Walk-In Cooler Is Spoiling Food: 8 Common Reasons

Your walk-in is stuffed with food that is your business’s inventory so you have to keep it fresh. But if your walk-in cooler is spoiling the food, then it’s not keeping the food in the right environment it’s supposed to. You must consult commercial refrigerator services. Here are some reasons why your walk-in cooler is spoiling food.

Causes Of Your Walk-In Cooler Spoiling The Food

Incorrect Temperature Settings

We will start with a simple cause. Check the temperature settings of the walk-in. It should be what you have set or what your management has instructed. According to the FDA, the temperature of a walk-in cooler should be below 40°F. However, many experts suggest that the ideal temperature for a walk-in chiller is 35-38°F.

As you already know these settings are for a walk-in cooler for keeping things cool. If you have a walk-in freezer, the right temperature is between 0 to -10°F.

Thermostat Problems

A thermostat showing incorrect temperature is a common issue. This can lead you or the staff to believe that the temperature is fine when in reality the temperature is warmer and that’s why the walk-in cooler may be spoiling the food stored inside.

Therefore, if you suspect that the temperature you’re seeing is not right, double-check it and use a food-grade thermometer. Place it in the central part of the walk-in cooler and in a medium height to get a good reading.

However, keep in mind that all walk-in cooler manufacturers emphasize that the temperature shown by the thermostats can be 2-4 degrees different than the actual temperature.

Poor Food Storage Practices

Bacteria growth on food or food spoilage can be due to a problem with the walk-in cooler, but in some cases, the cause may be poor food storage practices. This is a kind of a problem that you or your staff can investigate themselves so it’s better to get this out of the way so you can then have a walk-in cooler expert check the unit.

Storing A Food Item In The Walk-In Cooler That Isn’t Meant For It

A food item that must be frozen to keep fresh will be of no use if you put it in a walk-in cooler unless you have placed it for thawing. The food will allow bacteria and pathogen growth which will not only spoil that food, but can also spread to the nearby foods as well. So, always check the labels of products so you know which should be frozen and which are fine when refrigerated.

Keeping Raw Meat And Ready-To-Eat Products In The Same Rack

Raw meat and other products like fish are the most prone to spoilage and developing pathogens. Their storage life is also less compared to other products. This is why you must keep them in separate racks. In fact, every product type should be at a certain distance from others and some should be in separate racks if you have the space.

Storing Food Items In The Wrong Racks

As mentioned above, some foods are quickly perishable like meat so keeping them in the right racks is important.

Vegetables and fruits should go to the topmost shelves. That’s because the bacteria on these is less dangerous as compared to that of raw meat. So, even if water or condensation drips from them to the food items in the lower racks, it won’t cause a problem.

Then comes the place for precooked items. The rack under the produce items should be for them. Why? Precooked food already reached a high temperature of 140+° Fahrenheit killing pathogens in it so anything dripping from it is also not dangerous for the items placed beneath it. However, keep in mind that dripping from pre-cooked food is still not preferred because it can alter the taste of the food underneath it.

The rack beneath precooked food should be for dairy items like milk, cheese, and eggs. Dairy products can produce bacteria that can be harmful but as long as they are kept at a temperature of 40°F or lower, there is little to no risk of dairy contaminating the items placed in the racks under it.

The second last rack should be for raw meat. It has a high risk of developing pathogens so its dripping due to condensation is bad for other foods.

In the bottom-most rack, you should place thawing food items as they are bound to drip. Anything you put in the walk-in cooler from the freezer to defrost should go there.

Placing Sensitive Items Too Close To The Door

When the four of a walk-in is opened, warm air enters and affects the nearby items the most. So, if you have raw meat or dairy near the door, its temperature may frequently reach the danger zone (between 40°F to 140°F). Even if the temperature of these products goes to 45°F frequently, they will allow the growth of pathogens that will lead to food spoilage.

Storing Hot Items Before They Cool Down

Every food business follows this practice but sometimes, in the rush, a staff member might put precooked food in a walk-in cooler that is still releasing steam. This can be bad for the items stored in it. Because due to the increased temperature, that part of the walk-in refrigerator may become a good place for the growth of microbes.

