How to Choose the Right Commercial Deep Fryer

You are ready to open a food business, and you are going to need a deep fryer. But do you know what size you will need in your commercial kitchen? A lot of restaurants and fast-food restaurants could not operate with a good deep fryer. Regardless if you want to serve French fries and hamburgers or mozzarella sticks as well, you will need a deep fryer.

Similar to other pieces of equipment, you should invest in a good restaurant fryer. It is crucial to ensure that you pick the right one that will meet your budget and needs. You would not want to contact a deep fryer repair service many times.

Here are tips on how to choose the right one:

Kinds of Deep Fryers

  • Benchtop or tabletop deep fryers are among the best deep fryers that you normally see in small establishments and food trucks. This one is easy and small to operate, which is perfect for you in case you do not have a lot to fry daily. The tabletop deep fryer’s main benefit is that you will be able to save space without sacrificing food quality and performance.
  • Floor deep fryers are great for big kitchens that cook several batches of fried specialties every day. There are different designs available in electric and gas models. This kind of deep fryer is recommended for medium to large businesses like hotels, fine dining restaurants, and fast-food chains.
  • Ventless deep fryer is similar to a tabletop deep fryer. The difference between this one is that they are enclosed and come with a venting system that is internal. This saves a lot of kitchen space and lets you cook food even if there is no ventilation hood. These are great for food trucks and small restaurants.
  • Specialty deep fryer is suitable for certain uses. If you are offering products like corn dogs or doughnuts, this might be what you need. There is a corn dog fryer, funnel cake fryer, and outdoor fryer.

Gas or Electric?

Choosing gas or electric for your deep fryer mainly depends on the access and relative costs of every power supply available in your location. It seems like the cost of gas is trending downward, but the costs of electricity have been mounting steadily. Local utility companies can provide you with an update, and accurate pricing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial fryers, similar to other restaurant kitchen appliances, should be cleaned regularly to make sure that their efficiency and meet sanitation standards accordingly.

Fryers can be hard to clean due to their nature. They are holding large amounts of oil, which should be changed regularly. The oil makes the tank harder to clean, and even the machine itself. Frying is a messy and greasy business.

You should look for fryers that have designs that are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Since it is easy to maintain, you will have more time with your employees and save while you are cleaning.


You will be able to count on 1.5 – 2x the total weight of the fryer’s oil capacity hourly. That means, a 40 lbs. deep fryer will output about 60 to 80 lbs. of food per hour.

Smaller countertop fryers that have a capacity of 15 lbs. can produce 22 to 30 lbs. of fries every hour. If you are frying smaller items such as onion rings and French fries. You can assume 2x of the oil capacity. When you handle larger items like drumsticks, chicken breasts, and thighs, it would be better to use 1.5x when you do calculations.

You can contact commercial kitchen appliance repair Northern VA.



Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Cool

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you might have known that how uncomfortable and humid it can get around grills, fryers, ovens and stovetops. The consequences of the humidity in the kitchen is not limited to discomfort, it can affect the functionality of your commercial kitchen appliances. Every commercial microwave oven repair service provider recommends proper ventilation and temperature at commercial kitchen for the optimum performance of the appliances. Fortunately, with the right ventilation and settings, you can create a comfortable and cool environment in your commercial kitchen.

Keep your commercial kitchen ventilated

Adequate ventilation is essential for commercial kitchens. Not only just ventilation provides escape to odors and smoke, but it keeps the indoor air fresh. This is especially important for restaurant kitchens, which are infamous for having poor indoor air quality. One of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your kitchen cool is installing kitchen range hood, which can vent fumes whenever you cook.

Just like homes, it is important to pay attention of commercial HVAC maintenance. When your HVAC system is not maintained properly, it is compelled to work harder for maintaining certain temperature. This not only increases the energy consumption, but also affects the lifespan of HVAC unit. By scheduling regular HVAC inspection and cleaning, you can maintain a safe and comfortable aura at your commercial kitchen.  While it is recommend to schedule a professional maintenance twice a year, you can take small measures (such as: cleaning and replacing air filters, checking grease and other build up, etc.) to keep your HVAC unit working efficiently.

