How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

In order to keep the deep fryer in proper working condition, daily cleaning is must. Oil buildups on the walls of fryer, and impurities settle at the bottom of the fryer, preventing food to get fried properly. It is important to perform normal cleaning on regular basis and also hire commercial deep fryer repair services once in a month for thorough cleaning of your appliance. There are many parts of this appliance that are needed to be cleaned so it heats the oil sufficiently.

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance

Proper maintenance and cleaning is must for keeping your appliance in good working condition for years to come. You can refer the manufacturer manual for proper cleaning and maintenance instructions. Every deep fryer has its own unique maintenance needs.

Tips For Cleaning Your Commercial Deep Fryer

Before you begin the cleaning task, unplug the fryer and let oil to cool down. Do not touch the fryer until it is cool down up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you will get burned. Detach baskets and place them into a sink to adequately clean the fryer.

Drain oil back to the container before you start to clean the fryer. Get rid of any sediment or crumbs from the bottom of the deep fryer with the help of a slotted spoon and throw them into a waste can. Scooping off these impurities is one of the important tasks involved in deep fryer cleaning.

Clean the walls of your fryer using a metal spatula in order to loosen sticky deposits. Wipe out the deposits from the walls with a damp towel. This is the best way to clean the walls of your commercial deep fryer. You are required to clean the walls on the regular basis.

Put the fryer into a sink and fill it with water. You can use pails of hot water if you cannot put the fryer into the sink. Then pour dish soap to the water into it. Drain the water and wash the fryer after 30 minutes. This will reduce your cleaning efforts.

Scrub the fryer at corners. Many times it happens that food get stuck in the corners. These deposits decrease the efficiency of the fryer. You can perform this cleaning once in a week.

Hire commercial appliance repair company Fairfax for regular cleaning and maintenance tasks. Professional cleaning and maintenance of commercial deep fryer are highly recommended once in a month.



Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether your restaurant specializes in fried foods or you simply have a few fried items in your menu, maintaining commercial deep fryer is an important activity. The condition of commercial deep fryer directly impacts on the quality of food, efficiency of the kitchen, satisfaction of the customers and your profit margin. It is good to consider the services of commercial appliance repair technician to keep your deep fryer in tip-top condition.

Maintenance of deep fryers

The maintenance and care of commercial deep fryers are not favorite tasks of many restaurant employees because bad things appear to occur far too often. Deep fryer is an important yet expensive part of commercial kitchens. In order to make this appliance work effectively and efficiently, appliance maintenance is important. Regular cleaning and inspection is mandatory to maintain food taste and quality.

Keep your deep fryer in good working condition

Keep It Clean: The most important part deep fryer maintenance is keeping it clean. Clean the fryer, especially the areas below and under the fryer tank. Grease build-up will ultimately turn into a fire hazard if it accrues. Also, wipe out the exterior of the fryer at least once in a day.

Change the Oil: Old oil adds unpleasant taste to fried foods made in the deep fryers. Old oil makes foods to brown faster, so even they appear cooked but may not be. Read manufacturer instructions to learn about the oil changing frequency.

Change the Filter: Filters of commercial fryer should be changed on the regular basis. Changing the filter is generally mentioned by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Manage the Temperature: Every time you change the oil, you adjust the unit to ensure the thermostat setting to match the actual temperature.

Maintain a Safe Environment: Safety is the important part of commercial deep fryer maintenance program. One of the major dangers is grease on the kitchen floors, which results dangerous and costly slips and fall accidents. Remind staff to keep the floor around the fryer clean.

Hire a Commercial Appliance Repair Technician: Deep fryers needed to be inspected and cleaned professionally at least once in month. So, hire a commercial appliance repair technician who specializes in deep fryer problems to take care of your deep fryer. Professional inspection will help you in extending the efficiency and lifespan of your commercial deep fryer.