Freezer is Working but Not the Fridge

There is nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than when the freezer is working but the fridge is not. It is worthing reasoning out that if the freezer is cold, the refrigerator should be as well. However, sometimes it is not happening.

When it comes to refrigerators and freezers, they both have a couple of complex mechanical parts and electric components as well. A couple of reasons why your fridge is not cooling but the freezer works can easily be solved by any homeowner. There are a couple of issues however that are left for professional technicians to do.

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The Thermistor is Failing

One common reason why the refrigerator is not cooling is because of a faulty thermistor. The thermistor is going to monitor your refrigerator’s internal temperature. When the interior is detected to be excessively warm, it will signal the compressor to activate and begin cooling.

In case the thermistor refuses to work, the appliance cannot monitor its own temperature, so the coils and fan will never switch on, in case the temperature increases, or they will never switch off. If the fridge is going to be very noisy, and if it will ice up or freeze your food.

You Could be Overpacking Your Freezer

One common issue that homeowners are unaware of is a freezer that is overpacked. Most homeowners feel that it stands to reason that if the freezer has no room, you just shove it in there.

The problem with doing this is that the freezer will contain vents that allow cold air to flow. In case these vents are blocked by too many items, that will limit the airflow that goes in your refrigerator. For instance, the freezer would be okay but the refrigerator is too warm.

Stuck Damper Control

One reason why this problem could be happening is that the damper control assembly is stuck. The damper control assembly is found between the freezer and fridge components. It regulates how much cool air is flowing from one compartment to another. If the damper control is stuck closed, it will not let enough cold air into the fridge, which causes the temperature to go inside to rise. If you want to fix this issue, place your hand in front of the vent to check for airflow. If you do not feel an airflow, you might have to call a professional to repair the damper.

Evaporator Fan is Faulty

The evaporator fan is responsible for pulling cold into the coils, where it is distributed using the fridge and freezer. In case the fan is malfunctioning, this does not happen efficiently. The most common issue with the fan is the motor.

Most of the time, a faulty evaporator fan is because of inefficiencies or faults in other parts of the appliance. During these circumstances, the evaporator fan motor should work harder to compensate, which increases the likelihood of breaking down and shortening the lifespan.

Condenser Coil is Dirty

In general, you can find condenser coils at the back or bottom of the fridge. You should consult the owner’s manual to make sure. After locating them, you can check to see if your condenser coils are dirty. If this happens, you need to unplug the refrigerator and use a small attachment to clear them. After that, use a coil cleaning solution and water for cleaning. You need to dry the coils using a clean cloth and then plug the fridge again.

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What are the Advantages of a Walk-in Cooler?

Regardless of whether it is for a legal residential or commercial facility, buying a walk-in cooler is important to your business or home.

They are great for big businesses that heavily focus on the rotation of stocks and preserving the product’s integrity. Normally, walk-in freezers can be used to store consumable products for a few months, or sometimes they can last for years. These walk-in freezers or coolers are mainly designed to improve stock longevity and maintain stock by having even temperature control. The main purpose is to minimize fluctuations in temperature that happens in other stores, and even small changes are damaging, making stocks unsuitable.

In case you need to pay for walk-in cooler repair, you should because it provides proper maintenance. Read on to find out more about why you should invest in a walk-in cooler.

Food Safe Areas

Freezers and chillers are cold rooms that are built using safe cold room panels. This way, you can be sure that the walk-in coolers can easily be cleaned and can adhere to all health and safety protocols. Ambien areas are also designed and built from cold room panels that are great for production or preparation areas. Normally, the material they are built with helps to make sure that everything is protected all year. Hence, you do not have to worry about early wear and tear.

Saves Energy

It is a misconception that a walk-in cooler is going to cost so much to power, and it is a huge expense, the cost to power it is normally a lot less than the cost to power several refrigerators. In addition, if your walk-in cooler is industrial grade, the internal parts are designed to work a lot better and more efficiently compared to consumer coolers. There are also a couple of ways to lessen operating costs, like equipping it with quality insulation or installation of walk-in curtains. You can also lessen the energy costs by doing regular maintenance, like routinely checking door sweeps and gaskets for wear and then doing necessary replacements.

Expands Storage Capacity

Regardless if you work in the restaurant and catering service or retail, extra storage is always important. For instance, during busy periods like Christmas when you might have to increase storage in order to meet the demands of customers, it can be useful to have a back-up storage.