Moreover, if this is done frequently, it can cause spoilage of a large food quantity. Plus, it will also affect the energy efficiency of the walk-in cooler as it will use more energy to cool down the hot food.

Therefore, make sure the food is cooled before you store it in the walk-in. Follow the recommendations of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA):

  • If the food is in a large quantity, divide it into smaller portions for faster cooling outside and inside the walk-in cooler. Do the same for large pieces of meat.
  • Clean the sink and put cold water and ice in it. You should then place the container that has the food in the sink. During this, make sure the water in the sink doesn’t get to the food in the container.
  • Remember the two-stage cooling technique. In the first stage, the food should be cooled from 140-70°F within 2 hours. In the second stage, it should take about 4 hours for the food to reach the temperature of 41-40°F. When it’s at 41-40°F, you can safely put it in the walk-in cooler after covering it. Moreover, make sure never to cover the food when it’s hot.
  • Additionally, don’t use the outdoors for cooling the food because there can be temperature fluctuations that can be bad for proper cooling. Moreover, animals can find the food and contaminate it.
  • Use a food-grade thermometer to check the temperature of the food at various intervals.

Walk-In Cooler Problems

Any problem with a walk-in cooler that impacts its cooling ability can cause food spoilage as well. Many times, dirty condenser coils, evaporator coils, fans, or vents can cause malfunctions in walk-ins. So, make sure your walk-in is cleaned and maintained properly.

Moreover, door seal and hinges issues can leave the door unsealed. This allows warm air in, wreaking havoc on the food and increasing utility bills as well.

In addition to that, frost buildup in a walk-in cooler can cause various problems including food spoilage. This can happen due to an issue with the door, gaskets, pressure relief port, insulation, etc.


Food spoilage in walk-ins can be due to food storage errors or an issue with the walk-in cooler itself. So, go through the food storage practices and also have the unit inspected by a walk in cooler repair Alexandria technician.



How To Prevent Your Commercial Refrigerator From Breakdowns?

A severe problem with your commercial refrigerator can lead to inventory loss. This means you would not only need to spend money on repairing the refrigerator but also must get fresh inventory. Some problems can’t be avoided, but some can be. If you take care of your refrigerator with the help of commercial refrigerator services, you can avoid many problems and enjoy a rather smooth functioning of your food business. Here are the things to do.

Tips For Avoiding Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns

Choose The Right Location

Whether you’re just moving in a commercial refrigerator or already have a refrigerator in your facility, make sure you place it correctly. An ideal location for a commercial refrigerator is one that’s not too warm or humid. So, placing it too near the kitchen or any cooking equipment can lead to frequent breakdowns of the refrigerator.

Moreover, you should make sure that the vents and fans of the refrigerator have enough space to “breathe”. This means the refrigerator should not be closely placed alongside a wall. Instead, there must be a distance of 6-12 inches between the unit and the wall or any nearest item. Along with that, don’t keep any boxes or items near the refrigerator.

Why is this suggested? Because a refrigerator’s condenser coils and the compressor become hot during the refrigeration process. They must be able to throw heat outside using the fans for cooling. If anything is blocking the fans or vents, then the coils, the compressor, and the internal components will heat up. This will put stress on the components and eventually, the unit will break down.

Don’t Leave The Refrigerator’s Lights On

When putting inventory inside or taking something out from the refrigerator, lights are used. However, make sure the lights are not left on without any reason. That’s because lights produce heat inside the refrigerator so it will have to work more to cool down the interior.

Ensure That The Door Shuts Off Properly

A common cause of many commercial refrigerator problems involves improper closing of the refrigerator door. If the door of a commercial refrigerator is not closed or improperly closed, warm air will keep entering the unit. It will make the compressor and other parts overwork for cooling the interior. This will increase the wear and tear of the components and the risk of the unit breaking down apart from increasing the electricity bills and spoiling the stored food.

In worst cases, door problems can cause water leakage and freezing of the evaporator coils and the fans of the refrigerator.

