When to Replace Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment for your business and their efficiency is paramount. Proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure that the equipment last long but its however inevitable that at one point you have to replace the kitchen equipment due to various reasons. To keep your business in profitable it’s paramount that you replace worn out appliances when the lifespan of the equipment nears its end. It’s important that you know when to order new equipment and at this point, it’s necessary that you consult t the commercial kitchen appliance repair expert on when to buy new appliances.

When to Buy New Commercial Appliances for Your Investment

  • High Repair cost

When an appliance keeps breaking down and the repair cost keeps pilling up, then its time to replace that equipment as it will not only cost you money but also time. Commercial refrigerator repairs will cost you money, time and loss of clients especially if the fridge keeps failing and there are no fresh foods. The need to keep repairing an appliance then calls for replacement as the cost of buying a new one may be cheaper than repair.

  • Repair Parts availability

The older model of the appliances may pose a challenge as the spare parts may not be available locally. The spare parts may also be available but at a high cost. To fix such appliances, it may take time causing considerable inconvenience and cause loss of business and thus a reduced profit.

  • Change in Menu

Every business goes through seasons of change and it may mean change of menu. The change will have a huge impact on the appliances that you need. You need to incorporate commercial kitchen appliance repair expert when purchasing a new equipment as they are able to advise on various issues like new technology appliances, spare parts and multi-use equipment like ovens.

  • Business Growth

Expanding business will require appliances that can handle much more. An increased sales volume will introduce the need for appliances that handle the volumes. Consult your commercial appliances repair experts on the best appliances for an expanding business. As you purchase the new equipment consider projected growth to ensure that you can use the equipment for a while before your business outgrows the appliances.

  • Safety while Using the Machines

Safety should be a priority when using any equipment and any equipment that doesn’t guarantee safety should be replaced immediately if for example a fryer is leaking of oil and you have called the Commercial deep fryer repair team several times, its time to replace the fryer. It’s important that any appliance that could be a hazard be replaced immediately.

  • Inefficient Appliances

When an appliance uses too much energy for one reason or another it’s time to replace the equipment. There are many energy saving restaurant appliances that you can buy and replace the ones that are inefficient. Other appliances may not perform as they used to due to age and require replacement to keep the business profitable. If the ice maker has slowed down and in spite of the commercial ice maker repairs specialist checking it, then its realistic to replace the appliances. Power surges, worn gaskets, rust, and griddles are some of the reasons that could cause an appliance to be inefficient.

The decision to buy new appliances is inevitable and even the commercial appliances repair expert has confirmed the need for new equipment. Below the top things to consider buying the new commercial kitchen appliances.

Factors to Consider when Replacing Commercial Appliances

  • Durability

Ensure the appliances you buy will serve for a long time. Your commercial kitchen appliances repair expert will help in choosing the best brands for your business

  • Volume and projected growth

Choose the appliances that are able to handle growth and increased volumes. Look at the projected volumes of your business or institution and consider that while purchasing the appliances. The commercial appliances repair expert will be helpful with the estimates.

  • Regulations

Consider the regulations from departments such as energy and choose models and brands that are compliant. Commercial refrigerators have seen changes over time and the commercial refrigerator repairs expert will be advice on the compliant models and brands.

Once you have installed the new equipment it’s important that all your employees are able to use them. You can invite the commercial appliances repair Virginia team to train the workers on how to use and maintain the new appliances for longevity and optimal results.



How to Take Care of Your commercial Steamer

Commercial steamers have become popular over time as people opt for more healthy meals and efficient cooking methods. Cooking food in steam especially vegetables will ensure they retain their natural color and nutrients. A commercial steamer is an essential appliance for restaurants and institutions that advocate for healthy eating, and it’s critical that the appliance is working efficiently for such institutions to live up to their mission. Make sure that you follow the commercial appliances service schedule as this will ensure that your commercial steamer is working perfectly

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Commercial Steamer

It’s vital that you keep the steamer clean to avoid food contamination.

  • Switch and Empty the Steamer

Once you have finished steaming, switch it off and Remove the water from the drip tray and let it cools completely

  • Soak the steamer

Depending on the size of the steamer soak it in warm water with soap to loosen any food stuck in the appliance. If your steamer is huge, remove the lid, steaming container and drip tray and soak them in warm water.

