Commercial Refrigerator Is Not Cooling – What To Check And How To Fix

Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of restaurants, cafeterias, and convenience stores. Maintenance of commercial refrigerators is not really considered until problems emerge. Commercial refrigerator problems can result in expensive losses of the products stored in the unit. One of the major problems that commercial refrigerators can create is not cooling enough and that can be easily avoided by hiring the commercial refrigerators service for regular maintenance.

Common Causes Commercial Refrigerator Not Cooling

Loss of Power: Check if the plug of your cooling unit is plugged into is power source or not. To inspect the issue, you can use a voltmeter and see if power supply is on. It is a minor problem, but it may have serious consequences on your business.

On/Off Switch: This may sound funny but the power switches of the walk-in refrigerators can automatically get turned off. If this is the case, the easy fix is to just turn on the power button. Later, you can hire the technician to probe the issue. The technician will provide the permanent solution to this problem.

Thermostat: In case your thermostat settings are not proper, the freezer will not cool. Adjust the thermostat settings of the newly purchased device. Ensure that the temperature is set in the correct zone so that the freezer does not have to over work to keep your items fresh. This will also help you in saving on energy bills.

Evaporator Coils: Over time, the evaporator coils can reduce the cooling power of the appliance. It is because of dirt accumulation. If this is the case, the efficiency of the cooling device significantly reduces. It is important to keep evaporator coils clean and frost free.

Commercial refrigerator services

Commercial refrigerators are big, complicated and expensive appliances. It is not easy to determine, diagnose and troubleshoot the commercial refrigerators. One mistake can aggravate the problem and result in more expensive repairs. It is always recommended to hire commercial freezers services to tackle the commercial refrigeration issues. The professionals have knowledge and experience of handling various types of cooling appliances. They can provide you the quick and long-lasting solution to all your refrigeration related problems.

In fact, you should schedule professional maintenance at least twice a year. When cooling appliances get older, problems may become much more frequent, which is why commercial refrigerator maintenance is even more important.