Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen

If you own or run a commercial kitchen, you know how difficult it is to maintain commercial kitchen appliances. Keeping your commercial appliances well-maintained is not only the best practice but it also helps in saving money, in the long run. Working with huge kitchen designs and appliances, such as commercial ovens, commercial dishwasher and commercial refrigeration equipment, will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Thus, hiring commercial refrigerator services and commercial microwave oven service is important.

Maintaining commercial kitchens

When it comes to commercial kitchen, hygiene is always a top priority. Unmaintained kitchens are unsafe, unhealthy and uneconomical for everyone. Doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small, you are required to pay attention over maintenance and cleaning. A cleaner kitchen gives a better workplace to your employees. By keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, you can actually increase the productivity of your staff.

Commercial kitchen maintenance tips

Fortunately, commercial kitchen maintenance is not a burden. Follow these simple tips to keep your commercial kitchen in tip-top condition:

Read User Manual: Even if you have figured out how to use commercial kitchen equipment all by yourself, it is always recommended to familiarize yourself with the appliance by referring to the user manual. Reading a little information in the user manual can give you a better understanding about your expensive commercial equipment.

Train your staff: You should train your staff member regarding kitchen maintenance. Train them how to use the kitchen appliances and prepare a daily cleaning schedule for them.

Commercial freezer cleaning: Commercial freezers should be inspected each month. Every month you should check your freezer for adequate temperature to prevent costly repair or spoiled food. In case your freezer is not temping at the set temperature, schedule professional inspection.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance: Commercial refrigerators should be cleaned on the weekly basis. Empty your refrigerator and clean the walls, shelves and doors of your appliance. Food spills often spread the harmful bacteria inside the refrigerator.

Schedule cleaning: You should have a systematic schedule for cleaning appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerators, cooktop, dishwasher etc.

Get broken part replaced: Broken parts not only decrease the efficiency of your appliance, but also affect the productivity of your kitchen. Get the broken parts replaced as soon as possible.

Hire commercial appliance repair services: Scheduling Cooking appliance repair and True refrigerator repair Vienna on the monthly basis is a good practice.



What to Consider When Buying Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you want to have your own food business, you need to invest in commercial kitchen equipment. At the same time, you – the food business owner – have the main responsibility in maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment. For your repair and maintenance needs, you can contact a commercial kitchen appliance repair service provider.

Before you can launch your food business to the public, you have to spend first on different elements. This includes equipment, commercial space (regardless of whether you are going to rent or build your own business area), and manpower. You also have to take care of permits and other documents to ensure your business is legit. As for food equipment, you might consider buying brand-new or second-hand.

Brand-new or used?

Buying brand new or used food business equipment has its own pros and cons. On one hand, brand-new equipment means you won’t have to call commercial appliances repair. Also, you can avail longer product warranty once you bought the item. However, new equipment can be expensive especially for small-time business owners.

On the other hand, you would have to take the risk when you buy used appliances. You also have to prepare to call, say, a commercial oven repair personnel when the used equipment suddenly breaks down. On a positive note, used kitchen appliances can be a lifesaver if you have a limited budget. Also, there is a lot of used yet high-quality kitchen equipment on sale nowadays.

That said, you should consider both sides when choosing between brand-new and used kitchen appliance. For one, it will depend on your budget and other business needs. Nonetheless, here are some considerations in buying kitchen appliances or equipment.

When buying brand-new appliances

Obviously, one major benefit of buying a brand-new commercial kitchen appliance is the warranty. If this is a major dealbreaker for you, then it is a good idea to buy brand-new. This will save you extra money as compared to hiring commercial freezer repairs or other appliance repair personnel. In other words, your appliance will most likely be under warranty – even get a lifetime coverage – if you buy a new one.

Another potential benefit of buying brand-new commercial kitchen appliances is the peace of mind on your part. Aside from the warranty, you will be assured that most likely you won’t experience any breakdowns anytime soon. Plus, you would know where exactly the machine is bought, ensuring that you have bought either straight from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

When buying used appliances

On the other hand, business owners should be aware of the potential risks they can get when buying used appliances. You can check and test the equipment and know its history first before buying it. However, it won’t guarantee that it won’t break down after a few weeks and ending up calling commercial refrigerators repairs services soon enough.

