Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Cool

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you might have known that how uncomfortable and humid it can get around grills, fryers, ovens and stovetops. The consequences of the humidity in the kitchen is not limited to discomfort, it can affect the functionality of your commercial kitchen appliances. Every commercial microwave oven repair service provider recommends proper ventilation and temperature at commercial kitchen for the optimum performance of the appliances. Fortunately, with the right ventilation and settings, you can create a comfortable and cool environment in your commercial kitchen.

Keep your commercial kitchen ventilated

Adequate ventilation is essential for commercial kitchens. Not only just ventilation provides escape to odors and smoke, but it keeps the indoor air fresh. This is especially important for restaurant kitchens, which are infamous for having poor indoor air quality. One of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your kitchen cool is installing kitchen range hood, which can vent fumes whenever you cook.

Just like homes, it is important to pay attention of commercial HVAC maintenance. When your HVAC system is not maintained properly, it is compelled to work harder for maintaining certain temperature. This not only increases the energy consumption, but also affects the lifespan of HVAC unit. By scheduling regular HVAC inspection and cleaning, you can maintain a safe and comfortable aura at your commercial kitchen.  While it is recommend to schedule a professional maintenance twice a year, you can take small measures (such as: cleaning and replacing air filters, checking grease and other build up, etc.) to keep your HVAC unit working efficiently.

You can install fans to keep the temperature under control. Although fans will reduce the overall temperature of your kitchen, they will provide better air circulation, which can make the air feel a few degrees cooler. You can experiment with the placement of fans to locate the best air circulation. Your staff will feel comfortable while cooking.

Hire commercial appliance services

Many a times, commercial kitchen appliances do not work with full efficiency because of overheating. The appliance can also get damaged because of heating issues. If not taken care, they can result appliance failure or fire hazard in the kitchen. Thus, you should hire commercial oven repairs Fairfax for routine inspection and cleaning. The professional inspection will help you in keeping your commercial appliances in healthy working condition for a long period of time.