How To Take Care Of Your Bakery Equipment?

Something smells amazing! That’s the sign of a good and running bakery, but do you know what else is necessary to keep the bakery on its feet, besides the yummy baked goods? Smooth-running bakery equipment. And that’s only possible if you take proper care of it by keeping it clean and consulting commercial appliances repair services when required. Here is everything you need to know about maintaining bakery equipment.

Bakery Equipment Maintenance Tips

Every Appliance Is Different

A bakery doesn’t just run on one or two appliances. There are a lot of machines that a bakery needs to run smoothly. Aside from the usual baking ovens, mixers, blenders, extruders, and conveyor belts, there are also refrigerators, freezers, and other storage items that are crucial for every baker starting commercially.

Now, all of these machines have different maintenance requirements, cleaning instructions, and precautions. This is why you need to make sure that you read every machine’s instruction manual thoroughly and go through the steps of maintaining each.

This will lead to better performance of the appliances in the future and you will know exactly what to do and what to avoid doing with every equipment. It can be hard to keep track of these things, but you will get the hang of it, once you start taking things one by one. This little bit will ensure that your equipment stays in pristine condition and also lasts longer.

Don’t Ignore Scheduled Maintenance

If you don’t want your bakery equipment to break down on you, then you should never ignore scheduled maintenance. This one is a lifesaver because it’s during maintenance any hidden issue can be spotted and fixed before it becomes anything bigger and costly.

If you tend to forget things or have a hard time keeping track of the equipment, then you can pencil in maintenance days for each machine and then have an expert take a look at them.

Don’t Wait Too Long

This one ties in with the previous one, but it’s extremely important to take note of. You don’t want to wait too long or until the machine completely stops working to get it maintained. Usually, monthly maintenance of each equipment is enough to keep things smooth sailing and it’s also doable, no matter how busy or packed your schedule is.

Make it a habit to maintain the equipment before anything goes wrong. It’s frustrating and, if you don’t have backup, then it can put everything to a halt. So, save yourself from misery and act well before time.

Keep Everything Clean

It can be tempting to leave the machine as it is, as soon as you’re done with work, but you don’t want to do that. The equipment might be dirty, there might be wet and dry debris all over and you really should clean it if you don’t want it to break down on you in the future. Moreover, using dirty appliances will negatively impact the food’s quality and it’s also unhygienic.

So, as soon as you’re done with mixing, blending, kneading, baking in the oven, whatever it is, make it a habit to clean the equipment, by dismantling it and washing it properly. This will not only make the equipment last long, but it’s also going to be one less task to take care of, the next day.

Choosing The Right Cleaners

You might think that bakery equipment can be cleaned by any and every cleaner under the sun, however, that’s not true. Equipment also reacts harshly to abrasive cleaners and you can end up damaging your machines rather than getting them cleaned. So, avoid anything with non-recommended chemicals, harsh acids, reactive ingredients, and more.

As for cleaning equipment, make sure to not use abrasive cleaning pads as those can scratch the equipment and you don’t want that. Use something soft and use a bit of elbow grease to remove the grime and dirt.

Take Care Of Electric Sockets

Almost every bakery equipment is powered by electricity and it’s a vital thing that you need to take care of when you’re elbows deep in cleaning your bakery equipment. Exposing the electrical sockets to water, moisture, or even chemical cleaners can damage the circuit and you can end up ruining a perfectly good appliance.

So, whenever you’re cleaning the equipment, even if it is a simple wash, you want to protect the sockets by either wrapping the wire and exposed circuit in plastic or turning off the equipment before even thinking about cleaning it. Also, you want to let the machine cool down before you wash it, otherwise it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Look Out For Rust

Another thing that is a key indicator of bakery equipment getting old and worn is the appearance of rust. This is more common in machines with grooves and attachments that are hard to clean and reach. This can cause rust to accumulate over time and it can lead to a lot of problems.

Normally, rust can occur when you leave the equipment wet or don’t clean it properly. This is why it’s recommended that you take good care of the equipment and clean and dry it properly, otherwise you’re asking for trouble.

Warm Water Is Your Best Friend

Debris and dried-up food can be really hard to remove unless you go to town scrubbing the equipment. So, instead of working hard and breaking a sweat, why not work smart and let science do the work for you?

Well, warm water is here to make your equipment sparkle like brand new. If there are stubborn food crumbs that won’t tear themselves away from the equipment, then you can use warm water to gently scrape the crumbs off and you’ll be good to go. The mildly hot water will loosen the crumbs and cleanup will be much easier. For extra help, you can mix baking soda in warm water.

