How to Clean a Commercial Steamer

Since anything that goes into the steamer can penetrate food, impacts waste, and can harm your patrons, it is important to avoid using toxic or harsh chemicals. Using bath soap and water can offer a gentle and effective method for machine cleaning.

One of the main aspects of cleaning a steamer is by being thorough, but sometimes it requires a commercial steamer repair.

Today, sanitation and food handling are very important. That is the reason why commercial steamers are becoming more common in kitchens. Aside from helping you to make cleaner and healthier meals, they are very easy to use. The good thing is that their maintenance is also easy. You can read on to know more.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

When you clean the steamer, do not use harsh chemicals to clean it. The reason for this is that anything you use for cleaning can go into the food you are heating up and then sell it to customers.

Instead of using harsh chemicals for cleaning, you can use a combination of soap and water. That means there is no need to purchase expensive cleaners.

Empty it First

When you have completed steaming and you already served vegetables, you should take out all the remaining pieces of vegetables from the steamer. If you have an electric one, you should unplug it and allow it to completely cool down. You should remove all the remaining water by using the reservoir and drip tray. Any water that is left in the water box can be carefully removed and then turn the cooled appliance upside down and put over the sink.

Check for Anything Odd

Since one of your business investments is your commercial steamer, you must not leave things to chance. When you already have to clean your steamer, you should pick a time to inspect if everything is working fine and in its right place. Clean water should be used, and then check the filters and seals to see if they are also fine. Any kind of impurity or steamer damage can be transferred to your food and can make it inedible.

Hard Water Areas

In case the plumbing system has hard water, it can quickly build up on the element that heats up the electric steamer. The accumulation of hard water scale causes the steamer to shut off. You should regularly check the element. If you see any scale build-up. pour 3 cups of white vinegar in the reservoir of the steamer. Then, add water until you fill-up the reservoir. Make sure to turn on the steamer and let it heat up for 20 minutes. You can then unplug the commercial steamer and let it cool. Then, rinse the reservoir using cold water.

Check All the Seals

You already know that commercial steamers have seals that should be working properly, which is why you need to check the seals and see if there are cracks. The cracks in the seals ruin your entire steamer. If you do not pay attention to see any cracks, your steamer can become out of order and can cause an emergency.

Dry it Up

After you have cleaned the steamer, you can use a dish towel to wipe dry any remaining moisture. You can store the cleaner in the cleaner until you want to use it again. Dry all the parts of the electric steamer using the towel. Make sure that everything is dry and no moisture is left.

In case your steamer malfunctions, contact commercial appliances repair Virginia to get the maintenance you need without any regrets.

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