So, the door of your commercial refrigerator should be opened only when required and closed firmly afterward. Moreover, frequently check the door seals and hinges. If you notice any problem, consult an expert.

Clean The Unit Including The Condenser And Evaporator Coils

For most restaurants and cafes, this is a part of their basic commercial refrigerator care routine, but in spite of it, some parts of the refrigerator are ignored like the condenser and evaporator coils. This can be because monthly deep cleaning is uncommon in comparison to the daily superficial cleaning.

The evaporator and condenser coils work together in the cooling process. In this, the condenser coils become hot and need to throw heat outside. When there are layers of dust on them, their heat transfer is affected. On the other hand, evaporator coils become cold and if they are not cleaned, they might freeze up.

Moreover, cleaning other parts of the refrigerator is essential as well such as the drain. If it’s not cleaned, it will become clogged. Clogged drain can cause standing water inside the unit. Plus, dust and dirt buildup on the fans slow down their movement. This also impacts the efficiency of the unit.

Therefore, apart from the daily cleaning, deep clean your commercial freezer or refrigerator at least once every month. You can also hire an expert for cleaning.

Check The Defrost Timer

The defrost timer is used to schedule automatic defrosting of your commercial refrigerator. Your refrigerator determines the best frequency of its defrost cycle by using the temperature, pressure, and timer controls. So, the defrost cycle of the same refrigerator used differently will be different. It can be between once every 2 hours to once a day.

You should check your refrigerator to make sure that the defrost timer is set correctly and that there is not too much frost on the vital parts like the fans and evaporator coils. If there is, then adjust the timer. If this doesn’t reduce ice in the unit, then any other component is malfunctioning. Consult a professional.

Notice The Sound Of The Refrigerator

You already know how your commercial freezer or refrigerator sounds, so frequently try to hear its sound and make sure that it’s normal. If you notice louder noises, call in an expert. Similarly, if you smell anything wrong like a burning smell, or a musty/sweet smell, reach out to a professional.

Clean The Air Filters

Like other refrigeration units, your commercial refrigerator also features air filters and you have to keep them clean. Not cleaning the air filters can damage them and reduce their efficiency. You should know that the air filters inside a refrigerator are made to keep the air inside the unit clean and the stored food fresh. Even if a food item expires, the mold or bacteria are caught in the air filters and mostly stopped from contaminating all the items in the refrigerator.

So, if they are damaged due to ignoring cleaning, they won’t be able to stop bacteria and other contaminants from attacking other foods. This can speed up food spoilage inside your refrigerator. Therefore, clean the air filters once a month to avoid problems. And have them inspected by a professional during an inspection so they are replaced if damaged.

Keep The Unit Dry

This sounds like a simple advice, but it’s an important one. If the interior of the refrigerator is too moist and any spills are not cleaned, it can lead to various problems like excessive freezing and the icing up of the internal components like the fans. So, clean up spills as they happen. Moreover, clean the interior of the unit once every week.

This tip is even more critical for walk-in units because spills or moisture on the floor can cause slips and someone can hurt themselves if they are not careful.

Schedule A Commercial Refrigerator Service

Even when you do take care of your commercial refrigerator or walk-in freezer properly, many things can’t be cleaned, inspected, or fixed by a layman. This is why you should have your commercial refrigerator serviced depending on your usage and the manufacturer’s instructions. You should have it serviced once every 3 to 6 months.

The professional will not only check the things that you normally do, but many things that you can’t like the compressor, electrical wiring, condenser coils, evaporator coils, fan motors, refrigerant levels, and others.


You can reduce the breakdown count of your commercial refrigerator significantly if you follow the above-mentioned tips. However, some problems are inevitable. So, if you do face any problem with your unit, consider commercial refrigerators repairs Fairfax immediately so an expert can take a look at the unit and suggest fixes.



Signs That Your Ice Cream Freezer Needs a Repair

It is frustrating and annoying when the freezer cannot keep your ice cream frozen, especially during summer. The freezer is among the most important appliances that people do not appreciate as much. There are a lot of fixes that keep your ice cream dry at the same time.

