Why Is My Commercial Dishwasher Not Draining?

For those who work in commercial kitchens, the dishwasher is one of the supreme luxuries fathomable. So when dishwasher stops working (like it’s supposed to), it creates a lot of chaos in the kitchen. Calling commercial dishwasher repairs service is the only way to get dishwasher fixed. Commercial dishwashers are one of the most expensive kitchen appliances that are required to be maintained properly and only a trained technician can look after the problems of the dishwasher.

Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Is Not Draining

There can be plenty of reasons why dishwasher is draining water. Some of them are:

The filter is clogged: The filter which is supposed to separate waste and water get clogged if not cleaned time to time. This does not allow water to drain out of the dishwasher. It is possible to prevent this problem by cleaning filter on the regular basis.

The drain lines are backed up: Many times, food particles, oils and grease clog the drain lines of the dishwasher. This causes water backup in the system. Water backs up in the drain lines when there is no space to get out of the system. This problem can be avoided by throwing leftover in the dustbin before putting dishes in the dishwasher.

The drain valve is malfunctioning: Malfunctioning of the drain valve also creates drain clogging. The drain valve malfunctions when not handled properly by the staff. It is important to keep check on this valve.

How to Troubleshoot the Dishwasher Problems

In order to find out why your dishwasher is not draining, you are required to do some investigation. First, begin with filter. The filter is generally located at the bottom of the tub. Once you find the filter, clear the debris around it. Generally the cage needs to be removed before removing the filter. Once you removed the filter, you can clean it and re-install it properly.

In case water is backing up, then the drain is clogged. You will have to unplug the dishwasher first. Then remove the panel to see the drain hose and remove its connection from the pump. Clear the debris present inside. You can then change it and turn on your dishwasher.

The drain valve plays an essential role in keeping your dishwasher water from draining back. Push on the valve to ensure it is moving. If it is frozen then call commercial kitchen appliance repair services Vienna, to get it replaced.