking

First and foremost, the presence of smoke when cooking in the oven should not be ignored. For one thing, too much smoke can affect the quality of your food. Plus, it can cause adverse effects on your household as well as your pets. Among ways to lessen the occurrence of smoke in the oven include:

  • Clean up food remnants in the oven.
  • Clean your oven thoroughly, making sure it has no residue of cleaner used.
  • Replace any defective parts. Call a professional commercial gas oven repair services when necessary.
  • Correct gas pressure and convert into as per safe standard. Make sure to put foods to be cooked in the oven using baking or cooking pans instead of putting food directly on the rack.

Choosing the best commercial oven

Commercial ovens come in different brands and features. There are different tips when choosing the best one for your business.

Does your restaurant offer pizza and bread? Do you also have other dishes that can be cooked in an oven, like lasagna or roasted chicken? From there, you can choose the best oven according to your offered specialty.

Some ovens have combination features like a vegetable steamer or a conveyor belt. Pizza ovens can also be used for other large dishes like large meat cuts or a huge dessert pan.

Oven maintenance tips

To ensure your oven’s long lifespan, here are some tips you need to remember:

Make sure to clean the oven on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should clean your oven at least bi-annually, or as often as needed depending on the frequency of usage. Avoid removing and cleaning the oven knobs as it can damage its electrical system. This is one of the most common problems among commercial appliances repair service calls.

Remove the plug when cleaning the oven.

If you are going to clean the oven by hand, make sure to pull the plug off to avoid electrocution.

Inspect oven parts for possible defects.

Make sure to inspect the oven parts for any signs of damage. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents and even compromise your safety.

Clean food spills immediately.

Don’t let spilled food sit for long. Once spills occur, wipe it off immediately. Otherwise, it will be harder to remove and can cause burns and smoke.

Call professional help.

For any signs of oven damage, you should call a commercial gas oven repair personnel immediately.

Taking care of your food business

Taking care of your business is a huge responsibility. Aside from dealing with all types of customers and staff, it is important to invest well for your kitchen equipment. In case of damages and breakdowns, make sure to call the best commercial kitchen appliance repair in Springfield or anywhere near you.