10 Tips For Using Your Commercial Deep Fryer Safely And Efficiently

Commercial deep fryers are used in restaurants and fast-food kitchens daily. They’re quite possibly the most used appliance for many businesses. So, if you want them to last long and not to break down on you at the rush hour, which would mean pausing food preparation and calling a commercial appliances repair expert, then here are some things to remember.

Commercial Deep Fryer Tips To Remember

Check The Temperature

First things first, you need to understand the numbers and what is the perfect temperature for the oil in the fryer. There are different temperatures for different oils used in deep frying, so as someone who’s dealing with the deep fryer regularly, you need to know these figures like the back of your hand. If you think that the temperature is the same for every oil, then you’re gravely mistaken.

Here are some common oils used in deep frying and their smoke points a.k.a. the temperature at which the oil starts to produce smoke and lead things to burn:

  • Canola oil: 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Peanut oil: 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vegetable oil: 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit

You might be wondering: What happens if the oil starts to smoke up? Well, the most common thing that can go downhill is the quality of the food and it can be really hard to bring down the temperature, and a lot of food will be burnt and wasted till that happens.

Clean It Daily

Just like any other kitchen or restaurant equipment that’s used over and over again, you need to clean it up so that the food prepared in it can taste good. The same goes for a commercial deep fryer.

A tip that will make the food taste great and preserve the oil in it, is to always clean out the vat after every use. This will ensure that there aren’t any burnt food crumbs in the oil that’s making it dirty and there is also not a weird taste imparted to the food. If the fryer is clean, then it will make all of the difference.

Don’t Overfill It

It might seem tempting to fill the deep fryer to the brim with oil, but that’s not a good idea at all. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you try to deep fry foods in a vat that’s brimming with hot oil.

Firstly, there’s a limit in every deep fryer. For example, if a deep fryer has a capacity of 20 liters, then you need to take that number seriously and only fill it up to the mentioned limit. That’s not to say that it can’t hold more oil per se, but the heating will be off and the food won’t cook perfectly.

Secondly, there’s always a danger of oil bubbling over and splattering on the floor and even on the staff member frying the food and anyone near it.

Handle With Care

You may already know that oil and heat is a deadly combination. It’s hot and there’s a lot that can be damaged. So, you need to ensure that you’re keeping yourself and the surroundings safe at all times.

Wear protective cooking gear like thick aprons, and gloves and protect the surroundings from splatters with a screen or some sort of obstacle so that the oil doesn’t fly around everywhere.

Change Out The Oil

Deep fryers can reuse oil to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that you can use it over and over. Even reused oil has its limit and once the food starts to taste off, that’s when you know it’s time to change it. Yes, discarding huge liters of oil can be painful and you may want to keep using it, but the taste will soon give away this fact and the customers will start to complain.

So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, after every 5-8 heavy-duty frying sessions, you should consider changing the fryer oil.

Unclog The Fryer

A deep fryer has a lot of parts that need to be looked after and the best time to get them all cleaned up is when the vat is empty. You need to inspect the filters of the deep fryer and check for any clogs.

The deep fryer drain is similar to a sink drain and it has holes in it. You can use a thin and long rod to poke out any clogs. Just make sure that whenever you’re cleaning the vat, it’s cold to the touch so that cleaning it won’t be an accident waiting to happen.

Keep The Oil Clean

A lot of chefs have the habit of seasoning the fried items right over the oil. That’s not the brightest idea, because they’re essentially making the oil prematurely dirty. Things like salt, pepper, and other spices might seem harmless, but they can make the oil very dirty and the taste can get altered too. Because of this whenever you go ahead and fry something else in the seasoned oil, there will be a distinct taste that you won’t be able to mask.

Plus, it’s not smart to season things on top of the hot oil because you never know if moisture in certain spices can trigger the oil to bubble violently.

Is That A Leak?

This is something that needs to be taken seriously. If you’re frying things in a deep fryer just like any other day, but you see drops of oil on the floor, then that is something that shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

Sometimes, a leak isn’t visible, but there can be signs that show the problem. For instance, you might notice the oil level in the vat slowly decreasing and that’s a prelude to a physical leak that’s just around the corner.

So, if you see these signs, you want to stop everything, let the fryer cool down, take the oil out, and have it inspected for internal cracks or issues that might be causing the leak.

