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How to Take Care of Your Commercial Steamer

Whenever the steamer malfunctions, the lime deposits, and scale are normally the culprits. The staff must start that applying a degreasing spray and they follow by making the equipment work while on steam mode to loosen-stuck properties. Staffers must open the doors in the cooling and scrub the interior using soft brushes.

The tasks daily include drain lines that stay clear and inspect the gaskets. You can replace the filter and cartridges biannually or quarterly, which depends on the water quality, system, and more.

You can find tips in this article about how to prevent commercial steamer repair.

Clean it Properly

A soap and water solution is a great way to clean the steamer, but you must be warned about this. Due to the steamer’s natural nature, virtually anything becomes contaminated in the steamer since there is a risk of anything that goes inside it. Therefore, if you are not careful with food, it can become contaminated or develop a foul taste.

However, that does not indicate that you are discouraged from the process of cleaning. It is only that if you have decided about cleaning your steamer, you must be quite serious about it.

You should be thorough when cleaning the steamer. Use a normal cloth and then gently rub down the inside of the machine and thoroughly wipe it. Pay more attention to the cooking leftovers. You must also be sharp about the touchpoints like the control knob, door, or latch.

Change the Filters

A commercial steamer requires regular changing of filters. That is because water will come in direct contact with the food inside through the filters. Over time, these filters become filthy and they need replacement.

Check Compartments Daily

You must always follow the procedures of commercial steamer cleaning and maintenance that are noted in the unit’s user manual. It is important to drain the generator every day to prevent any internal scale buildup that interferes with the generator’s operation.

You need to inspect the compartments daily for any blockage and remove particles or debris from the perforated strainer every day. Make sure to wash inside the compartment using a warm water solution and non-chloride detergent and then rinse it using warm water.

Check for Leaks

One way to save on your electricity bill is to check for leaks. If there are leaks in the steamer, they need some steam to work more so they can produce the right amount of heat in the machinery. Therefore, the electricity bill increases over time.

This is also dangerous to boilers. If there is enough pressure developed in the steamer, a boiler could burst and can potentially hurt anyone around it. This calls for more spending repairs, so you really need to take care of it. If you encounter the first sign of a leak, do not ignore it because you can lose a lot if you just leave it alone.

Maintain the Drainage

You must make sure that the steamer water gets drained properly. The water in the steamer is about 212 degrees F. If you are leaving it, the temperature has to be about 140 degrees F based on the local standards. You need to check regularly check the temperatures in your steamer to make sure it stays in good condition.

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