Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Compressor is Hot

The compressor is the part of your refrigerator that cools down inside your fridge. Sometimes, your compressor can get too hot and it makes your refrigerator produce a weird noise.

Usually, it is because of a malfunction in the cooling system. Even if some issues are resolvable, any damage caused by a clogged condenser coil or faulty fan motor might need professional commercial appliances repair. if you want to know why your refrigerator is hot, it will not just take quick research to pinpoint the exact reason because there are several possible reasons.

If you want to know what those reasons are so that you can decide better next time if you should already call professionals or not, read on.

Faulty Temperature Thermostat

The temperature thermostat should be part of the fridge that will monitor the temperature inside.

When you figure out that the refrigerator gets too warm inside, it will activate the compressor to get cold air.

After that, when the part inside reaches the temperature you have previously set, the thermostat is going to shut off the compressor until it becomes warm again.

In case the thermostat fails, it will tell the compressor that it should keep working all the time even if it does not have to.

Condenser Coils are Dirty

The coils are located in the tube that is running from the air conditioning unit to the outside unit. After some time, the condenser coil will get dirty and outside pollutants are getting into them. When coils become dirty, refrigerants will be unable to absorb heat from indoors and then let it out. This is going to lead to a situation where the compressor should work harder to function, and this will eventually cause the compressor to overheat.

Internal Temperature That is Too Low

One common mistake households make is that the refrigerator’s temperature setting is too low. If you set the temperature lower than what is recommended, it causes your compressor to overheat and fail, which costs you time and money. If your refrigerator temperature is set lower than 35 degrees F, the compressor is going to work harder, which causes it to overheat a lot quicker.

Unfortunately, modern refrigerators are going to overheat in case the temperature inside is not correctly set. If you want to keep your refrigerator from getting overheated, you should check the temperature setting on the control panel, and make sure that it is set between 37 to 38 degrees F.

 Poor Ventilation

If the refrigerator’s compressor is overheating, there is a chance that it is because of poor ventilation.

Ideally, the fridge must not contain anything on top of it because this obstructs heat distribution. In addition, if you have a couple of items on the refrigerator, like magnets and mementos, these could also contribute to overheating.

The best thing to do is to get rid of all items that come from the outside part of your fridge. After that, pull your refrigerator further from the wall to make sure that it has enough ventilation.

There is a Leak

The compressor will take the refrigerant and then pressurizes it to make it circulate through the closed-loop cooling system of the fridge. In order for the system to work properly, you need the correct amount of refrigerant to go in it. If there is a leak, then the entire system is not going to work, and your compressor is going to overheat. A qualified technician should be the one to check the cooling system and fix it.

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