Your fridge keeps your items fresh and it brings you a lot of conveniences. Imagine the need to store your perishables inside a cooler on the kitchen floor or you do not have fresh ice cream from the ice maker for a beverage during summer.

In case you do not know if you need to contact an ice cream freezer repair, there are signs you must look for. Read on to know more.

Is it Set to the Right Temperature?

You must have checked that the temperature is correct, but in case you have not done that, ice cream needs the freezer temperature to be below 15 degrees F. In case you have a slider or dial control, the highest position or number must be the coldest setting.

You should know that when it comes to adjusting the temperature, or if you add or remove hot or cold items, it takes about 24 hours for the freezer’s temperature to become stable.

Condensation Build Up

If the refrigerator looks like it is always sweating, this is a sign of condensation. Condensation causes molding, which is harmful to produce that you have in the refrigerator and it can cause your family to become sick.

Therefore, if you witness these signs, you must contact an appliance repair to check out the issue. Have the person do a complete inspection and analysis to determine what is causing the condensation.

Bee-Like Compressor Sound

Are you hearing the ice-cream freezer producing a bee-like sound? If that is the case, then it is time that you need to replace the compressor coil. You must also check if the fan, evaporator, or condenser coil is working properly or not. Check for possible leaks or any freezer damage indications.

In case you find evidence, contact the experts in different fridge repairs.

The Fridge is Past its Life Expectancy

The truth is, all appliances have an expiration date and soon your fridge will give you signs that it must be repaired. Manufacturers make their profits from this. Certain parts begin to wither away after a specific time frame and then eventually your whole refrigerator becomes useless. Regardless of how good you take care of it, refrigerators have an expiration date.

Is Your Freezer Too Empty?

If your freezer only has ice cream and a few other items, you might have to put more food in so that the freezer’s temperature stays at an optimal level.

In order to stabilize the temperature and make sure there is enough airflow, the majority of freezer manufacturers recommend keeping it 70 to 85% full.

A freezer that is about 70 to 85% full causes less cold and warm air to escape and enter when you open the freezer door. Putting other frozen items inside keeps the temperature down as well.

The Freezer is Freezing Over

The freezer should freeze food and not itself. One obvious sign that your freezer is failing is when it has become so frozen that the door is sticking or ice starts forming on the side where you have to chisel it off.

In case that happens, you can defrost it by unplugging. If it continues even after defrosting, you must call a repairman.

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact commercial appliances repair VA anytime.




What to Consider Before Buying a Walk-in Cooler

If you just opened a restaurant or business, you might consider buying a walk-in cooler repair. The purpose of walk-in coolers or freezers is to keep the temperature of food and drinks good for commercial use. The unit can become expensive based on the size you need. Therefore, there are a couple of things you must consider before buying a freezer or walk-in cooler.

In case you are really thinking of buying one, you should read this article in the end. In addition, it will prevent you from buying the wrong one.

What is it Exactly?

Walk-in coolers have an extra refrigerated and cooled storage space while they provide the security of being aware of knowing why the items are stored at the right temperature and keeping it that way. There are 2 different kinds of units that are customized, and they are prefabricated. Those units are cheaper because they have a specific size and are consequently a lot less expensive compared to the customized ones. The disadvantage is that in prefabricated units are that the size is limited and the configuration might not be as long-lasting as the customized units.

Box Location

Regardless of whether you will put it indoors or outdoor, you need to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate that box. Outdoor walk-ins have a rain roof, refrigeration hood, and drip cap for going over the door. You need to assess it in order to make sure it is appropriate for bearing load. If there is a concrete floor, a walk-in cooler can be placed there. If the walk-in goes on a wood frame floor, it needs floor panels. A walk-in freezer always needs an insulated floor.


There are walk-in coolers that are pre-built in certain sizes. If you are not sure about the size you need, it is suggested that asking a local walk-in cooler installer to come and measure the unit’s correct size. You need to be aware that the unit size you require depends on what you are planning to store, but it may not also be limited by the installation of tolerances.

