Everything you need to know about Manitowoc ice machine repair and maintenance

There is never a good time for an ice maker to stop working, because customers always expect ice in their drinks. Sometimes the ice machine issues can be easily solved by making a few adjustments, while other times you need a certified technician doing Manitowoc ice machine repair job. Well, troubleshooting ice machines is not an easy task, as you don’t know what to troubleshoot. And you require the tools to troubleshoot the equipment. The simplest way to troubleshoot an ice maker is to know the sequence of its events.

Practical Ice Maker Troubleshooting Tips

You may come across various ice machine problems, and each problem requires different type of troubleshooting. You need not have to open your machine every time to resolve the problems. With right troubleshooting, it is possible to make the ice machine work. Check out the below mentioned common ice machine problems, and respective troubleshooting options:

Ice Machine Does Not Operate

-Check Power Supply: Check if your appliance is plugged-in. You might get pleasurably surprise with this cost-free and easy solution.

-Check Circuit Breaker: Check if circuit breaker is not fused. Sometimes the breaker gets tripped.

-Toggle Switch: Checkout the setting of ON-OFF switches. Sometimes the switches get stuck between the positions and do not allow ice machine to function.

-Check Damper: In case, the damper is in the down position, the machine will turn off until ice is cleared. The damper must be up, and capable of functioning freely.

Ice Machine Restarts or Stops

-Check out the safety limits: Some Manitowoc ice machines have pre-designed safety limits. In order to prevent the component failures, the machines automatically stops working after reaching at specified limits. Check the limits to make your unit work, and then restart it.

Ice Machine is not releasing ice

-Cleanliness: Sanitize the ice machine to improve the ice harvest.

-Leveling: Check if ice machine is kept at proper level. Your appliance must sit flat on the floor for efficient performance.

-Ambient Air Temperature: The air temperature must be at least 4 degrees Celsius for cool models. You should check the air temperature to optimize the performance of your ice machine.

-Water Regulation Valve: In case, the regulation valve is leaking in harvest mode, it will cause the slow harvest problem. You need to replace the valve. You can do this on your own or call ice machine repair technician Arlington to do this task.

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