Maximizing Space

Several freezers and commercial refrigerators can consume a lot of space while offering inefficient storage. The walk-in cold rooms are meant to maximize the available space you have and they can be built to almost any size and shape. These contracts are also able to supply and install walk-in cold rooms externally, so in case you do not have enough space inside the building, there is no need to worry.

Better Access

Since cold rooms are needed for everyday use in catering and retail industries, there is an assurance that easy access is important.

Since it is possible to improve the access of a walk-cooler, there is the benefit of increased storage, which enhances productivity and product efficiency that is accessible to staff members.

Improves Product Longevity

Walk-in chiller cold rooms are able to extend your food and drinks life span, mainly the fresh product and chilled foods. The walk-in freezer cold rooms are also able to extend the lifespan of food products. They are also useful in freezing child products using pull-down freezers. These walk-in coolers can ensure your food and drinks that are of the highest quality while offering more benefits compared to freezers and refrigerators.

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Steps To Keep Commercial Kitchen Equipment Clean And Last Longer

Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the biggest investments. When you purchase expensive commercial appliances, you want them to last, and hope to avoid commercial appliances repair. The ideal way of making your commercial appliance last longer is to keep them clean. Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment is time-consuming and slow process. They are bigger in size and you need to be careful while cleaning them. Also different equipment has different cleaning and maintenance needs. The best way to avoid any damage is to read the manufacturer manual for cleaning instructions.

Cleaning commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchens generally consist of two types of appliances –hot side appliance and cold side appliance. The hot side appliances include commercial range, oven and deep fryer, while cold side appliances include walk-in refrigerator, commercial freezer, ice machine and ice maker. Also, there are commercial appliances such as commercial dishwasher, glass washer and garbage disposal units.

In order to maintain the performance and the longevity of your commercial appliances, you need to train your staff member on how to use each of the appliances. Then you have to prepare maintenance instructions for your staff to carefully use and maintain the appliances. At last, you need to come up with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, so that your appliance remain in tip-top condition and operate with the full efficiency.

Maintaining hot-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check gaskets and hinges of oven to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for efficiency and safety of your entire commercial kitchen.
  • All flames including pilot should burn blue. The blue flames indicate the proper burning. If the flames are not blue then there might be something wrong with your appliance.
  • Clean the food spills as soon as possible, and get rid of excess build-up on the weekly basis. These build-ups decrease the efficiency of ranges, ovens and boilers.
  • Adequately manage the oil filters of commercial deep fryers. Follow proper boil out process to extend the life span of oil used in your commercial deep fryer.

Maintaining cold-side commercial kitchen equipment

  • Check the gaskets of your cooling units to make sure the sealing is strong. Strong sealing is important for keeping safe operating temperature.
  • Defrost the ice machine on the regular basis.
  • Clean the compressors, condensers and evaporator coils of your cooling unit. You can also hire commercial refrigerators service Arlington for this task.


Your ultimate guide to commercial refrigerator and walk-in cooler maintenance

Refrigerators and coolers are the most used appliances in the commercial kitchens. The refrigerating appliances are the largest consumer of energy, as well. Adequate maintenance will help in reducing the energy consumption, improving the performance, and extending the life of the refrigerating units. You should train your staff regarding commercial refrigerator maintenance, and you should also hire commercial refrigerator repair technician. It is very much important to pay attention over the maintenance, inspection, cleaning and repair of commercial refrigerators. Timely action can help you save plenty of dollars.

Commercial refrigerator and walk-in freezer maintenance tips

Commercial refrigeration appliances play crucial role in the success of foodservice business. Emergency repair not only put your kitchen activities to halt, but it will also cause loss of perishables. Follow below mentioned tips to minimize the refrigerator malfunctions:

Always keep your refrigerator clean

Use soap and water to clean the metal surface of your commercial refrigerator. The cleaning should be performed daily. Train your staff to clean the spills right away. Just avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, and do not scrub roughly. The best way to clean the refrigerator is following the manufacturer instructions mentioned in the user manual.

Clean evaporator fan coils

Evaporator fan coils play a vital role in overall functionality of your refrigerator. If you want to keep your refrigerator running with full efficiency, make sure that evaporator fan coils are clean. Over time the fan accrues dust and dirt. Just make sure that refrigerator is not plugged in while you are cleaning the fan coils.

Inspect door seals and hinges

Over the time refrigerators sealing and hinges become loose. This causes cooling loss. If you think that your refrigerator or freezer is not working with full efficiency, check the seals and hinges. In case you find issue, hire a professional to fix this problem.