Design Features and Accessories

Do you require a strip curtain for energy efficiency, and a temperature alarm to alert you that the refrigeration is malfunctioning, a kickplate that protects the door, or an external or internal ramp to help the wheel carts into the freezer? You need to list down all the additional features you want. It is better to bundle the add-ons with the walk-in purchase since they are usually sold at a lower markup vs. purchasing the aftermarket.


The first requirement is that the walk-in unit fits into the application’s footprint. The unit should accommodate all the ancillary equipment that is needed for the operation, which includes the piping runs for the refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical components. It is important to use a qualified walk-in cooler installer who does the proper installation and that meets the local code requirements, national certification, and energy efficiency.

Extra Costs

If for instance, you are buying from a walk-in manufacturer from a different state, the freight is going to cost a lot. You must always ask for an estimated cost of the freight and you must check your liability for taxes.

Before you contact commercial refrigerators repairs Virginia, make sure that you have considered all of these things and be prepared for whatever extra cost that might come up.



How to Choose the Right Appliance Repair Company for You

When any of your commercial appliance malfunctions, you are going to be in so much trouble. Imagine what can happen if one day you wake up to find out that the refrigerator is not cooling the way it should.

You are going to be concerned about food spoilage to taking time to run an expensive laundromat that is between your already busy schedule. The commercial refrigerator services will be there to save the day. However, you should not just hire any company to do the job because you should think of the considerations to make before you hire them.

Prior to making a final decision, read this article for more insight.

Research Well

You must research so you can be sure that the company you are hiring is legitimate. You must check out a couple of websites and take note of the services being offered and their reviews.

The majority of appliance companies require a service call fee to tell you what the problem is. However, paying in full is not required until the service is completed. In case the part needs a special order, a professional appliance service company may not need payment for that part alone.

Referrals and Reviews

The people you know might be able to help you in looking for an appliance expert. The referrals you get from friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors are invaluable. In addition, you have instant insights into their company experience. Some questions include:

  • What is their recommended service or company to repair appliances?
  • Are they a small company or a bigger chain?
  • How long does it take for a technician to arrive?
  • Were they happy with the quality of the price and service?
  • Will they use their service again?

Aside from the recommendations of people you know, you have to think about online customer reviews. Do not just go with the promises that are offered on their website’s company. If they have too many negative reviews, choose a commercial appliances repair company. Most of the time, the company will have mixed reviews; check if the company responds to bad reviews when they show their willingness to fix the issue.

License and insurance

Similar to any other repair service, the commercial kitchen appliance repair company should be insured. You need to ask any company you interview if they are properly insured to cover themselves while working. You might need to consider this while getting proof.

If something must go wrong while your repairman works on your appliance, you want them to provide insurance for injuries or accidents that might happen. Opting for a reputable repair service is going to give you peace of mind, and you will have very little chance of having an accident. However, sometimes these are uncontrollable situations.

Their Experience

You must ask the repair service about what kind of experience do they have. This must include 2 kinds of answers and you have to be sure that the repair service lets you find out if they are experienced in working on this kind of appliance with the issue and how long they have been doing their business.

The appliance repair service can have a lot of experience working on specific appliances, but they must know how to work on your appliance that must be fixed.

Do not choose an inexperienced walk-in cooler repair Fairfax service or any other appliance service that has no experience or is still lacking.



Simple Tips to Follow when Cleaning Commercial Appliances

Simple maintenance and cleaning practices will ensure your commercial appliances work for long without the need to be repaired. Neglecting your appliances will not only result in high repairs cost but will also slow down your business. It’s therefore important you make sure you maintain and clean your appliances regularly. The commercial appliance repair Virginia expert will guide you on how to clean your appliances and also carry out maintenance on the appliances. In this article, we give you tips you can follow to help keep your appliances working optimally.

Tips to Follow When Cleaning your Appliances

Refrigerator and Freezer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the refrigerator coils regularly

The condenser coils play a key role and it’s important to clean the coils regularly. Coils collect dust, grease and other dirt making the refrigerator less effective and that may lead to breaking down. It’s best to have the coil checked regularly by the commercial refrigerator repair team but ensure that the coil is cleaned regularly to avoid breakdown. During the commercial refrigerator services make sure the coil is removed and brushed to avoid build up.