Most of the time, the warranty won’t apply in used equipment. Hence, the risk you have to take when buying one. However, second-hand kitchen equipment does not always mean substandard quality. Perhaps the original owner wanted to upgrade his/her current equipment and opted to sell the old yet fully-functional one instead.

Another benefit of buying used equipment is the savings you can get from it. It would be a nice deal to buy quality kitchen equipment at half the price. There are also second-hand dealers who offer quality used the equipment and sell at a reasonable price. Because most likely they want to dispose of the items as soon as possible, you can haggle the price that both of you can agree on.

Commercial kitchen equipment care and maintenance

Here are some tips to provide care for your commercial kitchen equipment, whether brand-new or used.

Create a kitchen maintenance program.

Most kitchen appliances, whether brand-new or used, will be subject to rust and damage over time. That is why it is important to ensure regular maintenance and hire commercial kitchen appliance repair personnel for any signs of damage. Make sure to also have a kitchen appliance maintenance checklist you can follow through every time.

Keep important contacts in handy.

If there’s a sudden breakdown, you should act on it as soon as possible and avoid further damage. As much as possible, avoid doing repairs on your own, or risk damaging the equipment for good. Make sure to read the instruction manuals carefully for proper care and maintenance.

Buy from trusted dealers.

It only makes sense to trust only the best and trustworthy kitchen equipment dealers around. For your commercial kitchen repair needs, trust only reliable companies offering commercial appliances repair in Alexandria.



Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Building your own food business can be challenging. In fact, that part is just the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur. Maintaining your equipment in tiptop shape at all times is another thing. For any signs of malfunction and damage, you should call commercial appliances repair services immediately.

As a food business owner, your equipment can be one of your most important assets. For example, make sure to call a commercial refrigerators repairs personnel or an ice cream freezer repair serviceman to ensure the quality of your frozen goods at all times.

Ensuring that your commercial kitchen equipment is functioning well is important for smoother business operations. The last thing you would want to happen is your kitchen equipment breaking down during peak hours. Defective equipment can lead to profit loss and decreased business performance. Worse, you may lose customers and even result in negative feedback from them.

That is why regular equipment and contacting commercial kitchen appliance repair services immediately are crucial for any food business. One way is by having a maintenance checklist. Here are some of the things you need to check on your kitchen equipment.

Maintenance checklist

Having a maintenance checklist is important for food business owners – and any other business in general. This is to ensure smooth and delay-free business operations. At the same time, it will prevent potential food contamination, reduce food spoilage, and keep your customers happy.

Grease filters

Grease filters are made to clean the duct of any grease remnants. However, it is important to clean it from time to time to avoid the risk of accidental fires. Experts recommend cleaning commercial cooking equipment with grease filters at least once a week.

Deep fryer

Inspecting the commercial deep fryer is also important to ensure safety from any fire hazards. Manufacturers recommended cleaning deep fryers every day. For any damage, contact a professional deep fryer repair serviceman immediately. Likewise, a professional contractor should conduct regular equipment inspection.

Duct, hood, and vent

These equipment parts should also be regularly cleaned and maintained to eliminate the presence of grease that can affect the machine’s performance. Commercial appliances repair should also be done by professionals bi-annually.

Extinguishing system

Food establishments should have an automatic extinguishing system. However, it should always be in good condition. Ideally, this should be inspected by a professional bi-annually.

There are also kitchen items that should be cleaned accordingly. This is to ensure proper sanitation and safety in your commercial kitchen area. All kitchen personnel should be familiar with the proper cleaning procedures. Some food establishments also hire a “night porter” to ensure cleanliness that is ready for the next day’s service.

Why there should be a regular kitchen equipment maintenance

There are many important reasons why regular kitchen equipment maintenance is needed. First of all, it will help you and your business save money in the long run. Commercial kitchen equipment is expensive, to begin with. Thus, it is only reasonable to do what you can to utilize it and extend its lifespan.

A commercial kitchen appliance repair does not come cheap, too. It is usually not covered under warranty, so you would have to spend money on any repairs needed. Still, repairs should not be ignored and should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, unmaintained equipment can consume more electricity and increase your expenses in the long run.

Even if you have the best cooks in your business, it will be useless if you have poorly-maintained kitchen equipment. It can create a negative impact on your food business and result in customer complaints and feedback. That said, it is important that you do everything to ensure top-notch service, including well-maintained equipment.

Other equipment maintenance tips

Here are some important tips on keeping your kitchen equipment well-maintained at all times.