Check condenser unit

Always keep the surrounding areas of evaporators and condensing units clean for proper airflow. Do not keep trash around the walk-in refrigerator.

Monitor temperature

Temperature fluctuation indicates that there is something wrong with your refrigerator. In case, you notice temperature fluctuation, call the victory refrigerator repair technician to detect and solve the issue before it turns into a big problem.

Schedule professional inspection

Commercial refrigerators are huge and complicated appliances. You need a professional by your side to keep your refrigerating units running all the time. Thus, schedule professional inspection every quarter.



How to Plan Your Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the biggest investments while setting up the restaurants. Commercial kitchens are different from residential kitchens. The appliances and equipment used in the restaurant kitchens are bigger and more expensive. In order to setup the commercial kitchen you need more money and space. Also, you need to hire restaurant kitchen appliance repair services for selection and the placement of the appliances. You can easily buy or lease the restaurant appliances, but it is important to know which appliances are right for your restaurant.

Restaurant kitchen planning

A restaurant kitchen requires industrial grade appliances that will withstand busy restaurant traffic. The layout and design of a restaurant kitchen should allow seamless flow of food from the preparation area to the line. You should spare the sufficient space for the restaurant kitchen, so that you can properly setup appliances, countertop and walking area.

Kitchen is the most important part of your restaurant. It is the place where your menu comes to life. It is important that your staff get the world class cooking equipment, comfortable countertop, adequate ventilation and sufficient space.  In order to carry out the kitchen activities smoothly, you have to provide all these facilities to your restaurant staff. Then only they will be able to full fill the needs and requirements of your customers.

Restaurant kitchen appliances

Commercial appliances are big investment. It is important that you invest in the right brand, type and size of the appliances to earn the profit. Generally restaurant kitchen require following appliances:

Oven: Restaurant ovens are bigger and heavier. There are different types of oven for different purposes. The commercial ovens are not easy to maintain and clean. You should have both microwave oven and gas oven in your restaurant kitchen.

Refrigerator: A commercial kitchen requires various refrigeration appliances to keep food articles fresh for a long period of time. Some of the most important refrigeration appliances are walk-in refrigerator, freezer and ice machine. All these appliances are very big in size and you need the commercial appliance services for their maintenance and cleaning.

Deep fryer: Commercial deep fryer is another must-have appliance for the commercial kitchens. This appliance is used to fry potato-fires, chicken wings etc.

Dishwasher: Commercial dishwasher is very important appliance of the commercial kitchen. This appliance can speed up the kitchen activities. In order to avoid the problems with your appliance, hire professionals for commercial dishwasher repairs Alexandria.



Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Running a business in the food service industry can be stressful and daunting at times. One of the most essential things you can do to avoid small problems from becoming big messes is scheduling regular commercial kitchen appliance maintenance. Even if you are familiar with basics of keeping up with your kitchen appliances, it is always good to hire commercial appliance services. The professional cleaning and inspection will help you a lot in keeping your expensive appliances in tip-top condition.

Everything you should know about commercial kitchen appliances

  • In case you don’t understand anything about your commercial kitchen appliance, refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturers, as different appliances have different maintenance needs. You can also browse online for detailed information, tips, guidance and e-manuals.
  • Always educate your employees about the commercial appliance. They should know the best, safest and the most efficient methods of using the commercial appliances. You should also make daily cleaning a mandatory task. Regular cleaning will not only keep your appliance in good condition, but also maintain a hygienic aura in your commercial kitchen.
  • Nowadays maximum appliances are made from stainless steel. Make sure to follow easy but effective methods to clean stainless steel. Prevent spills, stains and scratches.
  • Whether your appliance use electricity or gas as power source, make sure to follow energy efficient practices.
  • When it comes to commercial refrigeration appliances such as walk in refrigerator, ice maker, ice machine or freezer, it is important to maintain the right temperature. Keep check on the temperature settings.
  • Commercial ovens should be cleaned on the regular basis to maintain the quality of food. Your employees should make habit of cleaning oven after every use.
  • Follow all safety measures to avoid accidents at your work place.

Hire commercial appliance services

Commercial kitchen appliances play an important role in flourishing the food service business. If you want to carry out your business operations without any interruption, you should hire commercial appliance technicians for regular cleaning and inspection. These professionals know how to keep commercial kitchen appliances in healthy working condition. They have knowledge about various appliances used in the commercial kitchens.