  • Clean the Door Gasket

A dirty door gasket will air leaks in the fridge making it work more and that will result in wearing out. Use a wet cloth to wipe the door gasket. Make sure the gasket is cleaned often to avoid damage.

  • Clean the Condenser fan

Make sure the condenser fan is cleaned regularly. Dust particles may get stuck on the fan making it less effective.

  • Clean the Vents of the freezer

Vents aid in air circulation and it’s important to ensure they are clean. If they are not cleaned they will cause the freezer to overheat and slow down. Cleaning the vents regularly will help you save a lot of energy and thus saving you money. The above simple tips will help you maintain your kitchen appliance and reduce the cost of repairs.

Dish Washer Cleaning Tips

  • Clean the dishwasher before you load utensils

Food particles can get stuck in the moving part of the washer. Make sure you rinse the food particles and that will help keep the dishwasher working for long. It’s important to ensure that you call a commercial dishwasher repair team for regular maintenance to prolong the life of the dishwasher.

  • Use products meant for the dishwasher

Pour the dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it without any utensils. Repeat this often to help prevent the sprayer from clogging. Repeat this often and that will help prevent dishwasher from breaking down.

  • Clean the filtering screen

Clean the filtering screen regularly to prevent food particles from damaging the dishwasher.

  • Rinse out the hard water mineral deposits

The mineral deposit can build up in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean the water jets in the spray arm and water inlet valve. The commercial dishwasher repair team will replace a clogged water inlet valve and after replacement makes sure its cleaned regularly.

Oven Cleaning Tips

  • Avoid placing aluminium foils at the bottom of the oven

The foil will block the air flow and that will make the oven to fail. Clean the oven after using it to make sure it lasts longer. Instead of placing the foil at the bottom of the oven, use a cleaner and sharp object to remove food particles.

  • Clean the switch and knob often

Using a rag with a cleaner, clean the knob and switches often. Make sure no liquids get behind the knobs and switch because that will cause damage.

Cleaning the ice maker

  • To clean the ice maker, empty the ice maker bin often and the clean the bin with a mild detergent.

If you notice any strange smell let the commercial ice repair team replace the ice maker filter. It’s important to have the ice maker thoroughly cleaned by the commercial appliance repair team. Make sure the ice maker is disassembled and all the part cleaned.

Cleaning commercial appliances often and regularly will save money and ensure the appliances don’t break down unexpectedly. It’s important to ensure the commercial kitchen appliances repair team carries out regular appliance maintenance and that will help you avoid constant repair cost. Make sure the appliances are cleaned on a daily basis and stored away when not in use.




Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

A commercial refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your restaurant or institution. Its vital that it runs smoothly continuously to ensure you serve fresh food always. Its therefore important you understand the working of your refrigerator to be able to pick out any issue at the earliest. In this article, we look at the common issues that you run into with your refrigerator. Make sure that if you notice any of the below issues that you contact a commercial refrigerator repairs expert immediately to avoid a loss to your business.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

  • Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Food

When you notice that the food that you kept in the refrigerator is not cooling even after waiting for hours the condenser coils, evaporator fan, and the condenser fan could be having an issue. Before you call the commercial appliance repair team check if there is any dirt on the condenser coils and if you notice any dirt you can call in the commercial kitchen appliance repair team to do the routine maintenance. Frosted contacts on the thermostat can also cause your refrigerator to stop making food cold. Make sure you call the commercial refrigerator repair expert immediately your notice your food is not cold even after hours of being in the fridge.

  • Fridge Running Constantly

The thermostat is designed to stop the compressor once the temperature in the fridge is up to the set level. If your refrigerator is running continuously, that could be because of a clogged condenser coil or your thermostat is set at a lower temperature for the environment in the fridge.     Make sure the fridge is in the right place to avoid running the compressor for extended periods leading to break down. A problem with the control board of your refrigerator could also cause your fridge to run continuously. Always make sure that you follow commercial refrigerator services schedule as given by the commercial appliance repair expert to avoid such problems.

