Signs Your Commercial Deep Fryer Should be Repaired

Commercial deep fryers are for preparing a huge variety of foods. There are different kinds of deep fryers, and the one you choose depends on what you need and the power source you want. Since deep dryers are often used, they can have problems over time, which reduces efficiency.

It is important to know the early signs that you need a deep fryer repair so that you can respond right away to protect the productivity of your business. When you read this article, you will find out about the signs that your commercial deep fryer should be repaired.

Over time, they can develop issues and make sure to read on to know what they are.

Thermopile is Broken

It is true that the deep fryer thermopile is among the most important components. This is a heating element and it works to convert thermal heat to electric energy. In commercial kitchens, deep fryers are normally used excessively. This causes thermopile issues. You would need to find out if there is a broken thermopile and you can do that when you check the light. In case it turns on, it will show that the issue is a broken thermopile.

Pilot Light is Faulty

The pilot light is an important part of the deep fryer because it ignites gas that is used for heating oil. This will save your employees the trouble of manually lighting the burners. When you have a faulty pilot light, the deep fryer is unable to start, which delays your operations.

Before you call the professionals, you need to confirm that the hose between the gas line and pilot light is in excellent condition. If the connection is secure, and the pilot light is still malfunctioning, you need professional repair already.

Blocked Burners

The food particles, grease buildup, debris, and dust can clog the burner orifices. Burners that are unable to light up partially or irregularly might block the orifices.

In order to unblock the clogged burners, you must use a stiff brush on the burners to get rid of the particles or debris, which can jam the orifices. In case the burners are still producing fluctuating flames after brushing them, the problem could be inconsistent or low gas pressure. If there is enough fuel supply, the damaged fuel lines might be the reason why the fryer burners are not igniting.

You should not try to fix the fuel lines without a professional. You should ask a professional repair service to do it for you.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects the quality of their food. Fortunately, the oil filter can get rid of this debris so the oil is kept clean. This will allow the oil to circulate inside the equipment without any difficulties.

When there is damage to the filter, your oil will become dirty, and it can effectively circulate. This will not cook food well. The employees are going to have difficulty in preparing recipes. You must get experts to change the oil filter early to prevent this outcome.

The Temperature is Uncontrollable

This is a serious issue. If you want to cook food perfectly, the fryer oil should have a suitable or recommended temperature. If the temperature is low, the food will not cook through, and it will burn if the temperature is too high. The issue could be because of poor thermostat calibration. The wire might have problems as well.

You need to contact commercial appliances repair VA if you need to have your deep fryer fixed because you should not be doing that on your own.

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