Different Fryers For Different Oils

Did you know that there are different fryers for oils with different smoke points? They’re designed according to the temperature ranges of the oil and you can’t use a different oil in that fryer because it will be really hard to set the temperature and get everything to deep fry to perfection.

Therefore, always make sure that you’re getting a deep fryer that’s meant for the type of oil you use in the kitchen. This is something that will save you from frequent repairs.

Check For Power Issues And Gas Leaks

Even though deep fryers are gas-powered or electricity-powered, you need to ensure that there aren’t any loose circuits, shocks, or even gas leaks in the fryer. These are accelerants for accidents and a small thing can lead to a mountain of issues if you’re not too careful.

So, whenever the deep fryer is not in use, just do a quick run-over and check for any loose wiring, cracks in the gas pipes, damaged gas valve, etc.


Commercial deep fryers can be a pain to get repaired if you’re not too careful, so these tips will ensure that they stay in pristine condition for longer. In case there is a problem, it’s better to get it repaired by an authorized deep fryer repair Alexandria service.



When to Replace Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment for your business and their efficiency is paramount. Proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure that the equipment last long but its however inevitable that at one point you have to replace the kitchen equipment due to various reasons. To keep your business in profitable it’s paramount that you replace worn out appliances when the lifespan of the equipment nears its end. It’s important that you know when to order new equipment and at this point, it’s necessary that you consult t the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert on when to buy new appliances.

When to Buy New Commercial Appliances for Your Investment

  • High Repair cost

When an appliance keeps breaking down and the repair cost keeps pilling up, then its time to replace that equipment as it will not only cost you money but also time. Commercial refrigerator repairs will cost you money, time and loss of clients especially if the fridge keeps failing and there are no fresh foods. The need to keep repairing an appliance then calls for replacement as the cost of buying a new one may be cheaper than repair.

  • Repair Parts availability

The older model of the appliances may pose a challenge as the spare parts may not be available locally. The spare parts may also be available but at a high cost. To fix such appliances, it may take time causing considerable inconvenience and cause loss of business and thus a reduced profit.

  • Change in Menu

Every business goes through seasons of change and it may mean change of menu. The change will have a huge impact on the appliances that you need. You need to incorporate commercial kitchen appliance repair expert when purchasing a new equipment as they are able to advise on various issues like new technology appliances, spare parts and multi-use equipment like ovens.

  • Business Growth

Expanding business will require appliances that can handle much more. An increased sales volume will introduce the need for appliances that handle the volumes. Consult your commercial appliances repair experts on the best appliances for an expanding business. As you purchase the new equipment consider projected growth to ensure that you can use the equipment for a while before your business outgrows the appliances.

  • Safety while Using the Machines

Safety should be a priority when using any equipment and any equipment that doesn’t guarantee safety should be replaced immediately if for example a fryer is leaking of oil and you have called the Commercial deep fryer repair team several times, its time to replace the fryer. It’s important that any appliance that could be a hazard be replaced immediately.

  • Inefficient Appliances

When an appliance uses too much energy for one reason or another it’s time to replace the equipment. There are many energy saving restaurant appliances that you can buy and replace the ones that are inefficient. Other appliances may not perform as they used to due to age and require replacement to keep the business profitable. If the ice maker has slowed down and in spite of the commercial ice maker repairs specialist checking it, then its realistic to replace the appliances. Power surges, worn gaskets, rust, and griddles are some of the reasons that could cause an appliance to be inefficient.

The decision to buy new appliances is inevitable and even the commercial appliances repair expert has confirmed the need for new equipment. Below the top things to consider buying the new commercial kitchen appliances.

Factors to Consider when Replacing Commercial Appliances

  • Durability

Ensure the appliances you buy will serve for a long time. Your commercial kitchen appliances repair expert will help in choosing the best brands for your business

  • Volume and projected growth

Choose the appliances that are able to handle growth and increased volumes. Look at the projected volumes of your business or institution and consider that while purchasing the appliances. The commercial appliances repair expert will be helpful with the estimates.

  • Regulations

Consider the regulations from departments such as energy and choose models and brands that are compliant. Commercial refrigerators have seen changes over time and the commercial refrigerator repairs expert will be advice on the compliant models and brands.

Once you have installed the new equipment it’s important that all your employees are able to use them. You can invite the commercial appliances repair Virginia team to train the workers on how to use and maintain the new appliances for longevity and optimal results.