  • Leaking water or Frost inside the Cooling Compartments

Notice water under your refrigerator? Clogged or blocked drain line will cause the fridge to leak. You need to call the professional commercial appliance repair team to repair the hole in the water line. Defrost problems can be sorted by unplugging the fridge and let it defrost for some hours.

  • Water Dispenser Not Functioning

If you have a dispenser in your refrigerator, it has a filter to clean dirt and dust ensuring the water is clean. If the routine maintenance practices are not followed the filter clogs will cause the water dispenser to fail. Let the commercial refrigerator repair to carry out routine maintenance and ensure that the filter is cleaned and there is no guesswork when it comes to your refrigerator.

  • Ice Build Up in the Freezer

If the inside of freezer has a build-up of ice then you need to check whether the bridge closes properly. When your fridge doors don’t close properly due to a broken that will result in frost build up. Have the seal replaced by the repair professionals to stop the ice build-up.

  • Noisy Refrigerator

A noisy or loud fridge could be because of a failed evaporator or condenser fan. When the fan motor fails that will also cause your fridge to be noisy. When you notice that your fridge is excessively loud contact the commercial refrigerator repair team to diagnose and repair the issue.

Simple Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure the users of the refrigerator understand the working mechanism of the fridge so that they can take care of the appliance.
  • Develop cleaning schedules and ensure they are followed
  • Conduct routine checks to be able to catch any issue before it deteriorates
  • Follow the maintenance schedule as given by the commercial appliance repair team

The commercial refrigerator is an important part of your investment and you should make sure it’s working optimally. Simple maintenance routine will ensure your fridge work for long without any issues. Understand how your fridge works and immediately alert the commercial appliance repair Virginia, team in case you notice any of the above issues. Follow the maintenance schedule given by the professional repair team and your fridge will be of service for a long time.

Choosing the Right Commercial Fridge Repair Expert

A fridge is one of the most critical aspects of any food business or any other enterprise that requires storing food. It’s paramount that the refrigerator is in good working condition at any moment to avoid losses. In case your fridge fails it’s essential to contact a commercial refrigerator repairs technician promptly.

Types of Refrigerators

There are several kinds of refrigerators;

  • Glassdoor/Solid door

The solid door units are covered in metals to conceal food stores while the glass give easy visibility to what is in store

  • Dual temperature

The fridge has a different compartment with differing temperatures.

  • Work Top

The fridge has a stainless steel top which acts as a food preparation countertop. They come in double or single doors.

  • Roll in with a Ramp

The fridge is exceptionally effective where there is a large number of people like supermarkets. It has a ramp to make it easier to load it.

When to contact a Commercial Fridge Repair Technician

  • Leaking water

If you notice that the fridge has water leakage at the backside contact the technician for further diagnosis

  • Fluid in the Food storage area

If there is water in the refrigerator food compartments, its time to have the fridge checked

  • Strange Noises coming from the refrigerator

Contact the commercial fridge repairs team if you hear strange noises coming from the fridge

  • Fridge has no power

Call the repair expert if you notice that the fridge is not powering up

  • Cooling

If the refrigerator  cooling system is not cooling properly or part of the refrigerator is colder than other ensure you promptly call the technician

  • Broken seals

The fridge door should close without leaving gaps if you notice they are not closing contact the technician

  • Fridge Internal Lighting

The internal lighting should work well and if you are not able to fix the light consult the repair team.

Considerations When Contacting a  Commercial Fridge services and Repair Team

  • Expertise

Ensure that the team you contact is well versed in the kind of appliance in question. It’s paramount to ask pertinent questions to establish whether the team will handle the work as expected

  • Prompt Response

A fridge is an essential aspect of your business, therefore, engage experts whose  response time is shorter

  • Cost

Consider the cost that the expert is charging

  • Detailed report

It’s paramount to get a report on the status of the fridge, the repair that works done and any arising issue. Consider calling a company with such after service

  • Accessories services

Contact a company or a team that will also do the commercial refrigerator servicing to ensure that the fridge remains in excellent condition all through.