You can install fans to keep the temperature under control. Although fans will reduce the overall temperature of your kitchen, they will provide better air circulation, which can make the air feel a few degrees cooler. You can experiment with the placement of fans to locate the best air circulation. Your staff will feel comfortable while cooking.

Hire commercial appliance services

Many a times, commercial kitchen appliances do not work with full efficiency because of overheating. The appliance can also get damaged because of heating issues. If not taken care, they can result appliance failure or fire hazard in the kitchen. Thus, you should hire commercial oven repairs Fairfax for routine inspection and cleaning. The professional inspection will help you in keeping your commercial appliances in healthy working condition for a long period of time.



Why Is My Commercial Dishwasher Not Draining?

For those who work in commercial kitchens, the dishwasher is one of the supreme luxuries fathomable. So when dishwasher stops working (like it’s supposed to), it creates a lot of chaos in the kitchen. Calling commercial dishwasher repairs service is the only way to get dishwasher fixed. Commercial dishwashers are one of the most expensive kitchen appliances that are required to be maintained properly and only a trained technician can look after the problems of the dishwasher.

Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Is Not Draining

There can be plenty of reasons why dishwasher is draining water. Some of them are:

The filter is clogged: The filter which is supposed to separate waste and water get clogged if not cleaned time to time. This does not allow water to drain out of the dishwasher. It is possible to prevent this problem by cleaning filter on the regular basis.

The drain lines are backed up: Many times, food particles, oils and grease clog the drain lines of the dishwasher. This causes water backup in the system. Water backs up in the drain lines when there is no space to get out of the system. This problem can be avoided by throwing leftover in the dustbin before putting dishes in the dishwasher.

The drain valve is malfunctioning: Malfunctioning of the drain valve also creates drain clogging. The drain valve malfunctions when not handled properly by the staff. It is important to keep check on this valve.

How to Troubleshoot the Dishwasher Problems

In order to find out why your dishwasher is not draining, you are required to do some investigation. First, begin with filter. The filter is generally located at the bottom of the tub. Once you find the filter, clear the debris around it. Generally the cage needs to be removed before removing the filter. Once you removed the filter, you can clean it and re-install it properly.

In case water is backing up, then the drain is clogged. You will have to unplug the dishwasher first. Then remove the panel to see the drain hose and remove its connection from the pump. Clear the debris present inside. You can then change it and turn on your dishwasher.

The drain valve plays an essential role in keeping your dishwasher water from draining back. Push on the valve to ensure it is moving. If it is frozen then call commercial kitchen appliance repair services Vienna, to get it replaced.



Broken Ice Machine? Here are Some Tips to Get By

Regular supply of ice is a necessity of food service industry. There is no restaurant or bar that can run without ice machine. Unfortunately, there are times when ice machines may not want to cooperate. And the ice machine malfunction can leave your customers without ice for a long period of time. Well, it is possible to avoid Scotsman Ice machine repairs by paying attention over ice machine maintenance.

Fixing a Scotsman Ice Machine

Scotsman Ice machine is one of the most expensive appliances present in your commercial kitchen. This appliance has its own significance as well. The ice machine problems such as –not freezing ice properly, taking a lot of time in making ice and running too loud can put your business to halt.

There are so many potential problems that can occur with an ice machine, and determining the problem is important. It is not possible to fix the problem until and unless you know about the root cause of the problem. For that you will have to diagnose your ice machine for damages.

Diagnosing the Problem with a Scotsman Ice Machine

When you are having trouble with your ice machine, locate the exact location of the trouble. Then locate the part of the machine that is causing the problem in your appliance. Then find the genuine part and get it replaced.

It is important to read the instruction manual come with your ice machine. You can learn about the correct way of opening and closing the ice machine by reading the Scotsman ice machine manual. The part diagrams and maintenance instructions will make your task a lot easier.