How to Choose the Right Commercial Deep Fryer

You are ready to open a food business, and you are going to need a deep fryer. But do you know what size you will need in your commercial kitchen? A lot of restaurants and fast-food restaurants could not operate with a good deep fryer. Regardless if you want to serve French fries and hamburgers or mozzarella sticks as well, you will need a deep fryer.

Similar to other pieces of equipment, you should invest in a good restaurant fryer. It is crucial to ensure that you pick the right one that will meet your budget and needs. You would not want to contact a deep fryer repair service many times.

Here are tips on how to choose the right one:

Kinds of Deep Fryers

  • Benchtop or tabletop deep fryers are among the best deep fryers that you normally see in small establishments and food trucks. This one is easy and small to operate, which is perfect for you in case you do not have a lot to fry daily. The tabletop deep fryer’s main benefit is that you will be able to save space without sacrificing food quality and performance.
  • Floor deep fryers are great for big kitchens that cook several batches of fried specialties every day. There are different designs available in electric and gas models. This kind of deep fryer is recommended for medium to large businesses like hotels, fine dining restaurants, and fast-food chains.
  • Ventless deep fryer is similar to a tabletop deep fryer. The difference between this one is that they are enclosed and come with a venting system that is internal. This saves a lot of kitchen space and lets you cook food even if there is no ventilation hood. These are great for food trucks and small restaurants.
  • Specialty deep fryer is suitable for certain uses. If you are offering products like corn dogs or doughnuts, this might be what you need. There is a corn dog fryer, funnel cake fryer, and outdoor fryer.

Gas or Electric?

Choosing gas or electric for your deep fryer mainly depends on the access and relative costs of every power supply available in your location. It seems like the cost of gas is trending downward, but the costs of electricity have been mounting steadily. Local utility companies can provide you with an update, and accurate pricing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial fryers, similar to other restaurant kitchen appliances, should be cleaned regularly to make sure that their efficiency and meet sanitation standards accordingly.

Fryers can be hard to clean due to their nature. They are holding large amounts of oil, which should be changed regularly. The oil makes the tank harder to clean, and even the machine itself. Frying is a messy and greasy business.

You should look for fryers that have designs that are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Since it is easy to maintain, you will have more time with your employees and save while you are cleaning.


You will be able to count on 1.5 – 2x the total weight of the fryer’s oil capacity hourly. That means, a 40 lbs. deep fryer will output about 60 to 80 lbs. of food per hour.

Smaller countertop fryers that have a capacity of 15 lbs. can produce 22 to 30 lbs. of fries every hour. If you are frying smaller items such as onion rings and French fries. You can assume 2x of the oil capacity. When you handle larger items like drumsticks, chicken breasts, and thighs, it would be better to use 1.5x when you do calculations.

You can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA.



Signs Your Commercial Deep Fryer Should be Repaired

Commercial deep fryers are for preparing a huge variety of foods. There are different kinds of deep fryers, and the one you choose depends on what you need and the power source you want. Since deep dryers are often used, they can have problems over time, which reduces efficiency.

It is important to know the early signs that you need a deep fryer repair so that you can respond right away to protect the productivity of your business. When you read this article, you will find out about the signs that your commercial deep fryer should be repaired.

Over time, they can develop issues and make sure to read on to know what they are.

Thermopile is Broken

It is true that the deep fryer thermopile is among the most important components. This is a heating element and it works to convert thermal heat to electric energy. In commercial kitchens, deep fryers are normally used excessively. This causes thermopile issues. You would need to find out if there is a broken thermopile and you can do that when you check the light. In case it turns on, it will show that the issue is a broken thermopile.

Pilot Light is Faulty

The pilot light is an important part of the deep fryer because it ignites gas that is used for heating oil. This will save your employees the trouble of manually lighting the burners. When you have a faulty pilot light, the deep fryer is unable to start, which delays your operations.

Before you call the professionals, you need to confirm that the hose between the gas line and pilot light is in excellent condition. If the connection is secure, and the pilot light is still malfunctioning, you need professional repair already.

Blocked Burners

The food particles, grease buildup, debris, and dust can clog the burner orifices. Burners that are unable to light up partially or irregularly might block the orifices.