Dust & Grime – How To Deal With Them?

Dust and grime is the norm in bakery equipment, but you need to know how to clean them effectively to get rid of every speck. Dust is usually dry, so you’ll need a dry washcloth to clean it. Afterwards, you can wipe the equipment down with a wet washcloth and that’s pretty much it.

As for grime, use a wet washcloth to wipe it away, and then use a dry washcloth to get rid of any wet streaks.

A Test Run

This is the last, most important step of maintaining your bakery equipment. After going through the cleaning and wiping process, you’ll want to give it a test run to see if everything is working perfectly or not.

First, rearrange the entire equipment as the manual instructs, then make sure that everything is dry and clean. Check the electrical sockets once more and plug the machine on. This is the point when you want to double-check that everything is secured and there aren’t any loose parts. Power up the equipment and see if it runs smoothly. If it does, perfect!


If you want your bakery to be a smashing success, then you need to ensure that the supply of delectable morsels never runs out. That’s possible through maintaining your equipment on time. So, do so and never hesitate to get help from commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA technician if an issue arises.



When to Replace Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment for your business and their efficiency is paramount. Proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure that the equipment last long but its however inevitable that at one point you have to replace the kitchen equipment due to various reasons. To keep your business in profitable it’s paramount that you replace worn out appliances when the lifespan of the equipment nears its end. It’s important that you know when to order new equipment and at this point, it’s necessary that you consult t the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert on when to buy new appliances.

When to Buy New Commercial Appliances for Your Investment

  • High Repair cost

When an appliance keeps breaking down and the repair cost keeps pilling up, then its time to replace that equipment as it will not only cost you money but also time. Commercial refrigerator repairs will cost you money, time and loss of clients especially if the fridge keeps failing and there are no fresh foods. The need to keep repairing an appliance then calls for replacement as the cost of buying a new one may be cheaper than repair.

  • Repair Parts availability

The older model of the appliances may pose a challenge as the spare parts may not be available locally. The spare parts may also be available but at a high cost. To fix such appliances, it may take time causing considerable inconvenience and cause loss of business and thus a reduced profit.

  • Change in Menu

Every business goes through seasons of change and it may mean change of menu. The change will have a huge impact on the appliances that you need. You need to incorporate commercial kitchen appliance repair expert when purchasing a new equipment as they are able to advise on various issues like new technology appliances, spare parts and multi-use equipment like ovens.

  • Business Growth

Expanding business will require appliances that can handle much more. An increased sales volume will introduce the need for appliances that handle the volumes. Consult your commercial appliances repair experts on the best appliances for an expanding business. As you purchase the new equipment consider projected growth to ensure that you can use the equipment for a while before your business outgrows the appliances.

  • Safety while Using the Machines

Safety should be a priority when using any equipment and any equipment that doesn’t guarantee safety should be replaced immediately if for example a fryer is leaking of oil and you have called the Commercial deep fryer repair team several times, its time to replace the fryer. It’s important that any appliance that could be a hazard be replaced immediately.

  • Inefficient Appliances

When an appliance uses too much energy for one reason or another it’s time to replace the equipment. There are many energy saving restaurant appliances that you can buy and replace the ones that are inefficient. Other appliances may not perform as they used to due to age and require replacement to keep the business profitable. If the ice maker has slowed down and in spite of the commercial ice maker repairs specialist checking it, then its realistic to replace the appliances. Power surges, worn gaskets, rust, and griddles are some of the reasons that could cause an appliance to be inefficient.

The decision to buy new appliances is inevitable and even the commercial appliances repair expert has confirmed the need for new equipment. Below the top things to consider buying the new commercial kitchen appliances.

Factors to Consider when Replacing Commercial Appliances

  • Durability

Ensure the appliances you buy will serve for a long time. Your commercial kitchen appliances repair expert will help in choosing the best brands for your business

  • Volume and projected growth

Choose the appliances that are able to handle growth and increased volumes. Look at the projected volumes of your business or institution and consider that while purchasing the appliances. The commercial appliances repair expert will be helpful with the estimates.

  • Regulations

Consider the regulations from departments such as energy and choose models and brands that are compliant. Commercial refrigerators have seen changes over time and the commercial refrigerator repairs expert will be advice on the compliant models and brands.