  • Check whether your kitchen machine has warranty including its coverage and validity period.
  • Make sure to read the equipment’s manual to understand its overall function and maintenance requirements.
  • Take time to train your employees of proper usage of the kitchen equipment to ensure good performance and lifespan.
  • For repairs, it is better to call professional repair personnel rather than dealing it on your own.
  • Ensure to carry out all scheduled cleaning and maintenance needs for your kitchen equipment.

Keep your kitchen equipment in top shape at all times

As a food business owner, it is important to keep your kitchen equipment well-maintained at all times. This is to keep your food business profitable, your staff productive, and your customers satisfied. Contact professional commercial kitchen appliance repair in Fairfax for your repair and maintenance needs.



Commercial Oven Maintenance

Every cooking enthusiast dreams of having their own oven. When you have an oven, you can cook food in different ways. It can help create variety on your usual dishes, and it’s healthier too unlike fried or ordering take-out meals. But ovens are also prone to breakdowns, so it’s important to call commercial oven repair services immediately.

Commercial ovens are very important when you have a food business. If it’s broken, it can greatly affect your business. It can be added stress depending on how long you have for the commercial kitchen appliance repair personnel to arrive. Nevertheless, a broken oven should be repaired immediately so it will be business as usual.

Common causes of oven breakdown

Commercial ovens including gas ovens may be a simple cooking machine. But it can also be prone to breakdowns when used often. Likewise, not taking proper care of your oven over time can result in damages as well.

On a positive note, replacement parts are available for repair purposes. You can choose to do basic repairs yourself. However, it is better to hand it over to professional commercial appliances repair services rather than relying on your personal judgment. Make sure to determine whether your oven still has hope for repair, or it’s time to replace it.

Uneven cooking

You can notice it if some of your baked goodies are not cooked well than the other pieces. You can confirm the problem by baking bread or cake or roast some chicken. If the chicken or bread is still raw inside, then it’s time to do some repairs. The major issue may be due to a defective temperature sensor or heating elements.

Another possible reason may be due to the cookware/bakeware you are using. In such cases, you may have to replace your baking pans. Or you would have to clean them thoroughly of any food build-up.

Presence of smoke while cooking

First and foremost, the presence of smoke when cooking in the oven should not be ignored. For one thing, too much smoke can affect the quality of your food. Plus, it can cause adverse effects on your household as well as your pets. Among ways to lessen the occurrence of smoke in the oven include:

  • Clean up food remnants in the oven.
  • Clean your oven thoroughly, making sure it has no residue of cleaner used.
  • Replace any defective parts. Call a professional commercial gas oven repair services when necessary.
  • Correct gas pressure and convert into as per safe standard. Make sure to put foods to be cooked in the oven using baking or cooking pans instead of putting food directly on the rack.

Choosing the best commercial oven

Commercial ovens come in different brands and features. There are different tips when choosing the best one for your business.

Does your restaurant offer pizza and bread? Do you also have other dishes that can be cooked in an oven, like lasagna or roasted chicken? From there, you can choose the best oven according to your offered specialty.

Some ovens have combination features like a vegetable steamer or a conveyor belt. Pizza ovens can also be used for other large dishes like large meat cuts or a huge dessert pan.

Oven maintenance tips

To ensure your oven’s long lifespan, here are some tips you need to remember:

Make sure to clean the oven on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should clean your oven at least bi-annually, or as often as needed depending on the frequency of usage. Avoid removing and cleaning the oven knobs as it can damage its electrical system. This is one of the most common problems among commercial appliances repair service calls.

Remove the plug when cleaning the oven.

If you are going to clean the oven by hand, make sure to pull the plug off to avoid electrocution.

Inspect oven parts for possible defects.

Make sure to inspect the oven parts for any signs of damage. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents and even compromise your safety.

Clean food spills immediately.

Don’t let spilled food sit for long. Once spills occur, wipe it off immediately. Otherwise, it will be harder to remove and can cause burns and smoke.

Call professional help.

For any signs of oven damage, you should call a commercial gas oven repair personnel immediately.

Taking care of your food business

Taking care of your business is a huge responsibility. Aside from dealing with all types of customers and staff, it is important to invest well for your kitchen equipment. In case of damages and breakdowns, make sure to call the best commercial kitchen appliance repair in Springfield or anywhere near you.