In order to unblock the clogged burners, you must use a stiff brush on the burners to get rid of the particles or debris, which can jam the orifices. In case the burners are still producing fluctuating flames after brushing them, the problem could be inconsistent or low gas pressure. If there is enough fuel supply, the damaged fuel lines might be the reason why the fryer burners are not igniting.

You should not try to fix the fuel lines without a professional. You should ask a professional repair service to do it for you.

Oil Filter is Broken

Normally, deep fryers collect plenty of food debris, which affects the quality of their food. Fortunately, the oil filter can get rid of this debris so the oil is kept clean. This will allow the oil to circulate inside the equipment without any difficulties.

When there is damage to the filter, your oil will become dirty, and it can effectively circulate. This will not cook food well. The employees are going to have difficulty in preparing recipes. You must get experts to change the oil filter early to prevent this outcome.

The Temperature is Uncontrollable

This is a serious issue. If you want to cook food perfectly, the fryer oil should have a suitable or recommended temperature. If the temperature is low, the food will not cook through, and it will burn if the temperature is too high. The issue could be because of poor thermostat calibration. The wire might have problems as well.

You need to contact commercial appliances repair VA if you need to have your deep fryer fixed because you should not be doing that on your own.



Signs that Your Commercial Deep Fryer Needs Repair

A malfunctioning commercial deep fryer will mean a disruption to your business and eventually cause loss of the business. Deep fryer plays a vital role in the overall success of your business and it’s therefore important to catch any malfunction before it happens. In case you fail to detect the breakdown in advance you need to have a reliable team of commercial appliance repairs Virginia to ensure the repairs are done promptly without causing any loss of business. We take you through how to choose the best repair team for your fryer and signs that your fryer requires repair.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Appliance Repair team

To be successful in your restaurant or institution you need to have the contacts of an appliance repair team, and we tell you how to pick the best team.

  • Quick response

Choose a team that will respond to your woes quickly to avoid loss of business. Ensure the repair team is reliable and fast to respond when contacted. Work with technicians who will keep time to avoid business loss.

  • Expertise

Ensure the team you pick has the requisite expertise and are able to deal with a wide range of appliances. Pick a team that is highly qualified and able to deal with any kind of commercial appliances. The team you choose should have the commercial ice maker repair, commercial freezer repair experts and all the appliances available in your business.

  • After Services

The company you choose to work on your commercial appliances should be able to respond to your concerns and queries even after they have done the repairs. Work with companies that will have the time to come back to premises to check the concerns raised.

  • Ability to quote the prices upfront

The appliance repair company you choose should not charge exorbitant prices. The prices they charge for the commercial kitchen repairs should be per job and not per hour as that may prove expensive. Once they have assessed the breakdown they should be able to give a quote upfront.

  • Guaranteed expertise

The company you choose should offer guaranteed services. Avoid companies that will repair your appliances today and they will fail tomorrow.

Components of a Commercial Fryer that Could Result in its Breakdown

In this section we look at the crucial components of the commercial fryer and when you need to call in the commercial deep fryer repair team.

  • Thermostat

Thermostats are a tiny but important component of the fryer as they regulate the gas flow and ensure the food heats at the correct temperatures. When you see high levels of emissions and consumption of more energy than its time to call the commercial deep fryer repair expert for a checkup. If the dryer is overheating that is also a sign that you need to change the thermostat. The other sign that your thermostat has failed is when on turning on the commercial fryer will not start, then this crucial component needs a change.

  • Thermopile

The thermopile will ensure your fryer will get to the right temperature and if that doesn’t happen, then it’s time to call the commercial kitchen appliance repair team.

  • Burner

When you turn on the burner and there is no fire then you know that you need to call your repair experts to check on your dyer. Failure to light up may be due to clogging or the gas valve is not functioning.

  • Oil Filter

When the oil filter is not working, the oil will not circulate as required due to weak air leaks. The oil filter will make easy to remove food debris from the oil.

  • Pilot light

When the pilot light is not working that renders your fryer unusable. The pilot light ignites the gas creating heat. Your commercial kitchen appliance repair team will check the hose that connects the pilot light to the gas to ensure it securely connected. Ensure that the switch is working properly

The above components are the ones that will cause your commercial deep fryer to fail. Ensure that you maintain the contacts of a good commercial kitchen appliance repair team at all times to reduce the downtime.



