How to Clean a Commercial Refrigerator

For restaurants and other food service businesses, there is nothing more important than keeping their refrigeration units in top condition. After all, they rely on their refrigerators for most of the tasks. Hiring a victory refrigerator repair company for regular cleaning and maintenance is important, but restaurant owner and staff should also pay attention over refrigerator maintenance to avoid refrigeration troubles.

Know about commercial refrigerator cleaning

Commercial refrigerators play a vital role in maintaining the quality of food items. Also, they are one of the most expensive appliances you have in your commercial kitchen. The refrigeration units should be cleaned time to time to maintain the quality of food, to keep the unit in good condition and to make it operate efficiently.

Commercial refrigerator cleaning tips

Commercial refrigerators should be cleaned after every shift. It is the most important and yet the simplest thing you can do to make sure that everything is good with your refrigerator. Regular cleaning will not let food to get deposited in and out of your unit.

When it comes to commercial refrigerator cleaning, there are several parts that are needed to be cleaned frequently, and should be cleaned. You should take refrigeration cleaning task on the high priority. A simple cleaning task can make everything sorted.

Commercial refrigerators should be properly cleaned from inside. You can use lukewarm water and mild soap to do this task. Interiors of commercial refrigerators should be cleaned at least once in a month. This task should include cleaning of drawers, shelves, door gaskets and other removable parts.

Cleaning exterior of the refrigerator is also vital. Regular usage make refrigerator dirty from outside. If not cleaned at the right time food and drinks spills could stain your refrigerator. For this purpose use mild cleaning agent that does not harm the exterior of your refrigerator.

Along with interior and exterior, it is important to clean compressor, condenser coils, fan and motor of the commercial refrigerator. However, it is not easy for a new person to reach at these parts of the refrigerator. Thus, hiring a commercial refrigerator technician is a wise idea to get these parts cleaned and inspected.

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