  • Wash the steamer

Clean the steamer with fabric and ensure that the electric plug doesn’t come in contact with the water. After cleaning dry the steamer with a dry cloth and let it stand for a while before using it again. You can use vinegar to wipe the interior as it will disinfect the steamer. It’s essential that you delime the steamer regularly as the accumulation of lime may cause the heating element to malfunction. Don’t forget to clean the door, latch and the steamer control knobs

Tips on How to keep your commercial steamer working for long

  • Change the filters regularly
  • Check for loose covers, faulty controls and cracked as often as possible to avoid the problem from degenerating
  • Ensure that steamer is cleaned daily and no food particles remain food tray
  • Use a descaling agent to remove the build-up of lime in the element every week to keep the steamer effective
  • Don’t turn the steamer on when it has no water
  • Get advice from the commercial steamer repair experts on how best to take care of the steamer and the best products for cleaning it.
  • Follow the commercial appliance service schedule without fail to ensure your commercial steamer works well
  • Clean the steamer every day to avoid food build up

Sign that your Commercial Steamer needs repair

If you notice any of the following signs immediately contact the commercial appliances repair, expert

  • The steamer fails to heat up
  • No steam even though the water level is ok
  • Dripping water from the Nozzle. Also, check whether the nozzle is making some burbling sound
  • The steamer has some clicking noises.

Any restaurant or institution thrives when the commercial appliances are working as expected. It’s a great inconvenience when the appliances fail and it’s, therefore, paramount to have a reliable commercial appliances repair expert nearby.



Sign that your Commercial Ice Maker Needs Repair

Any restaurant or institution thrives when the commercial appliances are working as expected. It’s a great inconvenience when the appliances fail and it’s, therefore, paramount to have a reliable commercial appliances repair expert nearby. A commercial ice maker is an important appliance in the restaurant business especially in the hot season as clients will keep asking for ice cold drinks or ice to add to their drinks to cool themselves. You need to find rapid quality commercial ice maker repair expert in case of any breakdown to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Types of Ice Maker

  • Modular

The ice maker produces a large amount of ice and in a short span of time. The only disadvantage of this kind of ice maker is it has no ice storage

  • Self-contained

The machines are smaller and have an ice storage. They are ideal if your institution or business is not huge

When to call in a commercial appliance repair expert

An ice maker requires the right environmental temperature and it’s therefore important to make sure that the room temperature is conducive to the machine. Also, ensure that the water that you put into the machine is not hot as this will take longer to freeze and use too much power to convert the water into ice.

  • Not Making ice or reduced ice output

A failing ice machine can be frustrating especially if you have customers in line waiting to get their dose of ice. It’s important that you have an expert nearby who can expedite the repairs of the appliance.

  • Low water flow into the machine

That could result if the water filter is not well plugged up resulting in small ice cubes

  • Water leak in the Machine

That causes oversized ice cubes and results from a leaking inlet water valve. It’s critical that once you notice the leak that you immediately contact the commercial appliance repair expert as this may to the evaporator freezing

  • Loud sounds when operating

If you hear your ice maker making strange sounds, its time to call in the experts for a diagnosis. That will avoid the machine from developing more serious issues.

  • Foul taste from the ice

When the ice maker filter Is not working properly, that will result in ice with a foul smell and taste. Immediately contact the commercial appliance repair expert as this could be a health hazard.

  • Ice Maker doesn’t turn off

Once the ice tray is full, the ice maker should automatically turn off. Consult the ice maker repairs expert if it doesn’t turn off as this could be as a result of a broken valve. The repair expert will advise whether the valve should be replaced or repaired.

  • Ice Maker doesn’t eject ice

The ice maker is supposed to eject to ice automatically after making the ice. If it doesn’t eject the ice then you need to consult the repair expert as the motor could have a problem.

It’s important that you have repair experts who are reliable to deal with issues when they arise. The commercial ice maker is key to the operations of your institution and it’s therefore important that you ensure that you have a reliable commercial appliances repair VA expert.