How Best to Take Care Of Your Commercial Deep Fryer

A deep commercial fryer is one of the essential pieces of kitchen appliances and its part of your most significant investment. The commercial fryer plays a vital role in your kitchen and it’s Imperative that its adequately taken care of daily. To continue serving your clients with those delicious meals its paramount that your commercial deep fryer is in perfect working condition. Ensure that you have experts to do commercial appliances service to ensure optimal operation of the fryer and other appliances. It’s best if you have an expert in commercial deep fryer repair to call if you notice any issue

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers

  • Open Pot Fryer

The open pot is affordable and easy to use.

  • Tube Fryers

They are most effective where there is a lot of deep frying to be done. It’s more expensive than the open pot fryers

  • Flat Bottom Fryer

The fryer can be used for multi purposes.It requires cleaning often to retain the food flavor.

Main Working Parts of a Commercial Fryer

  • Heating Element

The element transfers the heat to the oil heating it up

  • Thermostat

It regulates the temperature of the oil. If the thermostat fails, it could lead to the oil overheating eventually causing a fire.

  • Filter

The filter will keep the oil clean as it filters the food particles

  • Control Panel

The panel allows you to adjust the heat that goes into the oil

  • Basket

The basket is where you place your food as you fry it

 How Best to Take Clean Your Commercial Deep Fryer

It’s critical that you clean your deep fryer properly to avoid loss of business time and money.

  • Switch off the electricity or gas depending on the kind of fryer you are using. Allow the oil to cool before emptying it.
  • Remove the basket and other removable parts such as the sedimentary tray and thoroughly clean them. Clean them daily.
  • Clean the drain valve every day
  • Fill the filter with water and detergent and let the water boil. Turn the deep fryer off and clean it. Use a fryer brush to scrub the sides. Drain the water after cleaning and ensure no water goes to the filters.
  • Rinse the fryer with clean water and vinegar. Vinegar acts as a disinfectant. Dry the fryer and reassemble

Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer Working for Long

  • Drain and Filter the oil daily
  • Follow the appliance manual on how to use the deep fryer.Ensure all the people who will handle it are well aware of how it works.
  • Stick to the recommended cooking temperatures
  • Ensure you perform the commercial deep fryer repair as soon as you notice something is amiss. Let the commercial deep fryer repair expert check on the fryer as often as possible
  • Follow the scheduled commercial appliance service without fail
  • Pay attention to how the appliance is cleaned to ensure durability and efficiency.


Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether you are into fast food business or serve a few fried items in your restaurant, you are required to pay attention over commercial deep fryer maintenance and cleaning. Commercial deep fryer is one of the most important, yet ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. In order to keep your fryer in good condition, you need to train your staff and have to take timely action for commercial deep fryer repair. This appliance has direct impact on the efficiency of kitchen, quality of food, customer satisfaction and profit margin.

Keeping commercial deep fryer in good condition

Commercial deep fryer requires proper care and timely maintenance to stay in good condition. This appliance should be handled carefully and cleaned on the regular basis. Check out the below mentioned tips to maintain commercial deep fryer:

Keep it clean

Deep fryer should be cleaned daily to avoid the grease build-up. This build up will affects the taste of food and efficiency of the appliance. Instruct your staff to clean the steel surface properly. Here are the cleaning tasks that should be performed:

-Wiping exterior part of the appliance daily

-Washing fry baskets daily.

-Performing deep cleaning of the appliance in every 3 to 6 months.

-Hiring commercial appliance repair services for regular upkeep of the appliance.

Do instruct your staff to make sure that the appliance is cool when they perform the cleaning.

Change the oil

Changing oil is one of the major maintenance tasks of the commercial deep fryer maintenance. It is not good to keep on using old oil, because old oil add bad taste and smell in fried food items. Consider changing oil, when oil appears smoky or black. The best way of maintaining good oil in the deep fryer is dedicating a person for this task. That person will change oil on the regular basis.

Change the filter

Filter is one of the most important parts of the commercial deep fryer. This prevents the debris formation in the fryer. You can hire the commercial appliance services Alexandria for this task.

Manage the temperature

In order to prevent the burn, you need to manage temperature inside the fryer. Guidelines for filter changing are mentioned in manufacture’s manual. You can read the manual to adequately to change the filter.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Safety is important aspect of deep fryer maintenance. Grease on the floor results in dangerous and costly slip and fall accidents. Train kitchen staffs to keep the floors clean during every shift.