Before opening your expensive ice machine, make sure that you have technical knowledge of handling commercial appliances. If you don’t know how to handle ice machines, you may end up causing more damages. The best thing you can do to avoid the ice machine problems is hiring a professional to repair the appliance. The licensed and certified ice machine technicians can help you out in dealing with ice machine damages. These professionals know how to tackle with big commercial appliance problems. These professionals can provide quick and efficient solutions to commercial appliance problems, as they have experience and knowledge about them. However, you should always contact a licensed company to get reliable and trustworthy technician to handle your expensive commercial appliance.



How to Clean a Commercial Refrigerator

For restaurants and other food service businesses, there is nothing more important than keeping their refrigeration units in top condition. After all, they rely on their refrigerators for most of the tasks. Hiring a victory refrigerator repair company for regular cleaning and maintenance is important, but restaurant owner and staff should also pay attention over refrigerator maintenance to avoid refrigeration troubles.

Know about commercial refrigerator cleaning

Commercial refrigerators play a vital role in maintaining the quality of food items. Also, they are one of the most expensive appliances you have in your commercial kitchen. The refrigeration units should be cleaned time to time to maintain the quality of food, to keep the unit in good condition and to make it operate efficiently.

Commercial refrigerator cleaning tips

Commercial refrigerators should be cleaned after every shift. It is the most important and yet the simplest thing you can do to make sure that everything is good with your refrigerator. Regular cleaning will not let food to get deposited in and out of your unit.

When it comes to commercial refrigerator cleaning, there are several parts that are needed to be cleaned frequently, and should be cleaned. You should take refrigeration cleaning task on the high priority. A simple cleaning task can make everything sorted.

Commercial refrigerators should be properly cleaned from inside. You can use lukewarm water and mild soap to do this task. Interiors of commercial refrigerators should be cleaned at least once in a month. This task should include cleaning of drawers, shelves, door gaskets and other removable parts.

Cleaning exterior of the refrigerator is also vital. Regular usage make refrigerator dirty from outside. If not cleaned at the right time food and drinks spills could stain your refrigerator. For this purpose use mild cleaning agent that does not harm the exterior of your refrigerator.

Along with interior and exterior, it is important to clean compressor, condenser coils, fan and motor of the commercial refrigerator. However, it is not easy for a new person to reach at these parts of the refrigerator. Thus, hiring a commercial refrigerator technician is a wise idea to get these parts cleaned and inspected.



Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether your restaurant specializes in fried foods or you simply have a few fried items in your menu, maintaining commercial deep fryer is an important activity. The condition of commercial deep fryer directly impacts on the quality of food, efficiency of the kitchen, satisfaction of the customers and your profit margin. It is good to consider the services of commercial appliance repair technician to keep your deep fryer in tip-top condition.

Maintenance of deep fryers

The maintenance and care of commercial deep fryers are not favorite tasks of many restaurant employees because bad things appear to occur far too often. Deep fryer is an important yet expensive part of commercial kitchens. In order to make this appliance work effectively and efficiently, appliance maintenance is important. Regular cleaning and inspection is mandatory to maintain food taste and quality.

Keep your deep fryer in good working condition

Keep It Clean: The most important part deep fryer maintenance is keeping it clean. Clean the fryer, especially the areas below and under the fryer tank. Grease build-up will ultimately turn into a fire hazard if it accrues. Also, wipe out the exterior of the fryer at least once in a day.

Change the Oil: Old oil adds unpleasant taste to fried foods made in the deep fryers. Old oil makes foods to brown faster, so even they appear cooked but may not be. Read manufacturer instructions to learn about the oil changing frequency.

Change the Filter: Filters of commercial fryer should be changed on the regular basis. Changing the filter is generally mentioned by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Manage the Temperature: Every time you change the oil, you adjust the unit to ensure the thermostat setting to match the actual temperature.

Maintain a Safe Environment: Safety is the important part of commercial deep fryer maintenance program. One of the major dangers is grease on the kitchen floors, which results dangerous and costly slips and fall accidents. Remind staff to keep the floor around the fryer clean.

Hire a Commercial Appliance Repair Technician: Deep fryers needed to be inspected and cleaned professionally at least once in month. So, hire a commercial appliance repair technician who specializes in deep fryer problems to take care of your deep fryer. Professional inspection will help you in extending the efficiency and lifespan of your commercial deep fryer.