Once you have installed the new equipment it’s important that all your employees are able to use them. You can invite the commercial appliances repair Virginia team to train the workers on how to use and maintain the new appliances for longevity and optimal results.



How to Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator

A functional commercial refrigerator is a key to a successful restaurant business. The commercial refrigerator is one of the most used kitchen equipment and may require more servicing and repair than other equipment. It’s, therefore, crucial to ensure that you have a commercial appliance repair Virginia schedule and work with the best commercial refrigerator repair team to keep your refrigerator running optimally. In this article, we guide on general refrigerator care and maintenance of the commercial refrigerator.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator not turning on

If you notice that your refrigerator is not turning on, check the below before you call the commercial kitchen repair team

  • Check whether the power is on and the fridge is plugged properly
  • Confirm that the power cord is well plugged
  • Is your extensions cable working well? It’s best to connect the refrigerator directly to power instead of using the extensions cable.

If the refrigerator is well plugged and still not working, then you need to contact the commercial appliance repair team.

When working optimally your refrigerator it’s should be cold enough to ensure that your food doesn’t get spoiled. Check the below before you call the commercial refrigerators repair team for repairs

Check the temperature gauge

Check to see whether the gauge is working properly. Consult the commercial kitchen appliance repair team on how you can check the temperature.

Was the refrigerator installed recently?

The refrigerator may fail to be cold enough if it’s tilted during delivery or installation. Let the refrigerator remain unused for 24 hours after installation

Is the fridge open too often and not well closed?

Opening the door too often or failing to close the door may result in the wrong temperature. Make sure the staff know how long the fridge door should remain open for it to work optimally

Is the fridge door closing properly?

If the fridge gasket is spoilt the door may not close properly and that could lead to the wrong temperature. If the gasket is spoilt let the commercial appliance repair technician repair, it immediately to prevent food from spoiling due to wrong temperatures.

Is there enough ventilation

Excess heat will cause the fridge to fail. It’s imperative to ensure that the fridge is placed in a place where there enough ventilation. If the kitchen is hot that will affect the functionality of the refrigerator. You can change the kitchen layout and place the fridge in an area where there less heat.

Fridge too full

Overstocking the fridge will limit air circulation in the fridge and that will mean that some of your food is not cooled adequately.

Shelves installed wrongly

Check to see whether all the refrigerator shelves are installed properly. Make sure there is space between the shelves and the back of the refrigerator to ensure proper air circulation.

Refrigerator position

Your commercial refrigerator needs ample space for air circulation and it’s important to ensure it’s not placed too close to the wall. Make sure that your fridge has space to let warm air out.

Check the refrigerator compressor

Make sure that there are no items placed on the refrigerator that is preventing proper air circulation. The compressor compresses the refrigerator before condenser cools it. Avoid placing any items on top of the fridge because that affects the functionality.

Are the coils clean

Ensure that the condenser coils are clean. Build-up of grease will prevent effective condensation. Make sure that you follow the commercial refrigerator service schedule.

  • The refrigerator is too cold

Your commercial refrigerator may too cold and that results in the ice build-up. Below are some of the things you should look out for;

Is the fridge door closing properly?

If the fridge door is not properly closed that will cause the fridge to overwork due to the fluctuating temperatures. Check that the gasket and hinges are well sealed and aligned to ensure proper temperatures

Check whether the evaporator is functional

If you hear noises coming from the fan, then you need to call the commercial appliance repair team because that could mean the evaporator is faulty.

Freezing coils

Freezing coils results from the wrong fridge pressure and its best to have the commercial refrigerator repair team check on it.

Check the Auto Defrost is Working Properly

If the defrost is not working well it could lead to ice buildup.

  • Refrigerator Leaking water

If your refrigerator has pools of water that could result in the below;

Your kitchen is too humid

If your kitchen is too moist then the fridge may not function properly. Too much moisture may cause the refrigerator doors issues and cause water to drip in the evaporators pan.

Uneven Floor

Placing the refrigerator will cause the evaporator pan to overflow leading to water pools. Make sure your refrigerator is placed in an even floor

Full Evaporator pan

If your evaporator pan is full then will cause water to leak to the floor. Let the commercial kitchen appliance repair team check on the pan to ensure its functioning properly.

It’s important to ensure that your commercial refrigerator is well maintained. It’s important to follow the commercial refrigerator repair schedule to ensure the fridge is working properly and ensure the staff understands how the refrigerator works so that are able to note any issues in good time.