Basics of Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment

Every commercial kitchen has different setup of cooking equipment depending on the needs and requirements of the business. According to commercial microwave oven repair service providers, there are many types of commercial ovens available to meet the requirements of food service businesses. Restaurant and cafe owners should invest in the right type of commercial appliances to get the best return of their investment.

Choosing commercial cooking equipment

Commercial kitchens are unique as there are restaurants. They come in all shapes and sizes. The ovens are hub of any restaurant kitchen. The type of oven you purchase will depend on your menu. Consider various factors while purchasing the commercial oven. Just like small ovens for home, big ovens for commercial places are available in different brands, at different prices and with different functions.

Types of commercial ovens

Combination Ovens: These ovens are combination of convection ovens and steamers. Combination ovens allow you to cook vegetables in large quantity in lesser time. These ovens are great for big restaurants. However, combination ovens are more expensive than other types of commercial oven. These ovens can be used to cook multiple dishes.

Conveyor Oven: These ovens are ideal for making pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The speciality of Conveyor oven is a belt that moves the food through the oven. If you own a bakery or do a lot of baking, then you should consider investing in Conveyor oven.

Pizza Oven: If speciality of your food joint is PIZZA, you should totally invest in Pizza Oven. These ovens are dedicatedly designed to bake the pizzas in the best possible manner. Pizza Ovens are quite big that heated up at high temperature. In these ovens, you can also cook desserts and beef in the large quantity.

Commercial cooking appliances

Broiler: This appliance allows you to cook various types of food with short bursts of heat. It can be used for melting cheese and butter on sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and soups.

Grill: There are mainly two types of grills –char broiler grill and flat top grill. You can cook meat, chicken and burgers on the grill. Grills are one of the must-have restaurant kitchen appliances. It can speed-up the commercial kitchen activities.

Deep fryer: Commercial deep fryers are very important frying equipment of commercial kitchen. It can be used to fry French fries to chicken wings. You should take commercial deep fryer repair seriously to avoid accidents in your kitchen.