Ice machine maintenance tips

Ice machine is one of the most important commercial appliances. It is different from other restaurant appliances in many ways. Above all, water remains in the direct contact with the ice machine. This may results a variety of problems in the machine. The buildup of minerals on pump, evaporator and other parts of the ice machine needs to be cleaned on the regular basis. If you own an ice machine, then you should hire an ice machine repair contractor for regular inspection and cleaning of your ice machine.

Ice Machine Maintenance

Proper maintenance can prolongs the life of your ice machine and keeps it working efficiently. Maintenance action should be performed in every 6 months. It is very much important to read the instruction manual of your ice machine for specific manufacturer’s guidelines. Different brands and models of ice machines have different maintenance requirements. It is important to understand those requirements and look after your ice machine.

Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Air-cooled condenser is an essential part of ice machine. You should keep condenser clean. When the condenser does not work properly, clean it. Dirty condensers increase freeze time, thereby decrease the overall productivity of your ice maker.

Since ice machines remain contact with water 24 x 7, mold and mildew may grow inside it. Keeping an ice maker free from mildew and mold is an important health concern. Mold and mildew can grow on any rubber or plastic part of your ice maker. It can also grow inside the ice bin. If left inside the ice machine, mold and mildew will make your ice machine stink badly.

You should keep your ice machine free from limescale buildup. This will increase the operational productivity of your ice machine. Limescale buildup can prevent proper functioning of ice machine, and cause damage to its parts. The limescale deposition increases exponentially over time, forcing parts like inlet valve, evaporator and water pump to work harder to produce a same amount of ice.

Commercial ice machine is complex device. It is not possible to handle the ice machine maintenance with DIY hacks. Thus, hiring a commercial appliance repair company for regular inspection, cleaning and repair is a smart idea.