Basics of Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment

Every commercial kitchen has different setup of cooking equipment depending on the needs and requirements of the business. According to commercial microwave oven repair service providers, there are many types of commercial ovens available to meet the requirements of food service businesses. Restaurant and cafe owners should invest in the right type of commercial appliances to get the best return of their investment.

Choosing commercial cooking equipment

Commercial kitchens are unique as there are restaurants. They come in all shapes and sizes. The ovens are hub of any restaurant kitchen. The type of oven you purchase will depend on your menu. Consider various factors while purchasing the commercial oven. Just like small ovens for home, big ovens for commercial places are available in different brands, at different prices and with different functions.

Types of commercial ovens

Combination Ovens: These ovens are combination of convection ovens and steamers. Combination ovens allow you to cook vegetables in large quantity in lesser time. These ovens are great for big restaurants. However, combination ovens are more expensive than other types of commercial oven. These ovens can be used to cook multiple dishes.

Conveyor Oven: These ovens are ideal for making pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The speciality of Conveyor oven is a belt that moves the food through the oven. If you own a bakery or do a lot of baking, then you should consider investing in Conveyor oven.

Pizza Oven: If speciality of your food joint is PIZZA, you should totally invest in Pizza Oven. These ovens are dedicatedly designed to bake the pizzas in the best possible manner. Pizza Ovens are quite big that heated up at high temperature. In these ovens, you can also cook desserts and beef in the large quantity.

Commercial cooking appliances

Broiler: This appliance allows you to cook various types of food with short bursts of heat. It can be used for melting cheese and butter on sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and soups.

Grill: There are mainly two types of grills –char broiler grill and flat top grill. You can cook meat, chicken and burgers on the grill. Grills are one of the must-have restaurant kitchen appliances. It can speed-up the commercial kitchen activities.

Deep fryer: Commercial deep fryers are very important frying equipment of commercial kitchen. It can be used to fry French fries to chicken wings. You should take commercial deep fryer repair seriously to avoid accidents in your kitchen.



The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Cooking Equipment Safety

Earning Profit in food service business can be tricky, especially when you have to look after plenty of commercial equipment to run a kitchen. Just like chef, staff and food, commercial appliances are equally important part of the commercial kitchens. It is your responsibility to hire commercial appliances service to keep your kitchen in good condition.

Commercial Cooking Equipment Safety

Plenty of appliances run at the same time in the commercial kitchens. Each appliance has its own task to do in the process. Whether it is commercial freezer, icemaker, ice machine, microwave oven, dishwasher or garbage disposal unit, every appliance has safety risk associated with it. In order to make your commercial kitchen a safe place for your staff, you should pay attention over commercial cooking appliances safety.

Convection Ovens

Burns, flames and hot spill liquids are some risks associated with the convection ovens. When it comes to operating and maintaining commercial ovens, you should take care of these dos and don’ts:


  • Use the right pans and pots to avoid food from spilling over.
  • Make use of dry oven mitts while handling hot pots.
  • Clean all spillage inside the oven.


  • Don’t leave ovens on all the time.
  • Don’t leave oven doors open.
  • Don’t store plastic items in convection oven.
  • Don’t overload the oven.


Electrical shock, Scalds from hot food and Microwave radiation are some risks associated with microwaves. When it comes to operating and maintaining microwave ovens, you should take care of these dos and don’ts:


  • Read manufacturer’s guidelines on equipment use.
  • Clean the dirt, grime and grease from your microwave.
  • Turn off the equipment immediately if you notice food ignites or sparks.


  • Don’t use microwaves with damaged doors. This could result radiation emission.
  • Try to avoid cooking in sealed container.
  • Never microwave food in plastic containers.

Commercial deep fryer

According to commercial deep fryer repair technicians, fire, burn injuries and scalds from contact with fryer are some risks associated with this appliance.


  • Let oil to cool down before handling.
  • Do train your staff about how use and maintain of the commercial deep fryer.
  • Do clean nearby greasy surfaces.
  • Do turn off the heat source immediately in case of emergency.
  • Do remember to use protective equipment while working on the deep fryer.


  • Do not overheat the oil.
  • Do not overfill the containers.
  • Never splash water or hot oil.