How Best to Take Care Of Your Commercial Deep Fryer

A deep commercial fryer is one of the essential pieces of kitchen appliances and its part of your most significant investment. The commercial fryer plays a vital role in your kitchen and it’s Imperative that its adequately taken care of daily. To continue serving your clients with those delicious meals its paramount that your commercial deep fryer is in perfect working condition. Ensure that you have experts to do commercial appliances service to ensure optimal operation of the fryer and other appliances. It’s best if you have an expert in commercial deep fryer repair to call if you notice any issue

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers

  • Open Pot Fryer

The open pot is affordable and easy to use.

  • Tube Fryers

They are most effective where there is a lot of deep frying to be done. It’s more expensive than the open pot fryers

  • Flat Bottom Fryer

The fryer can be used for multi purposes.It requires cleaning often to retain the food flavor.

Main Working Parts of a Commercial Fryer

  • Heating Element

The element transfers the heat to the oil heating it up

  • Thermostat

It regulates the temperature of the oil. If the thermostat fails, it could lead to the oil overheating eventually causing a fire.

  • Filter

The filter will keep the oil clean as it filters the food particles

  • Control Panel

The panel allows you to adjust the heat that goes into the oil

  • Basket

The basket is where you place your food as you fry it

 How Best to Take Clean Your Commercial Deep Fryer

It’s critical that you clean your deep fryer properly to avoid loss of business time and money.

  • Switch off the electricity or gas depending on the kind of fryer you are using. Allow the oil to cool before emptying it.
  • Remove the basket and other removable parts such as the sedimentary tray and thoroughly clean them. Clean them daily.
  • Clean the drain valve every day
  • Fill the filter with water and detergent and let the water boil. Turn the deep fryer off and clean it. Use a fryer brush to scrub the sides. Drain the water after cleaning and ensure no water goes to the filters.
  • Rinse the fryer with clean water and vinegar. Vinegar acts as a disinfectant. Dry the fryer and reassemble

Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer Working for Long

  • Drain and Filter the oil daily
  • Follow the appliance manual on how to use the deep fryer.Ensure all the people who will handle it are well aware of how it works.
  • Stick to the recommended cooking temperatures
  • Ensure you perform the commercial deep fryer repair as soon as you notice something is amiss. Let the commercial deep fryer repair expert check on the fryer as often as possible
  • Follow the scheduled commercial appliance service without fail
  • Pay attention to how the appliance is cleaned to ensure durability and efficiency.