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Tips to Keep Your Deep Fryer from Burning Your Profits

Whether you are into fast food business or serve a few fried items in your restaurant, you are required to pay attention over commercial deep fryer maintenance and cleaning. Commercial deep fryer is one of the most important, yet ignored appliances of the commercial kitchens. In order to keep your fryer in good condition, you need to train your staff and have to take timely action for commercial deep fryer repair. This appliance has direct impact on the efficiency of kitchen, quality of food, customer satisfaction and profit margin.

Keeping commercial deep fryer in good condition

Commercial deep fryer requires proper care and timely maintenance to stay in good condition. This appliance should be handled carefully and cleaned on the regular basis. Check out the below mentioned tips to maintain commercial deep fryer:

Keep it clean

Deep fryer should be cleaned daily to avoid the grease build-up. This build up will affects the taste of food and efficiency of the appliance. Instruct your staff to clean the steel surface properly. Here are the cleaning tasks that should be performed:

-Wiping exterior part of the appliance daily

-Washing fry baskets daily.

-Performing deep cleaning of the appliance in every 3 to 6 months.

-Hiring commercial appliance repair services for regular upkeep of the appliance.

Do instruct your staff to make sure that the appliance is cool when they perform the cleaning.

Change the oil

Changing oil is one of the major maintenance tasks of the commercial deep fryer maintenance. It is not good to keep on using old oil, because old oil add bad taste and smell in fried food items. Consider changing oil, when oil appears smoky or black. The best way of maintaining good oil in the deep fryer is dedicating a person for this task. That person will change oil on the regular basis.

Change the filter

Filter is one of the most important parts of the commercial deep fryer. This prevents the debris formation in the fryer. You can hire the commercial appliance services Alexandria for this task.

Manage the temperature

In order to prevent the burn, you need to manage temperature inside the fryer. Guidelines for filter changing are mentioned in manufacture’s manual. You can read the manual to adequately to change the filter.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Safety is important aspect of deep fryer maintenance. Grease on the floor results in dangerous and costly slip and fall accidents. Train kitchen staffs to keep the floors clean during every shift.

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