How to save money on restaurant kitchen equipment

There are so many things that you need to consider when opening a new restaurant. One of the most essential and expensive things is commercial kitchen appliance. Whether you are planning to lease or buy the commercial appliance, you should consult with the commercial appliance services. The commercial kitchen appliances are very expensive; you should make sure that you spend your money on the right appliance.

Setting restaurant kitchen

You need professional help and a full-proof plan when setting the restaurant kitchen. In order prevent the money wastage, you need to do everything in the systematic manner. Each and every item that belongs to restaurant kitchen is going to cost a fortune. Thus, make sure that you purchase everything right.

Make a list of commercial kitchen appliances required

Different commercial kitchens need different appliances. You need not have to purchase everything for your kitchen. Thus, gather your team and discuss about the appliances that you need in your kitchen as per your menu.

Explore purchasing options

Commercial kitchen appliances are big investment, but you have various options –purchase new appliances, purchase second hand appliances and lease appliances. You can choose any option according to your financial conditions.

Explore commercial kitchen appliance brands

Just like home appliances, there are various commercial appliance brands. Each brand has its own speciality. In order to purchase the right appliance, you should explore the features of each and every brand. Consider price, size, features and usability into considerations while purchasing or leasing the appliances.

Pay attention over installation

Commercial appliances are needed to be installed at the right locations. For example, you cannot install the freezer or refrigerator near cooking appliances like commercial oven or deep fryer. Each and every appliance has some pre-requirements. Read the appliance catalogue carefully before randomly deciding their location. Provide proper ventilation in your kitchen, in order to prevent the accidents. In fact, you should consider hiring the professional for setting your restaurant kitchen.

Hire commercial appliance repair services

Commercial kitchen appliances should be inspected, cleaned and repaired time to time. Avoiding any of these tasks can cost you a lot of money in the future. Furthermore, it is important to keep kitchen appliances in good condition to increase their life-span, improve their efficiency, prevent accidents in the kitchen and avoid expensive repair. Thus, hire Commercial Convection Oven repairs Vienna to keep your appliances in good condition.



Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen

If you own or run a commercial kitchen, you know how difficult it is to maintain commercial kitchen appliances. Keeping your commercial appliances well-maintained is not only the best practice but it also helps in saving money, in the long run. Working with huge kitchen designs and appliances, such as commercial ovens, commercial dishwasher and commercial refrigeration equipment, will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Thus, hiring commercial refrigerator services and commercial microwave oven service is important.

Maintaining commercial kitchens

When it comes to commercial kitchen, hygiene is always a top priority. Unmaintained kitchens are unsafe, unhealthy and uneconomical for everyone. Doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small, you are required to pay attention over maintenance and cleaning. A cleaner kitchen gives a better workplace to your employees. By keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, you can actually increase the productivity of your staff.

Commercial kitchen maintenance tips

Fortunately, commercial kitchen maintenance is not a burden. Follow these simple tips to keep your commercial kitchen in tip-top condition:

Read User Manual: Even if you have figured out how to use commercial kitchen equipment all by yourself, it is always recommended to familiarize yourself with the appliance by referring to the user manual. Reading a little information in the user manual can give you a better understanding about your expensive commercial equipment.

Train your staff: You should train your staff member regarding kitchen maintenance. Train them how to use the kitchen appliances and prepare a daily cleaning schedule for them.

Commercial freezer cleaning: Commercial freezers should be inspected each month. Every month you should check your freezer for adequate temperature to prevent costly repair or spoiled food. In case your freezer is not temping at the set temperature, schedule professional inspection.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance: Commercial refrigerators should be cleaned on the weekly basis. Empty your refrigerator and clean the walls, shelves and doors of your appliance. Food spills often spread the harmful bacteria inside the refrigerator.

Schedule cleaning: You should have a systematic schedule for cleaning appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerators, cooktop, dishwasher etc.

Get broken part replaced: Broken parts not only decrease the efficiency of your appliance, but also affect the productivity of your kitchen. Get the broken parts replaced as soon as possible.

Hire commercial appliance repair services: Scheduling Cooking appliance repair and True refrigerator repair Vienna on the monthly basis is a good practice.