Its key to check reviews of the expert you choose as the fridge is crucial and an expensive appliance. If the experts have a website verify the client’s review and make a decision.



Tips to purchase a commercial freezer for your start-up

Whenever you are planning to start a business in the food or beverage industry, there are a lot of aspects to be considered beforehand. One of the vital elements is to choose the best commercial appliances in the market. Investing on a high duty commercial refrigerator service or freezer is vital in this business, to store the raw materials as well as to keep the food fresh and keep up to the standards of health and sensitization laws.

How does a commercial freezer differ from the domestic units?

Commercial freezers differ from the domestic refrigerators, regarding cooling capacity and storage space.  The commercial refrigerators are specifically designed for storing significant quantities of food efficiently for a more extended period, compared to a domestic refrigerator unit. Besides, the heavy duty freezers are also more durable than the domestic units, which make it an indispensable part of the business owners.

Things to consider while purchasing a commercial refrigerator:

Depending on your storage and cooling requirements, you may decide whether you need a walk-in cooler, chest freezer, glass door or countertops.  The fundamental factors which you should consider for your appliance are durability, functionality, eco-compatibility, innovation and user-friendly functions. To minimize your maintenance costs, you should also consider the energy efficient appliances with minimum maintenance costs.

Do not go overboard with your budget:

Even though purchasing a valuable asset for your business can be overwhelming, it is always better to plan your minimum or maximum budget. Most of the energy efficient, expensive freezers require minimum maintenance and curtail your electricity bill significantly. So, it is good to make a onetime investment on a reputed brand if your budget permits you. Consulting the professionals in the food business is also a good idea, to make a right choice because they have plenty experience in this field.

Planning to rent a commercial freezer?

In case you are not confident enough to invest in the expensive assets, you may also consider the option of renting a commercial freezer. But, make sure you monitor the products before signing the contract. Consider the model, size and the pricing of the appliances before you finalize them. In most of the cases, the suppliers are reasonable especially when you sign the deal for a short period. You may also purchase a second-hand appliance and get them checked by the commercial appliance service providers Arlington if they are not covered under warranty.



Commercial Refrigerator Is Not Cooling – What To Check And How To Fix

Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of restaurants, cafeterias, and convenience stores. Maintenance of commercial refrigerators is not really considered until problems emerge. Commercial refrigerator problems can result in expensive losses of the products stored in the unit. One of the major problems that commercial refrigerators can create is not cooling enough and that can be easily avoided by hiring the commercial refrigerators service for regular maintenance.

Common Causes Commercial Refrigerator Not Cooling

Loss of Power: Check if the plug of your cooling unit is plugged into is power source or not. To inspect the issue, you can use a voltmeter and see if power supply is on. It is a minor problem, but it may have serious consequences on your business.

On/Off Switch: This may sound funny but the power switches of the walk-in refrigerators can automatically get turned off. If this is the case, the easy fix is to just turn on the power button. Later, you can hire the technician to probe the issue. The technician will provide the permanent solution to this problem.

Thermostat: In case your thermostat settings are not proper, the freezer will not cool. Adjust the thermostat settings of the newly purchased device. Ensure that the temperature is set in the correct zone so that the freezer does not have to over work to keep your items fresh. This will also help you in saving on energy bills.

Evaporator Coils: Over time, the evaporator coils can reduce the cooling power of the appliance. It is because of dirt accumulation. If this is the case, the efficiency of the cooling device significantly reduces. It is important to keep evaporator coils clean and frost free.

Commercial refrigerator services

Commercial refrigerators are big, complicated and expensive appliances. It is not easy to determine, diagnose and troubleshoot the commercial refrigerators. One mistake can aggravate the problem and result in more expensive repairs. It is always recommended to hire commercial freezers services to tackle the commercial refrigeration issues. The professionals have knowledge and experience of handling various types of cooling appliances. They can provide you the quick and long-lasting solution to all your refrigeration related problems.

In fact, you should schedule professional maintenance at least twice a year. When cooling appliances get older, problems may become much more frequent, which is why commercial refrigerator maintenance is even more important.