Beginners Guide to Maintaining Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers are one of the most expensive commercial kitchen equipment, therefore they are required to be taken care of. Maintaining a commercial dishwasher is important in order to avoid breakdowns and performance issues. The best way to keep commercial dishwasher in tip-top condition is to hire the commercial dishwasher repair services, and train the staff about the dishwasher. The longevity and efficiency of dishwasher depends on how you maintain it.

Commercial dishwasher maintenance

A perfectly working kitchen appliance can breakdown because of negligence of staff members. It is important to train the staff member about the new equipment, so that the know how to use and clean the appliance without damaging them in any manner. Also, it is important to schedule professional cleaning and maintenance at least once in a month.

Using Commercial Dishwashers

Rinse the dishes: It is always recommended to rinse the dishes before putting them in dishwasher. This will not only provide better cleaning, but also prevents blockage in the dishwasher. The leftovers can easily get stuck inside the pipes and filters of the appliance that can make it stop working. Well, you need not have to clean your appliance spotless; just make sure that there are no dried foods or lumps remaining inside the utensils.

Check filters and pumps: Many times, items like lemon slices, bones, teaspoons and pieces of bones are loaded inside the dishwashers. These items can easily block the filters, pipes and pumps of the dishwasher. If you are facing issue related to slow drainage or poor washing results, try cleaning the filters and pumps of your appliance.

Use right detergent: Avoid using cheap detergents in your dishwashing unit. It is always recommended to buy the detergents that are appropriate for the commercial dishwashers. Harmful chemicals present in the cheap dishwasher can damage your dishwasher from inside.

Keep the water softener running: Another important aspect of the commercial dishwasher maintenance is making sure that water softener is added in the sufficient quantity. Hard water can cause scaling inside the appliance that can badly damage the appliance from inside.

Use lime remover: You should train your staff to run lime remover time to time inside your machine. This will prolong the lifespan of your commercial appliance.

Timely repair: Commercial dishwasher is a complicated appliance, it is important to hire the commercial dishwasher repair services to fix commercial appliance Fairfax even when you notice the smallest problem in your appliance.

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